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Pairing: 1x2, 3x4
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Alternate reality, angst
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Special thanks to: Alex and Cerasi, for friendship and beta support.

Summary: Heero finds that the road to nowhere leads to something special.

Down the Road
Part 5
by Artemis

Duo's cheeks burned and his breath caught somewhere in his throat. He was surrounded, cradled by Heero's strong arms and hard body pressing against him. The wait was worth it, he thought as he gave up on the dance and wrapped his arms around Heero's neck to deepen the kiss. The music from the radio faded into the background as he focused on the way Heero's mouth felt against his own. Strong, hungry and determined, it was the kiss of a man who knew what he wanted, and the sort of kiss that got Duo's attention.

The heat radiated between their bodies, and Duo rubbed his arousal against Heero's and moaned. Yes, this was the attraction that he had felt for Heero immediately. So why had he been made to wait? Perhaps he was dealing with an indecisive and inherently shy man? But the way Heero's hands moved so confidently on his body, Duo could hardly believe that Heero had not felt something that night, too. He would have to ask him about it, but later. Right now, Duo was enjoying the reward for his patience.

He finally pulled back from Heero, from where they stood in the kitchen, and looked into the blazing blue eyes. God, they were fierce, hungry eyes. A lesser man would have cowered under their gaze, turned submissive by the power they held, but Duo dared look back. He had his own power to share and if Heero accepted that then they just might have something here.

Duo leaned over and blew out the votives on the table. A trail of smoke curled upward, leading his eyes back to Heero's. The man was watching, as he had all afternoon, and Duo felt a shiver race through him. Yes, Heero understood, and so Duo took his hand and led him out of the kitchen, beyond the pastels of the living room, and into the front hall. At the bottom of the stairs Duo turned and searched Heero's eyes. The intensity was still there and Duo rushed in, pressing a quick, fierce kiss to his lips.

"I want you," he said, more desperately than intended.

A smile curved at Heero's lips. He leaned forward, brushing his cheek against Duo's and whispering in his ear, "Want you, too."

Duo swallowed. He had never let a man get this far in his house. His dalliances had always been elsewhere, or at the very least outside. He supposed it was out of respect for his mother and aunt, but he suspected it had more to do with self-preservation. Growing up without a father and in the care of two strong women, Duo had developed a mistrust of men. His mother would not have approved of his disdain, since she had made an effort to assure him his father was kind, but Duo had formed his own opinion. He saw her tears, and he met enough of the wrong kind of guys to reinforce his feelings. He had never let anyone get close enough to make love to them here - in his home, but Heero was not just anyone. Duo could see that in his eyes.

He squeezed the man's hand, and led him up the creaking stairs. In the diffused light of the evening sky, they walked past images of his life. Framed pictures that his mother and aunt had hung on the walls with care - infant Duo, Little League Duo, sisters laughing with arms about one another. His life, their lives were all here. It was strange leading Heero past these memories, showing him a part of himself that he guarded, but in a way it was right. Duo wanted Heero to know him. He wanted to share all of himself... even just this once.

In his bedroom, he pushed his work clothes from the bed, and turned to Heero. The young man stood just inside the doorway as if recognizing this space was different from the rest. And it was. Duo was present here in all things—the simple, sturdy furniture, the cluttered array of collectibles on his dresser, the sage green shutters, and barn red throw rug. It was a boy's room, but a boy who had grown up with a strong sense of self.

"It's all right," Duo said, inviting him in. He pulled his shirt from inside his jeans and sat on the double-wide bed.

Heero approached him, subtly taking in the room. "You spend all your time in here… and in the kitchen."

Duo raised an eyebrow. "How'd you guess?"

"Just a feeling."

Duo reached out his hand, and took Heero's in his, pulling Heero those final steps to stand between his legs. Their eyes locked on one another, and Duo's hands crept to the backs of Heero's thighs, holding him in place, feeling the shape of his legs.

"Have any other feelings?"

There was the slightest rumble in Heero's throat, a growl perhaps, but definitely feral and wanting. Then, Heero grasped Duo by the upper arms and pulled him off the bed and into his arms. Their lips met and the dance began again as they wrapped themselves around each other, turning as they kissed and touched and peeled their clothes away.

They fell onto the bed, naked, limbs entwined and lips swollen with kisses. Duo could not remember a time when he had kissed someone with as much enthusiasm. Briefly, he wondered if the sex would have been this good, this energized that night in the city. He doubted it. The mood was different, Heero was different. This delay in gratification had changed everything… somehow.

Duo felt unexplainably close to Heero. Not just the physical closeness that lovemaking could bring, but the closeness of touching something deep within himself, of loneliness washing away and spirits joining hands. Perhaps it was the surety of Heero's touch, the way his fingers glided over Duo's skin and then curled around him, holding him tight as he deepened each kiss. And in that surety, Heero was claiming him, lassoing him and pulling him deeper and farther into physical bliss than Duo had ever been.

Heero seemed animal-like in his need. He moved on Duo, above him, learning his body, marking him as some great male animal would his mate. Not a fraction of Duo's body went untouched as Heero's hands, lips and tongue explored him. Duo melted into the mattress, uttering sounds of pleasure that were unrecognizable to him. In turn, Duo explored Heero. He rested his lover back on the pillows and mapped out a trail with his tongue, following the subtle curve of the muscular chest and stomach, and then taking a delicious slide down the length of Heero's sex.

There was just enough light from the evening sky coming through the window to illuminate their journey. Duo devoured Heero's body with his eyes, hands and mouth, eager to please the handsome young man reclining on his bed. He sensed Heero's desire to dominate him, the need to take him quickly. The man's hands gripped the comforter, seeming to hold himself back as Duo sucked him. What would Heero be like if he let go, let that growl escape his lips, and let the tiger loose?

Duo got a glimpse of that fire when Heero pushed him away. Heero's breathing was hard, his face flushed with arousal, and he looked at Duo as though he would consume him. There was a split second when Duo was unsure of what would happen next, and then Heero took the mystery away by swooping in, kissing him fiercely, and pinning Duo to the mattress once again.

After the kiss, they looked into each other's eyes, and smiled, breathlessly—each young man exactly where he wanted to be. Heero was back in control, but his dominance was not overt; it was exactly what Duo wanted in this moment. Heero held himself above Duo, slowly moving over him, seeming to remind Duo that he wanted every inch of him. He moved low, placing a kiss to the tip of Duo's erection, and then rubbed his chest against Duo's belly. He surged upward quickly, taking Duo's lips and biting the lower lip as his right hand reached between Duo's legs.

Heero had taken possession of him. Somewhere in their explorations, in this lovemaking, Duo had set aside his fears and his vulnerabilities, and let Heero take hold of him. And then Heero was inside him, moving in him, and whispering his hunger in Duo's ear. The words and the deep, physical touch washed over Duo, making him pliant and needy.

+ + +

The current pulled Heero deeper, absorbing him, embracing him in warmth—in Duo's warmth. Small, unintelligible sounds came from Duo's mouth. Between kisses Heero heard them, the satisfied, encouraging sounds of his lover. He thrust harder, deeper and watched as Duo arched beneath him, parting his lips to release those wonderful sounds, and then to kiss him.

This moment was like none Heero had ever experienced. He honestly did not know that sex could be this good, this emotion-filled and passionate. More than mere lust was driving him. Perhaps it was the way Duo responded to his touch or the glimmer in those violet eyes. He sensed Duo's need, and recognized it as his own. He could not explain it, did not want to explain it, and only wished for this night to go on and on.

Heero had come down this road for a reason. Weeks ago he had been here, driving past in a lonely haze, and snapped out of it by bright paints and whimsy. A strong spirit had called him here, but he had been cautious to succumb to its lure. Now he understood why. He would lose himself if he remained here, lose himself to Duo Maxwell if he kept to this path. But he had come so far down the road. At last, he had come so far.

His arms wrapped around Duo's waist, pulling their bodies closer. Heero did not want to be afraid, but he no longer felt in control. This feeling was greater than him, his need spiraling, begging for release. He felt his entire body surge with an electric shock that started in his toes and ran the length of him. He thrust, gasping, moaning as he came, and pulled Duo more tightly to him. Duo came in quick succession, biting down on Heero's shoulder. Heero felt the warm splash between their bellies and Duo's delicious, sated shiver. They fell back onto the bed, completely spent.

Time passed, minutes perhaps, before Heero pulled away. First he raised himself just a few inches to look at the flushed body beneath him, and then he separated fully. Duo groaned at the loss. "God," was all Duo said, and then he lazily stretched and drew himself up from the bed and padded to the bathroom.

Heero lay on his side, watching Duo's backside. In an instant the young man was back with towels in hand. He tossed one to Heero and wiped himself with the other. Duo stood at the foot of the bed, smiling, and Heero imagined what he might be thinking… and wanting. Duo had a look of supreme satisfaction and mischief that made Heero want to touch him again.

"You look... happy."

Duo's smile broadened. "Mmm-hmm," he nodded.

The towel moved over Duo's chest, then lower to his stomach and at last between his thighs. It was a show, but Heero did not mind the effect the teasing was having on his own body. He was learning quickly that Duo was fascinating - the way his eyes revealed his thoughts, the way he sauntered when he knew Heero was watching, and the way his braid glided sensually across his back and rump.

Duo tossed his towel aside and then turned to open a window. Cool, night air rushed into the room, making Heero realize just how hot things had gotten.

"Be right back," Duo said, and before Heero could comment, the young man darted from the room.

With Duo's bright presence gone, Heero tried to compose himself. He had to be careful. His heart was full, his body sated, and his mind was ablaze with the possibilities. An incredible urge to put his feelings into words was quickly overtaking him, but he was unsure of the depth of Duo's feelings, and needed to be careful not to assume too much. The pessimist in him was telling him to be cautious.

Duo returned with an orange in hand. He jumped onto the bed, and motioned for Heero to sit up. Heero nestled himself against the pillows and his entire body tingled as Duo straddled him, and settled on his thighs.

"We need some nourishment," Duo said, and began to peel the orange with his fingers and teeth, discarding the peels onto the wooden floor. He separated a slice and held it out, but as Heero reached for it, Duo pulled it away. The mischief was back in his eyes. "Let me feed you."

Heero chuckled. "All right." He settled back and opened his mouth, letting Duo lean in and carefully place the slice on his tongue. As Heero chewed, Duo enjoyed a piece for himself.

They ate the orange slowly, absorbing the physical closeness and the shared treat. Duo occasionally leaned in with a kiss, smiling each time, and Heero felt that urge to talk bubble inside him. Go on, his heart told him.

At last, Heero spoke. "I want to get to know you better."

"I think you just did," Duo said with a chuckle.

Heero grinned. Very true, but that was not what he had meant. His hands rested on Duo's thighs and he looked up into those incredible, clear eyes. "I want to see you again."

Duo nuzzled his ear this time and gave it a gentle kiss. "You mean... like a date?"

Heero nodded.

"We're going about this backwards, don't you think?"

"Guess so."

Duo laughed. "Hey, it's all right by me. We can make our own rules."

Heero marveled at the freedom those words promised. Dating was a novelty to him, but the thought of seeing Duo again and again made his heart beat a little faster. This must be what Trowa had been talking about. He reached his hand up, cupping Duo's cheek, and smiled. "You're remarkable."

Duo smiled, but looked embarrassed. "Nah, you just know the right buttons to push."

You are remarkable, Heero repeated in his thoughts. He leaned forward and Duo met him halfway, their lips coming together in a warm, slow kiss. There was no doubt where that kiss would lead, and Heero happily surrendered.

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