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Pairing: 1x2 (Heero/Duo)
Rating: R
Genre: Humor, togetherness.

Summary: Heero proves a point.

Hush, Sweet Darling
by Artemis

Heero stood in the Preventers locker room watching Duo slip a sleeveless black t-shirt over his head. The tee was tucked inside Duo's jeans under a thick black leather belt that accented his narrow waist. Duo had grown into a devilishly handsome young man with a tone, firm body and personality plus.

He had a way of driving Heero to distraction with the smallest of gestures-the waggle of his eyebrows, the slight sway of hips when he walked, or the way he used his hands when he spoke. Heero had learned to tamper his reaction to these things rather than to ignore them completely. First of all, it was impossible to ignore Duo, even though Duo claimed that Heero had done it with verve during the wars. And secondly, ignoring Duo only made him try harder to get noticed to the point of embarrassing them both.

It was better all around to simply watch Duo's little shows like the one he was finishing with now.

Heero had already showered and dressed in street clothes, their shift over. He stepped close to Duo, sliding his hand around Duo's back along the waistline. His lips pressed to Duo's neck in a teasing kiss.

Duo snorted.

"What?" Heero asked.

"Nothing. It's nice," he said, bending over to tie the laces on his boots.

Heero leaned back to appraise Duo's round bottom. In the six months they had been living together, he had gotten to know this bottom and all it had to offer intimately. It had been the most amazing six months of his life-or as Duo liked to put it-of their new life together. It had taken years to get to this point. Two wars and a few missteps later they were mature enough to know what they wanted. What they had wanted for a long time, but the synapses had never fully connected until now. That was okay as far as Heero was concerned-everything in its own time. He was a patient and focused man, or had been much more so until his eyes fully opened to what Duo had to offer. Now moments like this made his focus fuzzy.

"I want to lick you from your head to your toes," Heero said, letting his hand slide over Duo's backside and between his thighs.

"You couldn't have said that five minutes ago when we were in the shower?"

Heero shrugged. "What time does that train arrive?"

Duo looked over his shoulder at Heero, tying off the last lace and standing up. "We cannot be late for that train. Hilde would kill me."

Heero swallowed a sigh. This was the first time they were having a houseguest and the preparations had been a bit maddening. Duo had spent the entire weekend cleaning the apartment and making up the spare room. The way he had fussed over every detail had set Heero on edge. He was supposed to be the neat freak in their relationship, not Duo. But Duo had explained that he hadn't seen Hilde in nearly two years and wanted everything to be perfect.

"How long is she staying?" Heero knew the answer, and wasn't surprised when Duo raised an eyebrow, instead of giving him one of his patented eyebrow waggles.

"Just three days, Heero. Geez, what are you so worried about?"

Heero shrugged and reached for his khaki jacket, and slipped it on.

"I know... You think we can't have sex while she's here." Duo chuckled. He seemed pleased to have deciphered what was eating Heero. "Of course, we can have sex," he said, grabbing one of Heero's ass cheeks and squeezing. "Why not?"

Now it was Heero's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Because she'll hear us."

"Not if we're quiet."

Heero gave Duo a doubtful look.

"Hey, I can be quiet."

"You haven't been yet." Heero chuckled and headed toward the exit.

"Wait a minute," Duo said, catching up to Heero and walking along side him as they made their way down the corridor. "I thought you liked all those noises."

There were too many sounds to catalogue, but Heero was working on it. His personal favorite at the moment was the mewl Duo made when he was especially horny and teased into a froth. Just thinking of it made Heero shiver with need.

"You know I like the noises. That's not the issue."

"Then what is it?" Duo asked, seeming to have forgotten the first part of the conversation.

Heero stopped at the door to the staff parking lot and turned to Duo. "The point-again-is that you are incapable of not making noises."

"Oh, yeah?" Duo asked, folding his arms over his chest.

That pose was a telltale sign that he'd gotten Duo's ire up. There was only one way to get Duo to put his hackles back down, and that was to prove him wrong.

Heero cupped Duo's face in his hands and looked deep into his eyes. Duo never fought Heero when he was held this way. It was like holding a bird in his hands the way Duo stilled at his touch. Then again, maybe Duo just didn't want to get his neck broken. No matter the reason, Heero had Duo just where he wanted him. He leaned in slow, gazing from Duo's eyes to his lips, and noticing how those sensual lips had parted ever so slightly in anticipation of what came next.

A small grin curved Heero's mouth as they met in a kiss. Everything was going as planned. He could feel the tension in Duo's body ease away. He pressed more firmly into the kiss and slid his tongue inside Duo's mouth as he pushed Duo back against the wall. Heero put everything into that kiss, all his love and all the history they shared until finally...

"Uhnnnnn," Duo moaned.

Heero pulled back and there was a pop of air as their lips parted. "I rest my case."

Duo sagged against the wall. "That..." he said, panting. "Was not fair."

"All is fair in love and war." Heero grabbed Duo by the hand and led them both outside. "It's gonna be a long three days."


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