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Pairings: 1x1, 2x2
Category: Yaoi
Warnings: Masturbation, Language... Masturbation, Lemony Digital Hentai Situations... um... Masturbation, Sex Toys... did I mention Masturbation? This is the first fic I've used the word 'cock' in too! I'm so proud... ^_^

Notes: This Fic was written for the Art Of Masturbation Fic Contest 2002!

Reach Out and Touch
by TK Maxwell

Duo sat at his laptop entering the last shipment manifest. It had been a busy week at the salvage yard, and he had been typing for a good hour to get caught up. He smiled to himself; he was getting as bad as Heero when it came to using computers. His inventory tracking had become so much easier since Heero had upgraded his network the last time the former Wing pilot had been in town. Duo could do paperwork at home now, linked to the computer system at the office. He was in his bedroom at the moment, his laptop on a bed tray, as he sat back against the wall. Duo shook his head; it certainly helped to have the best freelance Computer Networking Consultant in the Earth and Colonies as your best friend.

Companies paid Heero well to travel between their locations to make sure their technology was up to date. It made keeping in touch a little difficult sometimes, but Heero always managed to contact Duo, either by email when he was out of range, or by chat, vid-phone, or even an occasional visit when in town. Their friendship had become comfortable, and Duo was extremely glad that Heero seemed to want to maintain it. Even though the other boy had been distant during the wars, Duo was finding the real Heero emerging little by little; that person was becoming one of Duo's favorite people.

Inputting the final item, Duo saved his database file and exited the program. With a contented sigh of accomplishment, he went to check his web mail and see who was online tonight; Trowa had won the last game of digital chess they had played, and Duo was looking forward to a rematch. With Quatre away at a business conference, the brown-haired boy should be looking for something to do... unless Wufei was still visiting. Duo grinned. Why did he have a feeling that there was more going on with those three than they were telling anyone?

A chat window opened as soon as he logged on. Expecting to see Trowa’s nick, “clown_by_night”, he was pleasantly surprised when he noticed who it really was.

about time you got on

Duo grinned even wider. Heero’s nick always made his mind go directly to the gutter - do not pass ‘GO’, do not collect two-hundred dollars. It amused him to no end that Heero had developed a rather odd sense of humor over the past few months. Duo was beginning to really appreciate it.

<junkyard_prince> sorry... had to enter some shipment info... where are you?
<hardware_slave> section 232-A... doing a network cutover for the next few days

Duo was even happier at that news; it meant Heero would be in town all week. They chatted for a while, Duo letting Heero know what was going on with their mutual friends, Heero telling Duo about some of the more interesting jobs he'd done recently, both of them just getting caught back up with each other's lives. They had been on for over an hour when the conversation took a pronounced turn.

<hardware_slave> how is your system working out?
<junkyard_prince> i'm getting as bad as you with my laptop :)
<hardware_slave> really? hn. never would have thought you were a computer fetishist...

Duo blinked. Had that been a sexual innuendo? He reread it. Well, hell...

<junkyard_prince> no... maybe just a ‘hardware’ fetishist ;)

Duo knew he was pressing the envelope with that statement. He’d always been attracted to Heero, but the other boy had never shown any interest in that respect, so Duo had contented himself with just being friends. Heero had always seemed averse to teasing, especially the kind of a sexual nature. Of course, if Heero wanted to play around, Duo certainly wouldn’t complain. When Heero didn’t answer right away, Duo thought for a moment that he might have misunderstood Heero's tone. He needn’t have worried. The next two sentences shocked the hell out of him.

<hardware_slave> like touching ‘joysticks’, do you?
<hardware_slave> or are you more of a ‘roller ball’ type?

Duo just sat there, stunned at the words on the screen. Heero knew of Duo’s video game addiction, and it appeared the dark-haired boy was using this knowledge in a completely different context now. Duo felt his pulse quicken as he typed his response.

<junkyard_prince> depends on my mood... although certain ‘equipment’ tempts me more than others
<hardware_slave> gives the phrase ‘gameboy’ a whole new meaning, wouldn’t you say? ;)

Duo actually choked on his laughter. This was getting VERY interesting. He could feel his erection beginning to press against his sweat pants and wondered if Heero was aroused at all. They had never had a conversation like this before, and Duo was curious as to what had brought all this on. Although they were good enough friends that if he offended Heero, the other boy would tell him, Duo wasn't sure if he should get too flirty. Looking at the clock, he realized he needed to get in bed so he could go to work the next day. He hated to end the chat, but maybe it would be for the best.

<junkyard_prince> hey, i need to get going... work tomorrow. you'll be here for the rest of the week though, right? maybe we can chat again tomorrow night?

There was a pause, and Duo waited to see how Heero would respond.

<hardware_slave> yeah, i'll be here. how about you?
<junkyard_prince> sure thing. i'll make sure to make time for you ;)
<hardware_slave> good. i was hoping we could spend the nights together

Duo didn't know quite how to take that comment. On the one hand, Heero could just be referring to them chatting like they always did when he was in town. On the other, in light of what his friend had typed just moments ago, it could have a completely different meaning to it. Duo was confused. He decided to play it safe... for now. There would time to see just exactly how playful the other boy had become later.

<junkyard_prince> hey, sounds good to me... tomorrow night then?

There was another pause, and Duo wasn't sure how this conversation was making him feel. Heero had never shown interest in him before – why now? Spending the nights together with Heero would be good either way, but if it was the way Duo was thinking, it could change everything.

<hardware_slave> i'll be waiting for you...

Duo blushed a little at the suggestive tone those words seemed to have even though they were just typed on the screen. What had gotten into Heero? Duo couldn't deny that it was exciting, but it was also unsettling.

<junkyard_prince> okay... night Heero, sleep tight
<hardware_slave> goodnight Duo, don't let the bed bugs bite... or at least not too hard :)

Duo shook his head, but couldn't keep from smiling as he ended the chat and shut down for the night. Well, that had been unexpected. Heero Yuy had instigated a sexually charged conversation. Of course, Duo still didn't know if the other boy was just having fun or if he meant it. Well, until he found out, he would just go along with the teasing; he wouldn't want to make Heero think he didn't welcome the advances. Even though he had been cautious tonight, if Heero continued the innuendos, Duo would respond to them. Hell, it couldn't hurt. Besides, it had been fun. Duo didn't know what had caused this change in Heero, but he knew one thing for sure.

Even though it was a little unnerving, he liked it.


Duo closed the door behind him with a heavy sigh. Work had been busy today, and he was kind of tired. Although he had gotten in bed at a decent hour, he had been unable to go to sleep from thinking about Heero. He just couldn't figure it out. Why had the other boy begun to tease him like that? What if it was more than just teasing?

Duo walked into his kitchen to grab a can of soda. As he made his way into the bedroom, his eyes landed on his laptop innocuously sitting on the bed tray by his bed. He had told Heero that he would set aside time to talk to him, but now that he thought about getting online again, he felt nervous and anxious and downright intimidated... which wasn't very pleasant for someone who was used to taking the initiative.

What the hell was wrong with him? Heero was his best friend. It wasn't like they had slept together or anything, so why was he so wigged out over a little teasing? Duo took a deep breath and walked over to his bed. He pulled off his clothes, changing into a pair of stretchy cotton sports shorts. He must have sat there for a half hour staring at the blank screen before he realized what he was doing and booted his machine up. He didn't give himself time to worry as he connected and signed on. He didn't have to wait long for the chat window to appear either.

<hardware_slave> hey there... late night?

Duo couldn't lie about it, but he wasn't going to be completely honest either.

<junkyard_prince> not really... just had to get comfortable first
<hardware_slave> yeah, i know what you mean. i pull off all of my clothes as soon as i hit the bedroom door. the less i'm wearing, the happier i am :)

Duo felt his heart begin to beat a little faster. Now was that teasing, or was Heero just engaging in idle chitchat? He couldn't tell, so he just decided to take it as the latter.

<junkyard_prince> *lol* me too. it's not very conducive to company, but it's the way i am
<hardware_slave> well, that depends on the type of company ;)

Duo just blinked. Okay, now that was definitely teasing. It wasn't that he didn't like it; it just wasn't like Heero, and not being able to tell if Heero meant it personally or not was driving Duo up the wall. He tried to remind himself that he had teased Heero almost unmercifully ever since he'd met the other boy, and that Heero was just probably trying to get back at him. He told himself to remain calm and just act normally.

<junkyard_prince> well, i don't have much company at all, so i guess that doesn't matter
<hardware_slave> that's too bad. you're going to get out of practice, and then where will you be?
<junkyard_prince> alone and online with you? :)

Duo was going to keep this friendly. There was no way he was going to read more into this than was there. His heart just wouldn't be able to take it if he were wrong. He truly cared about Heero, and he couldn't bear to get his hopes up only to be told by the former Wing pilot that it was all just a joke.

<hardware_slave> could be worse... you could be alone and online with Relena :P
<junkyard_prince> for me that would be bad... for you, that would be a dream come true, ne?
<hardware_slave> no... i'm not interested in Relena like that, Duo

Duo stared at those words. So did that mean because he was sitting there with him that he was interested in him? Duo's mind spun at the thought. To think Heero would pick him over Relena...

<junkyard_prince> you mean, the princess doesn't set your processors a-whirling?
<hardware_slave> no... it would take a 'prince' to do that

Duo tried to not take that remark to heart, in spite of his nick. His heart had other ideas, and his body wasn't averse to them either. Now if only his mind would get with the program...

<junkyard_prince> didn't think you were wired that way
<hardware_slave> didn't know i was until recently... just now seeing how compatible my software is with someone who might be willing to interface with me

Well, damn. That was certainly a clever way to put it. So, Heero wanted to see if they were compatible... well, Duo was game. As long as Heero was being open and honest about it, Duo would be too.

<junkyard_prince> hmm... depends on what version you got... 'silent bastard', 'perfect soldier', or 'committed partner'?

Duo was quite proud of those options. He knew Heero would understand what he was referring to. During the wars, Heero had either been a silent unreachable person when undercover or the cold emotionless weapon during battle. The last choice represented someone who was willing, as Heero now seemed to be, to learn what it was like to really live... with someone willing to do the same.

<hardware_slave> committed partner 1.0 at your service :)
<hardware_slave> which operating system you running? god of death, braided baka, or comfortable companion?

Duo smiled broadly. He knew what Heero was asking. First, if he had learned to get over all of the death and destruction of his past – yes. Second, if he'd learned how to express himself with real emotions instead of letting humor be his only outlet – yes again. Now, comfortable companion... well, that just referred to whether or not Duo was willing to move ahead with his life and let someone else share it – which he was.

<junkyard_prince> i do believe my information tab says 'comfortable companion'. so... does that mean the software is compatible?

There was a slight pause.

<hardware_slave> i'll have to check my manufacturer's suggestions and get back to you on it.
<hardware_slave> listen, i've got a lot of programming i need to do before morning. talk to you tomorrow?

Duo knew avoidance when he read it. He couldn't help but smile though; the fact that Heero was interested at all was promising. He was willing to give the other boy time to think about it.

<junkyard_prince> okay... talk to you then
<hardware_slave> same time?
<junkyard_prince> sounds good... and Heero?
<hardware_slave> yeah?
<junkyard_prince> i'd like to discuss 'hardware' tomorrow night...

Duo logged off before Heero could reply. Smiling to himself, he shut down for the night, knowing that he would have to take care of A LOT of sexual tension before he'd be able to sleep.


Duo didn't wait to log on the next evening. He was ready for Mr. Committed Partner this time. He hadn't been able to get to sleep until after one in the morning, having had to take matters into his own hands more than once from just the mere thought of Heero possibly wanting to become more than friends. He saw Heero there as soon as he logged in, but Heero didn't initiate the chat like he had the first two nights. Well, Duo wasn't about to let the other boy get away that easily.

<junkyard_prince> hey there... how did it go today?
<hardware_slave> let's just say my networking kicked major ass :)

Duo laughed. There was a time when Heero wouldn't have even considered using that phrase. He was glad he had rubbed off so much on the Japanese boy. That thought led Duo to more...interesting ones.

<junkyard_prince> so, what did your manufacturer have to say?

Duo waited for Heero to react to his forwardness. He knew that Heero had been enjoying being the aggressive one, but the former Wing pilot needed to understand that if they did begin some kind of relationship beyond friendship, Duo would be just as aggressive in his pursuit of it. Heero needed to know what he was getting into before it was too late.

<hardware_slave> all system are go... i don't think any new 'programs' will need to be installed

Duo couldn't help the huge grin that lit up his face. This was really happening! He decided to take it one step further. All or nothing – that was what it had to be with him.

<junkyard_prince> any interesting games with this package?
<hardware_slave> i hope so... i mean, they haven't been previously 'played', so i'm not sure how 'interesting' they are...

Duo did a double take on that one. So, Heero was saying that he didn't have much experience, huh? Duo smirked. Well, he would just have to provide his own 'training sessions' to help the other boy out.

<junkyard_prince> oh yeah? well, i don't mind. makes it more of a challenge ;)
<hardware_slave> kind of makes you the only other player too

Duo liked the sound of that.

<junkyard_prince> i only like to play 'one on one' anyway, so that's good... um... when do you think i’ll get a demonstration of your ‘game controller’?

There was another pause, and Duo waited anxiously.

<hardware_slave> what kind of demo you looking for?
<junkyard_prince> dunno... how far are you willing to go?

Duo held his breath; he couldn’t believe he was having this discussion with Heero Yuy.

<hardware_slave> i'm not sure... what skill levels can i choose from?

Duo thought about that for a few moments before a wicked grin broke out on his face.

<junkyard_prince> novice (keyboard), intermediate (audio), or expert (in-person)... i don't do vid ;)

Duo waited for Heero to consider what he was proposing. He had never cyber-ed with anyone before, but he would with Heero. It would be a good way to kind of 'break into' a physical relationship without all that awkwardness of being in-person right away. He just hoped Heero realized that.

<hardware_slave> i think novice would be a good place to start...

Duo felt his heart skip a beat; Heero was willing. “I can't believe this!” he exclaimed out loud, not knowing exactly what to do in this situation. He thought for a moment then decided that they may as well see what would happen. He could ask, and all Heero could do was say 'yes' or 'no', right?

<junkyard_prince> okay... you wanna try it right now?
<hardware_slave> why not? i'm game if you are :)
<junkyard_prince> great! why don’t we start with you tellin’ me what you’re wearing ;)
<hardware_slave> actually, nothing but a pair of jean shorts... no underwear

Duo felt his arousal pulse just picturing that. He could see the dark-haired boy sitting at his computer, his chest bare, and his hands ghosting across the keyboard as he typed. That Heero had taken the time to mention that he wasn’t wearing underwear showed Duo that the other boy understood a little about what he was getting ready to do. Duo smiled; it was time to get serious.

<junkyard_prince> i’ve got on a pair of gray sweats... and i’m not wearing any underwear either ;)
<hardware_slave> can you take your hair down?

Duo was a little surprised at that request. It wasn’t as if Heero could see him. He smiled. Why not?

<junkyard_prince> sure... i’ll do it right now
<hardware_slave> thank you :)

Duo chuckled. Heero had never smiled that much in real life; chat icons were really a nice addition to his expressions. Duo just hoped Heero had learned to smile like that in person. He pulled the tie off the end of his braid, letting his long hair fall free, then focused back on the screen.

<junkyard_prince> ok, Heero... it’s down
<hardware_slave> i want to touch it, Duo...

Duo gasped. He’d never thought Heero would have such a hair fetish. The former Wing pilot had always seemed to think Duo's hair was a little extravagant. Well, perhaps Duo had misjudged Heero all along. The idea of the other boy actually touching him made Duo even more excited, and he let his hand slide down his stomach to rub across his increasing hardness pushing up against his sweats.

<junkyard_prince> then do it
<hardware_slave> i’m running my fingers through it right now... it’s so soft, just like i always thought it would be

Duo couldn't help but moan; he'd never thought Heero would admit to thinking about it at all. He let his hands move to his silken waves, his fingers mimicking how he thought Heero would touch it. He couldn’t believe how erotic is seemed.

<junkyard_prince> that feels so good, Heero... so good
<hardware_slave> i want more... my hand is moving to your chest, rubbing your left nipple... it’s so hard
<junkyard_prince> mmm... i like that... can i touch you too, Heero? i want to... i need to

Duo was rubbing his left nipple, imagining it was Heero’s hand. It was nice, but he wanted to touch the other boy too, to make Heero feel like he was actually there with him.

<hardware_slave> yes... touch me...
<junkyard_prince> i’m running my hands over you as i lean forward and take your left nipple in my mouth... i’m sucking it lightly, letting my tongue swirl around the hardened nub... you taste so good, Heero
<hardware_slave> ahhh... Duo... i let my hand trail down your chest until i reach your sweats... my hand brushes against the hardness there... i need more... i slide my fingers inside the waistband, letting them touch the tip of your erection

Duo let his hand delve inside his sweats, his long fingers touching himself as Heero described. He let the groan of pleasure escape his lips as he teased himself like he thought Heero would.

<junkyard_prince> oh yeah! that feels so incredible! i’m unsnapping your shorts, pulling down the zipper... i can’t wait any longer to have your hard cock in my hand, baby... i reach inside and begin stroking you, letting my palm rub over the head, smearing your wetness as i began pumping you
<hardware_slave> oh yes, Duo! i push down your sweats, letting your arousal out so i can grasp it, my hand sliding up and down, my thumb flicking over the head to gather the moisture at your tip... oh, Duo it feels so good... don’t stop

Duo pulled his sweats off, throwing them onto the floor quickly.

<junkyard_prince> i’m not stopping, baby... i pull down your shorts, keeping my hand on your cock... i let my other hand reach down and touch your balls...
<hardware_slave> nnn... i use my other hand to do the same to you... Duo, this is amazing! keep going... i’m getting close

Duo was too. His left hand was fondling his own balls while his right was pumping his erection. Just the thought that Heero was doing the exact same thing on the other end of their connection was unbelievable. He knew he was almost there. He hated to remove the one hand to type, but knew he had to in order to let Heero know what was going on.

<junkyard_prince> me too, Heero... now i’m moving my hand from your balls to your tight ass... feel my finger circling your entrance?
<hardware_slave> oh yes! yes, Duo... more... please... inside me... please
<junkyard_prince> i’m letting just the tip of my finger press against your opening...
<hardware_slave> inside, Duo... please... give it to me... push it inside... i want to come!
<junkyard_prince> i’m giving it to you, baby... the tip of my finger is entering you... i’m moving it in time with my strokes...
<hardware_slave> yes! yes! almost there...
<junkyard_prince> come with me, Heero...

Duo had his finger moving in and out of his own body as he gripped his erection tightly, his hips moving off the bed as he thrust upwards. He closed his eyes; the image of Heero sitting in his chair, pumping his cock with one hand while he fingered himself with the other was just too much for him to take. He let his thumb rub over his tip one more time, and then he was coming.

“Heero! Heero! Heero!” His seed seemed to explode from him, spraying his hand and stomach as he climaxed harder than he ever had in his life. He kept thrusting into his hand, his finger delving into his body as he let the waves of pleasure engulf him. When the last shudder went through him, he returned to reality, realizing Heero was still online.

<hardware_slave> that was... i can't believe we did that...
<junkyard_prince> yeah... did you go all the way?
<harware_slave> how could i not?
<junkyard_prince> it was fucking incredible :D
<hardware_slave> we need to do this again... that is, if you want to

Duo smiled. Hell yeah, he wanted to! He also wanted to do a little more.

<junkyard_prince> sounds good to me... why don't we meet online again tomorrow night?
<hardware_slave> i can do that :)

Duo thought for a moment. He was sure he had a mic built into his laptop...

<junkyard_prince> do you have a mic? i think i'm ready to move to 'intermediate'
<hardware_slave> yes, i have a mic... whatcha got in mind?
<junkyard_prince> i thought we could maybe do an audio chat while we... you know... if you want

Duo had the image of Heero blushing for some reason; of course, that was probably just because HE was. They would be able to actually hear each other if they did an audio chat, actually tell each other what was happening, actually know when the other was climaxing...

<hardware_slave> if you're sure you want to... i don't want you to think we have to, Duo...
<junkyard_prince> are you kidding? of course, i want to! as long as you do...

There was a brief pause, and Duo wondered if he was rushing them. Heero's response put that fear to rest.

<hardware_slave> yes, i do. just making sure you really wanted to
<junkyard_prince> cool! what time?
<hardware_slave> how about ten... right before bed ;)

Duo snickered at the other boy. Heero Yuy had become a major flirt; Duo loved it.

<junkyard_prince> you are so bad, Yuy. hey, can you get a dildo or vibrator by then?

There was a longer pause before Heero answered him. Was Heero reconsidering? It was a rather forward question, but like Duo had said before, better for Heero to know what he's getting into. Duo was a rather kinky lover, and Heero would have to learn and appreciate, if not participate, in those kinks.

<hardware_slave> no prob

Duo smirked. Well, at least he was adventurous if nothing else.

<junkyard_prince> maybe we should already be naked next time... what d'ya think?
<hardware_slave> i can do that too ;)
<junkyard_prince> all righty, then. ten o'clock, naked, tomorrow night.
<hardware_slave> it's a date

Duo laughed. It would be more than that!

<junkyard_prince> night, Heero... sweet dreams, baby
<hardware_slave> good night, sexy... and i'm sure they'll be about you

Before Duo could reply to that, Heero logged off.


Heero pulled his shaking hands away from the keyboard. He looked at his current condition and shook his head slightly. His shorts were down around his ankles, his body sweaty from exertion, semen all over his stomach; he couldn't help but smile. He had just masturbated for the first time in his life... and it had been with Duo Maxwell.


"Hey, Duo, do you want to go to a movie tonight? That new sci-fi adventure is out."

Duo looked at Hilde and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, Hilde. I'm kinda tired. Just wanna go home and relax, yanno? Thanks for askin' though."

Hilde shook her head at him. "What did you do, stay up late again last night?"

"No. Just didn't sleep very well," he mumbled, hoping she wouldn't ask why. Duo hadn't slept well the past three nights, but last night had been even worse than the night before. Images of Heero touching himself had forced Duo to take matters into his owns hands again... more than once... again. He hadn't fallen asleep until almost three in the morning.

"Well, try to get in bed tonight and get some rest," Hilde admonished, throwing a friendly arm over his shoulder. "Don't want you to come in here dead on your feet and have an accident, Duo. Okay?"

Duo looked at her over his shoulder, smiling with affection. "Okay, Hil. Have a good evening."

"You too, Duo. See you tomorrow!"

Duo grinned as he watched her leave the office. Oh, he was going to have a VERY good evening. There was a dark-haired Japanese wet dream come true meeting him for another round of cyber sex at ten o'clock... he would be having one of the best evenings of his life probably.

Duo had thought a lot about what had happened between him and Heero the night before. Heero had been so... erotic. Duo had always thought the other boy was just too uptight to enjoy himself doing anything, but now that he'd seen behind that wall of indifference Heero always seemed to put up, the braided boy wanted to see Heero completely let go. He intended to make sure Heero had the best damn climax of his life before the night was over.

Having to type what was happening had hindered their experience slightly, Duo admitted, but tonight would be different; they wouldn't have to stop touching themselves in order to let the other one know what was happening. It was going to be something Duo didn't think he'd ever forget. Shutting down the office PC, Duo smiled. It would soon be time to play his new favorite game with his new favorite 'partner'.


Heero logged on nervously at nine-thirty. He knew this was going to be completely different from the last time. He looked down at the slim vibrator and tube of lubricant he had purchased just that afternoon and blushed. This was not something he ever would have seen himself doing, but now that he had started this, he wanted to see where it would end up. He had never really been interested in sex before; although he'd had the occasional 'wet dream' like any other guy his age, he'd never actively sought his own release... until last night... with Duo.

Heero smiled slightly. The braided pilot of Deathscythe had always intrigued him, always challenged him emotionally, but Heero had resisted the other boy's charms, thinking that Duo just wanted casual sex. After getting to know the other boy better these past few months, Heero had discovered that Duo wasn't what he first appeared to be. Duo Maxwell was a faithful friend, caring individual, and interesting person; Heero had decided to take a chance and see what would happen. Of course, having several explicit dreams about the braided boy had helped him realize that he definitely wanted to see if they could have something more than friendship. He was beginning to tire of traveling. If he could begin a long-term relationship with the former pilot, he would consider staying on L2. He could get a job at any software company writing programs. He doubted he could find a better companion than Duo.

Heero surfed the web, trying to occupy his mind until it was time for Duo to meet him. It was a little frightening to think that Duo would actually hear his responses. What would Duo think about how he sounded? Would he laugh at him? Would he get turned off? Heero didn't know how much of Duo's excitement the previous night had been from the idea of cybering with someone and how much had been from that someone being Heero. Typing his reactions had given Heero a sense of security. He could moan all he had wanted to without worrying about what anyone would think about it. It would be like they were really together this time, and it reminded Heero of exactly why he had never actually had sex before – he was afraid to really let down his guard and be intimate with someone.

Heero's training had been severe, even brutal in some ways. The idea of being so open with another person was a little terrifying for the former assassin. He felt that he could trust Duo, but what if he were wrong? What if Duo betrayed him? Heero didn't know what he would do then, but he was sure he would never recover if that happened. He looked at the clock again just as it changed to ten o'clock. The chat window opened immediately, announcing Duo's arrival; Heero hoped he was ready.


Duo logged on, feeling a sense of expectation. He saw that Heero was already there and initiated the chat session. He looked down to see his favorite dildo sitting on the bed next to him with his much-used tube of Astroglide. His smile widened as he typed his opening message.

<junkyard_prince> Ground Control to Major Tom, do you read?
<hardware_slave> Major Tom here... initiating final sequel in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Duo grinned. Heero always surprised him when he played along with him.

"Major Tom to Ground Control, do you read?" came Heero's deep voice over the laptop speakers.

"Loud and clear, baby," Duo replied huskily, letting his voice drop to a low purr.

"Go for launch," came the quick reply that sounded almost shaky.

Duo knew Heero's voice so well that he had learned to be able to read the other boy's moods by listening. He could sense that all was not well on the other side of that audio channel. "Heero, are you okay?"

There was a brief pause before Heero answered, "Wh-why wouldn't I be?"

Duo knew then that something was wrong. "Heero, if you don't want to do this..."

"No! I want to... I mean, as long as you still do... I just..."

Duo waited for the other boy to continue, but there was only silence that greeted him. He tried to put himself in Heero's position so he could understand what could be happening on the opposite end of the line. Heero had said he wasn't experienced. Maybe he was nervous about that. Duo remembered how he had felt his first time being with someone sexually, and knowing how closed-off Heero had been in his life, it only made sense that he would be worried about this. Duo decided to try to put the other boy at ease before they proceeded. He wanted this to be something Heero would enjoy.

"Heero, it's just me, yanno, the guy who saved your ass all the time during the war?" Duo heard Heero mumble a breathy 'yes', but could tell that the other boy still wasn't convinced. "Listen, I know this isn't exactly like what we did before, but I really want to try it. I've been looking forward to this all day."

"Really?" came what sounded like an incredulous reply.

Duo smiled. "Yeah. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since last night. I barely slept, I barely got any work done today, and I barely kept myself from jacking off at least five times this evening." Duo heard what sounded like a nervous chuckle come through his speakers.

"You too? I never thought I'd make it to ten o'clock."

Duo laughed. "I've been fantasizing all day about what this was going to be like listening to you. You have a sexy voice, Heero. Did you know that?" Duo let his own voice dip low again as he spoke.


Heero closed his eyes, the sound of Duo's voice going straight to his rapidly growing erection. "My voice? Do you know how hard it was to concentrate during battle having to listen to you over the comm? Damn near impossible. Why do you think I told you to shut up so much?" Heero heard Duo snicker.

"I never even had a clue, man. Nice to know now though." There was a pause then Duo spoke in that husky tone again. "You naked?"

"Yes," Heero replied, feeling his face turn red.

"Are you on the bed?"

"Not yet. Hold on." Heero picked up the vibrator and lube and walked over to lie down, his heart beating wildly. "Okay, Duo. I'm there."

"Let me put my tray down beside the bed," came Duo's response. Heero heard some distortion then the audio channel cleared again. "All right. I think we're ready to begin."

"Okay," Heero said, his body already crying out for Duo's touch.

"I'm not stopping, baby, until you are so exhausted you can't move," Duo's voice promised. When he spoke again, the tone was softer, almost caressing. "Let me touch you, Heero. I want to hear you while I touch you, and I want you to hear me."

Heero couldn't help the moan that escaped his lips. "Yes. Please, Duo. Touch me." All of Heero's trepidation melted away at Duo's words.

"I'm running my hand down your chest. Can you feel my fingers caressing your nipple, Heero?"

Heero let his hand trail down just like Duo described. "Oh, yes, I can feel it, Duo."

"Mmm... you sound even better than I thought you would," Duo said, his voice sultry.

Heero felt his erection pulse at the praise. This was nothing like he had expected! Already, he felt his excitement growing, making him willing to express his pleasure. He smiled as he realized that Duo was the reason why.

"I want to touch you too, Duo. Will you let me?"


Duo moaned. "Let you? I was afraid I would have to beg, Heero." He could hear the other boy groan at those words and grinned. This was going better than he'd expected.

"All right then. I'm burying my fingers in your hair at the nape of your neck then slowly letting them slide down your throat. Your skin is so soft... how can you be so strong and feel so fragile at the same time?"

Duo felt his heart ache at that question. This was so much more than just a sexual encounter; he could tell that Heero had feelings for him a lot stronger than physical ones just from that one question. "How can you be so sexy and yet innocent at the same time? We're just human, Heero. Humans are allowed to be many extremes all at once. Passion and tenderness, love and lust, pain and pleasure... they all go so well together, making the experience all the better."

Duo heard silence on the other end for a moment before Heero replied. "I never thought about it that way before. Of course, there are a lot of things I'd never thought about before I met you."

Duo smiled, continuing to let his own hand caress his skin. "Heero, I don't want to just touch your body. I want to touch your heart and soul as well. It doesn't really mean anything unless you do."

"I... I want... that too," Heero's voice came over the speakers tentatively. "I want you... no, I need you to want all of me, Duo. I..." there was a pause, "I want all of you. Even the parts that annoy me."

Duo sighed, his smile widening. "Me too... the Perfect Soldier and the Committed Companion, all wrapped up into one." He let his hand rub over a nipple and moaned. "So can we continue before I explode here?" His erection was still pulsing, in spite of their impromptu conversation.

Duo could hear Heero snicker. "You want to just skip the foreplay and fuck each other?"

Duo burst out laughing. Now that was something he'd never in his wildest dreams imagined Heero Yuy would ever say. "Um... yeah... that would be... okay."

"My hand is sliding down your stomach to take hold of your erection," was Heero's response.

Duo complied more than willingly. His hand squeezed his hardened shaft, causing him to moan at the feeling. "Oh yeah, Heero. Feels so good. I'm reaching out and rubbing my thumb over your tip. You're so wet, Heero... so wet."

"Nnn... yes... oh, Duo, that feels good... I want... will you do what you did before?"

Duo smiled again. "You mean finger you?"

He could almost hear the embarrassment in the other boy's voice. "Yes... it was... nice."

"We need to before we can use the toys," Duo replied. "Lube your fingers, Heero."


Heero felt his face redden even more as he reached out and opened the new bottle of lube. He coated his fingers before lying back down on the bed. "Okay. I'm ready."

Duo's voice came over the speakers. "Good. I am too. I'm taking hold of your hard cock... oh, Heero, you're like steel in velvet, baby... I'm pumping you... can you feel me? Can you feel the way my hand slides over your skin? The heat from my touch?"

Heero was groaning at the mental image of those pale fingers wrapped around his shaft. "Oh, Duo! Yes, I can feel it... I can feel you... oh, it's so good... please... I want you inside me... please." Heero didn't know how much more he could take. He was already so close.

"My finger is entering you... you're so hot, baby. I can feel you clenching around me... oh yeah... just let me find that place... I'm feeling around for a slightly spongy nub inside you... can you feel me hit it yet?"

Heero let his finger slip inside his entrance, imagining it was Duo, wishing it really were. Expert level was going to be explored a little sooner than expected, if he had his say about it. This was great, but he wanted to actually feel Duo's hands on him. He let his finger move around until he found what Duo was talking about... and cried out the moment he touched it.

"Oh yes! Do that again!" he exclaimed then heard Duo yell in pleasure too and asked breathlessly, "Are you doing this too?"

Duo's raspy voice answered, "I'm imagining that it's you I'm touching. Is that okay?"

Heero closed his eyes. "More than okay. So you're fucking me, is that it?"

Duo's laughter filled the room. "Yep... and let me tell you something, Heero... you feel incredible!"

Heero smiled. "Then take me, Duo. I want you to make me scream so loud you'll never want to hear anyone else say your name in passion again."


Duo growled at the tone in Heero's voice. Possessive little thing, wasn't he? Duo admitted to himself that he felt the same way though, so it was all right. "It's time to add another finger, Heero-koi."

Heero chuckled. "Koi? I think I like that. Oh... and I definitely like that! Yes... nnn..."

Duo thrust another finger inside himself, pretending it was Heero. His other hand continued to stroke his own shaft. He was rapidly losing control. "I think that should do it. I want to enter you. Lube me, baby."

"Already done... Duo-koi."

Duo grabbed his own dildo and quickly lubed it before placing it at his own entrance. "I'm going to pound your ass in the mattress, Heero Yuy. I'm thrusting into you now." With one motion, Duo pressed the phallus in, his entrance accepting it eagerly. The feeling of being filled made him moan as he imagined it to be Heero's body he was filling. It took a little imagination, but Duo had been fantasizing about Heero for a long time, so he had plenty of practice at it. The images of him thrusting into Heero as his hand wrapped around his arousal and pumped mixed with the images of him being Heero as he pushed the dildo inside himself. Multi-tasking was definitely a good thing.

"Duo!" Heero cried out, apparently having inserted his own device. "Oh yes, this feels so... oh, I wish it was really you..."

Duo continued to move. "Heero... it is me, baby. Close your eyes... let your hand help me thrust into you. You're touching my cock, Heero. That's my cock in your hand, and you're helping me fuck you with it."

Duo gave into his own advice and began to thrust harder into himself, hitting his pleasure nub every other time to heighten the sensation. His hand flew over his erection, his hips moving off the bed as he pleasured himself. He could visualize Heero doing the same thing, could see the other boy's hands touching that body Duo wanted to claim for real.

"Duo! Yes... please... hard... I want it harder... harder... harder..."

Duo knew they were both reaching the breaking point.


Heero thrust his vibrator with abandonment, pretending that he was helping Duo thrust inside him. The moment the device had entered him had caused him to completely lose control, the feeling of those erotic vibrations driving him insane with need. His hand pumped his shaft rapidly as he sought release. Imagining that Duo was really there only fueled his desire, and he'd quickly learned how to move the vibe in a way that hit his prostate almost every time. The dual stimulation was just too much.

"Duo... I'm... close... oh yes! I'm... Duo... I'm... AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Heero thrust once more as his seed began to shoot from his body, covering his stomach with its liquid heat as he continued to stroke.

"Oh, yeah, Heero! Heero! OH YEAH, HEERO!" Duo's voice yelled out, his pleasure evident as he found his own completion.

Heero smiled, his body still shaking from the amazing climax. He could hear Duo breathing harshly on the other end of their connection. "You okay?"

Laughter came, followed by Duo's tired voice. "Are you kidding? I feel like I just got my cake and ate it too. That was... Heero... it was amazing. I can't wait until we can do this in person, man."

Heero closed his eyes. "How about tomorrow night? I finish my cutover tomorrow morning, but I don't have to leave for a few more days. We could spend them together... if you want, I mean... I don't want you to think..."

Duo's voice interrupted him. "Heero, I would love to spend them with you. In fact, why don't you just check out of that hotel tomorrow and stay with me. We need to see if we can sleep together... and I do mean 'sleep'... I'm a bed hog, and you might not be able to live with that."

Heero shook his head. "Duo, I'm sure that no matter what bad habits you have, I can learn to live with them if it means getting to experience what we just did together all the time. I..." he hesitated for a moment, trying to decide if he should just tell Duo what he wanted, and then decided that Duo had been completely honest with him, so he should be too. "I'm thinking about finding a permanent job on L2."


Duo felt his heart leap for joy. So, Heero was looking for a home. Duo grinned. "Well, now, that would mean you'd need a place to stay for good, wouldn't it?"

Heero's voice was soft, "Yes, it would. That's why... I mean... I wanted to see..." Duo could hear the frustration in Heero's voice as the other boy tried to explain. "Duo, when I realized how I felt about you, I couldn't help but think about the possibilities, you know? It would be... nice... to have someone to come home to... to have YOU to come home to. I miss you when I'm away. I don't want to miss you anymore."

Duo felt like crying from the emotion he heard in those words. "Then don't. I don't want to miss you anymore either, and it will be nice to have someone with me who wants to be here." Before he let his own emotions make him all mushy, Duo added, "So, I'll see you tomorrow night?"

"You... you mean you think you might really want me?"

Duo took a deep breath. This new Heero was just too much; Duo knew he'd be crying for the next few months if Heero kept talking like this once he moved in. Duo smiled. Hell, it would be worth every tear. "Heero, I've always wanted you. What took you so long?"

Breathless laughter met Duo's ears. "I guess I'm the baka then. Okay, sexy. I'll be over after work. Let's order pizza."

Duo laughed. "All right. I'll be waiting. And Heero?"


"Be sure to be ready for the real thing, baby. I plan on seeing just how loudly I can make you scream my name before I let you come."

"Okay... but you get to explain to your neighbors, not me."

Duo smiled. "I don't think 'Yes, Duo! Harder!" will need any clarification, do you?" Another bit of laughter could be heard from Heero's end, and Duo couldn't help but like the sound of it. He had a feeling he would be enjoying it from now on. Duo reached down and let his finger stroke his monitor. A thought came to him, and his laughter soon filled the room.

"What are you laughing at now?" Heero asked, humor still evident in his voice.

"I was just thinking about an old telephone commercial I once saw. The jingle said, 'Reach out, reach out and touch someone'. I seriously doubt they had this in mind when they made it."

"I don't know," Heero replied huskily. "I'm sure we're not the first people to have a long distance relationship. I can't wait to reach out and touch you in person though."

Duo sighed happily. "Me too." Before he could help himself, he spoke what he was thinking. "Yanno, you could always check out of that hotel tonight. I promise to let you get enough sleep to make it to work tomorrow." He knew Heero probably wouldn't want to do that, but he had to at least try. He wanted to see his new lover, damn it!

"I can be there in a half hour," came Heero's swift reply.

"I'll see you then," Duo said with a smile. He ended the chat, content with the thought that he would see Heero sooner than expected. He sat there for a few minutes then decided to check email; he was surprised to see something from Heero in his inbox. Clicking on the new mail, he read it quickly before jumping up, laughing. As he ran to the bathroom and turned on the water, the message remained on his screen.

"To: junkyard_prince@L2mail
From: hardware_slave@spacenet
Subject: By the way...


Did I mention that I have a bubble bath fetish? You may need to invest in a larger tub ^_~ See you (preferably naked) when I get there.

Heero ^_^"

Duo had never been so glad to have a computer in all of his life.


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