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pairings : 1x1, 2x2 warning : yaoi, lemon, PWP, masturbation, exhibitionism

Seeing Stars
by Zania, the Lemon Princess

It had started innocently enough as an attempt to distract Heero during class, something to tear his eyes away from the teacher for a few minutes. Any response was considered a good response to Duo and with each success he pushed it further. At first it was little notes written in the margins of Heero’s college literature book, followed closely by the chibi cartoons in his calculus spiral. When the written diversions began to get old, the verbal ones began. Whispered jokes during the history lesson worked fine, but Duo quickly found that anything spoken was more likely to cause a disruption to the rest of the class.

It was in their astronomy class that Duo reverted to making faces at the Japanese boy, something he hadn’t done since their school-hopping days during the war. The darkness of the room allowed him to do as he pleased without the worry of the teacher seeing them, their isolated seats in the back row cutting off other students, as well. The lighting was set up so that holographic images of the stars were scattered about the ceiling, and their professor was adequately blinded by the light on his podium that permitted him to see his notes, but not his own students. The desks ran in long, counter-top rows, permanently placed in auditorium style seating. Each one had a modesty panel running across the front of each desk; it was a pain the ass if you wanted to stretch your legs out, but it also worked to block the view of someone in front of it.

It was the perfect environment to take advantage of, and during the 8am class, on the snowy Tuesday morning of February the 2nd, Duo decided to push it to its full extent.


Duo plopped down in the seat next to Heero, throwing his bag onto the desk as the teacher took his place at the front podium. The class was only about half full, the heavy snow causing many of the students to sleep in, rather than bear the weather for an hour-and-a-half course so early in the morning. The braided boy would’ve skipped out himself, but he found that this class allowed him the most flexibility in annoying Heero, seeing as they both knew the material better than the professor ever would. Even still, neither of them missed a class, Heero- for his sense of obligation, and Duo- for the ability to tease his long-time crush.

Class began as the professor turned down the lights, and Duo pulled a paper bag out of his backpack. Being careful not to make too much noise, the braided boy started in on his breakfast of a glazed doughnut, the sticky sugar coating his fingers as he ate. Duo had just begun to lick his hands clean, when he felt eyes upon him.

As he slid his index finger into his mouth, he quickly scanned the room, wondering who his admirer was until his eyes fell on the last person possible… Heero.

The brown haired boy’s eyes were glued to him, his mouth in particular, watching Duo’s every action, yet seemingly unaware that his scrutiny had been noticed. Taking advantage of that fact, Duo decided to push it a bit further, unsure of what he had done to suddenly catch Heero’s attention, but maybe…

Extending another finger, Duo began to lick the digit clean, swirling his tongue around until all remains of the sugary glaze was gone before pushing both fingers back into his mouth. A blush rose on Heero’s cheeks as the Japanese boy finally noticed that he had been caught staring, his eyes still locked onto Duo as he slowly removed his fingers. A sly grin spread across Duo’s face as the braided boy slowly licked his lips once more for good measure before mouthing silently to Heero, “Like that?”

Heero shook his head rigorously, returning the non-verbal communication. “Stop it!” Only his eyes showed panic as the rest of his face settled into a glare. Anyone else would have backed off at that point, with Heero’s look promising death, but Duo had yet to find a time when such a threat was actually carried out… at least with him. Others, he’d learned, were not so fortunate and that was one of the few things that hinted that maybe Heero felt more for him than he’d let on.

Either way, it gave Duo the nerve to press on, smirking as he slid low in his chair, angling it towards Heero. Fingers shook slightly as they skimmed the buttons of his shirt, Duo shrugged his jacket off his shoulders as his hands continued to rub down his body, onto his thighs and over his crotch. The touch brought a stirring to his loins, awakening his arousal under the heat of Heero’s glare. He could feel his heart pounding as he slipped each button free, revealing to Heero the smooth expanse of his chest and abdomen.

Heero watched in fascination as Duo slid out of his seat and onto the classroom floor, hiding himself from the view of others, however perfectly within Heero’s sight. He couldn’t believe this was happening, that Duo was coming onto him, and in their astronomy class of all places! That fact made it even more thrilling, the possibility that they could get caught adding to the excitement of Duo’s actions. Heero gripped the edges of the desk with white-knuckled fists as Duo unbuckled his belt and the Japanese boy suppressed a moan while he wondered how much more he could take. He wanted so much to just be alone with the braided boy, but that would have to wait till later. For now, he would have to deal Duo’s relentless teasing.

As Duo slowly eased his pants down, he kept his eyes locked onto Heero’s, reading the emotions filtering through them. Lust, overwhelming lust, and nervousness seemed to be the most prominent, but there were others as well. It was the addition of affection, the soft gleam in those beautiful cobalt eyes, that pushed him forward, wanting to see Heero’s reaction. How far would the Perfect Soldier let him go?

The soft corduroy pants settled at his ankles as Duo pulled his knees up towards his chest, his blue and white striped boxers tenting in his lap where his arousal pushed upwards against the cotton. The position gave Heero a perfect view, yet shielded Duo’s body enough that it diminished the vulnerability his nudity created. Leaning his back against the modesty panel, Duo ran his hands up and down his chest, fingers lingering to caress the stiff pink nipples with light pinches and twists. As the braided boy moved his hands lower to play along the edge of his boxers, Heero squirmed in his seat, his hand lowering involuntarily to rub against the bulge forming in the front of his jeans. Heero had tried his best to ignore it, to overlook the feelings Duo aroused in him, but now they were overwhelming him, uncontrollable under Duo’s current manipulation. And for the first time, it didn’t matter because Duo’s situation was identical to his own, the braided boy sliding his fingers over his cloth covered erection while anxiously waiting to see if Heero would accept more from him, if he wanted more…

“Do it,” Heero whispered as he clumsily fumbled with the button on his jeans. “Let me watch.”

Duo’s eyes slid half-shut as he hooked his thumbs into his boxers and slid them down his thighs. The cool air blew over his heated skin, creating goose-bumps on the exposed flesh, yet even the chill was not enough to overpower the heat in Heero’s eyes. It was those eyes that kept him warm, his blood hot in his veins as he took his swollen erection into his hand.

Heero’s hands trembled as he lowered the zipper on his jeans, his eyes taking in the sight of Duo leisurely stroking his cock. The braided boy was a manifestation of pure sexuality, laying back against the desk with his chest exposed, his legs slightly spread as he caressed his hardened shaft, pearly white drops leaking from the tip. It was enough to make Heero forget his inhibitions and he pulled himself free of his restricting jeans to pump himself as well.

“Oh, fuck…” Duo breathed as Heero’s actions came into view. The Japanese boy’s cock was flushed red, swollen and dripping. Heero was cut, unlike himself, the thickness pulsing pre-cum as it stood erect amongst a mass of chocolate curls. Duo rose to his knees, creeping forward, unable to prevent himself from acting out one of his many fantasies. He had wanted to taste Heero for so long, wanted to feel that silken hardness between his lips, and suddenly it was there, bobbing in front of him. As he looked up into Heero’s eyes, Duo leaned forward and took the head into his mouth, the salty sweetness settling in his mouth as he swirled his tongue around the tip.

“Duo…” Heero moaned quietly as he felt himself enveloped in the soft, wet heat of Duo’s mouth. His hands threaded into Duo’s soft chestnut hair as his hips began to rock, Duo’s mouth taking him down to the base. Looking up, he saw he the stars sparkle, his eyes both open and closed, as he felt his orgasm approaching.

Duo’s hand began to move faster now, pacing his rhythm with the bobbing of his head. He was ready when Heero’s grip tightened briefly, his lover’s essence filling his mouth as Duo continued to suck enthusiastically. Finally, Heero went slack in his chair, and Duo fell back onto the floor, pumping madly with one hand as the other lowered to his entrance, stroking the tight pucker with his saliva soaked fingers as he brought himself off. Heero watched in a haze as Duo found completion, spilling himself into his hand within seconds, the spurts of creamy, white cum leaking through his fingers as he collapsed against the barrier behind him.

Panting quietly, Heero slid down onto the cold linoleum floor, his pants still open with his cock laying limp against the rough material of his jeans. As he knelt beside Duo, he pulled the braided boy’s hand to his mouth, sucking each digit in imitation of Duo’s earlier tease. A shiver ran down Duo’s spine and he moaned, his arousal stirring slightly as Heero licked his fingers clean.

Duo looked into cobalt blue eyes as a finger was quickly pressed to his lips, startled into silence by the mischievous smile on Heero’s face. “Shhh… We wouldn’t want to get caught now, baka.”

Heero leaned forward, his lips hungrily pressing against the braided boy’s, sharing the taste of Duo’s cum as their lips came together, a mashing of tongues and teeth and tangled limbs. It was wet, clumsy, and awkward. It was the most amazing first kiss either of them could have ever imagined. When they eventually pulled apart, both boys were grinning, their chests heaving as they gasped for air.

“Damn, that was hot.”

Heero chuckled softly as he pulled himself together, tucking himself in and buttoning his pants. Duo watched, captivated by his lover’s body, until Heero began to help straighten the braided boy up as well. As Duo finished dressing, he pulled himself up onto his hands and knees and grabbed his bag from off the desk. Looking towards the back door, he whispered to Heero.

“You know, we could get out of here. Go some place a little more… comfortable.”

Heero smirked as he began to make his way towards the back door. Any place would be better than the cold linoleum floor of the Astronomy classroom.

“Where? The Geography building? I think they have carpet-”

Heero broke off with an undignified yelp, a silly grin plastered to his face as Duo reached forward and slapped his ass. The pair clambered towards the exit, attempting to be quiet as they scrabbled through the door on their hands and knees. As the door slammed shut behind them, the professor cleared her throat.

“Now that the entertainment is finished, may we continue our lesson…”


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