Disclaimer: Sunrise/Bandai

Pairing: 1x2
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Drug use

AN:Written for the 2006 Moments of Rapture Contest, Mission: Get Together. Thanks to Alex for wonderful beta support!

Summary: Howard cleanses the sins of his past, by making it his mission to bring two strangers together.

Rocket Man
Part 4
by Artemis

Back at the cottage, Heero grabbed the portable CD player and headphones out of his backpack and sat down on the couch. He looked the jewel case over, admiring the artful photograph of Duo on the cover. Despite everything, or maybe in spite of everything, he liked Duo... very much.

He slipped the CD into the player, and put the headset on. A distant, warbling sound began, growing louder, closer. He was intrigued. Then, slow, measured notes came from the piano. He could see Duo there, in the studio. No, better yet, at the piano in his home on the lake -the vulnerable, sad Duo playing the piano just for him.

The lights on the water come dancing
Will you come dancing with me?
Come into my arms and dance a light

Duo's voice was clear, and with the help of the headphones sounded as though he was singing in Heero's ears. It gave Heero goosebumps to think of Duo's lips so close. In Duo's world of parties and easy acquaintances did kisses have no meaning? Was the "thank you" kiss that had graced Heero's lips merely a reward, and nothing more?

The progressive melody had started slow and soft and now was gradually building. Heero liked it. Liked its honesty and simplicity, although he was certain it was more complex than his untrained ear could know. This Duo was mature and thoughtful, presenting his art, his song with the utmost care. It was a beautiful thing indeed, and he could see why Duo had been honored with a Grammy.

The next song began:

Can you know me?
All the colors of my life running together
See what they have become
A wonderful sunset

Obviously, Maggie Dressler knew what she was doing, giving Heero this disc. She had the sense not to argue with him over the information he had read on the web, no doubt suspecting much of it was true. But she had the cleverness to let Duo speak for himself. Certainly these songs were not the sum of the man, but they were a part of him captured in a moment of time.

Hearing the singer sing, and imagining those fingers moving across the keys, Heero decided he wanted to know more. And knowing more would require primary research.

~ ~ ~

Duo stared out over the water. Lights from the opposite shore reflected on the calm surface of the lake. It had been nearly three hours since he'd played that song. What had he been thinking? That Heero would come to him when he heard it, carried over the water by a siren song?

Playing like that, letting the music move through him, even music created by another, had brought Duo to tears. It had been nine months since he had played more than a few notes. Nine months of hell and wondering if he would ever play again. If he would ever feel music pour out of him, ease him, send him wherever he longed to go.

Heero calmed him. Heero's intense, inquisitive eyes and his polite manner calmed Duo. It was as if they held a quiet understanding between them. Like souls speaking to one another on their own frequency. Duo couldn't hear it with his ears, but he felt it inside him, saw it being communicated when he had stared so guilelessly at Heero by the fallen pine tree.

"What makes you so different, Heero Yuy?" Duo whispered.

A soft breeze stirred his bangs, and he decided to give up the wait. Heero wasn't coming tonight. Even if he had heard the song, he wasn't coming. But Duo held out hope that Heero would come...

in time.

~ ~ ~

The knock on the front door surprised Howard. It was barely eight a.m., but he'd been up for over an hour. He scratched his head and opened the door.


She blinked at him, her long eyelashes seeming to flutter playfully. "Morning. Can I come in?"

"Uh, sure," he said, stepping back to give her way.

She had a plate covered with a tea towel. A warm, doughy scent rose to his nostrils.

"Mmm, smells good. Whatcha got there?"

"Donuts. Fresh made this morning. You got any coffee?"

He shook his head as if to be certain this wasn't a dream. "Sure."

~ ~ ~

Heero pulled onto the gravel driveway of Dorothea's Pines. He had driven with the car window down to cool his face. If he didn't know better, he would have sworn he was running a temperature, but it was nerves, plain and simple. He no longer knew what to think of Duo. Usually the more Heero researched something, the more comfortable he became, but with Duo Maxwell the opposite was true. He had been doing a slow burn for the young man, wanting him more by the hour, but in discovering Duo's fame, he had inadvertently thrown water on the flame.

He parked his VW in front of the house and got out, making sure his light blue denim shirt was tucked fully into his jeans. He had worn jeans and his hiking boots again. This visit was about work, but he still wanted to look presentable.

Standing on the front porch, he inhaled a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Seconds passed without a response. He rang the bell again, and looked at his watch. It was 9 a.m. He had told Duo he would be back this morning to finish working on the tree. It was just like a celebrity to keep him waiting. Frustrated, Heero leaned on the bell, making it ring several times in a row. He smiled at this trick, and hoped it would rouse Duo from bed. But still, there was no response.

Heero sighed. He had driven all the way out here to finish that project, and now he had to decide whether to give up or charge ahead. He could go around back and start work, the chainsaw and gloves had been left there, but that would take more nerve than Heero could muster. So, he rang the bell one more time, and pounded on the heavy, oak door.

At last he heard the deadbolt turn. The door opened to reveal Duo towel drying his hair. Heero gaped.

"You been out here long?" Duo asked, swinging the door wide open.

He was wearing snug white shorts and a black, unbuttoned cotton shirt. His hair was loose, and he was patting it dry with a white bath towel.

"No, not long." Heero had been at the door a good five minutes, but with Duo standing there like that he couldn't marshal any animosity.

Duo smirked as he eyed Heero's car. "Keeping my Jag?"

"Oh, uh, I thought it'd be easier this way. I can drive you over to pick it up later."

Duo nodded. "Yeah, guess that makes sense. Come on in."

Duo turned from the door, heading into the house. His bare legs looked long and pale in the white, skimpy shorts. He smelled of the shower, fresh like cucumbers and still a little damp.

"You eat breakfast?" he asked, looking over his shoulder.

Heero followed him into the kitchen. "Yeah, cereal."

"Would you like some coffee?"

"Sure," Heero said automatically. It'd make him jittery, but he wasn't ready to be out of Duo's presence just yet.

He sat at the kitchen table and watched Duo toss the bath towel to the floor and then move about, preparing the coffee. Duo's hair was even longer damp and unbound. The dark wavy lengths hung to the bottom curve of his ass. It must have taken a lifetime to grow that long.

"People always ask about it," Duo said, seeming to realize Heero was staring. He reached into the cupboard for some mugs, and set them on the counter. "Habit, I guess. I haven't cut it in years."

"I like it."

Duo looked at him and smiled. "Really?"

Heero's cheeks warmed. "I mean, you shouldn't worry about what people say."

"I don't... usually." Duo poured their coffee and sat down, placing a mug in front of Heero. "Wasn't sure you'd be back."

"I said I would."

"Yeah, but it's not like you have to do this."

Heero took a sip. "I finish what I start."

A small smile curved over Duo's lips. "Somehow I knew that about you."

There was something intimate about sitting here, sharing coffee and chit-chat with the morning sun spilling through the window. They had only known each other a nanosecond, but it felt like planets aligning for a perfect trajectory into orbit.

Duo blew on the surface of his coffee, and then slowly raised the mug to his lips. He was incredibly sexy in the subtlest of ways. His hair was nearly dry now, and was beginning to stray and fall forward over his shoulders. It looked soft and well cared for, but not in the least feminine. It seemed right that Duo had long hair, free like the spirit that created that beautiful music.

"I heard a piano playing last night," Heero said.

Duo set down his mug. "Is that right?"

The question rolled off Duo's tongue, playfully daring Heero to discover the music's origin. Heero stared across the table into that beautiful face, and his heartbeat quickened.

"It sounded like it was coming from here."

Duo's deeply colored eyes looked at him curiously. He seemed hesitant to speak, but his gaze never wavered. Heero suddenly felt unsure. Maybe he had been wrong about that song. Maybe he had been dreaming.

"Weren't you playing last night?"

Duo nodded, slowly. "What if I told you I was playing for you?"

No longer trusting his grip, Heero swallowed and set his mug on the table. "Were you?"

"Yes." Duo smiled. "Surprised?"

"I---" Heero was tongue-tied again, like he'd been when they first met.

"Why so nervous? Hasn't anyone ever played for you before?"

He wanted to laugh. Of course, not, he thought. I'm a scientist, a geek. No one, except in my wildest dreams, would ever play for me.

Duo reached his hand across the table, gently resting it on Heero's forearm. "A penny for your thoughts."

Heero could feel the warmth of Duo's touch seep through the shirt to his skin. An image of the tender kiss they had shared the previous day flashed in his mind, and he wanted more.

"You're not yourself today," Duo said, squeezing Heero's arm.

"I'm a little confused."

"Oh?" Duo's brow furrowed. "And what would have a space aeronautical engineer confused?"

Everything about you, Heero thought.

"Come on," Duo said with a smile. "I'm all ears."

Heero looked at the hand on his arm and took a deep breath. He had to say something, but he was afraid the wrong words would pull that beautiful hand away from him. "I've never met anyone like you."

"That makes two of us," Duo said, giving Heero's arm another gentle squeeze. "But why is that confusing?"

"You're different every day."

Duo leaned forward, looking up into Heero's face. "You mean, I'm in a better mood today."


"Oh, yes," Duo laughed. "You don't have to pretend. I know I pushed you out of here in a hurry yesterday."

"I upset you."

Duo patted Heero's arm. "No, you just reminded me about something. I've got some stuff I'm trying to sort out in my life."

"About your parents?"

"Yeah," Duo said, his hand retreating. "I guess I'm not the easiest guy to be around these days."

"It's all right. You've got a lot on your mind."

Duo nodded, but his gaze cooled, growing cautious again.

"I can take you to get your car now," Heero said, stumbling to keep the conversation going. "Or I can get started on that tree."

"You know, don't you?" Duo asked, suddenly.

"Know what?"

"About me." He put his hands on the edge of the table, looking ready to bolt. "That's what changed. You're not so innocent anymore."

The words slapped Heero as surely as an open hand. "I'm not sure what---"

"Oh, you know all right." Duo got up from the table, clearing away their mugs and dumping the excess coffee into the sink.

"Okay, I know," Heero admitted with confusion swirling inside him. "But what's wrong with knowing who you are?"

Duo turned to him, his hands curled into fists at his sides. "Why did you need to know?"

"Because I was curious, and people kept implying you were somebody."

"Somebody?" Duo snorted. "Yeah, I'm the guy who killed his parents." He turned away and hit the counter with his fists.

Heero got up, his eyes widening from the display. "Duo, it was an accident."

Duo stood still and quiet, but his body was coiled with tension.

"It must be difficult, living in the public eye," Heero said, stepping closer.

There could be no question that Duo was aware of the press coverage of his life, and probably had an idea of how Heero had reacted to reading those stories. Last night, those stories had mattered to Heero. He had believed most of them and had felt put off by Duo's wild and privileged life. But somehow standing here in the same room, and seeing Duo's distress, none of the things Heero had read mattered anymore.

He placed his hand on Duo's shoulder. The young man flinched, but didn't pull away.

"I was distracted," Duo said, softly. His back was to Heero, and his voice a mere whisper, but Heero could hear every syllable. "Father was relentless with his argument, and I didn't see the truck come over the center line until it was too late... I swerved..." Duo leaned forward on the counter, looking about to collapse.

Heero reached his arms around him, embracing Duo for support and comfort. "It's okay."

Duo turned in his arms, grasping Heero's shirt. "I should've swerved the other way." He buried his face in Heero's chest, his hands trembling.

Heero tightened the embrace. He didn't know what to say or do, but it seemed right to hold Duo this way.

Duo was quiet a long while, seeming to calm with the contact. At last he pulled back gently, looking into Heero's eyes. "He thought my being gay would hurt my career."

"What?" Heero asked, surprised.

Duo's words were raw with grief and guilt. "He said ‘fuck whoever you want in private, but don't be seen with a man in public.'" Duo gave a small chuckle. "It sounds easy, but I don't want to live that way."

Heero nodded in understanding. "I'm not surprised."

"Huh?" Duo asked, blinking back the tears.

"I listened to your CD," Heero said, brushing a tear from Duo's cheek. "You create beautiful songs, because you're you, not what someone wants you to be."

Duo gasped, swallowing the tears. "You think so?"


Duo's cheeks were pink with emotion. "Heero..."

Impulsively, Heero covered Duo's mouth with his own, kissing him deeply. Duo's arms came around his neck, pulling him close. They stayed wrapped around each other in the warm kiss until Heero pulled back, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry," he said, feeling as though he'd taken advantage of Duo.

Duo put his hand to Heero's cheek and smiled. "Sometimes it's best not to ask. Just do it if it feels right."

"You're vulnerable right now. I shouldn't---" Heero's words were cut off as Duo kissed him, opened-mouthed, making it hot and messy. Heero was breathless.

"Can you feel it?" Duo said, whispering in Heero's ear. "Just you and me, rocket man."

Those words and the warm breath in his ear fired Heero's synapses, pooling all his desire in his groin. He answered the invitation by taking Duo by the shoulders and kissing his lips hard. Heero was ready for a taste of that famous wild life. He wanted to strip the barrier of clothes away and feel every inch of Duo's creamy, pampered skin.

He pushed Duo against the counter, exploring his mouth with his tongue, and pressing their bodies together. Duo whimpered his need and tugged at Heero's shirt, pulling it from inside his jeans. Warm hands glided up his sides, over bare skin, sending a tingle through Heero's entire body. He had never reacted to anyone's touch this way before. No one had ever ignited such passion in him, as though Duo had discovered the secret formula to his libido.

Duo moaned into the kiss and wrapped a leg around Heero's thigh. Heero could feel Duo's erection, pressing against him, ready to burst out of the shorts. He wanted to rip those shorts off Duo, bend him over, and fuck him into next week.

Duo's hands skimmed Heero's shoulders to his neck, weaving fingers into his thick, dark hair. "Take me, Heero. Take me to the stars."

Heero's erection was hot and hard inside his jeans. "Yes," he said, kissing Duo, exploring him with his tongue.

His hands went to Duo's waistband, running along the fabric and brushing the bare skin just above it. The shorts were tight, and buttoned along the waist like a sailor's uniform pants. Heero's fingers worked the buttons deftly, opening the shorts and setting Duo's erection free. The hardness practically leapt into Heero's hand, and he grasped it, stroking it eagerly.

Duo moaned and arched into the touch while Heero devoured his mouth with an ardent kiss. Heero's cock throbbed painfully in his jeans, reminding him to hurry toward the goal. He released Duo's cock and hooked his fingers around the shorts' waistband, giving them a firm tug. With some effort, they slipped over Duo's bum, and then Duo wiggled them off, flinging them aside with his foot.

"Now to set you free," Duo said, smiling seductively.

His hands were at Heero's waist in an instant, unbuttoning and unzipping the fly of his jeans. Heero watched the fingers move over the denim, push it aside and dip inside his pants. Duo rubbed his erection with those long fingers, and Heero moaned helplessly, feeling his body sizzle from the touch. Duo laughed and nuzzled Heero's ear, giving it a little lick as his hands wriggled further inside the jeans. At last he began to push the jeans and briefs down, but just enough to set Heero's cock free and to allow his hands to reach Heero's ass. Duo squeezed, kneading the flesh like dough.

"You have a great ass," he said, purring into Heero's ear.

Heero grasped Duo's round cheeks and yanked him close. "And you're driving me crazy."

"Come on then," Duo said, kissing him and sucking Heero's lower lip into his mouth. He reached over to a green, glass bottle on the counter, and handed it to Heero with a smile. "This will do in a pinch."

Heero looked at it closely. "Olive oil?"

"Extra virgin."

The words were saucy and meant to imply something special, but certainly not that this was Duo's first time. But it was their first time together, and Heero could pretend that after this fuck Duo wouldn't want anyone else. Heero knew he should savor this moment and all its sensations, but his brain and his body were in a rush. Duo had a wickedly enticing grin on his face, and his half-naked body, covered with that mass of soft, chestnut hair was a feast for Heero's eyes.

A teaspoon of the rich oil was poured into Heero's right hand. He smeared it over his fingers and reached around Duo's backside. His fingers slipped into the crack, following it down to the small pucker. He rubbed over it, spreading the oil and then slowly pushed his middle finger all the way inside.

"Yes," Duo gasped, running his hands over Heero's chest, and taking his lips in a heated kiss.

Duo's body was warm against him, and his mouth tasted of cinnamon and coffee. Heero wanted to devour him, lick a wet path from Duo's cock to his sternum, and then to his lips and down again. But first, he needed this fuck. He had wanted Duo since that morning Duo had worn the tight jeans and had captivated him with that long, wordless stare. If ever a gaze had imprinted Heero with need it was that one, a need that had created an unshakable fantasy that was about to become reality.

"Now, Heero," Duo said, inching them back toward the kitchen table.

"Shouldn't we go somewhere more comfortable?"

Duo kissed him. "You're sweet, but I want you here... now."

The finger slipped from inside Duo, and in an instant he had hopped up on the table. Heero stood between Duo's legs, his hands on Duo's hips, and his mouth kissing him for all he was worth. If not for his great need, Heero could've stood here all morning kissing Duo like this, with Duo's hands tangled in his hair and their tongues exploring each other. It was the moment he had waited for, to strip everything bare, to forget the geraniums, the milk, the pine tree, and the sadness he had seen in Duo's eyes.

He reached back for the bottle, and Duo helped pour the oil onto Heero's cock. Duo's hands were on him, smoothing the oil over his hardness. Duo nipped and kissed Heero's chest and jaw, and wrapped his legs around Heero's waist.

Heero stepped closer, kissing Duo as his cock nudged his opening. The first press of hard flesh against Duo's bottom sent a charge through Heero. He guided his sex with his hand, pushing forward until the head was inside. His breath caught with the sensation, and he pushed further and completely. It was good, blindingly good to feel Duo surrounding him, taking him in. But Heero had to pull the reins on this and focus or when he got moving it would be over before it started.

He took a deep breath, slowly pulling out and then pushing back in. Duo arched and threw his head back, sending that voluminous hair spilling over the table. Heero moaned. His hands were firm on Duo's hips, holding him in place as he began to move in rhythm. Duo met each thrust, and the angle was perfect, the height of the table absolutely perfect for their first time, even if Heero had wanted things a bit softer for Duo. God, they hadn't even gotten all their clothes off, and only enough of Heero's to expose his chest and release his cock to make this union possible.

But the rush, the momentum was so great that Heero knew no matter how much he willed this to go on and on the heat was building too quickly. He let himself fall, let the warmth race up his groin and spread through his body as his buttocks tightened, and Duo's thighs held him close. It was a magnificent fever, prickling over his skin and taking him spilling to the edge of reason as he called out Duo's name and panted on his sweat-slicked skin.

Duo came a heartbeat later, splashing warmth between their bellies and thrusting hard one last time against Heero. He wrapped his arms around Heero's shoulders and held him close. "Heero..." he whispered, caressing the tousled hair.

Once Heero's heart rate had calmed he pulled back and gave Duo a languid kiss. "Did you see the stars?"

Duo smiled and rubbed his lips playfully over Heero's. "I saw the universe."

Heero cradled Duo, bringing him into a sitting position on the table, their bodies separating in the process. Duo pointed to the towel hanging on the refrigerator door, and Heero stepped away to retrieve it. He handed over the towel for Duo to wipe himself first.

"Hungry?" Duo asked, wiping the evidence of his orgasm from his belly.

"You're ready for more?"

"I'm talking about food, man." Duo laughed and swatted Heero with the towel.

With the air in the room still sizzling from sex, Heero righted his jeans and watched Duo jump off the table. Duo's black cotton shirt was pushed down to his elbows from their exertions, and he now let it fall completely off and to the floor. He leaned into Heero, his lips brushing Heero's jaw while his hands ran up Heero's chest to his shoulders.

"Mind if I borrow this?" Duo asked, kissing Heero's neck as he slipped the shirt off Heero's back.

"Tired of your own?" Heero laughed.

Duo grinned as he took the blue denim shirt and with one fluid motion slid it on, covering his nakedness. The shirt looked surprisingly big on Duo. Though he was of a slighter build, Duo definitely spent time working out. He looked damn sexy, rolling up the sleeves and fastening one button in the middle in a late showing of modesty.

Heero watched Duo grab a pan of brownies from the counter, noting the way the shirt tails brushed against his pale, bare thighs.

"How about getting us some milk?" Duo asked as he headed toward the living room.

Brownies after sex sounded fine with Heero. He opened the refrigerator and poured milk from the gallon jug into two tall glasses, and then followed Duo out of the kitchen. They settled on the big couch, side-by-side, twining their legs around each other.

"I made them this morning," Duo said as he scooped out a square and handed it to Heero.

Heero took a large bite and chewed. The brownie was rich and very chocolaty.

"Like it?"

Heero nodded as he finished chewing. "Really good. What did you put in them?"

"Just some chocolate chips." Duo popped a piece into his mouth, chewed it quickly and then took a swallow of milk.

They leaned back into the couch, eating the brownies, and easing into a conversation. They talked about high school, fishing, and favorite foods -all things that Heero could relate to and in the process not feel so tongue-tied anymore.

Part of Heero would've been happy to sit back and listen, to let Duo go on, just so he could watch his expressive features and the endless gestures he made with his hands. Duo captivated him, especially the way his smile brightened the room, a smile that had been all but absent until today. The change was satisfying and curious, but Heero chose not to dwell on its meaning. Instead, he recognized that this shared happiness and laughter was a window into Duo's true self.

They laughed together as Duo recounted how he had capsized his family's rowboat in the middle of Deep Lake. Heero's side ached, laughing from Duo's description of the incident. Now he understood why Duo's interest in fishing had ended.

"If you're afraid of going out on the lake, I could take you," Heero said.

"I don't know." Duo shrugged, and then swept his hair forward over his shoulder and combed through it with his fingers.

Heero watched Duo's fingers plait the reddish brown hair. He was fascinated by the movement of the slender hands weaving the hair, almost mimicking the motion of playing an instrument. He imagined Duo's life was all about music, that the young man's thoughts and dreams were musical much like Heero's thoughts and dreams were mathematical.

"Will you play the piano for me again?"

Duo smiled. "Maybe. Will you tell me about the stars?"

"Maybe," Heero teased back.

As Duo finished the braid, he brushed the end over Heero's nose. "I need to tie this off." He got up, but was unsteady on his feet and fell into Heero's lap, laughing.

"You all right?" Heero asked, starting to laugh as well.

Duo nuzzled Heero's ear. "Mm-hmm. I wish I would've thought of this sooner." He wrapped his arms around Heero's bare shoulders and suckled gently on his ear lobe. "I like your body. It's so... athletic."

"I work out," Heero said, swallowing. He could feel himself getting hard, and knew that he would be desperate for Duo very quickly.

One of Duo's hands slipped down to Heero's bicep and squeezed. "Does NASA require all its scientists to be this buff?"

Heero laughed as he pictured the potpourri of individuals that made up his work group. "It's definitely not a requirement."

"Then you must turn a lot of heads," Duo said, tilting Heero's face up by the chin and kissing him softly on the lips. "Why don't you get comfortable?"

Duo got up from Heero's lap and padded out of the room, swerving a bit as he walked. Heero laughed thinking that Duo was putting on an act, and then got to work removing his boots and socks. He was definitely overdressed and wondered why he hadn't taken the rest of his clothes off sooner. But he had been comfortable sitting here, polishing off those brownies.

Moments later, Duo returned with his braid secured, and a tube of lubricant in hand. He settled on his knees between Heero's legs. "I was hoping you'd be butt naked by the time I got back." Duo reached for Heero's waistband and unfastened the fly of his jeans.

Duo's assertiveness pleased Heero, excited him, but he felt oddly laid back about it. He lifted his hips and let Duo do most of the work pulling off his jeans and briefs. Then Duo's mouth was on him, licking him to full hardness, and sucking him into his mouth.

"Ahh," Heero moaned as he arched into the delicious touch. He closed his eyes and drifted on the incredible pleasure. God, he couldn't remember a time he felt this good, and he giggled, actually giggled at his own happiness.

Duo must've laughed too, because Heero felt a vibration run along his cock and then he felt teeth lightly graze him. He opened his eyes to see Duo staring up at him.

"You're amazing," Heero said, taking Duo by the arms and pulling him up. He regretted the loss of that mouth on his dick, but then Duo settled on his lap, his thighs straddling Heero. He began to slowly grind their cocks together as he kissed Heero senseless.

"You seem a little tired," Duo said, reaching for the lube.

"No... just slowed down all of a sudden."

"Mmm... slow sounds good right now." Duo squeezed the lube into his hand and stroked Heero's cock, covering it fully. Then he positioned himself, and eased down on Heero, taking him in fully. "One slow fuck coming up."

Duo was beautiful riding him, uninhibited and unashamed of his need. Heero unbuttoned the denim shirt and pushed it back to see more of him. It fell off one of Duo's shoulders, exposing creamy skin and a pert rose nipple. Heero leaned in, taking the nipple into his mouth, licking it, sucking it, and pressing his hands to Duo's back.

Despite the languorous speed of this fuck, Heero's body was heating like a furnace. He met each of Duo's downward slides with a deep, upward thrust of his hips. Duo moaned each time, making Heero harder, and wishing he had the energy to take this out of slow motion.

Heero leaned back, cupping Duo's ass and letting his fingers wander to where his cock disappeared inside Duo. Every inch of him was inside, and every inch was being enjoyed by Duo's slow grind up and down.

They twined their fingers together, and Heero felt Duo tremble. Was he close to coming? Heero was close, but he needed just that something more to take him over the edge. And so, in a surprising show of strength he wrapped his arms around Duo and tipped him back onto the couch. Now, Duo was beneath him, grasping Heero's sides with sweat-slicked thighs, and taking Heero into him from a new angle. Heero's entire being was focused on the race to completion, fucking Duo, pumping into Duo. He thrust hard again and again, increasing the friction until his orgasm exploded from him.

He lay in a heap on top of Duo, breathing heavy in his ear. "Fuck... that... was great."

Duo shifted a little and kissed his face. "Another solar system explored."

Heero laughed. God, he couldn't remember laughing or fucking this much before in his life. He leaned up on his elbows and looked into Duo's eyes. "You don't mind that I took over?"

The sated smile that curled on Duo's lips wiped any doubts away. "I don't care who drives, just as long as we get there."

They laughed and kissed, and held each other. Then Heero noticed that Duo was trembling... like before? No, this time his body trembled.

"Are you cold?" Heero asked.

"After that are you kidding?"

"Then why are you shaking?"

"After shocks." Duo laughed, and gently pushed at Heero to move.

Heero rolled off, and watched as Duo slowly got up, wrapping the shirt around him.

"I'll get us something to drink," Duo said and padded toward the kitchen.

Heero dropped back onto the couch, exhausted. He couldn't even guess how long they'd been at it when he took the reins, but it seemed they had been fucking awhile. Strange how time was fuzzy in his head like his internal clock was off.

He looked to the window at the back of the house. The sun was no longer shining directly into the room. Could it be noon already? He hoped Duo didn't want that tree finished this afternoon. As soon as he came back with that drink, Heero was planning on curling himself around Duo and taking a long nap.

"Duo? You need help in there?"

There was no response. Maybe his voice hadn't been loud enough to carry or Duo was too busy to hear him. Either way, Heero was being a slug, and by all rights should have his ass up helping Duo, instead of expecting to be waited on. And now he realized he was hungry, too. Maybe he could have a sandwich with that cold drink?

With some effort, he hoisted himself into sitting position. Damn, he didn't feel like himself. He was lethargic and hungry and off. Off?

"Wait a minute..." Heero's eyes widened as he looked at the empty pan. The brownies. Shit, had Duo doped the brownies?

He shook his head. He didn't want to believe it, but all the symptoms were there -moving in slow motion, laughing like idiots, and now a serious case of the munchies.

"Damn it."

He pushed himself off the couch and stood comfortable in his nakedness, but his mind a little fuzzy. He had never done drugs, not liking the idea of something controlling him. He had always prided himself on his ability to focus, to analyze any equation, and find the answers to the toughest problems. But those problems were about rocket fuel consumption and the impact of space junk on shuttlecraft, and not the likelihood of your new lover drugging you.

He wandered into the kitchen, but it was empty. "Duo?"

"Just a sec," Duo called from down the hall.

It seemed Duo was in the bathroom, so Heero opened the refrigerator to see what there was to eat. He pulled the sliced deli meat out to make a sandwich, and ate a piece as he was gathering up the mustard and bread. He set everything on the counter and then heard a noise from the bathroom. It sounded like plastic containers hitting the ceramic floor.

He poked his head into the corridor. "Need some help down there?"

"Nope," came the immediate response.

Heero's eyes narrowed. He was not the nosey sort, but something itched in his brain and he decided to investigate. He walked to the bathroom, and found the door half open. Duo was sitting on the floor, in that oversized denim shirt, gathering up pills he had dropped.

"What are you doing?" Heero asked.

Duo looked up, his eyes wide. "Isn't it obvious?"

Heero blinked. Duo's tone was curt, and his hands were moving quickly, scooping up the pills. "You're still shaking," Heero said, hesitantly.

"Yeah, so?" Duo did not look up this time.

"Why are you shaking?"

Duo sighed heavily, stopped what he was doing, and leveled an intensely pissed-off look at Heero. "Just go back to the living room and don't worry about it."

Heero didn't move. He didn't know what to make of this reappearance of Duo's more surly side.

"Are you deaf, man?" Duo asked impatiently.

Heero's brow furrowed. He did not like being talked to this way. "Did you put grass in the brownies?"

A devilish smile appeared on Duo's lips. "Yeah."

"And you didn't tell me?"

"Didn't think it was important," Duo said with a shrug.

"But the chocolate chips were important enough to mention?"

"The chips are what make it special," Duo said as he got up from the floor with his filled bottles. He set the bottles on the sink, his hands still trembling. "Give me a minute and I'll make us something to eat." He turned on the faucet and reached for a glass. "I've got a serious case of the munchies."

Heero's blood pressuring was rising. "That's it? You're not even going to apologize?"

Duo shook his head. "For what?"

Heero stared at him. Obviously drugs were part and parcel of Duo's life or he would understand the significance of this conversation.

Duo turned back to the sink, fished out some pills and popped them into his mouth, easing them down with water. He looked at Heero over his shoulder. "Give me a minute, okay?"

Heero watched Duo grip the edge of the sink like he was bracing himself, waiting for the fix to hit.

"What are those pills?" Heero's gut tightened.

"They're none of your business."

Duo's words sent a chill through Heero. This was the guy who had slammed the door in his face, and who hadn't shaken his hand when they were introduced. Maybe this was Duo's true self and not the fun-loving guy Heero had seen all too briefly.

"I don't need this," Heero said and turned, walking back down the hall and to the living room.

He expected Duo to follow him, and volley another remark. But he did not. Heero put on his jeans and boots, writing off the denim shirt as a casualty of war. It wasn't worth confronting Duo again for it. He hated confrontations, hated dealing with the complexity of human emotions, and walked out the front door with a mix of anger and disappointment roiling inside him.

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