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Pairings: 1x2, slight 3x4, and ?x2
Warnings: Not as bad as my other fics cause there is no lemon. However, there is lime *smiles* and an attempt at rape *hides*

Note: HIYA!!! Hereís part 5. I get to change the boyís clothes, which I must honestly say come from Soul Caliber. I have NO originality when it comes to clothes. I will describe the best way I can when the boyís transform, but then Iíll tell you whose outfit it is so you can get a better picture. So enjoy as the boys become true scouts...


Gundam Moon R
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Episode Five: Solo Attacks

"Fine, weíll do it your way. WING GUNDAMNIUM POWER...SUIT UP!!!" A brilliant white light shone as the two boys transformed. Trowa now wore a dark blue jacket that reached his hips, it had white fur on the ends and was left open to reveal his chest. He wore a pair of yellow pants and brown boots.

Duo: Ah, thatís Kilikís outfit right?
CSC: Yep, his second one.
Quatre: Trowa works out alot *stares at his chest*
Trowa: Well...not really...*blush*
Duo: Quatre...whatcha starin at?
Quatre: No...nothing *blushes*
Duo and CSC: *snicker*

Heero had no shirt on, but had on a pair of light gray pants that were shaggy at the bottom. He had a blue scarf around his neck and a light blue headband with a pair of black ankle boots.

Wufei: Hwang right?
CSC: Yeah, that description was crappy but that is Hwangís first outfit. I told you I suck at descriptions.
Duo: I like it...I like it alot!
Heero: Why don't you come here and show me how much you like it?
Wufei: I thought Maxwell was knocked out?
CSC: He is! Get back in your place!
Duo: *pout*

The two boys looked at each other and nodded, signaling their attack. Trowa stepped up first.

"Heavyarms Missiles...EXPLODE!" Trowa held his hands out, which began to glow a dark red color until several energy beam like missiles shot out of his palms. Sparks of thunder flew out and hit the monster's back, causing it to scream in pain and loosen its grip on the two boys. Heero nodded.

"My turn...Wing Laser Beam...STRIKE!" He screamed. Heero held his finger up in the air, a yellow light glowing from it. He then pointed the finger at the monster, his other hand covering his wrist as a yellow beam was shot ou. The beam hit the vines, releasing the two boys.

"Thanks guys." Said Wufei.

"Yeah, I say we help them out. Agreed?" Asked Quatre. Wufei nodded.


"SANDROCK GUNDAMNIUM POWER...SUIT UP!" Another bright light shone around the two boys during their transformation. When finished, Wufei stood with a red ninja outfit on, complete with a mask for his face and red knee high boots which his pants tucked into.

Wufei: WHY am I dressed like a WOMAN from a video game?
CSC: Come on Wu-Chan...Taki is a very honorable and powerful ninja.
Duo: Yeah man, she fights off demons and junk. Sheís cool.
Wufei: Injustice...
CSC: I couldíve kept it the color she wears it, which is like a fuchsia. Be lucky I made it red *blows raspberry*

Quatre had on a white shirt that was sleeveless with long white gloves. He had on a pair of tight, blue Capri's that had white stars on the side and a blue headband. He has knee high socks on and black schoolgirl shoes.

Trowa: A Flower in the Breeze, Xianghua. How kawaii.
Quatre: *blush*
All: Awww.....
Trowa: Well...itís true *blush*

The two boys soon joined the fight.

"Fires of my soul...IGNITE!" Screamed Wufei. Fire emerged from his fingers like ribbon, his eyes appearing to be on fire too. Swirling fire hit the monster, the evil creature howling in pain.

"Sandrock energy sickles...SLICE!" Two glowing sickles appeared from Quatreís hands. Quatre then threw one, then the other, and cut through the monster's body. The boys watched in silence as the monster screamed, the cuts appearing to slice him in half. However, the monster stopped screaming and frowned at the four boys, the attacks appearing to be ineffective.

"Ha Ha Ha...I hope that wasnít your best." It said. The boys glared and prepared to attack again.

"Yum, more energy for me!!!"

Meanwhile, in another building, Duo laid on the floor surrounded by glass. He felt something touch...no...lick his face.

"Mmmm Heero...kinky." He moaned.

Hilde glared at the boy. He was still thinking about Heero even now in his sleep. She sighed.

"Baka must really love him."

CSC: Uh, Iím glad you finally realize that, but we are sort of in the middle of a fight scene...
Hilde: RIGHT!!!
CSC: Wow, you took the 1x2 thing rather well.
Hilde: Of course I did ~WHY!!! WHY DUO I LOVED YOU~ I understand that Duoís heart belongs to another ~Oh Duo, Iíll make you see that it is I that loves you, not him~

Deathscythe growled and raised her paw.

"WAKE UP!!!" Duo suddenly shot up as he felt his cheek scratched.

"WAH!" He jumped and glared at his cat.

"Deathscythe ol buddy, Iíd run if I were you cause Iím gonna SKIN you alive!" Screamed Duo.

"Skin me later Duo-Chan, your friends need help outside." She said.

"Oh...thanks for letting me know." Deathscythe smiled. ~Anything for you my Duo~ Duo grabbed the cross around his neck and raised it up.

"Well, time to play...SHINIGAMI GUNDAMNIUM POWER...SUIT UP!" His transformation was truly beautiful.

Heero: I wanna see...
CSC: You canít. Youíre outside fighting.
Heero: But...heís naked right?
CSC: Well yeah, all of you were.
Heero: But...but Trowa got to see Quatre naked!
Quatre: Eep *blush*
CSC: Donít worry, he transforms again later. Argh, now Iím giving away the plot!!!
Quatre: But anyone whoís seen Sailor Moon R probably has a good idea on whatís gonna happen...
CSC: Not really...Iím a TWISTED 1x2x1 writer *strikes pose*
All: *cringe*

Sparkles flew around the fey boy as he spun around to transform. He now had on a gray colored outfit that was close to being black. The top was a loose cloth that crossed at his chest and was tucked into a black belt. The bottom was like a long skirt that split at his sides. The split went all the way up to his belt, revealing his long, creamy legs. He wore a black headband and black fingerless gloves with black ankle boots to match. He had a gray scarf wrapped around his neck to complete his new outfit. Shinigami was born.

Quatre: Seungmina...how nice.
Heero: How kawaii...I LOVE the skirt.
Duo: *blush*

Duo nodded to his cat and ran outside to fight.

"ALL THIS ENERGY!!! Itís so delicious." Said the evil monster. It had all four boys in its slimy grasp as it drained their energy. The boys dropped to the ground, trying to fight it the best way they could. Suddenly, a disk cut through their binds and set them free.

"Whatís this?" Asked the monster. All turned to see a shadow holding the energy disk. The disk disappeared and turned back to the hair tie it once was. The figure put the tie back on his braid.

"How DARE you drain my friendís energy you low-life weed. Iíll show you what happens when you fuck with us." Said the figure.

"And who the hell are you?"

Duo: I get to make my speech, Iím so nervous.
CSC: Youíll do fine.
Usagi: Donít forget to pose.
Duo: Right.
All but CSC and Duo: Where'd SHE come from?
Duo: She was helping me with my poses *smiles at Usagi*
All but CSC and Duo: ^_^*

"I might run and hide but I never tell a lie. I am the one that will bring death to all evil doers. I am Shinigami. And in honor of the lost colonies (1), you will die." He finished it off with a pose that made part of the split open up.

Heero: Wonderful, magnificent *eyes glued to Duoís legs* encore!
Duo: Thanks Heero *blush*
Wufei: Can we PLEASE finish this chapter?
Duo: Fine...

"No, I think YOU will die!" The monster started its attack. Duo dodged the attacks the best he could, but they just kept coming one after another. Soon he found himself cornered by the monster, its mouth drooling at the beauty.

"Your energy will be absolutely delectable." It said, itís slimy hand caressing the tender flesh of Duoís cheek. The boy whimpered, frozen in horror. Suddenly, an energy beam hit the monsterís offending hand. It growled as it turned around to see familiar cobalt blue eyes glaring at it.

"Hee...I mean...Wing!" Screamed Duo.

"Baka." Whispered Heero, but sounding a little more affectionate than usual. He glared at the monster, challenging it to touch HIS Duo again.

"You saved me from the evil, slimy, creepy, nasty, perverted..."

"HEY! Iím not THAT bad." Said the monster.

"Oh my precious Wing, how can I ever thank you?" Duo asked a little coyly. Heero smirked.

"Well, I can think of a few ways involving some chocolate sauce." An image of a chocolate covered Duo lying in a flowerbed sprung inside Heeroís head. His smile turned predatory, making Duo shiver.

"Hentais...itís amazing that Duo is still a virgin."

"Well you know, heís suppose to wait until heís married (2)." Said Quatre.

"I know you guys are talking about me." Said Duo with a laugh.

"The only thing thatís gonna be covering YOU is your BLOOD!" Screamed the monster, charging at Duo.

"What was THAT! Take THIS!" Duo pulled out a long scythe that had a green fire at the top. He smiled as he charged at the monster.

"Shinigami scythe...DESTRUCTION!" He charged at the monster and raise the scythe, it's green fire slicing the monster in half. The monster stood there, holding his stomach in pain. Duo stopped his charge, his back to the monster and he stood and waited.

Suddenly, the monster let out a loud scream, its body falling apart and the two separate pieces of it falling to the ground, exploding into flames. Duo turned and watched as the flames disappeared, black smoke rising from it and finally fading away.

"GO ME! (3) No more monster." Duo turned and smiled at Heero. Heero smirked and walked over towards his koi, fully intending to try out that chocolate sauce thing. Before he got close enough to grab the boy, a tornado of roses popped up in front of them. The roses blew out at Heero, knocking the Japanese boy out.

"No...HEERO!" Duo didnít get a chance to go and aid his love, because a figure stepped out of the tornado and blocked his chance.

"My my little Duo, donít we look tasty in that outfit." He said, his finger going up the split to tickle the creamy thighs. Duo jumped and glared at the boy.


"You have gotten pretty strong over the years, I guess your beauty isnít the only thing that has advanced." Said Solo, stepping closer. Duo stepped back.

"Back off Solo..." Duo said as a warning, holding onto his scythe tightly. Solo smirked, causing Duo to tremble slightly.

"Yeah, you heard him back off." Chorused three sets of voices. Solo smiled as he turned to meet the three warriors.

"What fun, I get to play before I claim my prize." Before the boys could catch on to the sentence, Solo attacked. A string of rose petals came out of his hand and hit Quatre, sending the boy into the side of a building.

"Quatre!" Trowa growled and powered up for his attack. Solo easily dodged the missiles, the powerful thunder attack hitting random buildings instead.

"Nice try." Solo charged at Trowa, thorns shooting from his hands and hitting him in the stomach. Trowa gasped, dropping to the ground in pain from the sharp thorns, feeling blood ooze from the wound.

"No...no Solo stop!" Pleaded Duo. Wufei glared at Solo and charged at him.

"BASTARD!" He cried. Solo laughed as he dodged the punches and kicks the Chinese boy was throwing. He went on the offensive and punched Wufei in his stomach, causing his eyes to widen in the terrible pain. Solo smiled when Wufei grabbed his stomach, but surprising he didn't drop to the ground.

"Kid's got spirit.

"I'll show you spirit. Fire....IGNITE!" Waves of fire shot right at Solo, the evil boy smirking at the attack.

"I like you...you have guts." Solo laughed. Both Duo and Wufei gasped when they saw Solo jump through the flames. Wufei stood completely still, his eyes looking all around for his enemy. Suddenly, Solo jumped out of the fire and punched Wufei in his face so hard that he went sailing into a phone booth.

"FEY! Damn it Solo STOP THIS!" Solo smiled at the fallen warriors then turned his attention to Duo.

"Hm, youíre mine little Duo." Duo gasped and drew his scythe to protect himself when Solo suddenly charged at him. He didnít get a chance to use it however...

...before Solo could try and get Duo, someone came rushing in front of Duo, holding his hands out to stop Solo. Solo growled, trying to push the pest away.

"Heero..." Duo stood behind him, watching the two boys try to push the other away to claim what they felt was theirs.

"You... stop getting in the way of Duo and me." Said Solo angrily. Heero struggled to push the boy away.

"There is no you and Duo." Said Heero viciously.

"Solo, I loved you once and I still love you now...as a friend." Solo stopped his attack, backing away.

"No... thatís not true..."

"Solo, weíve always been friends. This should be a happy reunion. We shouldnít be fighting (4)." Said Duo. Solo held his head in pain, a low groan coming from his throat. Heero and Duo watched, totally amazed at the change.

"Solo... donít listen to him. Heís been brainwashed by the filthy people of this planet." Echoed a voice.

"Wha... who said that?" Asked Duo. Suddenly, a woman was formed on the pendant. She wore glasses and had a frown on her face. Her hair was rolled up into two cornballs and she crossed her arms at her chest.

"Thatís... Lady Une." Said Deathscythe. There was a low groan and all turned to see the other three scouts get up, limping over to the two cats in pain. Their bodies felt like they were on fire, but they would continue to fight if they needed to.

"Who is she?" Asked Quatre.

"Sheís an evil woman who is part of that pendant. She can take over peoplesí minds." Said Zero.

"Thatís probably what happened to Solo then." Said Wufei.

"She takes menís strongest feelings and twist them for her own evil purposes. Solo loves Duo, and she is using that to her advantage." Said Deathscythe.

"She also hates humans; her main mission is to destroy the Earth." Zero added. Soloís eyes suddenly turned red as he stared at Duo. Duo cringed at the look, a combination of evil and lust.

"So you wonít come with me willingly...Iíll take you by FORCE!" He powered up an energy blast.

"No Solo... DONíT!"

The three boys and two cats watched in horror as a cloud of smoke emerged from where their two comrades and enemy were standing.

"Oh no...what happened?" Asked Wufei in fear.

"I... I donít know. I feel... pain..." Said Quatre. He suddenly dropped to the ground and held his chest in pain. Trowa grabbed him, pulling him into his arms and was surprised to see that he was quivering.

"Quatre... calm down itís me." Said Trowa. Quatre wrapped his arms around Trowaís neck and sobbed.

"Itís... terrible..."

"Is it Duo?" Asked Wufei. Quatre shook his head in tears.

"Then who... oh no..."

Duo groaned as he sat up, not being able to see past the smoke.

Everything had happened so fast.

He coughed a little as the smoke cleared. He was able to make out his three friends, but why was Quatre crying? Duo placed his one hand on the ground to try and balance himself, the other doing the same only pressing into something that felt like a...body? Duo gasped and drew his hand back, his eyes watering when he saw blood on his hand.

"Oh please...please donít tell me..." He looked over and let out a wail.

"HEERO!" He quickly pulled Heero in his lap, his hand brushing his wild hair out of his eyes. He was out of his transformed state and breathing heavily. His chest was bleeding badly as he slowly opened his eyes to look up at his love.


"Heero...oh gods Heero why did you..."

"I wouldnít...let him...hurt you love..." He held a shaky hand up, which was covered by his blood, and placed it on Duoís cheek. Duo gave him a sad smile as Heero felt hot tears hit his hand. Duo held the hand there with his own, not caring about the blood.

"Itís gonna be O.K. koi. Iím gonna...gonna get you some help." Said Duo in tears.

"Thank...thank you..." Heero closed his eyes and Duo could tell he had stopped breathing.

"No...no Heero wake up...NO!" Duo cradled his head in his arms, crying loudly, his tears falling into Heero's brown hair.

"Please koibito...I need you...don't...don't leave me alone..."

Solo watched as the violet-eyed boy cried uncontrollably.

"I... I did this. I have hurt Duo."

"Are you happy with what you did? Look at what you did to him!" Said Wufei angrily.

"No...I didnít want to hurt him." Said Solo, trying to defend his actions. He saw Duo hold Heero boy tighter, mumbling soothing words to bring his love back.

"I love him. I always have. I would never hurt him..."

"Listen Solo. Duo doesnít love you the way you love him. He loves you like he loves us, maybe even more than that." Quatre said, trying to make Solo understand.

"You think... that he still loves me... even after I..." He suddenly grabbed his head as a hauntingly familiar voice entered his head.

"Donít listen to them. Donít be weak. Duo is yours Solo. He always has been. You just have to show him that because these damn people have brainwashed him."

"But I..."

"Look at him. Donít you want those violet eyes to look at you the same way. With that concern, with that caring, loving look?" She asked. Solo gave an evil grin.

"Yeah I do, and they will." He then floated into the air.

"No Solo, donít do it." Quatre pleaded.

"ENOUGH! I am TIRED of your LIES!" He then threw an energy blast at them, their bodies flying into the concrete below, loud screamed echoing throughout the city.

Duo looked up at the sound of the explosion and the loud screams and saw his friends lying on the ground in pain. He was about to get up to help them, but he felt Heero leave his arms and float in the air.

"What the... what the hell?" Duo said to himself. He saw his friends start to get up, and then saw Trowa point to the sky.

"Itís him. Heís doing all of this." Said Trowa weakly, still drained from the battle. Duo looked up and saw a glowing Solo and Heeroís unconscious form float up to him.

"No... HEERO!" Duo jumped up to chase after him.

"This is the only way kid." Said Solo, now holding Heero in his arms.

"No itís not. Donít do this Solo." Begged Duo.

"You... come find me kid. And if ya play nice, I may give him back to ya." Said Solo.

"Solo... Solo WAIT!"

"See ya later kid." Solo then blew a kiss at him, and disappeared. Duo stopped running and dropped to his knees, panting from his chase and from his frustration. He felt a fresh set of tears leave his eyes.

"No...no donít do this to me. Why did this have to happen? Heero come back...COME BACK!" Duo cried in anguish over his love. He had lost him to someone who he used to call a friend. He had no idea where they were, and had no clue what Solo or Lady Une was up to.

All was lost.

(1) When I finally get the energy to do the series, the lost colonies will be mentioned. Itís basically where they all came from, but was destroyed by the evil Queen. I think I mentioned it in the second part of the fic. Thatís where Duoís kingdom was.

(2) I made this up in the series too. Duo was the prince, and fell in love with Heero. The night before the big battle with the evil Queen, the two made a promise. Heero promised that after all the fighting was over, that the two would get married. Duo continued the promise by saying after they were married, he would give his love to Heero physically. But they never got to it cause the kingdom was destroyed, but when they got their powers they remembered the promise, thus being the reason why Duo and Heero havenít made love yet.

(3) This phrase is stuck in my head from this other fic I read. Every time Duo did something right, heíd say, "Go Me!" Itís called...uh...shit I forgot the name but itís a long supernatural fic and I remember in the beginning Heero died but Duo had kissed him at the funeral and somehow brought him back to life. It continues on from there and itís from Duoís POV with alot of supernatural stuff like vampires. When I remember Iíll tell you the name.

(4) Yeah I know, sounds like Quatre ne?

Oh no! Solo has captured Heero? Whatís gonna happen now? What will Duo do to save him? And what about Lady Une? Will she do what she intends to do...destroy Earth?

Next episode: The scouts go head to head with Solo to save their friend, and the Earth.

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