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Pairings: 13x2 (Treize/Duo), 3x4 (Trowa/Quatre), 13x5 (Treize/Wufei), 1x2 (Heero/Duo)
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Alternate reality, adventure, romance, angst, hurt/comfort

Summary: In Medieval France, Knight Heero Yuy discovers he has more than just a warrior's heart.

The Double-Edged Sword
Chapter Twenty - Heal Me of My Injuries
by Artemis

Duo's heart hammered to feel the knight's lips on his, and his arms warm around him. He was not pulling back or accusing Duo of bewitching him. Well, maybe he had bewitched the knight, but if he had that power he was glad of it. Sir Heero Yuy was the most beautiful man he had ever met.

The sound of a door flinging open, broke them apart. Sir Yuy's eyes focused down the alley on a woman tossing dirty water onto the ground.

"We must leave this place," he said.

"What about the rogues?" Duo asked.

"Are you willing to show me what you have learned?"

Duo had been possessive of that information, but after a kiss like that he would do most anything for the knight. "Follow me."

He led the nobleman through the alley that ran behind shops, taverns and inns. Several times, Duo pinched his nose to keep from smelling the stench of rotten, festering debris, and each time he turned to his companion and grinned. How freeing it was to look on the knight and to be playful without fearing reproach.

At last, they reached one of the many inns along this row, and Duo pointed up to the third story. "You see the room with the light? Three of the men are there."

"Three? How many have you been following?"

Duo shrugged. "A group of four attacked me and Wufei, but they picked up more along the way. I believe there are at least eight or nine."

"And the man at the tavern?"

"Just a farmer I overheard bragging that men carrying gold coins and swords, stabled their horses in his barn on the outskirts of the village. He was in the tavern having a bit of fun with the extra money he had earned."

"I suppose it is too late for him to tell you more now."

"No matter. The tournament begins tomorrow. There will be plenty of opportunities to watch for them as they try to steal from the crowds."

"Or if they are fat with loot, they have come to partake in the festivities."

"You must know from your own efforts that they thieve at every opportunity. And among them is one I recognized from our encounter in the woods."

"I regret I did not kill them all that day."

"Perhaps you would have if I had not been so foolish."

"Nonsense, it is a rare thing to see a commoner act as you...." The knight paused, seeming to reconsider his words, and then smiled gently. "You were most brave."

Status was not something easily overlooked, and that was one more impetus for Duo to reach his goal of knighthood. He wanted this nobleman, who had just moments ago declared his love, to speak to him as an equal.

"Be assured," Sir Yuy continued. "It will not be long until these men are brought to justice. We should inform our companions of the news."

"There is a lot to tell."

To Duo's surprise, the knight placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. "What was that for?"

"For all the times I could not," Sir Yuy said with gentleness in his eyes.

Duo had learned to live with a constant ache, an ache for the one he loved and could not have. Now that ache was fading. One of the finest men in the land loved him.

"Can we be alone?" Duo whispered.

"I am sharing a room with the others. The town is overflowing-"

Duo placed his fingers on the knight's lips. "I have a room. It is a loft in a livery barn, but it is warm and private."

Sir Yuy smiled tenderly. "I have long dreamed of somewhere private to be with you."

"You could have..." Duo stopped himself from saying more. He knew that the nobleman's honor would not let him take Duo while he belonged to another.

"First let us speak with our friend."

The small delay was appropriate, of course. The problem of the rogues had been like a shadow in their lives, and to resolve it would be cause for great celebration. As Lady Fortune would have it, they met Lord Winner and Trowa Barton on one of the streets outside the town square.

Sir Yuy greeted the other nobleman with a hearty handshake. "Good eventide, dear friend."

A perplexed smile came over Lord Winner's face as he looked from his friend to Duo and back again. "You two look rather civil in each other's company."

Duo snickered.

"We came to an understanding," Sir Yuy said.

"It would appear so, but pray tell. Fill in the details."

"He loves me," Duo said, smiling broadly.

The knight looked around them, anxious that someone could have overheard. "You must not speak so loudly."

"Ah, but you do not deny it!" Lord Winner pulled Heero into a brotherly embrace. When his friend squirmed to be released, the blond nobleman chuckled quietly and stepped back. "It is a fine day to be proven right."

"I see," the knight said. "You are more pleased in your correctness than..."

They waited for the knight to finish, but he seemed unable. If only there had been a better source of light to check for a blush on his cheeks.

"Shall we meet for breakfast?" Duo asked. "We were about to head to my room."

Sir Yuy shot him a hard look, and turned that same hard gaze on Lord Winner to quiet his giggles. "There is news to relay." He spoke carefully, since they were out of doors and most anyone with an open window could hear. "Nevers is a good place to complete our mission. Let us meet at the inn after dawn-"

"But not too early," Duo said, grinning.

"A little past dawn will due."

"It is a fine night for young lovers," Lord Winner said, looking up at the moon in the starry night sky. "I shall sleep with a happy heart."

"Sleep?" Trowa asked.

Quatre smiled at his lover, and patted his cheek. "I would like to sleep... eventually."

"If we go on like this we will miss the night entirely," the knight said with much frustration. "Can you send word to Lyon to join with us?"

"Yea, I will see to it at once. Good night, friends," Lord Winner said, and they parted ways.

As they walked, Duo wanted desperately to touch Heero, to take his hand in his, but the street was far too public. Most people were indoors for the night, but one could never be too careful. They walked briskly side-by-side, occasionally bumping shoulders as they bypassed a stray dog or pile of horse dung. It took several minutes to navigate their way to the livery.

The loft space had been a lucky find with all the rooms in town rented. Really, all Duo had wanted was a place to lay his head. He had never dreamt he would share the straw bed with Sir Yuy. Since the livery was closed for the night, its owner had told Duo to access the loft by way of a ladder secured to the outside of the building.

Duo took them around to the side of the two-story framed building. He put his hands on a wrung of the ladder and hesitated. After all the discord, and downright animosity between them were they finally going to become lovers?

"Duo..." Heero put gentle hands on Duo's shoulders and stepped close to his back. "I do not expect anything this night."

Duo turned to see the knight's face. Again, tender eyes looked back on him. It warmed his heart in a way he had never experienced. "You should expect everything, because that is what I am willing to give you."

The knight's hands came up to Duo's face, and his lips parted to speak, but he did not. Instead, a small smile curved at the corners of his mouth. He appeared pleased. Could this be the look of a man in love?

Duo searched the deep blue eyes before him, remembering the nobleman's apology. This was their new beginning. He smiled, too, and leaned forward to brush his lips across the knight's. "Sir Yuy, please follow me."

He went up the ladder with his braid twitching on his back. The tiny access door pushed open easily, and he tumbled through it, landing on the bed of straw. The moon's light bled through the gaps in the timbers, enough for him to see the shape of his lover step through the loft door, and kneel in the straw next to him.

He was reminded of the night this dangerously handsome swordsman had awoken him from a dream, and took him away from Valence. It seemed ages ago, but the apprehension of that night was mixed together with the butterflies in his stomach now. He had wanted to be with this man from the moment the knight had knelt before him, delivering the Duke's love letters.

"I know you are accustomed to finer surroundings," Duo said.

"The accommodations matter not when I am with you."

It seemed that Sir Yuy had learned how to say all the right things in the weeks they had been apart. Truly, they could not ask for more than this spacious loft. It was quiet and warm. The only sound the occasional stirring of the horses stabled beneath them.

He knelt before the knight, wishing for more light to see him by, but enjoying the way the moon's bluish glow cast the nobleman in ethereal tones. He placed his hands on the gallant chest, pausing in his need to kiss him, in order to absorb this silent moment in each other's presence.

"I am overwhelmed," Duo said, at last. "I thought thou doth hate me." He had said it before, but it was somehow stuck in his head. It had been that way for such a long time-or so it had seemed-that Sir Yuy's new feelings were somewhat confusing.

"Do you believe me when I say that I love you?"

"Yea, you would not say it lightly."

He wrapped his hands over Duo's. He bent forward as though to kiss him, but brushed his lips across Duo's cheek and settled them close to his ear. "I will say it often until those are the only words you remember coming from these lips."

Duo leaned into the knight's warmth, feeling his breath at his ear. He knew it would take time to heal entirely, but the man's sincerity sent goosebumps across Duo's skin. Being together like this made it easier to think of only the good moments they had shared. He let his hands slide down the knight's sides, feeling the leather belt at his waist, and the soft fibers of his light woolen tunic. His hands settled on Heero's thighs, caressing them slowly.

The knight tensed under his touch, and Duo pulled his hands back. "If you do not want-"

Sir Yuy was quick to kiss Duo. "I do want you."

"Then why...?" But Duo knew the answer. There had been the very formidable and honorable Duke Treize Khushrenada standing between them for as long as they had known each other. "I never belonged to him, the way I want to belong to you."

He was speaking of love, and the fact that he had never been with a man he loved, as he truly loved Sir Heero Yuy. This man filled his heart and his senses in a way he had never experienced or imagined.

"You do not need to perform for me," Sir Yuy said.

In that moment, Duo knew that Sir Yuy understood the true nature of his relationship with the Duke-a relationship with potential that had never matured past physical gratification. The knight's entrance into Duo's life had changed the dynamic of his relationship with Treize, forever complicating it and sending it on a slow, downward spiral. Thankfully, the Duke was as honorable and fickle a man as Duo had believed from the start, allowing them to part as friends. Still, it did not surprise Duo that the Duke's champion would feel that Duo had been used.

"My gentle knight." Duo pushed him onto the straw covered by his cloak, and lay on top of him. "I am most willing in your arms."

He placed a tender kiss at the corner of the warrior's mouth. It was teasing and light, and conveyed reverence for the deep, latent feelings they shared. The knight returned the kiss, rather more passionately, and sooner than expected Dou found himself fumbling for the man's belt, unbuckling it and the scabbard. The metal clinked as he set them aside, and then Duo felt his lover's hands at his waist, unclasping his belt and scabbard.

"Is this your only weapon?" the knight asked, staring up at him.

"I have a dirk in my boot."

Sir Yuy grinned, and seemed oddly pleased. He held out his hand, and Duo reached back awkwardly in his prone position, and withdrew the small dagger from his boot. "Leveling the playing field?"

"Something like that."

Duo took the lead in guiding their first encounter. He drifted down, moving his hands and his lips to the nobleman's stomach, and pushing the short forest green tunic aside. He moved his hand to the bulge between the knight's thighs and rubbed it, causing the nobleman to jump slightly in excitement.

"Let me...." Duo said, in a sweet plea.

His hands tugged at the knight's black hose, pulling them down over his rump, and exposing beautiful pale skin, and a hard cock. Duo licked the length of that cock, breathing in the musky scent, and sending a delicious shiver across his lover's skin.

"There is more," he said with a smile.

He sucked him in, taking his sex into his mouth, and hearing the nobleman cry out with pleasure as he twined his hands into Duo's hair. It would not take long to bring him to full ecstasy, but Duo was determined to make it as good for as long as possible. He had imagined this countless times, had wanted to take the knight in his mouth and pleasure him-at the inn, in the barn on the rainy afternoon.... Now, he delighted as his lips surrounded the hard flesh, and his tongue swirled around it, learning this man as he had longed to for so long.

Duo realized his attraction was greater than he had thought. He was the one who was not going to last. He was the one who was going to be swept away on emotion and sensation.

"Mmm..." Duo moaned, sliding his mouth over the hard sex, taking it down his throat and pulling back to tease the head with his tongue.

"Duo, you are... incredible... what you do is..." Heero's words changed into moans as Duo continued to suck and lick and torment the man until his knees pulled up, and he held Duo's head, wanting more, needing Duo as much as Duo needed him.

"Ahhh!!" the knight cried out, his orgasm blossoming and fading quickly.

The passion of youth often brought a rapid release. Duo pulled his mouth off the cock slowly and rested his face on the knight's stomach, riding the heavy breaths until they calmed completely. He was pulled into nobleman's arms, and they clung to each other in a manner that spoke of their long desperation.

Sir Yuy caressed Duo's hair, letting his hand glide down the length of the braid. "If I am dreaming, please do not wake me."

Duo chuckled. "I am pleased you enjoyed it."

"Yea, and this too, pleases me greatly."

They were restive and contented in the other's arms, and Duo wondered if there would be more. He need not have worried for in the next moment the young knight rolled Duo onto his back, nudging his thigh with another impressive erection.

"You are wonderfully virile, sir knight," Duo said with a wicked grin.

"Please," he said, kissing Duo's neck. "Call me, Heero."

Duo wrapped his arms around him and whispered, "Heero."

To become lovers was beautiful, to have a nobleman consent to using his given name was a gift that brought them one step closer to equality. Of course, the Duke had allowed Duo to call him by his baptismal name, but Treize had a playful manner, especially when they were alone. Sir Yuy-Heero-was not the sort of man to allow such familiarity.

Heero wasted no time in removing Duo's short brown tunic, and smoothing his hands across his bare skin. He sat back slightly and gave Duo's torso a long look in the moonlight. "You are most beautiful."

Duo reached out and touched Heero's face. "You are the one I have longed for."

His heart full, Duo pulled Heero down into a passionate kiss. He opened his mouth and they tasted each other, sealing their bond. Heero was the only man for him, and Duo made a silent vow to make him happy for the rest of his days.

The kisses and caresses continued as they removed each other's clothes, until they were blissfully naked and lying on top of each other.

Heero pinned him with a deep kiss to his lips, the passion leading Heero to settle comfortably between Duo's thighs. Their desire was as limitless as the stars in the night sky. Heero's hardness nudged Duo as he moved on him, kissing him, touching his body. At last, reaching a hand between them, Heero rubbed his finger over and around Duo's most personal place, and slipped it inside. Duo's back arched slightly as he lost himself in the sensation.


The nobleman kissed his lips, cheeks, and nose. It was irresistible the way Heero pressed those sweet kisses to his face, timing each with a thrust of his finger, then two fingers. "Pray tell... if you enjoy it."

"It is wonderful," Duo said, feeling completely at ease and in love with this man.

The straw was soft and thick under Duo and the cloak, a warm bed for the new lovers. When Heero's fingers withdrew, Duo's heartbeat sped even faster in anticipation. He watched as his lover spit into his hand and stroked his cock before placing it at Duo's opening.

"I wanted to be the one, holding you each night," Heero said.

Duo's brow knitted in sympathy, never having realized that Heero had suffered all those nights. He leaned up and placed a kiss on Heero's lips. "You are the only man I have ever loved."

He felt the solid nudge of Heero's cock as it pushed inside, sliding into him. It felt so right, so incredible to be with the one he loved that Duo mourned the wasted days. The rest of their lives would have to be spent making up for the days and nights they should have shared.

With Heero's cock fully inside, and their bodies pressed together, Duo gave a playful thrust. Heero brushed his nose across Duo's and began to move his hips. The thrusts moved in and out slowly as Heero kissed Duo on the shoulders and lips, and his hands moved over Duo's thighs, seeming to want to explore all of him at once. Duo delighted in these thoughtful touches. Heero was a fine and attentive lover, and would mature into a great lover as they learned more about each other.

Duo wove his fingers into Heero's dark, disheveled hair, and kissed him as deeply and passionately as he could. Heero thrust harder, and Duo wrapped his legs around him, rocking and thrusting in time with his lover. It felt natural to be with Heero, and intuitive in that sense of forever belonging. He gripped the hard muscle in Heero's biceps and let the fever wash over him. Those strong arms had fought in battles and jousts, and now their strength was devoted to loving Duo.

The sweat from the exertions made their bodies glide against each other, quickening the thrusts and heightening their excitement. Too soon, the delicious tingling of heat settled in Duo's groin. He wanted to succumb and unleash every ounce of his desire even as he wanted this coupling to go on for hours and hours.


Heero's lips brushed over his ear, hot breaths coming in pants now. He was close, too.

Duo's hands slid over Heero's back and down to his firm buttocks, settling there possessively. He felt the effort, the physical need rippling through the knight's body. It was too much to hold on any longer, his ardor came forth, spilling from him as he called out his lover's name, "Heero!"

The lusty cry pushed Heero to the edge. His body suddenly shuddered and plunged into Duo with a dozen hard, deep thrusts. "Duo!" He collapsed, taking Duo into his arms.

Tears pooled in Duo's eyes as they held each other tightly. The truth of their love fulfilled was still overwhelming, and Duo buried his face in the crook of Heero's neck. As hard as he tried, his hot tears spilled down his cheeks and onto his lover's shoulders.

"Was I... overzealous?"

Duo chuckled. "You were most wondrous, sir knight."

"Please, call me Heero." He felt the knight's smile as his lips kissed his jaw, and his tongue flicked out lightly.

Duo smiled at the small reminder of the change in their relationship. He had always thought Heero was a fine name, and had often said it to himself. Now to be able to say it aloud, to his lover, it was as wonderful and beautiful as the man.

Heero nuzzled along his jawline, placing little kisses there.

"You tickle me, sir."

"Mmm... May I mark you?"

A delicious chill skittered over Duo's skin. His knight was making a claim. "You have already branded my heart and soul. Mark my body and I will be complete."

Heero leaned up on his elbows, and looked into Duo's eyes. "I vow to protect this... this long love that we share." His lips slid to Duo's lips for a lingering kiss, and then onward to Duo's neck, leaving a wet trail with his tongue. "I have ached to touch you so..."

He nipped and tugged on the flesh at Duo's neck, teasing it with his tongue and then sucking it into his mouth. Duo inhaled deeply, thrilled by the sensation. To have Heero's hot naked body pressed atop his, and his mouth sucking on his neck aroused him once again.

"My knight." Duo trailed his fingers lightly down Heero's spine to the crack of his butt cheeks.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply of his lover. To feel his lover's lips, his body... to hear his words... even a dream could not be this good.

"We share a long love," Duo whispered in agreement, and let himself be carried away on the passions of his most beauteous knight.

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