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Pairing: 1x2, 3x4
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Alternate reality, angst
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Summary: Heero finds that the road to nowhere leads to something special.

Down the Road
Part 6
by Artemis

Duo stretched slowly, enjoying the slight aches in his legs and backside from the previous night's exertions. He smiled, still mostly asleep, remembering all the deliciously wicked things he and Heero had done to each other. Those things had taken physical pleasure to a new level-one he hoped to repeat very soon. Missing that contact, he rolled over to wrap himself around his lover, but his arm flopped down onto an empty bed.

A small groan escaped his lips as his eyes blinked open to confirm that he was alone. Heero was gone, and Duo's heart sank. He stared at the rumpled sheet where Heero had fallen asleep after their second round of lovemaking. When had Heero left? Perhaps he had not wanted to wake Duo to tell him he was heading back to the city.

The brightening sky and the chirping robin outside the window told Duo it was just after dawn. Usually the early morning song made him smile, but today it only made him feel alone. A sharp emptiness coiled inside him, and he cringed. Damn it anyways. This was why he did not get involved; relationships were complicated and ultimately unsatisfactory. Damn Heero and his blue eyes. Damn his voice and the way it thrummed through Duo's body like a tuning fork. And damn the way Heero touched him. Damn that most of all.

The sound of rainfall, sudden and strong brought Duo's eyes up to the window. Rain fit his mood perfectly, but it also meant he could not complete the outside projects he had been hired to do. How was he supposed to pay off his debt if the weather did not cooperate? Reluctantly, he pulled himself from the bed and shuffled to the window to close it. As he stood there, naked and peering onto the world with sleepy eyes, he noticed something odd. It was not raining. Scratching his head, he bent low, putting his face to the screen and taking another look. There was not a drop in the sky or on the ground which could mean only one thing.

Duo stood bolt upright and spun around to look toward the bathroom. Heero was still here, and he was taking a shower! That was the sound of the shower running, not rain. Man, he must have been really out of it not to have recognized it. He gave himself a mental kick for his quick condemnation of his new lover, and then slipped back into bed, a wide grin on his face. It was a glorious morning after all.

Minutes later, Heero emerged dressed in slacks, an unbuttoned shirt, and bare feet. His hair was wet and his chest shimmered with moisture. "Morning," he said, smiling as his eyes met Duo's.


Heero sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over, placing a kiss on Duo's lips. "Last night was amazing."

A thrill raced through Duo. "Yeah-wild amazing," he said warmly as he breathed in the fresh scent of male and shower. Heero gave a pleased chuckle, and then Duo kissed him again, before succumbing to a huge yawn. "Sorry. It's a bit early even for a farm boy. You normally up at this hour?"

"No, not usually," Heero said. "It's a little too quiet here. I'm not used to it."

"Oh," Duo said, transfixed by a drop of water beading at the end of a heavy strand of Heero's deep brown hair. "Yeah, guess it is quiet compared to the city."

"I'll get used to it."

Heero's eyes brightened and Duo thought he would melt onto the floor. Heero had been serious about wanting to see him again.

"As long as you're awake, how about I make us some breakfast?" Heero asked.

"No, you made supper last night."

"It's what I do, Duo. Let me show off for you."

Duo smiled, pleased that Heero wanted to do this for him. "Can't argue with that."


Fifteen minutes later, Duo was showered and dressed in a tee shirt and jeans, and leaning against the doorjamb of the kitchen. He folded his arms across his chest and smiled. This was real. This amazing guy had spent the night, made love to him twice, and was now making him breakfast. Could life get any better?

"Pancakes. wow!" Duo stepped into the kitchen and took a deep breath. There were already several cakes plated, and several more cooking in the skillet.

Heero smiled. "You have a good supply of the basics, so I was able to make them the way I like-but maybe I should've asked you-"

"Hey, no worries. If they taste half as good as they smell I'll love 'em." Duo quickly set the table with plates, silverware, butter and syrup. Sharing a meal with Heero was very habit forming, and Duo secretly wished that this scene would play out again and again in the coming weeks.

By the time the coffee was brewed, breakfast was ready and they sat down to eat. The pancakes were savory with a hint of sweetness that made Duo's mouth water. Or was it the way Heero was looking at him that made his mouth water? Memories of last night played along Duo's senses, and Heero seemed to be experiencing the echo of their pleasures as well. Duo knew all of Heero now, the shape of him, the taste of him, and how it felt to be taken by him.

Warmth rushed to Duo's cheeks, pinking them, and no doubt revealing exactly what he was thinking. As if on queue, Heero's bare foot nestled on top of Duo's, caressing it gently. Their eyes locked, and Duo's pulse began to race. He imagined pushing the plates aside and letting Heero have his way. Heero had turned him inside out last night, and could easily do it again here and now on the kitchen table.


Duo's eyes shot to the kitchen door. "Fuck," he said. What idiot was interrupting this beautiful moment? With a heavy sigh, Duo slipped his foot away from Heero's and got up. "I don't know who it could be. Quatre's not bringing my truck back until later this morning."

He went to the door and parted the lace curtains on the window. Damn, it was the bank president. This was not good. Duo opened the door, feeling his nerves prickle.

"Morning, Joe." The pleasant tone was put-on for Heero's sake.

"Morning, Duo. New car?"

Duo's brow knit. "What happened to banker's hours?"

"I'm on my way to my Rotary meeting, and thought I'd deliver this." The man pulled an envelope from inside his suit jacket. "These are the papers."

Hearing those words, Duo stepped outside, closing the door behind him. The action forced the man to back down the steps.

"Here," Joe said, handing over the envelope. "You've got until Friday."

"I know."

"I don't think you realize how serious this is. There won't be more extensions. I'd like to help, but."

"Your hands are tied... I know." Duo took the envelope and looked inside at the official documents. Shit, this was it. He had five days to come up with three mortgage payments plus the late fees or he would lose the farm.

Duo turned to retreat into the house, but the man put a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"My offer stands."

Duo shook off the unwelcome touch. Anger coursed through him, but with Heero just inside, he kept his voice down. "I'm not for sale, and neither is this farm. if I can help it."

"You know where to find me if you'd like to put that mouth to better use."

"Son of a bitch. Get off my property."

The man smirked. "Enjoy it while you can."

Duo stood watch as the man got in his car and drove away. He took a deep breath, trying to compose himself before going back inside. He did not want to involve Heero in this bullshit and his own mistakes. If he had not pissed off nearly every important person in town he might not be in this situation.

"At least it's not raining," he said, shaking his head. Later today he would make the rounds trying to collect what was due him from past jobs. He might also get one or two odd jobs done in the meantime, but that was hardly enough to appease the bank. Another calming breath and he went inside.

"What was that about?" Heero asked, his eyes looking wary.

"Just my banker."

"Making house calls?"

"He had some figures for me." Duo's words trailed off as he sat down. "People are early risers out here."

Heero reached across the table, laying his hand on Duo's forearm and giving it a gentle squeeze. "You okay? You look upset."

"The guy's a jerk. He was a jerk in high school and he still is. I'll be fine in a minute." Duo laid the envelope to one side and looked to Heero. "I'm just glad you're here."

Heero nodded and they went back to their meal, but Duo had lost his appetite. His mind now tumbled over the very real financial crisis looming on the horizon. He had briefly considered asking his friends for money, but that would only add up to a few hundred dollars at best, and then he would be uncomfortably beholden to them. His independent nature would not allow that. He sighed heavily as he thought about the three thousand dollars needed to avert this disaster, and the future payments he also could not make.

"Duo. Something's bothering you."

Duo lifted his eyes from his plate of half eaten pancakes. "Huh? Oh. I'm not being a very good host. Guess I've got work and stuff on my mind."

Heero got up from his chair and came around behind him, putting his hands on Duo's shoulders. He began to knead. "You're tense. I can fix that."

"You don't have to do that," Duo said, laying a hand over Heero's. He looked up and smiled. "It's hard to believe you're the same guy as that night."

"Hmm?" Heero's hands kept working the tight muscles.

"I was attracted to you, but you were so. not interested it made me a little mad. Usually I'm not attracted to people who don't want me, too."

"I wanted you."

Duo looked up again and this time Heero bent down and placed a kiss on his lips.

"I was just being. cautious."

"Thought I was gonna bite, huh?" Duo chuckled.

"I didn't want a one night stand." The hands stopped massaging, and Duo's chair was pulled away from the table and turned around to face him.

"Whoa! Where'd you learn that move?"

Heero squatted down, putting his hands on Duo's thighs and looking him straight in the eyes. "Is this just another one night stand?"

Duo swallowed hard, slightly intimidated by Heero's sudden ferocity. "Not if you don't want it to be."

"What do you want?"

"I want to see you again," Duo said, raising his chin. "I want to go out on that date you promised, and I want you to fuck me like you did last night."

This time, Duo was certain he heard a growl, and in the same instant Heero swooped in and kissed him. "That's what I want, too," Heero said, pulling Duo to him and kissing him again.

Duo had not counted on Heero being so powerful. Heero was muscular, but only slightly broader and taller, nothing to indicate the curious strength that manifested itself in these passionate moments. Had Heero's strength not been countered by tenderness, Duo might have cause for concern, but as it was, Duo succumbed eagerly.

All his worries slipped away with Heero's touch. He was magically drawn into Heero's world, letting himself be guided by each kiss, each nudge. An ardent embrace lifted him out of the chair and set him on his feet. They stood in the kitchen, much as they had last night, clutching one another, kissing, and swaying to an imagined song.

Duo's fingers weaved into Heero's thick hair, holding him close, keeping Heero's lips against his. He could feel Heero's need in the tight embrace, in the urgent erection pressed to his thigh, and in the way his tongue played and probed his mouth.

Duo did not want to leave anything to chance. He wanted to be devoured, wanted Heero to possess him. "I want you."

Heero looked into his eyes, and Duo believed he saw blue flames dancing there-the blue flames of desire and control. He knew he should be afraid, but not of Heero breaking him. Heero had a much deeper power than the physical, Duo could see that now. Oh, God, he thought. I swore I would never let a man get this close. But it was too late, the floodgates were open.

Heero kissed his neck, biting and sucking a patch of skin as his hands wandered over Duo's body. One hand settled on his arousal, and the other cupped and caressed Duo's ass. Duo arched into Heero, moaning at the promise his touch brought.

"Let me take you," Heero said, and his hands were at Duo's waistband, unbuttoning the fly on his jeans and then unzipping them.

Duo kissed him, taking Heero's face in his hands, and plundering his mouth. "Yes," he said, panting, desperate.

Heero pushed the jeans down, sliding them off Duo's hips, and then broke the kiss. He moved down Duo's body, removing the jeans and then stroking the freed sex. He knelt before Duo and looked up at him with a smile. Duo's breath caught. No one had ever looked at him that way with equal parts hunger and determination. No one had ever cared to give him satisfaction.

Heero's tongue licked Duo and then his mouth engulfed him. The rush of pleasure was so great Duo nearly stumbled back into the chair, but Heero's hands steadied him. They grasped the backs of his thighs while he moved up and down on Duo's erection. Duo watched the dark mass of hair bob, and he groaned. It was so good, Heero was so good.

A finger rubbed between his legs, finding the pucker and easing inside. Duo grabbed Heero's shoulders tightly, lost in the double sensation. But the pleasure was all too brief as Heero eased off. He seemed to have a plan, and stood up, kissing Duo as he did, and unzipping his own pants he pulled himself free. Duo took the hardness and stroked it, pleased when Heero moaned from the attention.

Heero moved back, settling in the chair, and stroking himself now. God, Heero was sexy like that. His shirt unbuttoned, revealing his defined chest and abs, and his pants unfastened and loose on his hips, enough to free his cock and look shamelessly playful. Duo stood before him, half naked, ogling the vision of the man he needed.

"Still want me?" Heero asked with a teasing smirk.

Now it was Duo's turn to growl. Oh, yes, he wanted him. He straddled Heero's thighs and ran his hands over his chest, leaning in for a deep kiss. As he pulled back to look into Heero's eyes, he felt that connection igniting again. He was afraid, but he did not want to stop.

"You're the first. in my house," Duo said, his voice oddly soft. "I've never let anyone-"

Heero cut-off his words with a greedy, burning kiss. He seemed to understand, seemed to know what Duo was trying to tell him. Duo took Heero inside him, quickly, shaking with need. There was urgency in this lovemaking, a desire to see how fast the flames would engulf them.

Heero's hands were everywhere, caressing Duo's body as he rode him. Heero coaxed him into that other plain of existence where physical pleasure skimmed along the edges of nirvana, and Duo felt his consciousness slipping away. It was his orgasm overtaking him, rushing up on him too fast, too soon, and there was no holding back. Heero came then, and they cried out and moaned into each other's mouths as they sealed their passion with a kiss.

Duo wrapped trembling arms around Heero, resting his chin on his shoulder and floating on the tingling that vibrated through him. "Heero." His heart pounded, but less now, and he was reluctant to move. Don't leave, he wanted to say. Stay here with me. But it was a silly wish after only one night.

An hour later, Heero was in his car and Duo was standing next to it, leaning over, giving him one last kiss.

"I'll call you this evening," Heero said, reaching for Duo's braid and giving it a tug. "Or you can call me. You've got my number."

Duo smiled, remembering how Heero had written his number on a scrap of paper and posted it on the refrigerator door. It had given Duo goose bumps.

"Nope, you better call me," Duo said, pulling his braid out of Heero's grasp and swatting him with the end. "Now get out of here before I drag your ass back inside the house."

+ + +

Trowa eased into the passenger seat of Heero's Mercedes and smiled. "Now who's the one leaving lovesick messages?"

Heero pulled away from the curb, barely giving his friend a glance. "All I said was that I had an amazing night."

"That's not all you said."

"The message I left you was that I was back in town from spending the night with Duo."

"Talk about a selective memory. You said, and I quote, 'He's the most amazing guy I ever met.' And you're busting to give me the details, right?"

Heero was ready to bust, but not the way Trowa imagined. He yearned for Duo's touch, to lay naked with him again, and surround him in his embrace. It had been 36 hours since he had seen Duo and it was taking every ounce of will power to keep from driving to the country to see him again.

"I have the worst schedule this week, so I've asked him to drive in to see me. Maybe we can make it a double date?"

"That could be fun. It's been awhile since I've seen you so smitten."

Heero gritted his teeth. "I've never been smitten."

"You are now."

He could not deny it. All he thought about was Duo and what he wanted to do to him the next time they were together.

"Slow up. I want to get the phone number on that storefront coming up."

"Still dreaming about opening your own bakery?"

"Everyday. I might even talk Quatre into moving to the city to help me out. You got a pen and paper?"

"Glove box."

Trowa's plans caused a twinge of jealousy inside Heero, and that surprised him. Now that he had Duo he should be past being jealous of Trowa's relationship. Instead, he was greedy with the wanting and with these new emotions. Especially the ridiculous notion that Duo needed to be cared for, needed his protection. If ever there was a young man who did not need protecting it was Duo Maxwell. Duo was the most self-confident and beautiful spark of life Heero had ever met.

"Hey, I recognize this barn." Trowa was saying. "Where'd you get these?"

Heero glanced at the photos Trowa had pulled from the glove box. They were the photos he had taken weeks ago with that disposable camera. "It's Duo's place."

"Small world. I love that crazy barn."

A warm knot coiled inside Heero as he realized that Trowa may have seen Duo's barn first. But what did it matter?

"You all right? Your face is turning red."

Heero checked himself in the rearview mirror and blew out a deep breath. He had to stop these intense feelings of possessiveness. Duo did not belong to him, no matter how much he wanted that.

"He's an artist, Trowa," he said, trying to express his new, personal knowledge of their subject. "I've asked him to do some work at the restaurant."

"What sort of work?"

"I want him to paint some murals."

"Like this?" Trowa held up one of the photos. "There's nothing Asian about this."

"I don't care. I want his art around me."

Trowa chuckled. "You're in love. God, I never thought I'd see the day. He must be one hell of a fuck."

Heero slammed on the brakes. Their bodies lurched forward with the sudden, forceful stop, causing the seatbelts to lock tightly across their chests.

"Get out."

"What?" Trowa laughed.

"I said, get out."

"Look, I didn't mean anything by that. I'm just surprised. It's not like you to be so. impulsive."

Horns blared as cars pulled around them on the busy, city street. At least one driver flipped them the bird, while others shouted obscenities. Heero ignored them all.

"Duo's not like the others. He doesn't want me for my money."

"You sure about that?"

"Yes." The word was spoken as a declaration, full of anger and conviction. "He doesn't know about the restaurants."

"But he saw you driving this car, and now you're hiring him to paint murals."

"What of it?"

"Just be careful. The way you're flying right now, it'd be a long, hard fall."

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