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Warnings: masturbation, PWP

Notes: This was written for jana's the art of masturbation contest. This is my first lemony effort.

by Stacy

"Get your ass moving, Maxwell. I want to get the outer perimeter set up before dark," Heero growled at his partner. He hauled the duffel of equipment out of the trunk, not even sparing Duo a glance as he strode off towards the house. Duo hurriedly shouldered his own bag and shut the trunk. He had to jog to catch up with his long legged partner. He followed Heero through the front door of the cottage.

"Oh, get off it, Yuy," Duo emphasized Heero's last name, since Heero was pissed enough to not use his first name, "Une's being a cast iron bitch on this one. You and I both know she overreacted"... Duo didn't get a chance to finish, because Heero whipped around and glared at Duo.

"We are on this assignment because you couldn't manage to keep your mouth shut. If you had managed to keep your smart-assed comments about Harris and Chen to yourself until you were in Une's office, we wouldn't be here. But you," Heero pointed at Duo, his other hand clenched in a fist, "had to open your mouth and swear like a spacer in front of the senate delegation and the UESN trade rep."

"Jesus, Heero, now you're overreacting. You said yourself that if Harris had fucked up any more..." Duo was interrupted for the second time.

"Don't. Even. Start. We are here babysitting the representative because of your mouth. Do me a favor and keep it shut." He picked up his duffel and headed towards the stairs, a silent Duo trailing behind him. Reaching the first room at the head of the stairs, he turned to Duo, "I'll take this room." Seeing Duo open his mouth, Heero glared. "Not a word. We still need the rest of the supplies." With that pointed reminder, Heero closed the door in Duo's face. Blinking at the closed door for a moment, Duo then shrugged and headed back downstairs. Heero was right; they needed the rest of the supplies. He also had the feeling that Heero didn't want to see his face for a while. Grabbing the car keys, he returned to the car.


Getting the remainder of the supplies took Duo the rest of the day and well into the evening. As he drove back to the cottage, Duo acknowledged that Heero had a good reason to be angry. The assignment was pure shit. They would be protecting one member of the UESN trade delegation during the two-week summit, trading shifts with another pair of Preventers. The delegate and the other Preventers wouldn't arrive for three days; Duo and Heero were at the cottage early to secure the premises and establish security. No trouble was anticipated for this mission since their charge did not have particularly controversial views. What the mission basically boiled down to was two weeks of being bored mindless, following a bland, balding bureaucrat from meeting to meeting. Une was one sadistic woman, Duo thought, not only would he be suffering through the conference, but he'd also have to deal with an annoyed Heero for two weeks. Or longer. He had to admire Une's thoroughness.

Well, two weeks in close quarters with an annoyed Heero was better than no Heero at all, Duo thought cheerfully. He indulged in some gleefully salacious thoughts about his partner, more specifically about his partner's tight ass. Thoughts were all he indulged in, however; he did not want to ruin the friendship he had with Heero. Duo cared too much for his taciturn partner to risk his relationship for just the chance of a physical relationship. That attitude wasn't very brave, Duo knew, but too much was at stake. His reluctance to make an overture didn't stop him from catching a discreet eyeful at any available opportunity, though.

Turning the car onto the road leading to the cottage, Duo considered his options. He had finished acquiring the supplies earlier than anticipated and Heero wasn't expecting him back until tomorrow morning. A sly smile spread over his face as he pulled over onto a service road about a half-mile from the house. The cottage was part of a government compound, so he wasn't too concerned over the security of the car. Heero had the sensitive equipment anyway. Duo considered it a matter a pride to be able to sneak past any security measures that Heero set up. Besides, thought Duo, he can't get that much more pissed off. With that reassuring thought, Duo locked the car and ghosted off into the night.


Duo silently entered the house halfway disappointed that Heero hadn't discovered him yet. Searching through the lower floor, Duo found that Heero was not in either the living area or the kitchen, nor was he in the office. Duo rolled his eyes. I know he's not in bed already, Duo mused, drifting towards the stairs, maybe he's in the surveillance room. Heero had planned to set up the system so every room could be recorded.

Cautiously slipping through the door to the small room, Duo quickly checked for any sign of his partner. Seeing none, he stepped back towards the door. Thinking that the security monitors would be the fastest way to find Heero, he turned back towards the bank of monitors and froze, his eyes going wide. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Heero was in his bedroom, sitting with his back against the headboard. He made a decadent picture with his shirt unbuttoned, exposing his well-defined chest and his pants and boxers pulled down to mid thigh. His legs were splayed as wide as his pants would allow and his head was bent, watching his hand as it slowly stroked his erection.

Duo approached the bank of monitors, his mouth hanging open and steps uneven. His breath came in ragged pants. "Holy shit," he breathed, watching Heero touch himself with long steady strokes. Not taking his eyes off the monitor, Duo groped blindly behind himself for the chair and sat down heavily.

Throwing his head back, Heero tightened his grip on his erection. Duo saw his mouth open in what could only be a moan. With shaking fingers Duo reached forward and toggled the switch for audio. Now the sound of Heero's ragged breathing joined Duo's echoing in the otherwise quiet room.

Heero stopped stroking himself and Duo breathed "no" in disappointment. If he stopped now, Duo thought, I'm gonna explode. But Heero was only taking off his pants. Radiating sensuality, Heero slouched down against the headboard, pulling his bunched up pants and boxers completely off. As he dropped his pants over the side of the bed, Duo saw the bottle of lube and towel lying on top of the blankets. "Oh man," Duo muttered, sliding his hand down the front of his pants to relieve some of the tension. He eyed the recording console, tempted to capture his fantasy come to life, but he knew he'd be one dead man when Heero found out. Duo knew he wasn't skilled enough with the system to hide his tracks from Heero. Hell, Heero wouldn't even bother to hide the body... Une would let Heero off scot-free because she'd know that he'd managed to piss Heero off one time too many.

Shaking himself out of his reverie, Duo turned back to the monitor. Heero had slouched down further against the headboard, legs spread wantonly as he watched his hand slide deliberately over his erection. Heero trailed the fingers of his other hand down the side of his neck and across his collarbone, moaning at the light touch. His hand slid lower, feathering against the golden skin of his chest and stomach until it reached his other hand, still slowly stroking his hardness. Both hands were now moving, one maintaining the steady rhythm while the other teased the tip of his cock, gathering the moisture collected at the tip. Closing his eyes and bringing his hand to his lips, Heero leisurely licked the liquid from his fingertips. A groan sounded deep in his throat, transmitted through the audio pickups. Duo responded with a soft cry of need that he wasn't even aware of, struck with the intense desire to taste Heero, to smell his scent all over his body.

Heero fumbled unsteadily with the bottle of lubrication, popping the top off and pouring a generous amount into his palm. Smoothing the lube over his cock, Heero moaned aloud. Duo couldn't help it; he moaned along with Heero. He knew he should be quieter... if Heero caught him, he was one dead horny man... but the as he watched one of his fantasies acted out in front of him, Duo couldn't bring himself to care about the risk. Fumbling with shaking hands, Duo managed to get his pants open enough to pull his erection out. Running his fingers over the head to gather the pre-cum oozing out, Duo smeared the liquid down the shaft. Duo let out an explosive breath that he hadn't realized he'd been holding. He was close to the edge now, but he held himself back by force of will. He wanted... he needed... to see Heero come. He feathered his touch lightly over his cock, eyes riveted on the screen.

Rising up on his knees, Heero stroked himself faster. His shirt had fallen off one shoulder, and with his wild hair and mouth open and panting, he was the picture of sensuality. Heero reached behind himself with slick fingers, probing for his entrance. Duo saw Heero's body jerk and the hand stroking his hardness falter as he found his mark. Duo couldn't see his hand, but watched as Heero regained his rhythm, rocking back onto the fingers filling him and then forward into the tunnel formed by his hand. Heero tossed his head and moaned something in Japanese that Duo didn't catch, thrusting repeatedly into his hand.

Duo bit his lip, panting heavily. He was too close, and he pressed his thumb into the flesh under the head of his erection, trying to hold off his climax. Slow breaths, he told himself, closing his eyes. Not yet, he thought muzzily, need to see. Once he felt calm enough that he wouldn't orgasm immediately, his eyes snapped open to find the monitor.

"No!" He hissed desperately. Heero had stopped fingering himself and was using that hand to support himself; he had fallen forward on his hand and knees and all Duo could see was his back and arm. Duo was unaware of the high pitched whine he made as he glared a the screen, "No! Heero, please..."

Almost as if he had heard Duo's plea, Heero rose back up on his knees, shedding his shirt with jerky movements. He threw the shirt to one side and lay down on the bed, stroking himself again. This time Duo could make out words in Heero's moans.

"Now," Heero grated, "Now... I..." he trailed off with a wordless hiss, reaching down with his other hand to rub his balls, rolling them with his palm. His breath rising in harsh pants, Heero arched his back, knees drawn up and feet firmly planted on the bed. Heero tossed his head fitfully, wordless moans rising in volume. Duo's heart was pounding as he watched Heero approach orgasm. His own hand was racing over the heated skin of his erection and he slid down in his chair until his head rested against the back of the seat. "Yeah... fuck yeah," he moaned, "Heero... please... I."

As he watched, Heero's back arched and his hips rose off the bed. He came in long streams, coating his hand with his essence. Duo didn't hear Heero's low cry over his own strangled shout. Watching Heero's face twist with the force of his orgasm started a fire in Duo's gut that raced through his body and Duo came harder than he had ever before. As shudders of pleasure ran down his spine, Duo continued to lazily stroke his softening cock until it was too sensitive to touch.

"Gotta love Heero's attention to detail," Duo whispered, lazily turning back to the bank of monitors. Heero lay on his back, idly tracing patterns on his skin as the liquid cooled. Still in a haze, Duo smiled and reached out and gently touched the image of Heero on the monitor. His smile turned wistful for a moment, imagining he feel of soft skin under his fingertips instead of the cold glass. He heard Heero sigh, and with a start, Duo realized that he was sitting with his pants open and shirt pulled up, covered in his own semen and sitting in the chair of the surveillance room.

Swearing softly to himself, he scrambled up and used his overshirt to clean himself up. Straightening his clothes, he took one last look at the monitor and grinned. Heero had unwittingly given him enough fuel for his fantasies to last a lifetime. Stepping quietly out of the room, Duo failed to notice the small camera mounted in the corner.


Heero stretched and lazily reached for the towel on the edge of the bed. After wiping himself off, he stood up and pulled on a loose pair of drawstring pants. He walked over to the desk where his laptop was set up and maximized the video capture program that was running. With a few keystrokes, Heero pulled up the video from the surveillance room. Scanning back a few minutes into the recording, Heero stopped on a frame where Duo had his eyes closed and mouth open. He studied the face of his partner caught at the moment of orgasm and felt another stirring of desire.

Shutting down the program, Heero turned to finish cleaning up the room. "I really didn't expect the plan to work," Heero mused. His plan had hinged upon the fact that Duo was so consistent when it came to sneaking past Heero's perimeters. Heero's smile turned sly. This would be a hell of a way to show Duo how predictable he was becoming. Heero couldn't help the grin that spread over his face. What was the best way to tell your partner that you had caught him on vid jacking off? Heero imagined Duo's wide-eyed look when told, which lead to a vision of him pushing Duo against the wall, kissing his neck while he wrapped Duo's braid around his fist...

"Hey Heero, I'm ho~ome." The slamming of the front door was followed by Duo's cheerful voice. Heero noted with a satisfied smirk that Duo's voice was a little more husky than usual. Heero made a sudden decision.

"I'm upstairs," Heero called, moving over to his laptop to retrieve the video. He could hear Duo's footsteps on the stairs. Smiling in anticipation, Heero turned towards the door and said, "I need you to take a look at this..."


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