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Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Lemon, PWP

Notes: For [ silverkiiri ]. Her request was, "1x2. Hopefully smutty, in a rough kinda way (pushing up against walls, etc). I like my boys soldiers. Post-mission is always good, but as long as there's some sort of smut, we're good in my corner." I hope this suffices! ^_^;;

Mission Detox
by Caroline

He pushed open the door to their shared dorm room, blood still pounding in his ears. He felt like he couldn't catch his breath, as adrenaline pumped through his system. His left knee was swollen from a lucky hit he'd taken from a Leo before he'd destroyed it in a blaze of red fire and black smoke, but there was no pain. He'd feel it tomorrow, but for the moment, he was still riding his mission high. It felt good -- damn good -- to have completed his mission with no mistakes other than the lucky hit. It had felt like a well choreographed dance. Get in. Destroy the target. Get out.

He loved it.

The room was dark, but his eyes adjusted quickly. He pushed the door closed behind him, leaning against it, waiting. He didn't have to wait long. The lump under the blankets of the nearest bed stirred, and two bright eyes, gleaming in the near-darkness of the moon-drenched room blinked sleepily at him.

"Heero?" His roommate, partner, lover, Duo Maxwell, sat up, disheveled hair tumbling wildly down his back as he stared owlishly at him. "You're back early. I take it the mission was successful?"

"Aa," Heero grunted, pushing away from the door. "Mission accomplished. Easy pickings."

Duo flicked on the little light beside his bed, his dark blue-violet eyes raking Heero's form, checking for injuries. "What did you do to your knee?"

"Nothing major. It'll heal."

"It'll swell. You'd better get off it," Duo said, swinging his bare legs over the side of the bed.

Heero's blood sang as he took in the sight of Duo, bare legs dangling off the bed, loose night shirt hanging off one shoulder. His body tightened, and the adrenaline surged anew. He made a strangled noise in the back of his throat and swayed on his feet.

Duo was there in a flash, strong hands wrapping around his arms to steady him. "Heero? Are you sure you're all right?"

Heero grabbed his lover around the waist and pulled him close, pressing their bodies tightly together. "Never better," he replied, before swooping down and claiming the boy's lips with his own.

Duo let out a surprised squeak, but did not struggle. He knew better than that. He knew his lover's moods, his need to ride the high he was cresting on. He stood still, clinging to Heero as the Japanese pilot stripped him of his night shirt. Duo wore nothing underneath. He'd gotten tired of having his boxers ripped off when Heero was in one of these moods.

Heero turned them, pushing Duo against the door to their room, trapping him between the proverbial rock and a very hard place. Heero released Duo's mouth and attacked his neck, sucking and biting, leaving his mark behind for all to see. Duo didn't mind that either. He wore them with pride. And if he had to hide it, well... he had recently acquired a set of turtlenecks.

Duo pressed against him and Heero growled, clawing at his own clothing. The skin-tight spandex was too restrictive and he needed it gone, yesterday. He succeeded in shoving them to his ankles and somehow managed to kick them off while sliding one leg between Duo's thighs.

Duo let out a soft sigh, his breath tickling Heero's ear. Heero reached down and pulled one of Duo's legs up, wrapping it around his waist. He could feel Duo readjust his center of gravity, pulling him even closer in the process. Heero spat into the palm of his hand before reaching down to rub it over the tip of his too-ready cock. He knew, in the back of his mind, that he was going too fast, that Duo wasn't ready for him. But he couldn't wait. His pulse was pounding in his ears, a rhythm his body was desperate to emulate inside the body of his lover. He pulled Duo's legs apart even further and began to press inside his lover's hot, tight body.

Duo mewled and bit his lip. Heero knew he was hurting him, but Duo did not push him away. Duo could take the pain. Liked it even, on occasion. As long as he was careful not to be *too* rough, *too* demanding, Duo would accommodate him, even at the expense of his own pleasure. Duo always thought of Heero first and himself second. And that was one of the many, many reasons Heero found himself completely and utterly in love with his partner.

He let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding as he found himself sunk to the hilt inside Duo. He could feel Duo tremble, only slightly, as his lover's body adjusted to the invasion. Heero tried to hold back, but he could feel himself losing control. Duo's body was spasming around him, warm and tight. His heart felt as though it would pound its way through his chest, it was beating so hard.

Just when he felt he could no longer hold back, Duo relaxed against him and breathed into his ear. "I'm okay."

Heero grunted and lifted his lover, leaving just the toes of Duo's free leg on the floor. He withdrew as much as he could stand before pushing back inside. He heard Duo gasp, felt him clench around his dick... and he was lost. Everything melted away... the room, the war, his training, even his sense of self. All that mattered was this feeling, this incredible feeling of being inside Duo, thrusting, grunting, pounding. He was only vaguely aware of the sounds Duo was making, enough to know that the little gasps and moans spilling from his lover's throat were of pleasure, not pain.

Out and in. Withdraw and thrust. Retreat and advance. Over and over and over... He could feel sweat pooling in the small of his back as he pounded into his lover's body, rattling the door in its frame. Had any of their dorm mates been passing by in the hallway outside, no doubt they'd know exactly what was going on inside. But it was late. The building was quiet. And Duo was moving his hips in the most exquisite way...

"Heero..." Duo's voice was almost breathless. His lover's hands scratched claw marks down his shoulders. He'd feel those tomorrow, along with his injured knee. But that was tomorrow. Duo arched against him, crying out, jerking almost violently against the door. Heero bit his own lip as Duo's body tightened around him. He shoved, hard, deep, inside his lover's body, growling in the back of his throat as he felt his release approaching.

"Heero! Please! Ah!" Duo's head cracked against the door as his body stiffened and Heero felt his lover come against his stomach.

That was enough for Heero. The rush caught up with him. His balls tightened. He let out a hoarse bellow and spilled himself inside his lover's body. He continued to pump, letting Duo's ass milk every last drop from his cock until his muscles slowly relaxed, the tension melting away, and he slipped from Duo's body, gingerly lowering his lover's leg. He panted, unable to catch his breath as he leaned heavily against Duo, pinning the American against the door.

Duo slipped his arms around him. "Feel better?"

"Aa." His synapses were misfiring. He couldn't seem to formulate anything more intelligent.

Duo chuckled and kissed his temple. "Good." He pushed Heero up, supporting him. "Let's get you into bed. And I'm glad you're home."

Heero let his lover guide him to his bed, pausing only long enough to flip off the light by Duo's. He slipped under the sheets, sighing softly as Duo joined. He curled up on his side, making room on the narrow bed, pulling Duo close and tucking his tousled head under his chin. "Didn't hurt you?" Speech was slowly returning.

He could feel Duo shake his head in the dark. "Not really. In a good way." Lips brushed softly over his. "I don't like it when you go... but I love it when you come back."

Heero grunted, tangling their limbs and letting his body finally relax. "Love it when I come back, too." He stifled a yawn. "And... love you."

Duo snorted. "I know. I won't be able to sit right tomorrow." He sighed contentedly. "Love you, too."


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