Disclaimer: The Gundam boys in their original incarnations belong to Bandai and Sunrise.

This is a prequel to 'All I Want For Christmas'
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: Lemon! NC-17
Genre: Alternate Reality, angst, parenthood

Notes: This is dedicated to my goddess of a beta, Alex. Please keep her in your thoughts... she's been in acute care for the last several weeks due to a nasty spider bite. She's on the mend and should be home in two more weeks.

Summary: Two lonely hearts meet.

A Boyfriend for Daddy
Part 2
by Artemis

Duo swallowed as the man joined him at his table. "Just stretching my legs."

"What's your poison? I'm buying."

"You don't have to do that---"

"I'd like to."

They were standing eye-to-eye. Duo guessed he was about an inch taller than the other man, but not near as broad. Even tucked neatly into a suit and tie, Duo could see Heero was in shape. He was no desk jockey.

"Large coffee latte," Duo finally said. "But I'm getting the next `round."

Heero nodded and then went over to the counter to order. When he returned their drinks were prepped with "to go" lids.

"Would you like to take a walk?" Heero asked, handing Duo his drink.

It seemed that Heero was a take charge kind of guy, a real top. For the moment that was what Duo was hoping for. He nodded and followed Heero out of the shop, crossing the street to begin their walk along the riverfront.

"I had every intention of getting here by 9:30."

"It's okay," Duo said, taking a sip. "You couldn't help that a super hero made an appearance tonight."

"Super hero?"

"Yeah, the guy in tights. All super heroes wear tights."

Heero chuckled. "But not everyone wearing tights is a super hero."

"True. So the guy was just an escaped mental patient?"

"Yeah, a harmless lunatic."

"He's gonna sell a lot of papers."

They walked along the river, sipping their hot drinks and enjoying a rather cool, late summer evening. The newly redeveloped river district wasn't as bustling as downtown on a Friday night, but there were a fair number of couples taking advantage of the slower pace.

"Have you worked for the Herald long?"

"Not quite three years. Before that I did freelance work, but I needed something a little more stable..." Duo stopped himself from mentioning his son. That was more information than this guy had a right to at this point. "What about you? Been with the FBI long?"

"Two years. I transferred to this office a few months ago and before that I was studying to be a pathologist."

"Ooh, fun guy," Duo chuckled. When Heero's brow furrowed, Duo backpedaled. "I mean... serious work."

"I guess I've always been interested in law enforcement. My dad was a cop."

"Yeah? He live around here?"

"He was killed in the line of duty when I was seven."

"Oh... I'm sorry."

"That's all right. It was a long time ago."

Duo fell silent. He was used to stepping on toes, but this time he regretted it. He liked this Heero Yuy, maybe more than he should.

"I'm sure he'd be proud of you," Duo said, reaching his hand out and touching Heero's forearm.

Heero looked into his eyes and gave a small smile. "Thanks."

They continued along the river walk, talking about things of little consequence, both seeming to steer clear of any sensitive subjects.

After a couple of blocks, Heero stopped and nodded at an apartment building across the street. "That's where I live."

Duo looked up at the non-descript building. "Really?"


Duo looked back at Heero and swallowed. "You were on the orange line the other day. That's nowhere near here."

"I was coming back from the suburbs. My great aunt lives alone and I was visiting her for the weekend."


"Would you like to come up for a night cap?"

Duo chuckled at the lame line, but Heero remained silent—his eyes shining with anticipation.

"Oh... a night cap," Duo said, understanding that Heero was serious, and most likely implying more. "Uh, yeah. I'd like that."

They crossed the street, discarding their cups in a trash bin in the apartment building's lobby. Heero pressed the call button for the elevator and Duo just smiled. He'd been in this situation enough times to know where this was leading, but he was nervous as hell.

On the elevator the door closed, leaving them alone. Heero pressed the button for the eighth floor, and Duo backed up against the opposite wall, frozen by jumbling nerves. Heero stepped back, too, but kept his distance. His eyes glanced at Duo, but neither one spoke a word.

Duo began to doubt himself. Usually guys came onto him much stronger. Maybe it was a good thing he was being cautious, reserved. Heero's intentions might be pure. He'd pour Duo a drink and they'd step out onto his balcony, looking over the river, talking.

With that in mind, Duo followed Heero off the elevator and into the man's apartment. The door closed with a soft click behind them. Heero tossed his keys on the kitchen counter and turned to Duo who was standing in the entryway. The apartment was tastefully, if sparsely decorated, with just the right amount of lived-in quality.

"You could use a splash of color in here," Duo said, smiling as he noted the black and white decor. "But it's nice."

Heero stepped toward him, slipping off his tie. "Thanks. You an interior decorator on the side?"

"Does artist count?"

Heero nodded. "Maybe you can give me some pointers."

The tie dropped to the floor, Duo's eyes following its course. When he looked up again, Heero was standing inches from him. Their eyes met, and Duo swallowed. He'd been right after all...

Heero's lips were on his in an instant, and his hands on Duo's face as he devoured Duo's mouth. Duo heard himself moan into the kiss, struck by its intensity, and opening his mouth to accept more. For an instant he couldn't believe this was happening, his desire fulfilled and returned. And yet here he was, in the apartment of the stranger from the train, allowing himself to be pushed back, pinned to the door.

Their bodies pressed against each other as hands groped and pulled at clothes. The kiss continued as each young man worked to divest the other and himself of jackets and shirts, revealing bare skin to touch and to taste. Heero's skin was smooth and fair, and his muscles hard. Duo felt his hands tremble as they skimmed the toned surface of the other man's arms. He pulled back to get a better look and then dove in to kiss Heero's chest. The man smelled and tasted heavenly; the chemistry firing between them, and hormones raging.

Heero reached behind Duo and took hold of the braid, bringing it over Duo's shoulder to his lips. "This is sexy," Heero said, smiling as he kissed the braid and looked into Duo's eyes.

Duo swallowed hard. Seeing Heero holding his braid and saying those words sent a jolt of electricity through his body. It was a huge turn- on. He took Heero's mouth in another hungry kiss, letting his hands wander into the man's hair—that head of hair he'd been so fascinated with from the beginning. It was as thick and wonderful as he had fantasized, and he felt his own hard cock, pressing tight in his jeans, needing to be released.

Seeming to sense the urgency, Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's middle and pulled him away from the door into the living room and then down the hall. Now things would quickly get out of control. It had been far too long since Duo had felt touches like this. And even that last time, in the back room of a club, there had been nothing personal about it. It had been sex in its basest and most vulgar form. At least this time Duo knew the name of the guy who was about to fuck him, and a fact or two more. Maybe that was a good sign.

In the bedroom, Heero pushed Duo onto the bed. Their embrace ending as Heero pulled back to remove his trousers and briefs, and Duo wriggled out of his jeans. Now, both naked and hard, Heero joined Duo on the bed, taking Duo's cock firmly in hand as he bent to kiss him once again. He then slid down Duo's body, stroking him as he licked a path down his sternum to his belly button and finally to his cock. He grinned as he licked the cock's head.

Duo sucked in a breath of air.

"Sensitive," Heero murmured into Duo's belly.

"Just a little." Duo wasn't about to explain that it had been over a year since anyone had touched him there.

Heero resumed his attentions, now sucking Duo into his mouth, slowly increasing the motion of his tongue around the hardness.

"God!" Duo's hands gripped the bed covers. He didn't want to come now—not so soon after they'd started.

Thankfully, Heero pulled off, coming back up Duo's body, running his hands up Duo's flanks and over his chest. He brushed Duo's bangs aside. "You have beautiful eyes."

Shit, Duo thought. He'd never had anyone say that to him before. The braid was obvious—lovers always got that right—but never his eyes.

The kisses returned—deep, exploring, hungry kisses. Their bodies heated, and Heero reached to the nightstand drawer for lube. He squeezed some onto his fingers and then slid his hand around Duo's hardness, stroking it lightly. In moments his hand slipped under Duo's balls, squeezing them, too, and then moving on. He found the opening and circled it with his fingers and then pressed two there.

Duo moaned with the touch. Heero was unlike any of his former lovers—though most he wouldn't even call that. They had been one or two night stands, and maybe Heero would be that as well, but for now Duo felt connected in a love making sort of way. Heero's movements were deliberate, almost slow, but brimming with passion, and Duo found himself responding eagerly.

The pair of fingers moved inside him, filling him, but not enough. It was like he was a virgin again, only this time he knew what to expect. He moved with Heero, encouraging him wordlessly to continue to make him ready for what was certain to be a fantastic ride.

At last the fingers were removed, and Duo grabbed for the lube. He wanted to touch. Squeezing the warming gel into his palm, he leaned up on one elbow and grinned. He reached down to take Heero in hand. The man was rock solid, and Duo ached for this fuck all the more when Heero began to moan with the stroke of Duo's hand. They were definitely well-matched physically and neither wanted to delay the proceedings any longer.

Positioning himself nicely between Duo's legs, Heero pushed Duo's knees up and pressed his cock to the opening. Duo watched his own cock bobbing, ignored, but still happy, as he felt the first real press of hard flesh. Heero's arms were locked, his body held above Duo's as he joined them with a slow thrust of his hips. He took his time, inching his way inside, pulling out and sliding in.

Duo enjoyed the slow rhythm, knowing the care now would make the ride much sweeter, and it gave him a chance to savor the feel of a real cock inside him—something that plastic could never match. The difference between this and his last sexual encounter kept swimming in his head. One could make fucking as personal or as impersonal as one wanted. Tonight, despite their recent acquaintance, it was personal; both young men seeming to need a deeper connection.

And deeper it went. Heero's cock was now buried completely and the angle of thrust just right with Duo's legs hooked over Heero's arms. They fucked in a steady, hard rhythm, bodies moving easily together, and moans coming just as easily. Again and again, the primal connection was made with the thrust of body, hips, and cock.

They let their bodies do the talking as the heat increased and their senses crackled. Seeming to need more, harder and faster, Heero moved Duo's legs to around his waist, and clung tightly to the other young man. The sweat made the bare flesh of their bodies move effortlessly across one another, and Heero's stomach rubbed Duo's cock with each thrust.

Duo's cock tingled, readying itself for final glory as that six-pack of a stomach rubbed over it like a washing board. The dual sensation, with Heero pounding him, filling him with that wonderful hardness, and his own cock now happily sandwiched between them, was about to bring things to a quick, but amazing end.

With a few more thrusts, the orgasm was imminent. Duo reached for Heero, wrapping his arms around him as he became lost in the sensation. His release charged through him, pulling a pleasured cry from his lungs, followed quickly by Heero's own climax.

The lovers collapsed on one another, a tangle of limbs. Duo took in great gulps of air, trying to calm his pounding heart and regain his senses.

"Wow," he said, brushing the bangs from his eyes.

Heero chuckled, but otherwise did not respond. His hot breaths caressed Duo's shoulder as he too seemed to be coming down from a wild ride.

They stayed like that for long minutes, neither one seeming to have the energy to separate and wipe off. Duo had forgotten how glorious the moments after sex could be, to lay post-coital, slowly getting your wits about you again. Heero smelled wonderful from their exertions and fit so naturally in his arms. It was a little frightening how quickly they had come together. Not that Duo was new to fast sex, but that had been in his days as a single man on the town. There had been more of a dance with Heero, however abbreviated it may have been. This man definitely played the game with more sophistication.

At last Duo was able to change position when Heero rolled off him. He looked over at the clock on the nightstand.

"Is that the correct time?"

Heero lifted his head from the pillow. "Should be."

"It's 11:40?" Duo asked, now panicking.


"Shit." Duo sat bolt upright, looking around for his clothes. It took him a moment to remember he had left most of them in the other room.

Slipping from the bed, Duo pulled on his underwear and jeans. Heero was now up on his elbows, watching, but his half-closed eyes were evidence that he'd soon be asleep.

"I've got to go," Duo said. For a second, he considered leaning over and giving Heero a kiss, but something stopped him.

"May I call you?" Heero asked, sleepily.

Duo froze. Was that a standard line or a sincere wish? "Yeah... it's late," Duo said, turning and leaving the room. In seconds he had gathered his clothes and was gone.

His heart pounded as he took the elevator down to the first floor. The feel and smell of sex was all around him, clinging to him even as he tried to put the encounter behind him. It would be after midnight by the time he got home.

Outside the building on the sidewalk, he grabbed his cell phone and called Cathleen to apologize for the delay. The young college student told him not to worry, but managed to mention her early morning class. Duo had forgotten about her class, and in the past had never worked past 10:30. This was plain irresponsible on his part.

Traffic was always a nightmare when in a hurry, and tonight was no exception. He had unfortunately timed his journey home as a concert was letting out at the stadium. The delay gave Duo time to reflect on how he'd spent his evening. Heero had been charming in a subdued sort of way, but his handsomeness had only grown as Duo got to know him better. Their brief walk along the riverfront, talking under the night sky had been relaxing though every moment had seemed charged with attraction.

In his car, driving away from Heero's apartment, Duo felt an odd sense that he was running. That something magical had happened tonight, but he wasn't ready or willing to face it. And he couldn't now. He was pulling onto his street, getting out of his car, walking up the stairs and greeting the babysitter at his apartment door. Reality was back.

He paid the sitter a little extra for her trouble, and then went in to check on Solo. The boy was sleeping soundly. Duo leaned against the doorjamb watching him sleep.

"I got caught up in myself tonight, buddy," Duo whispered.

He felt bad about being late, about not being here to tuck Solo into bed, but he knew that wasn't the worst of it. What frightened Duo most, was the fact that when he had been with Heero, he hadn't thought of Solo at all. Duo had become completely focused on his would-be lover.

"I won't let it happen again." And with that Duo went to bed.

+ + +

Four days later, Duo was deep into his life once again. The routine always sucked him in quickly, and the pace at work seemed to have increased. Back at his desk for just a moment, he played his voice mail messages. On the second message his breath caught as he recognized the caller's voice.

"I enjoyed meeting for coffee... and talking," Heero was saying.

Duo's brow furrowed. He had enjoyed it, too, but the reference to "talking" made him wonder if that was Heero's code for sex.

"If you're free this weekend give me a call. I'd like to see you again."

"I bet you would," Duo said, clearing the message.

The harsh reaction belied the ache that Duo felt, erasing Heero's voice from the phone's memory. He liked that Heero had called, and he liked hearing his voice again, maybe a bit too much. It brought back savory images that quickly warmed him. Heero had turned out to be one hell of a lover, but getting involved with someone at this point in Duo's life was not an option. Why he had let his lust go as far as it did, he didn't know. Being a father was a full-time job, and spending his evenings sating his sexual urges was not an option—no matter how tempting the muse might be.

The moment passed, the voice erased, Duo went back to his life being a father, and making a living as a photo journalist. It wasn't easy getting Heero and that night out of his mind, but he did. He moved on by focusing on the day-to-day.

+ + +

Three weeks later.

The seatbelt clicked into place as Duo secured Solo in the backseat of the car. They were on their way to a picnic in the park for the last weekend of summer, and Duo was going over his mental list of the items he needed to bring: blanket, bouncy ball, animal crackers, sippy cup, potato salad, spicy Italian brats for the adults and hot dogs for the kids. Satisfied, Duo hopped in the driver's seat and merged into Saturday afternoon traffic. He knew it would take nearly twice as long to reach their destination, but had left their apartment only slightly ahead of schedule.

The picnic was planned with Duo's friends from the Herald, Ginny and Skip Armstrong, and their twins Daisy and Jasper. Solo loved the twins. The girl and boy twins, though a year older and very much attached to each other, were surprisingly fond of Solo. Whenever the children were together they played happily and harmoniously for hours.

In the last year, Ginny had become Duo's closest friend. They had slowly gravitated to each other as Ginny learned of Duo's struggles as a single father, and he came to admire her writing and ignore the comments about her being the spoiled daughter of the newspaper's founder. Her husband, Skip, Duo merely tolerated. Skip, a hack of a sports writer, had been fired from two other newspapers for his repeated off-color remarks, and it was obvious that the only reason he was still employed at the Herald was because Ginny was madly in love with him. The Golden Penis Theory, as Duo liked to call it, was more than likely in play here.

At the park, the two families' found a comfortable location under an oak tree to set up blankets, lawn chairs, and the portable barbecue. Skip put himself in charge of the fire, and Duo took that as an opportunity to enjoy himself. He and Ginny got the essentials organized, and then sat down, watching the kids play, and Skip fan the coals.

Of course, it was too much to ask that the three little ones allow the adults to sit and talk with no interruptions. Very soon, Duo was up playing ball with them while Ginny continued to watch and giggle.

The large red plastic ball with the bright blue swirl had been a gift to Solo from one of the neighbors. Despite it being too large for the boy to wrap his arms around, Solo preferred it to any of his other outside toys. Since the ball was so large, Solo gave up on throwing it, and instead kicked it back and forth with Jasper and Daisy, leaving his dad to chase after it when it got away. And get away it did when Jasper kicked it hard and off-center, sending it rolling down a small hill.

It was amazing how fast a lightweight, plastic ball could travel. Duo felt foolish chasing it, and not being able to easily catch up with it. As it rolled over the gravel bike path and came to a stop under some bushes, Duo slowed down. He didn't want to plow into any one of the number of bicyclists or joggers who regularly used the path.

He made it across no problem, shifting branches to reach for the ball. Once he had it, he stood up, brushing what felt like a leaf out of his hair. He turned to head back, and paused for a jogger to pass, but the man seemed to be coming to a stop, looking straight at him. Duo squinted in the sunlight, trying to see if he knew the man, and then the jolt of recognition hit. Standing in front of him, wearing a green tank, black spandex shorts and yellow athletic shoes was Heero.

Duo gulped a pathetic, "Hi."

Heero nodded. "How have you been?"

"Real good. And you?"


"Great," Duo said, his heart pounding.

Why in the hell did he have to run into Heero Yuy? Of all the people he could've bumped into at the city park, why Heero? It had been a fucking struggle to get this guy out of his head, and just when he thought his life was on track again, here he was, standing face to face with the man who had been front and center in his dreams for nearly a month. He needed to get away and fast.

"Well, it was good seeing you," Duo said, taking a step. "Take care of yourself."

"I thought we made a connection."

Duo stopped, his eyes drifting back to Heero's.

"It felt like more than sex."

Shit, Duo thought. I cannot get involved with this guy. I'll lose myself if I do. "I had a great time," Duo said, turning his full attention to Heero.

"Then why didn't you return my call?"

"It's complicated."

Just then, Solo appeared at the crest of the hill, calling after Duo. "Daddy! Bring the ball, Daddy!"

Duo looked up at the boy and then to Heero who seemed to be quickly connecting the dots.

"You're straight?"

"Not on your life."

"Then why did he call you daddy?"

Duo took a breath, but before he could answer, Ginger appeared, also calling after him. "Duo!" She grabbed Solo up in her arms and made her way down the hill.

"Hey!" Duo called to them.

"We were getting worried," Ginger said, as she reached Duo's side. She set Solo down and took the ball.

"I ran into a friend," Duo said, nodding to Heero.

Heero raised an eyebrow, and then held out his hand to Ginger. "I'm Heero Yuy."

"Nice to meet you, Heero. I'm Ginger."

"And I'm Solo!"

The boy held up his hand to shake Heero's. Heero smiled, and gently took the small hand in his. Duo swallowed. He felt like a shit for not wanting any of this to happen. He hadn't mentioned Solo that night weeks ago, thinking he was protecting his son. But from what was he protecting him? Heero was a nice guy and probably would make an even nicer boyfriend, and the influence of another guy couldn't be a bad thing in Solo's life.

"Nice to meet both of you," Heero said.

"Thank you, Heero," Ginger said. Then she leaned in and gave Duo a kiss on the cheek. "Don't be long, sweetie. The brats are almost ready."

Duo blushed. "Uh, yeah."

The kiss seemed to set Heero in motion. "I need to get going."

"Oh... it was good seeing you," Duo called after him as Heero headed off to continue his jog. Duo stared at his retreating form, dumbfounded by the encounter.

"You should've asked him to join us," Ginger said.

Duo blinked and turned to her. "No, I don't think so."

"Who is he?"

"Just a guy I met."

"Really? The way you're gawking at his behind---"

"Hey---" Duo said, stopping her words.

"What's gawking, Miss Ginger?" Solo asked, tugging at the hem of her shorts.

Ginger laughed. "It's what your father does when he sees---"

Duo held his hand up to her mouth, again cutting her off. "He's only four."

Ginger leaned close. "He may only be four, but it's not good for him to see you lonely."

"Is it that obvious?"

Ginger nodded.

Duo looked down the path, but Heero was long out of sight. Perhaps it was foolish to throw away a chance at some company with a decent guy. But was it too late for him to put things right?

+ + +


Duo was supposed to be on assignment at the city's sports facility for a story on middle-aged athletes and their injuries, but instead he had planted himself at the Federal Building.

On Monday, Duo had left Heero a voice message with a simple, "Hey, would you like to get some coffee?" There had been no response. On Tuesday, Duo had sent flowers to Heero's apartment with a card that read, "Can't get you off my mind." Again, no response. And just this morning, he had phoned Heero at work, once again getting his voice mail and ineloquently asking for a chance to explain. No response.

Duo wasn't sure what he was doing, but after Ginger had said that everyone, including Solo, could see his loneliness, Duo felt galvanized. True, he was lonely, but he had resigned himself to believing that he couldn't juggle a relationship while trying to raise his son. And if he did date, how would he explain that to Solo? The combination of seeing Heero, and getting and Ginger's counseling set Duo's mind in motion. He could no longer keep Heero from his thoughts. It was as if the dam had been breached and now there was no turning back—but only if Heero would cooperate.

Desperation setting in, Duo now clung to the hope that the only way he would see Heero was to take the direct approach. Foregoing his assignment, Duo arrived at the Federal Building where Heero worked, just before lunch time. At the security desk he showed his press ID and asked to speak with Agent Yuy. The guard on duty looked his ID over and then made a call. After a long pause, Duo was told to wait and the agent would be down to see him.

His heart raced. How would Heero react to seeing him? The young man had not responded to any of his communications. Would Heero be willing to hear him out? Hear his apology and learn the real reasons why Duo hadn't immediately pursued a relationship? Or would Heero tell him to get lost? He had every right to be confused and perhaps even angry at Duo's behavior.

With his eyes trained on the row of elevator doors, Duo waited nervously. He thought back to his night with Heero and why after only spending a couple of hours together he was so set on seeing Heero again. It was the young man's controlled passion. It had set Duo aflame like no other lover had, moving tectonic plates as they had come together. And it was more than that. Heero had been right to say they had made a connection. Whether it was chemistry or something written in the stars, Duo could not explain it. He wasn't the sort to go gaga so easily.

At last, an elevator arrived that had Heero on it. Duo took a deep breath. This was it—the big send off or the start of something very wonderful.

Heero saw Duo immediately and without visible emotion walked up to him.

"Thanks for coming down to see me."

"I'm heading to lunch," Heero said, pausing beside Duo and then continuing on his way.

Duo watched Heero walk away. So, he was getting the cold shoulder. That was a good sign, he told himself. Heero was feeling something and hadn't outright told him to fuck off.

Duo caught up to Heero just as he was exiting the building. "Can I join you?"

Heero glanced over his shoulder. "Can I stop you?"

Duo chuckled. He supposed not, but an invitation would've been nice.

At the bottom of the granite steps, Heero stopped and turned to him. "Does she know you cheated on her?"


"Does your wife know?"

Duo laughed. "I don't have a wife."

"Then your girlfriend. Whatever she is... does she know?"

"You mean, Ginger? She's my friend from the Herald. I was having a picnic with her and her kids."

Heero's brow tightened. "And Solo?"

Duo nodded, taking a breath. "Yes, he's my son, and I'll understand if you don't want to get involved with a guy with a kid---"

"We're not involved." Duo bowed his head, shaking it as he considered what he was doing. "Look, I'm sorry," he said, meeting Heero's eyes. "I shouldn't be bothering you like this. I had my chance and I messed it up."

He turned and walked away, and it was the hardest thing he'd done since he'd buried his best friend. Each step was a torture as tears came to his eyes. What a stupid fuck he had been. What a messed up, stupid fuck.

And then he felt a touch to his shoulder. He turned. It was Heero. Duo nearly gasped, and quickly wiped at his eyes, embarrassed by his own tears.

"You're crying?"

Duo shook his head, and looked away. How much more embarrassing could this get?

Heero put his hand on Duo's arm, encouraging him to look at him again.

"I'm heading to Andy's Diner," Heero said, looking intently into Duo's eyes. "Why don't you come with me?"

A small smile appeared on Heero's lips, and Duo found himself smiling in return, and sniffling away the tears. "I'd like that."

"Good. Come on."

And with that, Heero and Duo walked off down the street toward the diner, occasionally looking at one another and smiling. The weight that had been pressing on Duo's shoulders was slowly lifting. He had his second chance.

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