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Gundam Moon R
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Episode Four: The Threat Appears

Later on that night, everyone met at Wufei's temble. Everyone but Duo that is. He told them he needed to rest because he had a serious headache, which wasn't exactly a lie because he had a lot on his mind.

//"I probably just need sleep, no biggie." Said Duo. He plastered on a smile that they all could tell was fake.

"Duo, if you wanna talk about it..." Started Quatre.

"Talk...talk about what?" He asked. Heero sighed and gave him a quick kiss on his forehead.

"Go get some rest, we'll talk later." Duo smiled and nodded. The others nodded with him.

"Thanks guys." They watched their friend enter his house and walked away, leaving him alone with his thoughts.//

They all knew he didn't want to talk about it, so they gave him time until he was ready. Wufei, Trowa, Quatre, and an angry looking Deathscythe watched the news.

CSC: Why is she angry?
Trowa: She has to be in this scene and not at home with Duo.
Hilde: I just think that I need to check up on him.
All: *sarcastilcally* Suuuurrrrrreeeeee!
Heero: *glare*
Hilde: Eep!

The news told about a meteor that was close to Earth, but that it should be changing course; not effecting Earth at all.

"So why are we worried if it's gonna change course?" Asked Quatre.

"I feel a negative energy from it." Said Wufei.

"The shape of it is strange too. It looks like a seed of some kind." Said Trowa.

"What do you think Heero?" Asked Quatre. Heero, however, was in a world of his own. He sat on the window's ledge and looked at the stars outside. He didn't want to admit it, but that guy from earlier bothered him too, just like he did Duo. He still couldn't believe that after all this time he had returned. He suddenly felt a white little cat with Relena's face hop on his lap. The cat smiled and snuggled in his lap. Heero glared at it, about to throw the cat off his lap.

CSC: No, it's part of the fic.
Relena: See Heero, part of the fic *smiles*
Heero: *sigh* O.K.

"Oh Heero, cheer up. You've been like this all day..." ~About that braided baka~ Added Zero mentally. Heero said nothing. Deathscythe went over to the other cat and nodded.

"Yeah, so has Duo. I hope he gets better soon..." ~I should go and check on him~ Heero continued to ignore the two cats as his mind went back to an event that happened long ago...

//It was a dark night with the stars sparkling in the sky. Duo was on the floor, his head in Heero's lap and a sad look on his face. His hair flowed freely, covering Heero's legs. His violet eyes looked tearful as he continued his story to his love, the first person he'd ever told it to.

"I've been an orphan all my life and I have no memories of my parents. As far as I know, I've been with Father Maxwell and Sister Helen for years." Said Duo.

"I know how it feels." Heero too had no clue who his parents were. The man he was with could've been his father, but he wasn't sure. And he couldn't ask him because he had died a long time ago. Heero sighed, running his fingers through the curtain of hair, feeling calm at the gentle act.

"The only friend I remember before you guys is a boy named Solo, but he left me a long time ago." Duo felt himself being pulled up into warm arms. He sighed as he began to relax in Heero's strong embrace.

"We are your friends koi, don't worry about it. We're all here for you, especially me." Said Heero. Duo smiled as they held each other all night.//

So now that Solo guy was back, and wanted Duo. Heero glared at the stars as if they were the ones trying to take his love away. He wouldn't let that happen; he wouldn't lose him. But, did he stand a chance against him?

Somewhere in town, a single flower seed was planted. A dark figure watched and waited.

"Soon Duo, soon." He said. Stepping into the light, Solo's eyes turned a dark color, a wicked smile on his lips from the thought of his plan.

"Yes, you will have him soon enough." If you looked close enough, you could see a pendant on Solo's shirt with a woman on it. The woman was very much alive and her plans were coming together nicely. Thanks to this love-struck fool....Earth would be destroyed.

The next day, all five boys were going into town after school along with the two cats.

"Hey guys, let's go and get something to eat, like some pizza or burgers and hotdogs or...."

"...same old Maxwell, I swear, your going to burst one day." Laughed Wufei.

"HEY! I'm a growing boy." Duo said proudly.

"And it appears you haven't grown much." Said Trowa. Leave it to the tall one to make the little guy feel small.

"And you're still a stick." Now even Quatre was making jokes at Duo. What was this, pick on Shinigami day?

"HEY! You're one to talk Q-Man. You're smaller than me."

"But his butt isn't as big as yours." Said Heero, smacking the said part of Duo's body with a smirk. Duo blushed, rubbing the abused part of his body. Deathscythe glared.

"I think Trowa would disagree, right Trowa." Taunted Duo. The boy blushed at that and walked slower to get away from the teasing boy. Quatre glared.

"Why must you do that?" Quatre looked back at Trowa then blushed when their eyes met, immediately turning his face back around.

"Aw come on he's hot for you Q, can't you see that?" Asked Duo. Quatre blushed. Heero, not wanting to go into another one of those discussions, decided to change the subject.

"I see that you're doing much better today." Duo nodded, feeling Heero wrap his arm around his shoulder.

"Yeah, I just needed some sleep to clear my mind. I'm sorry I acted so....hey Wu, what's wrong?" Said Duo interrupting his last sentence. All looked at the Chinese boy who was standing completely still; his eyes moving from side to side.

"I feel something...evil." He said in a low voice. He pointed straight ahead and all five guys with the two cats took off in the said direction. They all stopped in their tracks when they saw several bodies lying on the ground.

"What the hell happened here?" Asked Duo.

"It looks like they've been completely drained of their energy." Said Deathscythe.

"The enemy must be close by, be on your guard Heero...and the rest of you." Said Zero.

CSC: Relena, you are suppose to be worried about ALL of them.
Relena: I said the rest of them too.
CSC: *glare*
Relena: Eep!

All of the boys looked around, checking for any sign of trouble. They approached the bodies with extreme caution, checking to see if the victims were O.K.

"Just drained, I wonder who did this?" Asked Quatre.

"They should be close, so let's find them so we can take them down." Said Heero. Just as he was about to go, one of the bodies opened their eyes and grabbed Heero's leg, lifting him into the air.

"HEERO!" Screamed Zero.

"They're like zombies. HEY YOU! LET GO OF MY HEE-CHAN!" Screamed Duo. Heero smirked; just like Duo to try and talk some sense into a zombie.

"You heard him so let...me...GO!" Heero used his other leg to kick the zombie in his face. The zombie dropped him on the ground and the other four boys went over to help him.

"You O.K.?" Asked Duo. Heero nodded as the boys stood together. The zombies completely surrounded them and tried to grab them. They all tried to fight them off.

"They're everywhere." Said Quatre, pushing a pair off of him. Two more sandwiched the boy in and he tried his best to break free.

"Quatre!" Trowa threw one off of him and Quatre kicked the other one away.

"Thanks Trowa." Trowa gave him a tiny smile as the two worked to fight them off. Heero and Duo were in the same boat, but it seemed that when they got rid of one, two more would show up. "That's IT!" Screamed Wufei. He charged through the zombies and lept into the air.

"Evil spirits....BE GONE!" He screamed, sending...uh...uh...

CSC: SHIT! What were those things?
Duo: They were Raye's powers, the lucky charms they passed out at her temple.
CSC: So just...lucky charms will do?
All: *shrug*
CSC: Fine, but if anyone knows what they are let me know. God, I feel like such a baka.

... sending lucky charms out. Each hit the zombie's forehead, draining them and making them pass out.

"Thanks Wufei." Said Quatre.

"Yeah thanks, but do me a favor.... get this DAMN zombie off of me." Screamed Duo, trying in vain to get the heavy person off of him.

"You are so ungrateful." Said Wufei as Heero helped Duo up.

"I am grateful Wu-Man, just have better aim next time, or warn me so I can get out of the way." Said Duo.

"It's Wufei. W-U-F-E-I! And next time I'll let the damn thing get you."

"Guys stop fighting, it's not over yet." Said Trowa. They looked ahead at Quatre who was using a small computer to scan the area. A pair of goggles were over his eyes, various numbers popping up on the lenses as he typed in the computer more.

"The monster is close by you guys." The blond looked at the screen until it started to beep. His face shot up and he looked at a tree, a tiny flower by it. His goggles flashed red, signaling the enemy's location.

"There!" As soon as Quatre said this, the flower transformed into a huge monster and rushed at the boys. They all jumped out of the way.

"So that's it huh?" Asked Wufei.

"Right, I think it's time to transform." Duo grabbed his cross.

"Shini...GAAA!!!" Duo didn't get a chance to finish because the monster used it's long vine like arm to knock the boy into a window of one of the empty stores.

"DUO!!!" Screamed Deathscythe. The boys glared at the monster as it went in to attack again. Wufei tried his charms again but to no avail, the monster blasting them away. Wufei gasped as the monster grabbed both him and Quatre and slammed them into the wall. It began to drain their energy.

"Shit, Heero we need to transform." Said Trowa.

"Yeah, let's do it." Said Heero.

Can the boys stop this monster in time, or is it the end?

Next episode: The scouts face the monster and Solo appears again and shows off his incredible powers, and to claim one Duo Maxwell as his own.

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