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This is a sequel to Unfettered
Pairings: 1x2 (Heero/Duo), 3x4 (Trowa/Quatre)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, angst, romance

Summary: The consequences of meddling.

Part 1
by Artemis

Hands everywhere. Lips everywhere. They had been building to this all evening, giving each other hot looks and pats on the rump.

"Let's go inside," Duo said, panting between kisses.

"No, I like it here." It was dangerous here--in the front seat of his car--parked in front of Duo's apartment. They could neck and get away with it. But going to second base in a car on a public street could get them in trouble with the law, not to mention Duo's neighbors. And that was exciting.

"No... come on." Duo half-heartedly pushed away Heero's questing hands. This was their third date and by the rules this was allowed. But Duo had rather hoped Heero would come upstairs where he could give and get what he wanted more comfortably. But for some reason, Heero wasn't budging.

"It's too cramped here." Duo complained even as he reached past the gearshift and into Heero's pants. Damn, it was good having that hardness in hand again. "Fuck, you're hard." He pulled on Heero's erection, stroking it, and getting low moans from his lover for the effort.

"Hard for you," Heero said, between moans and more nipping at Duo's neck.

"Don't say that." Duo kissed him roughly and then pulled off his mouth to look in his eyes. "You know I want you bad... it's been days." His eyes blazed with the kind of passion they had often shared.

"Mmmm...." Another long moan from Heero. His hand was now inside Duo's jeans, forming around the slender hardness. "Want you, too."

"Then come upstairs already," Duo growled, but his hand never stopped its pleasuring and his lips never stopped seeking bare skin.

Confusing, but good---that's what dating had become. For three days they had built to this, to the sanctioned moment when they could fondle and beat each other off. It was sanctioned by Quatre's rules of dating, and yet they each wanted more, struggled with the wanting and with the rules.

"Maybe it's okay... on the third date," Duo reasoned aloud. Heero was sucking on his neck and his hand was in motion on his cock. The hickey would be a nice reminder of this date, but Duo wanted more than a love bite.

"What's okay?" Heero released the skin from his mouth and buried his face in Duo's neck. He rubbed his cheek there as his focus diminished with the pleasure Duo was giving him, pleasure that was bringing him closer to release.

"It's okay for us to go all the way."

And then Heero came, his fist tightened and slowed on Duo's cock as he was taken over by the release. He bit into Duo's shoulder to muffle the loud moan. His own body tensed and his grip pushed Duo to orgasm. They were quickly spent and the evidence left on their hands.

In the semi-darkness they searched for something to wipe their hands clean.

The fumbling and sudden ineptness made Duo laugh. "Don't you keep a come cloth in your glove box?" He resorted to wiping his hand on his jeans.

"We've never done it in my car before."

"And we didn't have to this time."

Heero gazed at him, the highlighted silhouette of him, and frowned. "You wanted to go upstairs."

"Yeah, and I still do."

Heero considered this a moment. "It's only our third date. Don't you think it's too soon?"

Duo barked a laugh. "Listen to yourself. At Quatre's you were all... 'but we've already had sex, what's the point of withholding it?'"

Heero narrowed his eyes. He didn't appreciate the impersonation. "And you said, 'let's give this a try.' So that's what I'm doing."

Damn, of all the times for Heero to be right.

"Well, it better not get back to Quatre that I made the offer... he'd hit me upside the head!"

Heero grinned. "Roger that."

+ + +

At Preventers' Headquarters, the water cooler had become the preferred location for date debriefings. Each morning, Quatre met Duo at precisely eight o'clock to get the scoop on the previous night's date. It was hard to miss that the blond eagerly awaited these reports.

"Three dates in three nights... that's serious." Quatre's eyes twinkled with the apparent success of his dating advice. "You did pizza and the arcade last night?"

"Yeah, we spent a couple of hours at the arcade." Duo hopped onto the counter. "They've got this new virtual downhill skiing game..." He simulated the movement of being on skis. "It's a trip. We're definitely going back for more of that."

Quatre grinned. So far so good, they were following the dating plan to the letter. "Anything else? It was your third date... and that does come with certain privileges."

Duo laughed. "I wondered when you'd get to that."

"You don't have to tell me the specifics, of course," Quatre said, his cheeks pinking a touch. "But I can better guide you if I know."

Duo laughed again. "Geez, I feel like I'm in therapy... Yes, Doctor Winner, the top made his move and the bottom accepted."

"Made his move?" Quatre's eyes widened.

"Easy, buddy. We gave each other hand jobs... that's all. Second base."

Quatre visibly relaxed and leaned against the counter, glancing up at his friend. "Second base, huh? Well, that's good."

"And I figure since tonight's our fourth date that means Heero will be rounding third base around eleven o'clock and sliding into home at..."

"You're going to have sex with him tonight?" Quatre pushed away from the counter and turned to face Duo. "But it's only your fourth date."

"Gee, don't sound so disappointed. It's not as if I'm a virgin."

Quatre took a breath. "You're right, of course. I only hoped..."

Duo scratched his head waiting for the rest of that sentence. "Yeah?"

"It is acceptable, in some circles, to fully explore the physical part of the relationship after three dates."

"All right!" Duo crowed, punching his fist in the air.

"However," Quatre continued, cringing at the loud rejoicing, "I advise against sex at this point."

"You're joking, right, Q?"

"Hardly. Duo, you have yet to establish your new relationship with Heero and you're still far too eager to put out for him."

"But Heero's been doing nice things... like last night he gave me quarters to play the pinball machine when I ran out."

"That is nice, but you really should build up more of a relationship before you jump back into bed with him."

Duo sighed, deflated. He wanted to do the right thing, but it was all so complex... so Quatre.

"Is Heero pressuring you for sex? Because if he is I'll speak with him..."

"No, no," Duo said, emphatically. God, the last thing he needed was his best friend telling his boyfriend to take a cold shower. "It's just that I like sex. And sex with Heero is real good." His fingers dug into his thighs. He was so horny he thought he would pop.

Quatre nodded politely. "Yes, it's well established that you are physically attracted to one another, but don't you see the potential risk? If you start having sex again now I wouldn't be surprised if you two regressed to the 'sex only' arrangement again. And I know that's not what you want."

"It's not?" Duo asked with a snort, but the look on Quatre's face made him wipe the smirk right off. "Right. That's not what I want... I think."

+ + +

A similar debriefing was about to begin in the Preventers' fitness room where Trowa found Heero bench-pressing weights.

"Hey," he said, and then gave a low whistle as he noticed Heero was lifting 325 pounds... easily.

Heero's eyes darted to Trowa and then back to a spot on the ceiling. "Hey."

"How was the date? Your third, right?"

Heero blew out a breath and set the weighted bar on its rest. "I'm surprised you don't know for sure." He sat up and grabbed his towel, wiping down his face and arms. "Doesn't Quatre keep you better informed?"

"Actually, he does, but as far as I know he hasn't finished this morning's interrogation of Duo."

"The date was fine," Heero said, now wiping down the equipment. "How are you two?"

"Good, but Quatre's got it in his head that he wants to have a date night once a week."

Heero grinned as he stood. "It's not so bad. You should try it."

"Not so bad, huh? And this coming from the guy who didn't want to give up regular sex."

"Now you're sounding like Duo."

"Am I?" Trowa asked with a laugh.

Heero studied his friend a moment and then headed for the treadmill. He set the machine to simulate a run in the mountains, varying the pace and degree of incline.

As he began his workout, Trowa continued with his own interrogation. He leaned against the wall, crossing his arms over his chest. "How's the tension between you two?"


"Duo still eager?"



Heero glanced at his friend. "Really."

"Well, maybe I was wrong. Maybe this hasn't turned out so bad for you after all. If Duo's still willing." He lowered his voice a bit and stepped closer to the treadmill. "You're past the third date. You can do anything you want now."

"Doesn't it follow that if we maintain the pattern that's been set, tonight we'd go to third base?"

"Yeah, third base and from there anywhere else you want to go."


"All the way anywhere."

"So..." Heero began, as he adjusted the treadmill to increase the pace, "we can have sex now?"

"Absolutely. There are no set rules after the third date. And if I were you, I'd take advantage of Duo's enthusiasm. You don't know how lucky you are."

Heero's brow furrowed. "I don't particularly want to know... but are you and Quatre having a problem in that area?"

Trowa chuckled. "Oh, don't worry about me, I get plenty. It's just that sometimes I wish there weren't so many strings attached."

"No strings, huh?"

"Don't get me wrong. I love Quatre and wouldn't give him up for the world. But he can really drive me nuts with all his rules about relationships. He's such an idealist."

"Then 'no strings' refers to no rules?"

"No strings is sex on the fly... an open invitation to just come on over and jump into bed. Or as you two are prone to do... giving blow jobs at work."

Heero raised an eyebrow in consideration. "We've got the sex on the fly figured out, it's the rest we're not so sure about."

"All I'm saying is don't mess up a good thing. You've given the dating ritual a try and now you're free to get back to basics." He stepped back, nodded and then left.

Heero's eyes looked to the far wall. His legs and arms were in motion, pumping hard as the angle of the treadmill increased gradually. It wouldn't take much for him to get into his zone---that focused, almost out of body place where he could seemingly run for hours and not even feel it. But instead, his mind went back to Trowa's words and to Duo. Maybe Trowa was right. If Duo wanted sex, then he should give it to him and be glad. Their no-holds-barred sex life was obviously something to be envied, so why not enjoy it?

+ + +

The big budget, action-packed movie wasn't exactly worth the full price of admission, but it had given them a chance to hold hands in the dark and eat from the same bucket of buttered popcorn.

"Damn, I wish that guy hadn't tossed the diamonds into the lake. What an idiot!" Duo unlocked his apartment door and went inside, stripping off his denim jacket.

"He knew the jewels would corrupt him if he kept them," Heero said, following close behind.

"But there's so much good he could've done with them. He could've sold them and given the money to charity."

Heero shrugged and dropped onto the couch. "But now they can make a sequel."

"Hey, that's right!" Duo plopped down next to Heero, putting his arm around the boy's shoulders. "And maybe in the sequel he'll finally get laid."

Heero looked sidelong at Duo. "There was no love interest in this movie."

"I know. That was the other thing I didn't like about it."

"You like your heroes to get laid?"

Duo grinned devilishly. "Yep. And this Heero, too." He poked a finger into Heero's chest.

Heero swallowed. It had only been days... six days to be exact since they had slept together, but those had been the longest, most tension-filled days of their relationship.

"It's our fourth date, Heero. You know what that means?"

"Third base."

"Yeah... for starters."

Heero's eyes locked with Duo's. "We could've run circles around that guy in the movie." He leaned forward and took Duo's lips in a hungry, biting kiss.

Duo's responding laugh was muffled by the attack. He loved predatory Heero and quickly accepted being the prey, throwing his arms about the other boy and opening his mouth to him.

They kissed hard, noisily, fiercely for minutes. No slow burn to a fast fuck tonight. This time it began hard and was staying hard. They were hungry, deprived boys who needed each other. Six days might as well have been six years the way their hormones were crackling and responding to the physical contact.

Heero pressed Duo back onto the couch, covering him with his body, holding him by his wrists, testing the limits of what Duo would endure. But the boy acquiesced beautifully, wantonly, only fighting Heero at first, and then seeming to realize how hot it was to let Heero be in control. Their mouths were in constant motion, kissing and nipping at each other. The gnash of teeth harmonized with moans and the rustle of clothes.

A bare hand slid over Duo's stomach, and up to rub a nipple, already erect from this play. Then the hand slid down, quickly down, cupping an even more sought after erection.

"Is this what you want for your hero?"

"More," Duo said, grabbing Heero by the neck and pulling him down into a harsh, burning kiss.

Heero's hand deftly worked the jeans open, wriggled inside and under the bikini underwear until it found the prize. He stroked the length as best he could with Duo's jeans tight around his hand and then pulled off Duo's mouth, causing Duo to gasp.

Wide, blue eyes anticipated the next move, watching Heero kneel between his legs and grab the waistband of his jeans. One tug, then two and with a little help from Duo the jeans were pulled down past his rump.

"This kind of more?" Heero asked, his own lips now curling into a devilish grin.

All Duo could do was grin back. He was enrapt by Heero's hunger.

Heero bent low, running his tongue along Duo's cock and all around its head. The last time they had shared this intimacy they had been found out and sent on a detour, not entirely unpleasant, but certainly frustrating.

He sucked Duo into his mouth, going down on him with more edge than usual---his teeth lightly grazing Duo's length. Duo moaned above him, his body tightening, his hands going to Heero's shoulders ready to push him away, but Heero was careful in his torture. The pent up sexual tension drove him, but his passion for Duo ensured he wouldn't hurt him.

This was third base, they could take it anywhere they liked now, and all signals were pointing home.

Heero pulled off and went for Duo's mouth, giving him another hard kiss before leaning back again.

"Got to have you." He tossed his head, his bangs momentarily clearing from his eyes.

Duo was fast in motion, completely wriggling out of his jeans and underwear, but leaving on his tank top in favor of getting Heero's clothes off next. In seconds he had pulled off and tossed aside every last stitch of clothing the other boy was wearing.

"Hot damn!"

"My thoughts exactly." Heero was rock hard and ready to give it all to Duo.

They lay back on the couch, Heero settling between Duo's legs. Their arms went about each other as they came together in more wet kisses, and their cocks did a slow bump and grind.

"Come on... don't make me beg." Duo squeezed Heero's biceps. He'd always admired Heero's muscle tone, his attention to the physical.

Heero reached down to his pants on the floor, and inside his pocket to the travel size tube of lubricant. He was prepared---his conversation with Trowa had ensured as much.

He applied the lube on two fingers and slipped his hand under Duo's bottom. The boy obligingly lifted his bum, prompting Heero to lick his lips in anticipation. Duo had always been willing and pliant when it came to sex. On other issues, they hadn't always seen eye-to-eye, but in bed they were as harmonious as the Vienna Boys' Choir.

The fingers pressed Duo's opening, Heero hoping, impatiently, he could start with two. But Duo tensed, and so one was slipped inside, halfway, then completely. Duo's eyes fluttered closed and his head tilted back. He was putty in Heero's hands. The boy worked the opening, still impatient, but ever careful, and soon he was inserting the second finger. It wasn't quite enough, but there was no way either of them was waiting for a third.

With a nip to Duo’s neck, Heero pulled out his fingers. “It's time.”

Duo’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. With a hungry smile, he met Heero’s eyes. “Damn near past time.”

Heero grinned. He was in position, holding his cock in place, and then Duo’s hand was there, covering his and urging him on.

Together, they guided Heero until the head of his cock slipped inside. Duo let out a breath and gripped Heero's ass with both hands, squeezing it and encouraging his body forward. Another couple of pushes and they were completely joined.

Heero's body trembled. His cock, his skin, all his senses remembering how very good sex with Duo could be. He couldn't wait, he couldn't take it slow tonight. He just needed to do it, the primal it with Duo.

Their bodies were in motion, pushing toward one another with hard, quick thrusts. They wouldn't last long like this, not starting this fast. The couch was not the most comfortable place for a fuck, quick or not. The bedroom was the place to be, but with all the kissing and thrusting that was going on this wasn't the time to discuss it.

Reluctant to separate after joining, Heero took control once again and positioned Duo's legs about his waist and then tightened his arms around Duo. With a grunt he leaned back, bringing Duo with him into sitting position. Duo moaned loudly as it also took Heero deeper inside him. He was panting now and rubbing his cheek over Heero's, but Heero wasn't done yet. With another weightlifter's grunt, Heero stood.

"Whoa!" Duo yelped. "Where we going big guy?"

"Your bed."

"Giddy up!" Duo smiled as he was carried into his bedroom, the muscles in Heero's arms bulging deliciously.

Heero leaned over the bed and then fell forward, dropping them, still joined onto the soft mattress. Duo was kissing him again, his hands now in Heero's mass of hair, as Heero scooted them further onto the bed.

Once settled, the fucking continued with increased fervor. Duo's tank top rode up between them as their bodies moved on each other. They were sweaty with exertion and their hands roamed to feel soft, slick skin. It was all about getting off now, bringing each other to climax the fastest and best way they knew how.

Heero grabbed Duo's cock and pumped it roughly as he thrust harder inside him.

"Ahhhh!" Duo clenched his buttocks around Heero, and then felt his lover tense. That was all Heero had needed. He came, his hips grinding slowly as his orgasm ripped through him. And then all motion stopped and Heero dropped on top of Duo.

Duo lay with his eyes wide and staring up at the ceiling, Heero panting hard in his ear. They were frozen except for the heavy breathing. Their bodies were glued together with sweat, Heero still buried deep and his hand still wrapped tightly around Duo's cock. But Duo had yet to come.

He wiggled beneath Heero and then thrust his hips, trying for some much needed friction. Nothing. Heero was motionless except for his breathing.

Now Duo pushed at Heero's chest. "Get off or get me off!"

Heero groaned, pulling out and rolling off, his mind mush. He crashed on his back, putting one arm over his eyes and leaving his hand lazily wrapped around Duo's erection.

Duo sighed and pushed Heero's hand aside. He wanted relief and now. He took his cock in hand and began stroking it rapidly. "Oh, yeah."

Heero opened one eye, then two. This was a sight to behold. His beautiful, sexy Duo, beating himself off. He leaned up on his elbows and moaned.

Duo glanced over with a smile. "You were too out of it."

"I was going to apologize."

"Yeah, right." But Duo chuckled. That had been one satisfying fuck... just not long enough to bring him off. "Watch out or I'll shoot your eye out."

Heero chuckled, but he wasn't going anywhere. In fact, he wanted in on the action. "Tell me when you're about to come."

Duo's hand was a blur and the sound of smacking flesh filled the room. Heero felt himself stirring, imagining Duo here alone taking care of business. This image was sure to keep him warm at night for months to come.

"Almost..." Duo's breath was growing hard, his cheeks pinking.

Heero bent over him, his eyes focused on the glistening come at the tip of Duo's cock. Any second now...

"Yeah... nearly there..."

Heero couldn't wait any longer. He grabbed Duo's hand by the wrist, stopping the pumping, and covered the cock with his mouth, his head immediately bobbing, working the flesh. That first touch of hot, wet mouth sent Duo spiraling into blissful orgasm, crying out for the entire building to hear. Heero sucked him dry and then they both fell back onto the bed in a heap of arms and legs. They were fast asleep, bodies nestled.

+ + +

Duo woke as the ache in his tired legs reached into his unconscious. He had fallen asleep with his legs wrapped around Heero in an awkward position, and now he needed to move. Slowly, he extricated himself from his lover and then glanced over at the digital clock.

"Fuck." He nudged Heero. "Wake up, sleepy head."


"Come on. It's 1:30."


"You need to go home." Duo nudged Heero again and the other boy's eyes blinked open.


"Yeah, we'll never get up for work if you don't get your ass moving now."

Reluctantly, and half asleep, Heero sat up in bed. He ran his hand through his hair and took a deep breath. This was the hardest part of sex. They would enjoy a mind-blowing round and then fall deep asleep--happily post-coital---only to get up a couple hours later and drive home.

At first this routine made sense. They were new lovers testing the waters. But now, months into their relationship it seemed odd being kicked out of bed. Was this a part of dating, too? Maybe Quatre had told Duo that sex was okay on the fourth date so long as you kicked your lover out after? There was so much Heero didn't understand about relationships and especially about dating that if Duo wanted him to go home then that's what he would do. Even though all he wanted was to curl around the other boy and fall back to sleep.

Somehow Heero found enough energy to get out of bed and stumble into the living room with Duo following sleepily behind. He gathered up his clothes, slipping back into his jeans and shirt, but not bothering to button his shirt. He put on his shoes and then turned to Duo who was leaning against the doorjamb, still wearing only that damn tank top.

"Will you be able to fall back to sleep?"

"I always do." Duo blinked at him a bit bleary-eyed. "Drive careful... okay?"

Heero nodded and leaned over, giving Duo a lingering kiss. Heero thought Duo might fall asleep right there propped up as he was. It made him smile. The boy was so cute and vulnerable when he was tired. "Goodnight, Duo."

+ + +

The next evening found them in a familiar situation. They had gotten Italian carryout and went back to Duo's apartment to eat their dinner and watch a video. After clearing away the dishes, they were back on the couch necking.

It never took much to bring them together this way. A remark, a touch, a look, it all added up to making out. But tonight as things progressed, as they always did, Heero found himself trying to slow things down. Each time Duo went for his crotch and tried to get into his pants, Heero pushed his hand away. It wasn't something he had planned---it just happened.

After the third failed attempt, Duo had had enough.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"What are you doing?" Heero threw back at him.

"Is there an echo in here?"

"I thought we could take it slower tonight."

Duo looked him over as though assessing his sanity. "Okay, I can live with slower." He dove back in, taking Heero's mouth in a deep kiss. More than anything Duo loved it when Heero French kissed him---giving him tongue. It always made him moan.

Things heated up nicely again, the kisses hungry and sloppy. But when Duo grabbed Heero's hardness again, the other boy flinched and pulled back.

"God, Heero. What's your problem?"

Heero couldn't answer that---exactly. He was as hot for Duo as Duo was for him, evidenced by his erection, but somehow he didn't want things to be like always. He didn't want just another fuck with Duo. Something had changed inside him.

"You said Quatre was against our having sex... so soon into dating."

Duo's brow furrowed. "Who gives a monkey's uncle what Quatre thinks? He's not us."

"Now you're dismissing his advice?"

"Not dismissing it..." Duo scratched his head. "You saying you don't wanna have sex tonight?"

Heero was quiet, contemplative. "Maybe."

"Well, what's it gonna take to make up your mind? A blow job?"

Heero shook his head.

"Geez, Heero. Don't tell me you agree with Quatre?"

"I don't disagree."


"I think he has a valid point. That is, if you quoted him accurately."

Duo sighed. "Why don't you ask him yourself if you're so interested?" He reached over to the end table and picked up the phone. "I've got him on speed dial..."

When Heero didn't try to stop him, Duo got angry and slammed the phone back down. "Maybe you should go home."

"Maybe I should."

Duo frowned. "Don't say that."

"Then what do you want me to say?"

He didn't want to put words into Heero's mouth, but.... "I just want you to stay... and you know..."

Yeah, Heero knew. Duo wanted sex, and so did he, but for some reason it just didn't seem right tonight.

"Let's call it a night." Heero got up from the couch.

"You're leaving?"

"I think I'd better."

"Fine." Duo crossed his arms over his chest. "You know where the door is."

When Heero leaned down to kiss Duo goodnight, the other sat stock still, accepting the kiss to his cheek almost coldly.

"Goodnight, Duo."

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