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Pairing: 1x2 Heero/Duo
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Alternate reality, romance, seduction

Summary: A chance encounter between a gentleman and a working man in early 20th century America.

Out of the Rain
Part 2
by Artemis

Duo's heart pounded in his chest, knowing there would be regrets in the morning. But Heero was just so persuasive in his confidence and the even tone of his voice. He sat Duo on the bed and then stood before him as he removed his smoking jacket and untied the cravat at his throat, letting it drop lazily to the floor. Heero was pampered, his hair recently cut and neatly combed, his clothes tailored to the masculine contours of his body.

Duo swallowed hard as he stared up at him, and Heero stepped between his legs. "My factories comply fully with the law."

"What?" Duo asked, perplexed by the unusual pillow talk.

"I thought you would like to know."

Now Duo grinned. It seemed Heero was trying to ease Duo's troubled conscience. He put his hands on Heero's forearms and pulled the man toward him. Heero leaned down until his hands rested on the bed and Duo was reclined on his elbows. Their noses touched as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Go on," Duo said.

He needed Heero to remain firmly in charge, seducing him. Heero seemed to realize this and pressed a hard kiss to Duo's lips, hungrier and more unrelenting than the first. Duo was pushed back fully onto the bed with Heero pushing apart his legs with a strong thigh. His mouth crushed Duo's mouth with bruising, wanting kisses, while his hands removed Duo's jacket, vest and shirt.

The room was dark, lit only by one electric light sconce on the far wall. Duo was enveloped on a canopy bed of burgundy and gold as Heero embraced him in passion. To succumb to this man, an industrialist-the enemy-Duo knew there would be consequences. Knew he might not like himself in the morning. But Heero was charming, commanding and beautiful, and like no one Duo had met before. Just a taste, Duo thought. A taste of this world and this man and I'll be on my way. No one need know...

His hands were in Heero's dark hair, then on his broad shoulders, and then unbuttoning his shirt. The bare skin beneath sent a tingle through Duo's body. He licked Heero's chest, tasting the salt of his skin, realizing this man was like any other... and not.

Their clothes slowly peeled away until only nakedness remained. Duo spread his legs wide as Heero licked behind his knee and then down his thigh to his cock. He gasped as Heero engulfed him, sucking, making Duo thrust into his mouth. A working man, a street rat with a gentleman sucking him, pleasuring him. Now Duo wished to be found out, to have half the building fall away and reveal the role reversal to a shocked city. He imagined the news boys shouting from every corner, "Read all about it! Wealthy industrialist sucks working man's cock!"

He grinned, even as his breath came harder and Heero took him deeper into his throat. Then he felt a finger press his opening and slip inside. He lifted his head to see the head bobbing over his belly. So, the working man was going to be fucked again. His head dropped back to the bed. He didn't care. It felt too good to care. Mr. Industrialist Yuy was damn good in bed.

"Fuck me," he said, surprising himself with the words.

Heero answered with a deep grunt, and then his mouth slid off Duo's cock. He raced his tongue upward from Duo's belly button, over a nipple and then to his lips. They kissed, tongues swirling around each other. In the process, the finger went deeper, moving in and out and joined by another. It wasn't enough. Duo grabbed Heero's cock, hard and perfect in his hand. The message was easy to understand.

"You're ready," Heero said, removing his fingers and causing a slight gasp from Duo.

Heero rubbed his cock with saliva and positioned himself, holding Duo's thighs apart, and then thrust. Duo arched off the bed, meeting the thrust and cringing at the burn. Not unlike expensive cognac, he thought.

Heero pushed further, completely joining them and then stilled. He looked down into Duo's face. "Tell me when to move."

"Do it," Duo said with some frustration. Part of him wanted this fuck to be over and another part never wanted it to end.

Heero wasted no time in building a rhythm, their bodies working together. The bed cover was soft beneath Duo as he was fucked thoroughly into the mattress. Heero was no desk jockey. His body was strong and muscular as though he did day labor, but Duo knew that wasn't the case. Heero's nails were manicured. He was a man of leisure who undoubtedly exercised, an enigma like none Duo had encountered before. And this fuck was the best Duo had ever experienced.

Don't think so much, Duo reminded himself once again. He drifted back into the sensation of Heero's hard cock pounding him, rocking him to ecstasy. Their bodies, slick with the sweat of exertion, moved smoothly and sensually across one another, their bellies pressing together with each deep thrust.

It was what Duo had wanted from the start. He had tried to deny it, deny the lure of this man, but he had wanted Heero from the moment their eyes had locked. Duo had stared at him from the balcony on the second floor. Stared him down when he had caught Heero watching him. He had thought meeting the union organizer in a crowded place would be safe, but then Heero had noticed him. A fear had crept over Duo, but he found he was unusually attracted to the young man in the stylish suit. He had been glad of the chance to get closer, and now as Heero thrust inside him, fucked him senseless, Duo came... releasing the last of his inhibitions and anxiety.

Heero came next, thrusting hard and moaning as he enjoyed his climax. He dropped onto Duo, breathing heavy in his ear. Duo stared at the canopy above, listening to Heero's breaths and feeling their hearts pounding against one another's chests. His legs still spread, Heero still hard and inside him, Duo thought he might like to stay like this. Somehow, it felt right. Now that everything was stripped away they could meet as equals.

It surprised Duo when Heero kissed his temple. Fucking was one thing, but such tenderness only muddied the waters. What was the point when there couldn't be more than this night between them?

"I manufacture toys," Heero said in Duo's ear.

"What?" Duo asked, laughing. "You're joking, right?"

"Making toys was my way of getting my childhood back, I suppose. I didn't have much of one after my parents died..."

Duo's smile faded. "You lost your parents?"

"Yes. I was only five. An uncle raised me, but he was quite old and not interested in taking care of a boy."

"I lost my mother when I was nine," Duo said. "I never knew my father."

"I'm sorry."

They looked into each other's eyes. It was a quiet moment after so much energetic play.

"I guess we have something in common," Duo said.

"And you'd rather we didn't."

Duo's brow knitted. He couldn't deny that he was surprised they were both orphans, but what he feared was that they had even more in common-the naughty romp in the hay only the tip of the iceberg.

Heero was savvy enough not to press him, and instead pulled back the bed cover and motioned for Duo to join him under the sheets. The cool silk sheets welcomed Duo's overheated body like a mountain creek.

Heero wrapped his arms around Duo and kissed him. "Has anyone ever made love to you before?"

"Well, yeah... of course." It was a lie, but Duo hoped Heero wouldn't see it. What kind of a question was that anyway?

"I don't care if they have. I want to make love to you now."

"But you just fucked me." Duo's hands were pressed to Heero's chest and he was feeling a little trapped. This was getting out of hand.

"Is that a no? Or would you just feel better if I called it a slow fuck?"

Duo blinked. "I think I'd feel better if I left..."

He made a move to sit up, but Heero pushed him back down. He covered Duo's body with his own, topping him as he had before. "You enjoyed that fuck, didn't you? Maybe a little too much," Heero said, a hint of a grin on his lips.

"This isn't a contest."

"It isn't?" Heero asked, settling between Duo's legs. "But you're such a lovely prize."

Duo pushed at Heero to roll him off, but the man hardly budged. "How'd you get this strong?"

"Didn't I tell you? My uncle was such a bastard that I ran away when I was thirteen. I supported myself with day jobs until I could afford college."

"What sort of day jobs?"

Heero was moving again, rubbing his hardening cock under Duo's balls. "Ditch digger, stock boy, whatever work I could find."

Duo curled his hand around Heero's bicep and squeezed. It was rock solid. "Then how do you maintain this?"

"I lift weights. The pain reminds me of what I went through to get here. And how hard it is to be a working man." He thrust on the word "hard," pressing against Duo's opening.

A giddy flutter rippled through Duo's chest. "You mean, you understand the plight of the working man?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then why did you let me go on like that? Like an idiot..."

"Because your eyes light when you talk about it. I'm drawn to that passion in you." Heero took the braid in his hand again, putting it to his nose and breathing in. "This braid and those eyes..." His cock nudged Duo's bottom, eager for that slow fuck.

Duo wrapped his legs around Heero's thighs. "What about Sinclair?" It was a trick question. If Heero's sex focused brain could puzzle out the meaning quickly enough and respond with the correct answer then Duo was a goner.

"Upton Sinclair?"

Duo's breath caught.

"Yes, I read 'The Jungle,'" Heero said. "Couldn't eat meat for weeks after that..."

Duo pulled Heero to him in an enthusiastic embrace, kissing him hard until they were both breathless. "Make love to me," he said, reaching to Heero's cock and guiding it to his entrance.

There was no hesitation, Heero followed Duo's lead and sank easily into Duo's warmth.

"I take it you don't hate me anymore," Heero said as he slowly thrust in and out, the bed creaking beneath them.

"Mmm, guess so," Duo said as his hands skimmed over Heero's back and then into his hair, bringing Heero's mouth to his once more.

Of all the regrets that Duo thought he would have after this night, wishing that he had not been so quick to judge Heero had not been one of them. Until now. In a way, he had been duped. Heero had sympathized with his cause all along, but Duo would not have believed him. Not at first. And what would have become of the dance, the seduction that had led him into Heero's arms?

"Stay the night," Heero said, moving deeply and kissing Duo along his jaw. "I want to make love to you all night."

"I have a train to catch---"

"Not until morning."

Duo's mind fluttered between his commitments in the next town on his whistle-stop tour of the east coast, and the way Heero felt on him, and in him. He suddenly didn't think he could leave.

"Yeah, not 'til morning," Duo said, wrapping his arms around Heero's shoulders.

"That'll give me time to convince you."

"Of what?" Duo was having trouble thinking with that incredible hardness ramming him.

"To come back to Boston... with me."


Heero kissed Duo then, silencing the conversation. Duo tried to focus on the request, but it was impossible to concentrate as his body soared with sensation. And then Heero sat back on his heels, lifting Duo with him, setting him on his lap. The change in angle intensified each thrust.

"Come with me..." Heero said.

The double entendre skittered across Duo's brain as he rode Heero to completion. Come in ecstasy and come to Boston...

They each climaxed and then collapsed on their sides on the bed. Duo's breathing evened out as he watched Heero's chest rise and fall. The man's eyes were closed, and Duo suspected that Heero would drift off to sleep. He pushed Heero's bangs aside, running a thumb over his brow in a soothing pattern. Heero smiled in his sleep-like state. He looked so young, a reflection of the child he had been.

"Toys," Duo said, caressing Heero's cheek.

"Hmm?" Heero's response was barely audible.

Duo had never met an industrialist he liked. They were all stuffy, overweight middle-aged men. Their focus was entirely on money and they went after it at any cost. Duo had seen working conditions so poor that the workers were treated like animals. And when they got hurt on the job and could no longer work there was no compensation and no hope for their family.

His brow knit with the vivid memories, and he wondered what it was like at Heero's factory.

"How much do you pay your workers?" Duo asked, no longer caring that Heero wanted to sleep.

Heero's eyes blinked open. "You can think after that?"

Duo nodded. The sex had been incredible, but the consequences of this tryst were starting to rear their ugly heads.

"I pay a living wage."

"That's the usual reply."

"Usual?" Heero leaned up on his elbow. "Hey, what is this?"

"It's what I do. So, tell me how you treat your employees."

Heero's eyes were sharp like an angered tiger. "Why don't you come to Boston and see for yourself?"

"And what would I see?"

"You'd see a clean, efficient toy factory run by a man who cares about his employees."

Duo's heart fluttered. Could it be that he'd found the poster child for his cause-an industrialist with the best interests of the laborers at heart?

"I don't know," Duo said, shaking his head. "This whole night has been..."

When his words drifted off, Heero leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss. "Tell me. It's been what?"

Duo looked into Heero's eyes. God, he wanted to believe...

"Okay, then I'll tell you," Heero said. "It's been the most incredible night of my life. I'm damn glad I didn't go to the theater."

"Because I'm so entertaining?"

Heero sighed and shook his head. "Don't you ever take a day off?"

"I can't afford to." Duo sat up. Maybe it was time to end this fantasy. But when he started to move off the bed, Heero grabbed him by the wrist.

"It's not morning yet." The determination in Heero's eyes, and his firm grip eased Duo back into bed. Heero lay on his side, looking at Duo as he rested back on the pillow. "What's it going to take to keep you in my life?"

Duo smiled. "Is that what you want?"

"Haven't you been listening?"

All too well, Duo thought. "You're not like anyone else."

"Is that to your approval?"

"Yeah," Duo said, nodding.

"Look," Heero said, caressing Duo's arm. "Tonight was amazing and I'd like to see that continue, but I've got a factory in Boston that needs me. You're not so rooted, right? You could work from anywhere."

"Yeah, I guess so."

It was tempting. Duo had not expected half the things that had happened tonight, including the connection he felt growing between him and Heero. A connection he was just as eager to continue, but had been too cautious to voice. He didn't have to stay in Kansas City. He had contacts there, but there was so much work to be done on the east coast. He would be closer to Washington, D.C., and to a lot of cities with factories.

"Maybe I could leverage some support for the cause," Heero said and smiled.

"You're too good to be true."

"I know how to negotiate."

Duo laughed. "I still have to go to New York in the morning for a few days. But after that I could visit your factory."

"I'd give you a personal tour." Heero nipped Duo's jaw.

"I'd want access to all areas of operation."

"Of course," Heero said, licking Duo's ear.

"And I'd want to meet with your employees privately."

"It can be arranged." Heero's hand glided over Duo's chest, teasing a nipple.

"Oh, and I'd want to review your company books."

Heero lifted his head to look into Duo's eyes. "If that's what it takes."

"Yeah," Duo said, knowing that Heero understood. Duo's conscience had to be clear for this one night to turn into a relationship.

"And when the tour's done," Heero said, moving his hand to Duo's cock. "I'll take you home and seduce you... again."

"You think it'd be that easy, huh?"

"It's got to be easier than the first time."

Duo laughed.

"But when you come, I'll want you to stay."


Heero kissed Duo's lips, and then put his mouth to his ear. "I'm playing for keeps."

"And you're winning," Duo said, pulling Heero to him for another, long kiss.


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