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Pairings: 1x1, 2x2 and hinting of 1x2x1 later. (Will write a sequel to it detailing lemon if so requested)
Warning: None really, masturbation, foul language
Rating: R

Summary: Heero takes a little “Me Time” and Duo oversees accidentally. Causing Duo to have the same problem develop so he has to take some “Me Time”. They both watch and are watched. They will eventually get together I hope. -=^_~=-

Videos of Bliss
by Hell's Demise

. . .

Total Units Eliminated: 350
Damage to Wing Zero: Negligible
Damage to Deathscythe Hell: Minor repairs needed to
  left hip rotor.
  Minuscule circuitry repairs
  in top right Vulcan control
Damage to Pilot 01: None.
Damage to Pilot 02: None.

Mission Complete.

Heero sighed slightly as he sent off the mission report to Dr. J. He had just spent the last hour typing up the report on the destruction that he and the Braided American had wrought not a few hours before. The mission in itself was simple, go to the base, destroy the factory, reek a little havoc then go home. They had expected the numbers in suits but didn’t expect one of the Leo Units to pick up the upper torso of a downed suit and hurl it bodily at the black Gundam it was facing. Duo had seen the flying debris early enough to block it but not early enough to prevent the damage to the left hip rotation joint. The damage in itself was minor, but prevented the machine from moving as fluidly as the pilot would have liked. Heero smirked inwardly as he remembered the colourful curses that had flowed out of the open comm.

The braided one was seemingly more and more on his mind lately. And as hard as he tried to make everyone believe that he didn’t have them, he did have emotions. He just didn’t understand them all that well. Oh he understood the basics, Anger, Hate, Fear. But he really didn’t understand all of the others like Love, Joy, and Happiness. He hoped that one day he would understand them and maybe Duo could help him with the understanding of them all.

Heero leaned back in his chair and stretched out slightly cramped and sore muscles. Even though neither pilot was wounded, the did have some stiff and sore muscles from all the strain of piloting one of the worlds most deadliest machines. Closing his eyes briefly, an image of Duo doing the same sort of stretch, showing off all of his lean muscles on that perfectly lithe body, popped into his head.

Oh yes, he had been imagining images of Duo in sensual, sexual poses for weeks now. He couldn’t help it. The more he ignored it the worse it became. When the first image that had popped into his head caused a sudden flash of heat across the bridge of his nose and centered in his groin area, Heero decided to do some research. He realized after his research that he found the American teen attractive. It was, at first, a simple appreciation for the beauty that the one called Duo Maxwell obviously possessed, but then it escalated into all out, full blown Lust. He wanted the boy. He needed to be near him, even though his training wouldn’t allow such a thing and his outward appearances showed no change to the need of just being in the same room with the other boy.

As time wore on he realized that not only did he lust after the boy but he care for him deeply as well. He hurt when Duo hurt, he was happy when Duo was happy, although he would never show it outwardly. He wanted Duo not only for his outer beauty but for the inner beauty as well. Resolutely he shook his head sharply to dismiss those thoughts, no he wouldn’t tell him, not until after the war. He would just have to settle for the momentary snatches of bliss that he experienced by his own doing until the whole horrid affair with Oz was over.

Opening a highly encrypted file on his laptop, Heero let the program run as he leaned back and enjoyed the view. Images, surreptitiously taken, of the Braided one flashed across the screen at fifteen-second intervals. The warm feeling that he had felt earlier was slowly making itself know as he watched pictures of the beautiful fey creature with long chestnut hair and hauntingly violet eyes as they flitted across his screen.

The images were just a starting point for his imagination in these snatches of freedom to give into his body’s needs. Heero closed his eyes half way as he imagined holding the beautiful one in his arms and taking what was offered to him. Running his hands up and down his tank top clad chest, he teased his nipples into stiff peaks as he envisioned that it was really Duo’s hands, not his own. Warm hands roamed all over his equally warm skin, sending waves of electricity skittering across his nerves and down his spine. Moaning slightly Heero risked stroking his hard shaft through the tight, form fitting cloth of his spandex shorts. Wanting the moment to last as long as possible, Heero imagined that Duo was stroking his weeping shaft with infinite care and firm, pleasure-filled strokes. Moaning softly at the vision as well as the sense of touch, Heero felt himself hardening further under the assault on his senses and sped up his movements.


Duo bounced from the living room where Wufei had been reading twenty minutes earlier and was now ranting at Duo to find someone else to bug. Trowa and Quatre were off getting supplies in their only mode of transportation, besides the Gundams, so he couldn’t bug them and Heero said not to bother him for an hour and a half so that he could type up the report of their latest victory over Oz.

Checking his watch he noticed that there was about ten minutes left before he could officially go and bug Heero so he decided to wander a bit and take a look around the safe house that they were staying in.

It wasn’t like the last house that they had stayed in. Oh no, that house had been one of Quatre’s families summer homes, situated on five acres of lush grasses, gardens and forested area. The house itself had been what most would call a mini mansion. Everyone was entitled to their own room, complete with own walk-in closet and private bath. Not to knock Quatre’s families taste in homes, but Duo really didn’t like it all that much. Oh sure, he played the joker and the comic saying that he loved having his own room and not having to worry about the sound of typing in the middle of the night. But truthfully he had thought that was going to be cool and all that, but he found he missed rooming with the stoic Japanese granite golem.

The house that they were in now was a slightly shabby two-story three-bedroom house that had a small but fertile back yard of one acre and a few oak trees. It was also out in the countryside, hence the using of a vehicle to get back and forth to the store in town. The up side was the huge barn that housed four out of the five Gundams. For some reason Wufei left his out in the forest a few miles away.

Duo smiled to himself as he thought of the prospect of rooming with the Japanese pilot once more and it warmed him. Even though Heero acted cold, some how Duo knew that underneath that cold marble exterior was a caring person. That is one of the reasons why Duo took it upon himself to pester the cobalt-eyed boy endlessly. He hoped that at one point he would crack that hard armor and allow Heero to be a regular teenage boy like he should be, complete with raging hormones. Duo laughed quietly as he though about that for a while. Heero with raging hormones, prolly wouldn’t know what to do with them if he had them. Duo snorted at the thought. I could teach him a thing or three.

Checking the time again Duo smiled as there was one minute left. Employing all the skills and knowledge that Duo possessed as a street rat, master thief, he made his way up the stairs to the second floor and down the hall. He was planning down to the very second. He was going to go bounding into the room and start to tease the boy about the mission reports first thing. He silently and carefully reached out and turned the handle to the door wanting to have the door open a bit before bounding in like normal. Peaking his head in through the space he had made he was scanning for the Japanese boy so that he would know exactly where he was when he entered the room, he however, did not expect to see what he did see.


Heero leaned back in his chair a little more as he stretched out. His tank top had been pulled off and was now draped across the back of the chair for a little bit of padding. His black spandex shorts were peeled down to mid thigh, exposing his raging hard erection to the room. Sweat glistened over bronzed muscles that flexed and shifted with each stroke and subsequent thrust. His right hand was flying over his hardness with ragged speed and his hips thrust up into the sweat and precum slicked tunnel his hand made. His left hand ran over his chest teasing and taunting his copper coloured nipples into stiff peaks before trailing down to splay across finely toned abs and over his heaving ribcage.

Cobalt blue eyes were shut to the world around him as he only had eyes for the beautiful vision of the violet-eyed creature that haunted him so. The program had shut down only a few minutes before, but Heero no longer needed the snapshots to get him to where he wanted to be in his mind. In his mind he was thrusting into the beautifully warm, willing and able body of the American boy, with his hair undone and cascading around them like a warm chestnut blanket as soft as the finest silk.

Unable to keep his orgasm in check any longer, Heero let himself fall over the edge of Bliss with a soft moan and came harder than he ever had previously. Chest heaving with exertion, Heero let his arms flop onto the armrests and simply enjoyed the after shocks that were still coursing through his system, causing his now softened shaft to twitch on his abdomen, before cleaning himself up and getting back to work.


Duo pulled back from his watching spot and as softly and quickly as he could, he shut the door. Leaning back on the wall for a minute as his fevered brain processed the scene that his body was happily reaction to. Closing his eyes for a split second was all that was needed to bring forth the image of Heero’s bronzed body reaching the higher reaches of orgasm. As blood rushed to places south of the boarder, Duo’s mind finally reached on simple conclusion. Damn, I guess he does know what to do with raging hormones after all.

Duo’s eyes widened at the fact that he had just witnessed his best-friend, partner and crush jacking off. He silently bolted for the only place that he knew where he could rant and process what had happened, his Gundam.


A small alert sounded over the laptop just as Heero was pulling his tank top on again. The sensors in the barn had gone off to warn that someone was in the area. Pulling up the surveillance video feed he scanned the area. He spotted movement near Deathscythe and focused in on that area. To Heero’s relief it was just Duo, although a closer look at the boy showed that he was slightly preoccupied with something on his mind. Heero watched the image of Duo pacing in front of his Gundam while he talked to it. Heero couldn’t here what Duo was saying but he could read lips when the person was facing the camera, although Duo wasn’t talking much.


Duo paced as best as he could with his condition. He cared for Heero, he lusted after him, and despite seeing each other naked in the shower at the schools they had attended or when dressing wounds, the sight of the Perfect Soldier jacking off was just a little too much for Duo’s above average libido to handle. He was hard. Rock hard. And pacing back and forth in front of his Gundam wasn’t helping matters any. Muttering to himself about perfect Japanese boys and their masturbatory habits Duo scaled up Deathscythe’s slick body and scrambled into the cock-pit.


Heero tracked Duo’s progress up the Gundam suit enjoying the lithe body’s movements. He lost sight of Duo as he scrambled into the cock-pit so with a few key strokes he was expertly hacking into Deathscythe’s internal cameras. Duo had no idea that Heero could do this and had figured out some of the Braided One’s codes long ago. Mind you it had taken quite a long time for him to crack them in the first place. Though he would never admit it to his face, Duo was a wiz at computers, almost as much at Heero himself was. After a few minutes of hacking, Duo liked to change his passwords on an infrequent basis, Heero tapped into the cameras in the cock-pit and got the surprise of his life.


Duo moaned. He was so hot, his blood felt as though it was on slow boil. Both of his shirts were open, exposing his pale creamy white chest and rosy nipples that were hard from him teasing them moments ago. His slim fingers traced over his pale throat, down his chest and toyed with the waistband of his pants. The belt had long been taken off.


Heero’s eyes widened at the sight of Duo panting so wantonly in the command chair of his Gundam. How he wished that it was his fingers skimming down Duo’s throat. This was almost too much for him to bear. His arousal was returning with vengeance just watching Duo like this. He set the laptop to record the images. He would integrate the video into his files later. Right now he was too mesmerized to even look away.


Duo’s deft fingers made short work of his pants and pushed them down his thighs along with his boxers, allowing his rock hard erection to spring free and bob against his stomach. Just the thought of Heero doing what he had been doing was almost enough to bring him over the edge. He had had a thing for the stoic pilot ever since he met him. And now he had this beautiful image to relish in. He imagined that it was Heero’s fingers trailing all over his skin, just lightly skimming over the surface in a feather-like touch. Duo was so hard it hurt in an excruciatingly pleasurable way. Imagining that it was Heero’s calloused hands all over him it took nothing for him to bring himself over the edge. He came and came hard, crying out Heero’s name as he was. After he was spent, he slumped forward, breathing heavily and shuddering every so often with the after shocks.


Heero stared at the screen in shock. He did not just see what he thought that he saw, did he? Stopping the recording he rewound it a bit and watched it again. Yup there is was, Duo called out his name when he came. Heero sat in a stupefied manner just watching the video feed from the cock-pit. Duo was now cleaning up his mess and straightening out his clothes. His eyes held a look of longing and sadness in them. Heero’s heart hurt to see such a beauty in such pain. Smirking, he began to formulate a plan.


Duo sauntered into the safe house like there was nothing wrong, though on the inside he was hurting. He cared about Heero more than he should and wanted more, but could never have it. The cobalt eyed pilot would never think of him more than a pilot and comrade. Well no that wasn’t true. Heero had told Duo that he was his friend. And that meant a lot to Duo even though he didn’t show it. Putting aside those grim thoughts he bound up the stairs to their shared room to go and bug the Japanese boy.


Heero had tracked Duo’s progress through the hanger towards the safe house and had everything planned out. He had two video files playing on repeat one was the video feed that he had just recorded from Deathscythe’s cock-pit and the other was of him a few weeks earlier, Heero was in a similar pose to Duo in the command chair of Zero, calling out Duo’s name. Both were side by side playing on his laptop and on repeat. Heero heard Duo bouncing up the stairs and headed for their shared room. Heero angled the laptop so that was what Duo saw when he first came in the room and then hid in the shadows of the room, it was dark enough with the drapes drawn that Duo wouldn’t be able to see Heero until he came out of the shadow.


Duo took a deep breath and bounced into the room. “Hey Hee….” Anything else he would have said died in his throat as he took sight of the laptop and the vids playing. He focused on the one of Heero first, the green tank top was bunched up under his shoulders and the spandex was down to his knees and he was stroking himself with vigor. Just as he fell off the edge of bliss he cried out Duo’s name. There was no sound to the vids but Duo was just as good of a lip reader as any of the pilots. Duo started slightly at the sight of his name on those lips. Dragging his eyes from that vid he watched the other, a blush spreading across his cheeks and nose as he realized that it was a video of him from today, crying out Heero’s name in the throws of passion.

“It is surprising that we both want something that the other has,” Heero’s nasally voice emerged from the darkness. He slid from the shadows and closed the door behind Duo.

“Heero?” Duo’s voice sounded so unsure.

Heero moved up behind Duo and laid a warm hand on Duo’s shoulder. Duo turned and looked into Heero’s blazing cobalt eyes. He could see behind the stoic mask that he normally wore. There were emotions in those deep blue eyes, caring, want, lust and even love.

“What do you say Duo? What I want is in front of me and what you want is in front of you. The question is will you reach out and take what you want?” Heero removed his hand from Duo’s shoulder as he turned around to fully face the boy. Standing with arms raised to his waist level, Heero waited for Duo’s response. Duo took only a few seconds to think about it. He wanted Heero, and Heero wanted him. Heero wanted him and loved him. Duo all but fell into Heero’s arms and held him tight before kissing the mouth that he had dreamed about for so long.

Breaking off the heated kiss, Duo panted “You realize that you are never gonna get rid of me now you know.”

Heero smiled a smile but genuine smile at the Braided One in his arms. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said and kissed Duo’s pert nose. “Ai shiteiru Duo.”

Duo smiled brightly at Heero, “Ai shiteiru Heero.” They kissed again as the videos continued to play in the back ground, both running side by side at the same moment that they achieved bliss.


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