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Pairing: 1x2, 3x4, 5x... no one. Poor FeiFei
Raiting: NC-17
Warnings: Lemon, fluff, pointlessness

Notes: For [ arabiana ]. Her request was, "I would like to request HeeroxDuo set in the afterglow of sex, possibly with the climax included. Cuddling, touching, teasing, talking about the sex they just had and sex at other times. Talking about their friends sex lives and stuff. Just really familiar and sweet and sexy." I don't really think this is what she was asking for but... it's what came out. Sorry! :(

No Contest
by Caroline

He gasps, clutching the bars of the headboard with white knuckles, grimacing as he feels a cramp in his left thigh. He tries to stretch his leg, but then Heero adjusts his angle and quickens his pace and Duo can see nothing but stars. The bed shakes beneath them, and Duo has to let go of the headboard, when his knuckles become in danger of being smashed between it and the wall.

Heero leans down, pressing his lips hard against Duo's for a quick, brutal kiss before he wrenches his mouth away. "Come on, lover. You can do better than that," he murmurs, changing the rhythm of his pace again.

Duo cries out, arching into him. And from the other side of the paper-thin walls, a muffled cry echoes his and a steady thump-thump-thump changes to match their own rhythm.

Heero grins down at him, eyes gleaming wickedly, and says, "We can do better."

Duo throws his head back, his eyes closing from sensory overload as Heero shifts, lifting his leg and thrusting deep. Christ, he doesn't know how much more he can take. His hair is plastered against his face and the back of his neck. His leg is still cramping, and he knows, without a doubt, he'll have trouble sitting down in the morning.

But he doesn't care. As long as Heero doesn't stop, none of it matters.

The bed slams against the wall so hard a bit of plaster falls from the ceiling. Duo brushes it away, raising himself up onto his elbows in order to give him better leverage to thrust back against Heero.

The man above him moans, long, loud and deep. Duo lets his head hang backwards as he slips a hand in between their bodies to stroke his own arousal.

From the other side of the wall, a series of short, barking yelps can be heard. Above him, Heero grunts. "Must be doing it doggy style," he murmurs before placing his palm against the wall above Duo's head, giving him better leverage to thrust harder.

Duo's body convulses with the change in pressure, his arms giving out and his body dropping back against the rumpled, stained sheets. He mewls, unable to do anything but feel, unable to think, to say, "Yes! There! Harder!" But Heero can read his body, knows how to work him, has the strength and the stamina to outwit, outplay and outlast the two on the other side of the wall.

There is nothing beyond him and Heero and the bed. He can feel the end approaching. He tries to stop it, but his body can't take much more. A slow, heated burn radiates from his groin. He can feel his balls tighten. He bites his lip, letting out a long, drawn-out moan, alerting his lover to his impending release.

"Not just yet," Heero says, slowing just enough to make Duo cry out in displeasure. "Just a moment more. You can do this, love."

From beyond the wall, the thumping grows more urgent, rap-rap-rapping against the abused sheetrock. Two muffled voices can be heard, one a long, continuous groan, the other a hoarse shout. Duo tries to block out the sound, panting as Heero resumes his frantic pace. The moans and cries from the other side of the wall reach their crescendo, and Duo clutches the sheets beneath him in desperate need.

And then, the pounding against the wall stops. The voices disappear. And Heero spreads his legs wide and goes to town. "Now, Duo," is all he has to say before Duo lets his body give in to the release it has been so desperately craving. He shouts out loud, crying out to God, to Heero, to the people on the other side of the wall, announcing his orgasm in a peal of harsh, biting cries, until he is hoarse, his body sore and Heero joins him collapsed against the sheets, breathing hard, cock still twitching inside of Duo, their bodies spent.

For several long minutes, all Duo can do is breathe, or try to. The sheets are stuck in odd places of his body, Heero is still mostly inside him and his limbs refuse to move. Not that he minds. A deep sense of satisfaction rests in his gut. Above him, Heero is smiling against his shoulder. He knows his lover feels the same.

"Told you we could do it," Heero says, kissing Duo's shoulder.

A door in the hallway slams open. "All right. You proved your point, Yuy," Wufei calls out, sounding rather disgruntled. "Barton, do you concede?"

There is a moment's hesitation before a tired voice calls out from the other side of the wall, "Yes."

"Thank God. Yuy and Maxwell are declared the Masters of Stamina. Now may I *please* get some sleep?"

"Good night, Chang," Heero calls out, settling against Duo, eyes drooping.

Duo chuckles and smoothes away Heero's hair. "So, tomorrow night... wanna see who can come the most?"

Heero grunts. "That's just cruel." He slips his arms under Duo's shoulders. "We'd win. No contest."


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