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Note: All warnings are in episode three only because that is when the actual fic starts. These next two chapters are an introduction to it all, but I would suggest to read them anyway, especially episode two.


Gundam Moon R or...
A POINTLESS CROSSOVER!!!! (that may gain a point later ^_^*)
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Episode One: Calling All Gundam Pilots! CSC needs you for another fic

All five Gundam boys marched through the office building. They had heard from a reliable source that they were to appear in a new fic. Not just any fic...but a crossover.

That made them shudder.

"What if it's one where we have to crossdress?" Asked Duo, remembering all those short skirts he was tortured with. He saw the look Heero was giving him and again shuddered; there was way too much lust in the boy's eyes.

"We'll just have to ask 'her' and see." Said Trowa.

"I'm surprised she's doing a new fic, doesn't she have others to finish?" Asked Quatre. As if his question was heard, a voice chuckled.

"I do, but I can do all of them. Besides, this fic is going to be fun!" The boys turned at the voice to see their worse fears, the author. The green haired fox smiled at her new victims.

"CSC, baby, darling...what brings you here?" Duo asked, his voice taking on a nervous edge. It was a known fact that this particular fic author had not just a couple of screws loose...but all of them.

"Well...doesn't the title explain it?" She asked. They looked back up at the title and gasped.


"Yes. I just love the Sailor Moon R movie, so I'm throwin you guys in there."

"Now hold on woman, I will NOT work with those women." Protested Wufei.

"Chill out Wu, you won't have to. You'll be replacing them." The Chinese boy gave a sigh of relief.

"Wait, does this mean short skirts?" Asked Duo. CSC thought for a moment then smiled.

"Nah, I'll think up some cool costumes or somethin. I guarantee that you won't be in the Sailor Moon outfits. Anything else?" They all shook their heads.

"COOLNESS! So, let's talk about the script and parts." She walked away as the boys followed.

Now the six teens were in an office type setting looking over the script.

"O.K. This will be similar to Sailor Mooon R except for a few changes." They all looked at her so she could continue.

"O.K. Number one...this is still yaoi."

"Duh, of course it is. You ARE a yaoi writer."

"Number two...the pairings are still the same as usual. 1x2, blah blah blah."

"Anything else?"

"Uh...OH YEAH! I gotta...just...bringsolobackfromthedead."

"WHAT!" Duo shrieked.

"Uh...see well...if I explain the parts it will help." So she passed out each person's parts.

SailoR Moon (Shinigami): Duo

Sailor Mercury (Sandrock): Quatre

Sailor Mars (Nataku): Wufei

Sailor Jupiter (Heavyarms): Trowa

Sailor Venus/Tuxedo Mask (Wing): Heero

"O.K. We've got the scouts...so...who can be Duo and Heero's cats?" CSC thought for a minute until...

"PICK US!" They all cringed when the crazy girls came in...namely...Relena and Hilde. CSC saw how the two were going gaga over Heero and Duo and was about to immediately say no when...she gave an evil smile.

"Sure you two can play the parts." She said. The boy's cringed.

"Are you NUTS!" Screamed the boys. The author thought about that question.

Hell, she was insane.

Suddenly, that zero system part of her brain kicked in, for everyone has a zero system part of their brain.

~Let them see how much 1x2 lives on. Prove to them that there is NO way the guys like them.~ She began to grin even...uh...evilier?!?!

"O.K. Now in the movie there's the guy that likes Darian, which is Heero. Well in this version, the guy likes Duo. It will all be explained in the fic. Therefore, I need Solo." They all nodded.

"It'd be cool to see him again." Said Duo happily.

"Then it's settled." Using the cosmic powers of the fanfic universe, a much older version of Solo appeared.

"Solo baby, nice to see ya. Wanna be in a fic?" Asked CSC.

"What the hell, might as well. Hey Duo, you look nice, I knew you'd always be a heartbreaker." Duo smiled at his friend.

"Nice seeing you again too Solo." Heero watched as the older boy devoured HIS Duo with his eyes and held onto his prize.

"Oh Solo, this is Heero, my..."

"...boyfriend." Finished Heero.

"Nice to meet ya kid. So, is he treatin ya right?" Asked Solo. Heero growled.

"Of course I am." He snapped. Solo chuckled at him.

"Keep your pants on kid, I was just concerned about my Duo here. I have a right to be concerned don't I?"

"Your Duo?"

All watched the exchanged and glared at CSC.

"Is this...what you wanted?" Asked Quatre.

"Oh yes, perfect for the fic." She said.

"Speaking of which, when does it start?" Asked Wufei.

"Oh yeah...well...we got everything. So...let's begin! Alright everyone...places...and...FICTION!!!"

Now that we have our cast, it's time to start the show!

Next episode: The story behind Shinigami and the scouts is told, and our good guys are introduced to the world!

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