Disclaimer: The Gundam boys in their original incarnations belong to Bandai and Sunrise.

This is a prequel to 'All I Want For Christmas'
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: Lemon! NC-17
Genre: Alternate Reality, angst, parenthood

Notes: This is dedicated to my goddess of a beta, Alex. Please keep her in your thoughts... she's been in acute care for the last several weeks due to a nasty spider bite. She's on the mend and should be home in two more weeks.

Summary: Two lonely hearts meet.

A Boyfriend for Daddy
Part 4
by Artemis

Heero's hands caressed Duo's naked skin, strumming up and down his flank. It was an hour after sunrise, and with only a few hours of sleep, Heero seemed ready for more play.

The touch had woken Duo, but just barely. He was exhausted from their night of sex, but he could not ignore the reaction that pleasurable sensation was getting from his body. He was now sensitized to Heero's touch, calibrated to every whim, to every lick and pulse. He marveled and worried at how quickly he'd grown accustomed to Heero's ways.

Guiltily, Duo recalled how selfish he'd been with past lovers. How he'd taken as much as he could, but given little in return, and then tossed them aside. But with Heero, that was all changing. He wanted to please. He wanted Heero to enjoy their time together, and he was beginning to think about the future, even if only weeks and months ahead.

Lying on their sides, spooning under the sheets, Heero was once again in control, waking his lover fully with just a touch. His hand found Duo's sex and stroked it lazily, taking things slow this morning, but in a growing rhythm. Duo leaned back, closing his eyes and putting a hand in Heero's hair.

Take what you want, he thought, drifting off, half asleep, but fully intending to enjoy this.

Heero seemed to hear his command and nudged Duo's backside with his cock.

"You're up early this morning," Duo moaned.

"If I slept at all it was only to give you a break."

Duo chuckled. "I knew you were a considerate man the day I met you."

"Not the day you first saw me?"

"You were unapproachable," Duo said, pressing his behind against the wonderful hardness. "And you were smoking. I don't like cigarettes."

"But it got your attention." Heero released his hand from Duo's cock, and used it to guide his cock to Duo's opening.

"You got my attention all right." Duo smiled, and then moaned as Heero pressed into him.

Duo shifted slightly, lifting his leg, and then felt Heero's hand cup his balls, massaging them as he worked his cock inside. Heero was pressing tighter against his back, the more he inched inside, his breath hot on Duo's neck.

"Let's stay in bed and fuck all day," Heero said with a final thrust, joining them completely.

"Uhn... yeah." Duo was lost in the sensations. Heero couldn't expect more from him now than moans and the occasional, "Oh, God."

The fuck began slowly with no indication they needed to finish anytime soon. Horny, despite a night of sex, it was the perfect way to begin the day... until Heero stopped moving.

"Come on," Duo said, reaching back for Heero's ass and pulling it towards him. "Don't stop now."

"We have a visitor," Heero said into his ear.

Duo sucked in a breath and opened his eyes. "Not again."

This time Solo didn't say a word. It was as if he had waited to be noticed, and now that he had, turned and ran from the room.

"Damn it." Duo grabbed Heero by the nape of the neck and turned his head to kiss the man. "I'm sorry."

Heero pulled out slowly. "Want me to talk to him this time?"

"No, it's complicated." With much frustration, Duo got out of bed and retrieved his robe from the closet.

"You don't think I could handle it?"

"It's not that---"

"I'm a trained hostage negotiator. I think I can handle a four-year old."

"That could come in handy. Thanks for the offer," Duo said, bending over to give Heero a kiss. "But this is my responsibility."

He padded barefoot into the hall where he glimpsed Solo sitting on the living room couch. He went over and sat on the floor in front of him.

"Hey, buddy. You're up awfully early this morning." He put his hand on the boy's pajama-clad knee.

Solo didn't make eye contact, and Duo got the sick feeling that this time the boy hadn't mistaken their amorous activities for wrestling.

"You know that Heero wasn't hurting me, right?"

The boy gave a small nod.

"And that grownups sometimes give each other special hugs?"

Solo looked up, his eyes full of confusion.

Duo was determined not to tell Solo about the birds and the bees.

"Did it look funny what Heero and I were doing?"

Solo's eyes were wide, and he seemed afraid of admitting the truth, but he nodded.

"Yeah, I can understand why you'd think that. But I want you to know that what you saw was perfectly normal for grownups."

"You're not mad at me?"

"No, buddy, of course not." Duo leaned over and hugged his son. "But I would like to start a new rule. Can you help me out with something?"

"What is it?"

"When Heero's with me in my room, can you knock on the door and wait for me to open it?"

"Oh." The boy's brow tightened.

"I know you're not used to doing that, but it'd help daddy out a lot if you did. Could you do that, buddy?" Duo smiled, encouragingly and then Solo smiled.

"Okay, daddy."

"Thanks, buddy." Duo mussed the boy's hair and smiled more brightly. Disaster averted.

When he looked up, Heero was standing there, watching them. He was dressed in his clothes from the night before, minus his shoes.

"Mind if I talk to Solo?"

Solo turned to Heero and smiled. "I'm going to help daddy and knock!"

Heero smiled. "You're daddy's little helper?"

"Yeah!" Solo said.

Duo got up, trading places with Heero, and touching hands as they walked past each other. Duo thought perhaps he should leave them alone, but he was curious of what Heero might say, and naturally protective.

Heero sat next to Solo on the couch. "I was wondering if you could help me out, too?"

Solo cocked his head. "Help... you?"

"You see... I'm the new kid on the block here. You and your dad have known each other a long time, but I've only known him a few weeks."

Duo grinned, watching the mesmerized look on his son's face.

"Maybe you could give me some pointers... you know, tell me what your dad likes."

"He likes lots of things."

"And I'll bet you know all of them."

Solo smiled. "I guess so."

Heero looked over his shoulder at Duo, prompting Solo to look as well.

"Could you tell me one thing he likes?"

Solo laughed. "But he'll hear me."

"Then let's make it a secret, and your dad won't know."

"He's not very good at keeping secrets," Duo said, laughing.

Solo laughed, too. "Yeah, daddy says I talk a lot."

"Can't keep a secret, hn?" Heero reached into his back pocket and took out what looked like a wallet. "I bet you could keep a secret if it was a good one."

Solo stared at the black leather object in Heero's hand. "Is that a secret?" he asked, pointing.

"Yes. If I show you, do you promise not to tell anyone? Even your dad?"

Solo's eyes widened with the mystery. "I promise."

Now Duo was hugely curious. What was Heero going to show him---his driver's license, credit cards, or a fifty dollar bill?

Slowly, the wallet-like object opened, and Solo's eyes grew impossibly wide. Duo leaned forward, peering over the couch. Heero looked up at him with a grin, not trying to hide the surprise. It was Heero's FBI badge, in all its polished glory.

"I'm a policeman," Heero said, simplifying things for the boy. "And this is my badge."

"Wow," Solo said, reaching out and touching it. "You catch bad guys?"

"The worst kind, that's why no one can know what I do."

Duo beamed. It was wonderful to see Solo and Heero, bonding like this.

After allowing the boy sufficient ogling time, Heero put his badge away. "Now, you have a secret to tell me? About your dad?"

Solo giggled. "Oh, yeah."

Heero bent down, and Solo cupped his hands around his mouth, whispering one of the things that Duo liked. When he was done he laughed and then jumped off the couch, full of energy and spunk from the shared secrets.

He turned to Duo. "Daddy, I know a secret about Heero and I'm not going to tell you!"

"That's great, buddy. Heero's counting on you now."

After Solo settled from the excitement, Duo turned on the cartoon channel to occupy him while he made breakfast.

"Can you stay for breakfast?" Duo asked Heero.

"I'd like that. Thanks."

Duo made a quick detour into the bedroom to throw on a pair of blue jeans and a tee shirt before returning to the kitchen to find Heero peering out the tiny window over the sink.

"So what did Solo tell you?"

Heero looked at him and smiled. "You don't expect me to break his confidence?"

"You were serious about that? I bet I could guess what he said."

"You probably could, but I won't tell."

Duo smiled. Okay, he could live with that little secret. He went over to the refrigerator and got out the eggs, flour and milk.

"Do you like pancakes?"

"Yes. Can I help?"

"Just keep me company."

Heero leaned against the counter, watching Duo measure out the flour, sugar, and break the eggs. Duo didn't know what to make of his audience, but he was pleased that Heero had stayed. A near perfect night was turning into a near perfect day.

As the griddle heated on the stove, and Duo finished stirring the batter, Heero came up behind him. He wrapped his arms around Duo's middle and kissed the back of his neck.

"I could get used to this."

Duo smiled, leaning back into the other man. "What? Having someone make you breakfast?"

Heero chuckled. "No, spending time with you, watching you."

Duo felt his face warm. "Is that right?"

Heero nipped Duo's earlobe. "I want to finish that fuck."

The words rippled through Duo's body. "You bet you can."

"Hn... after breakfast?" Heero's words were hot in Duo's ear.

"Immediately after," Duo said, his hand trembling slightly as he poured the batter onto the griddle. "Cleanup can wait."

+ + +

For the next several weeks, Duo spent as much time as possible with Heero. The more time together, the more it seemed they were a match. They enjoyed the same sports, the same types of movies, and both had an appreciation for a wide range of food and music. Of course, their physical attraction for one another was no small thing, and they indulged it as often and enthusiastically as possible, even to the point of sending hotly worded emails.

Duo had been right about the challenge of juggling dating and fatherhood. Babysitters were not always available, and so, Heero spent most evenings at Duo's. This meant that Solo became part of their dating life, and to some extent made them a trio when they spent evenings playing Chutes and Ladders with him, or brought Solo along when they dined out.

Solo seemed happy about "daddy's boyfriend," but put up the occasional fuss at the couple's need for privacy. Of course, this stemmed from his desire for attention, and not just from his father. There was a none-too-subtle competition between the Maxwell men for Heero's attention. Even if Heero arrived after Solo's bedtime, the boy would find an excuse to get out of bed in order to see "uncle daddy."

Though Heero was patient and seemed genuinely fond of Solo, Duo was beginning to feel the strain this arrangement was having on their relationship. Having a child not only impinged on their time together, but it meant that Duo was not free to come and go as he pleased. He couldn't spend the night at Heero's on a whim, or an entire day exploring the city together; small things and big things that were beginning to add up to trouble.

Where was the balance? He didn't know, but if Heero was meant to be in his life, then these complications would work out. Duo could not suspend being a father, because he now had a boyfriend, no matter how much he felt himself falling for the new man in his life.

+ + +

Amid the hubbub of work, dating, and daily life, Duo made plans for a very special occasion—Solo's fifth birthday. Months before, he had asked his son where he would like to celebrate. The boy had taken the question seriously, considering it for days until he declared, "the zoo." He wanted to have his birthday with the polar bears at the zoo.

That suited Duo fine. The last kid party he'd been to was at the local pizzeria kiddieland and it had been a noisy, messy nightmare for all involved. The zoo would be sophisticated compared to that experience.

The Saturday of the party finally arrived, and Duo rounded up Solo into the car, along with a bag of decorations, and gifts.

"We picking up uncle daddy?"

"No, Heero's meeting us at the zoo. He had to work this morning."

"But he's coming?"

"You bet. He said he wouldn't miss your birthday for the world."

At the zoo, Duo and Solo were led to the special party room in the visitor's center. There Duo set out the decorations, including birthday plates and napkins, confetti and streamers. Five children, including Daisy and Jasper, and three adults joined them to celebrate Solo's special day.

A zoo volunteer, led the children in games identifying animals and their habitats, and then a zookeeper arrived with a lizard and a hedgehog for the children to pet. It was a perfect afternoon except for one thing—Heero.

"Where's your guy?" Ginger asked, as she and Duo sipped coffee while watching the kids play.

"He had to work this morning, but he'll be here."

Ginger raised an eyebrow. "He's working on a Saturday?"

"Hey, it's the FBI. What do I know about it?"

"Has he ever worked on a Saturday before?"

Duo narrowed his eyes.

"I'll take that as a no." Ginger was quiet a moment, seeming to lose herself in the activity of the children, and then looked back to Duo. "Things good between you boys?"

"Yeah, things are good. Why wouldn't they be?"

"Oh, I don't know... maybe a little thing named Solo."

Duo hated Ginger for being right all the time. "We're all getting along. Solo thinks the world of Heero."

Ginger smiled. "I'm sure he does. Heero's a very nice young man."

"Then what's your point?"

"Just talking."

"You never just talk."

Ginger laughed, and before she could retaliate Duo was happily rescued by the volunteer. It was time for cake and she wanted him to light the candles and bring it out to the table.

Duo smiled when he saw it. It was a polar bear cake, all white frosting and black, licorice eyes and claws. Solo would be thrilled, and Heero... Well, Heero wasn't here yet.

As Duo entered, stage left, with the cake, all those gathered broke out in unison, "Happy birthday to you..."

The children laughed and clapped happily when they got their first glimpse of the cake's bear shape. Duo set the cake in front of Solo and encouraged him to make a wish and blowout the candles. The boy puffed his cheeks, and as he was about to blow, Duo noticed him glance at the door. Solo was wishing for Heero. He wanted Heero at his party.

Duo took a deep breath and put on a brave smile, laughing when it took Solo two tries to blow out all the candles. Of course, that meant the wish would not come true, but Duo crossed his fingers against the jinx.

He pulled the cell phone from his pocket. There were no missed messages. As Ginger offered to cut the cake, Duo stepped away from the table to phone Heero. He called his work number first, but got only Heero's voice mail. Next he tried Heero's cell, but again was met with a voice mail greeting. He must be on his way, he thought.

After the cake, everyone gathered for Solo to open his gifts. Now Duo was upset. Heero was going to miss the entire party. How would he explain that to Solo? But at last, half way into opening presents, Heero arrived. He was dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt, navy suit pants, and brown loafers. His suit jacket hung over his arm, and a burgundy striped tie peeked out from his pants pocket, all seeming to indicate he had been at work.

He walked up to Duo, kissing him on the cheek, and then bent down to the gathering of children. He set his gift with the others and mussed Solo's hair.

"Happy birthday, Solo."

"Heero!" the boy cheered, smiling with much relief.

Duo folded his arms, watching as his son grabbed for Heero's gift. Of course, it was the perfect present—a Builder Bob DVD and CD set.

"Thank you, uncle daddy!"

Heero smiled. "You're welcome."

The party continued inside until all the presents were opened, and the adults had cleaned up the shredded gift wrap and cake plates. Then the kids put on their jackets for the last part of the day—a walk in the zoo to see the polar bears.

It was a cool, overcast day, but Solo and the other children didn't seem to mind. Duo was comfortable in his brown, leather jacket, walking alongside Heero. They hadn't said much to each other, but it wasn't entirely unexpected with the party buzzing around them.

At the polar bear enclosure, the children rushed to the guard rail, pointing excitedly at the bears. The sign said there were three bears, but they could only see two. The third was probably inside, taking it easy. Duo picked Solo up into his arms to give him a better view and the boy laughed, enjoying his day and being able to see the polar bears.

"I'm gonna work at the zoo when I grow up."

"That'd be wonderful, buddy."

They watched the bears for a while like that, then Duo set Solo down so the boy could spend time with the other children. Heero had moved a ways off and Duo walked over to join him.

"I'm glad you came."

"But you're unhappy I was late."

"Well, yeah, but you're here. That's what matters to Solo."

"And what about you?"

"Me?" Duo asked with a chuckle. "Of course I want you here."

Heero nodded and then looked at the antelope in the next enclosure.

"You okay, Heero?" Duo asked, putting his hand on the other young man's shoulder. "Work okay?"

"Work is work." Heero gazed into the distance as if his thoughts were taking him elsewhere.

"I don't imagine you'll want to come over tonight. It'll be a house full of kids. Jasper and Daisy are sleeping over---"

"You don't need me," Heero said suddenly.


Heero turned to Duo. "You and Solo are a package."

"A package? Hey, you're an integral part of that package." Duo took Heero's hands and squeezed. "Today wasn't right until you got here."

"I'm sorry I was late."

"It couldn't be helped, right?"

Heero gave a small nod and leaned forward and kissed Duo.

+ + +


Duo sat at his desk at the newspaper, doodling palm trees and silly faces on his assignment sheet. He was killing time until heading over to the city museum for the exhibit opening at three o'clock.

"Who's that supposed be?" Ginger asked as she came up to his desk.


"The photo editor?" She laughed. "I see the resemblance."

"He didn't like any of the photos I shot at the book signing." Duo sighed, shaking his head. "It was a fucking book signing for God's sake. What did he expect?"

"You okay?"

Duo glanced up her, then back to his sheet. "I'll get over it. Tony does this to me all the time."

"I'm not talking about Tony."

Now Duo looked her in the eye, tilting his head.

"You've been sitting here nearly an hour and you haven't made one phone call."


"It's been my observation that since you've been hot and heavy with Mr. Terrific you've been on that phone constantly with him, or emailing him, or text messaging him. He shows up late to Solo's party and now you're sitting here looking lonesome. So what's up?"

Duo didn't want to explain. He didn't want to have to think about it. After all, he wasn't sure what was wrong. He and Heero had been chugging along great, hot and heavy just like she said, but then things started sputtering. There had been no disagreements, no arguments, and they saw each other about as often as always, but something wasn't right.

"Heero's working on a tough case." Yeah, that must be it, he thought. That would explain the nagging feeling that Heero was withdrawing. He was withdrawing into his work. "He'll be fine once they wrap things up."

Ginger raised an eyebrow, seeming to consider his argument, and then nodded. "Well, you hang in there. He's a catch that Heero." She started to walk away, but then looked back and said, "And so are you."

Duo smiled. Ginger always found a way to make him smile.

After that brief conversation he decided to phone Heero. As usual, he was not at his desk, so he simply left a message. "Hey, just thinking about you. Hope you're having a good day."

At half past two, Duo headed out for his assignment. Ginger stopped him at the door.

"I have an idea," she said, smiling deviously. "You and Heero should go away for the weekend."

"Nice idea, but I can't get a sitter for an entire weekend."

"Sure you can... How about me?"

"You'd do that?"

"Well, just this once. Daisy and Jasper would love to spend more time with Solo and I'm sure he wouldn't mind a sleepover."

Duo smiled, picturing it in his head—an entire weekend alone with Heero... sex and more sex.

"I'll give him a call."

On his way to the car, Duo phoned Heero's cell phone. Miraculously, Heero answered.

"Hey, how would you like to go away for the weekend? Just you and me?"

There was a pause and then, "I'd like that."

"Great! Ginger's offered to watch Solo this weekend. Can you make some calls and find us a place to stay?"

"Any preference?"

"I don't care as long as it's got a big bed." Duo imagined the smile at the other end of the call. "You still coming over for pizza tonight?"

"I'll be there. Seven, right?"

"You got it. See you later."

The call ended, and Duo was elated. Things were back on track.

That evening after dinner and while Solo was watching his Builder Bob DVD, Heero and Duo sat in the kitchen, talking over their weekend plans.

"The Geneva Club sounds great," Duo said, holding Heero's hands.

"I made the reservation based on a co-worker's recommendation."

"That's the best way to do it. Hey, isn't this resort next to a train station?"

"Now that you mention it---"

"We could take the train up. It'll take a little longer, but it'd be a lot more relaxing. What do you think?"

Heero nodded. "You want to meet at Union Station, Friday after work? We could take the eight o'clock train."

"Then it's a date. Call me if anything changes."

Just then Solo came running into the kitchen. "Uncle daddy! Can you put my CD in the player?"

Duo laughed. "What am I chopped liver?"

"No, daddy, but I want uncle daddy to do it."

Heero got up from his chair as Solo rushed back into the other room. Duo squeezed Heero's hand. "He looks up to you."

Heero didn't seem to have an answer for that. Their hands lingered and then separated as Heero went into the living room to help with the CD. Duo sat at the table a moment longer, listening to the fragments of conversation coming from the other room. Maybe he was learning to juggle after all.

+ + +

Friday, 7:50 p.m.

It seemed strange, nerve wracking actually that Heero hadn't arrived at the station yet. Their train was sitting on track 17, ready to leave in ten minutes. Duo had been watching passengers board it for the last thirty minutes, smelling its diesel fumes and getting more nervous by the minute. Where the hell was Heero?

He dialed Heero's cell.

"You've reached Heero. Leave a message."

"Damn it." Duo kicked at the air. "I'm here at Union, waiting for you. Call me."

His eyes scanned the station. Where was that familiar head of hair? As far as he knew there had been no change in plans. Duo looked to the schedule board. There was another train at 10:15, but then they wouldn't arrive at the hotel until after midnight. The minutes ticked down. The conductors paced. They were going to miss this train.

At eight o'clock, the train left the station with Duo staring after it. His backpack was growing heavy on his shoulder. He set it down and felt a wave of dizziness. He put one hand to his forehead and reached out for the wall with the other, barely stopping himself from toppling over. He'd been stood-up. That was it. Heero wasn't coming.

Slumping to the floor of the station, Duo's mind swirled. Being stood-up could not be the reality of this situation, but it was pounding in his brain and in his stomach. His gut reactions were rarely wrong.

Duo fumbled for his cell phone. He dialed Heero, leaving another message.

"Where are you? Call me."

He tried Heero's work number, home number... no answer. After a half an hour, he got up, his thoughts narrowed to a thin line as his stomach tightened. He would head to Heero's apartment. Maybe they'd gotten their signals crossed?

There, he spotted Heero's car on the street, but after making his way upstairs and knocking on the apartment door repeatedly, there was no answer. He must still be at work, Duo thought. And so, he drove downtown to the Federal Building. Now he was acting like a possessive, frightened idiot. He knew that, but what could he do? He trudged up the granite stairs, his legs fighting him every step, feeling as if they'd been poured into concrete and he only had moments until they would turn solid and he could no longer move. The building was closed, of course, but Duo stood at the doors, peering in through the tinted glass.

Shut out at every turn and numb with the silence of his cell phone, Duo went home, alone. He spent the night pacing, making calls, and alternating between crying and punching the wall. He left Solo at Ginger's that night, retrieving him the next day with a smile, and a hug that was a little too tight, too desperate.

Monday morning reality began to set-in. Someone at the paper knew someone at the Federal Building and so on. They had seen Heero at work that morning.

Duo turned away when he heard the news.

Ginger touched his arm gently. "Go down there and talk to him."

Duo shook his head. At least he no longer had to worry for Heero's well being, but now the true heartache began.

"You don't know what happened. Maybe---"

"Maybe nothing," Duo said, sharply.

He knew better. He'd seen it in his days as a single guy. That's what you did to guys who couldn't get the hint. You cut them off, cold turkey. Damn, he never thought he'd be one of those pathetic twinks—nothing more than a gay bimbo to be tossed aside. But here he was, not even worth a break-up message on his answering machine.

"Well, fuck that," Duo muttered under his breath and headed out on assignment.

He pulled his jacket around him against the chill easterly wind, remembering the day at the zoo. The day Heero told him, "You don't need me."

He didn't understand, he wouldn't understand. His heart ached. After leaving a dozen messages what could be plainer than how much he needed Heero?

With his camera bag tight on his shoulder and a lump in his throat, Duo came to one last conclusion. Heero was gone.


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