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Pairings: 1x2x1
Rating: NC 17
Warnings: Sap, angst, Lemon, Lime, voyeurism, exhibitionism, PWP, AU, OOC

Authors Notes: This is the much requested sequel to "Peeping Tom" Originally I hadn't planned on writing one but I have had so many people reply to the fic or e mail me asking for one that I guess I had better write one or risk suffering the threats to my health. I hope it lives up to expectations. Enjoy....

On the Other Side of the Window
by ShenLong (aka Deb's Dragon)
Part 4

The sunlight drifted in through the partially open curtains and fell across golden skin, stirring the occupant to wakefulness. Heero blinked his eyes sleepily and yawned. He felt relaxed, content, warm and unable to move. He froze for a moment until the reason he couldn't move came back to him. He smiled and looked at the top of a chestnut head. Duo was using him as a teddy bear.

The previous evenings events flooded back and he looked upon them with love and happiness. He had lost his virginity at last, and with someone he cared deeply for. Duo's gentleness and tenderness as he had taken him and shown him just how good sex could be only cemented the growing feeling of love and Heero knew he had found that special someone.

Duo stirred slightly and groaned a little as the sun made its presence known. His violet eyes fluttered open and he stiffened for a moment as he realized he was cuddling someone. He relaxed as he inhaled the scent of Heero and warmed all over. He felt happy and content. The fact that Heero was still in bed with him, happy to lay there sent tingles through his system, not that Heero had much chance to move. Duo smiled sheepishly as he realized he was wrapped around Heero, holding him an a warm embrace, an embrace he was reluctant to break. He tilted his head and looked into amused cobalt.

"Morning Duo." Heero dropped a kiss to that cute nose.

"Mmmm... Morning Heero. Did you sleep well?"

"Hai, I did."

"Good." Duo snuggled a little closer and sighed. "I could get used to this."

"Me too." Heero whispered as he cuddled Duo closer to him. His arms wrapped around Duo's slender form and pulled him closer.

Duo tucked his head under Heero's chin and enjoyed the moment. Heero's fingers were tracing patterns across the bare skin of his back and Duo shivered feeling his body respond. His own fingers began to reciprocate the action, running lightly over Heero's hip.

Heero's skin was on fire, each brush of Duo's fingers burning him with gentle torment. His morning erection no longer an embarrassment as he felt Duo's hardness rubbing against his thigh.

"I think we need a shower." Duo mumbled.

"Hai. I agree." Even though Duo had cleaned them both off after their lovemaking last night Heero still felt sticky.

Duo released Heero from his arms and rolled over, he stretched his lithe body in a feline fashion before sitting up and swinging his legs over the side of the bed, his hair falling around him in tangled waves.

Heero watched the little display, his groin aching. Duo was so graceful, so alluring without even trying and Heero's heart felt as if it would burst with new found joy. He pulled himself out of his thoughts and out of the bed. Standing, he stretched his own nude form, chasing the sleep from his muscles and easing the kinks from his spine, not in the least bit shy about displaying his body for his... lover? Yes, Heero thought with a smile. Duo was now his lover.

Duo watched the sensual display and felt his own body answering. His erection firming as his eyes appreciated the curves and planes of Heero's well toned physique. The man was a walking god and Duo intended to worship every day for as long as Heero would allow. He could clearly see Heero's excitement, jutting out from his groin, glistening slightly at the tip and he licked his lips. He would love to have Heero on toast for breakfast.

Duo stood, and in his own naked glory moved around the bed to embrace Heero and kiss him good morning. Lips met and parted, tongues roamed freely, reacquainting with soft palette, and sensitive spots previously unexplored. Stroking the inside of Heero's warm mouth with his tongue Duo moaned and pushed himself closer.

Heero responded and thrust his own hips in answer. Breaking the kiss they stared deep into cobalt and amethyst before Duo tugged Heero in the direction of the bathroom. They embraced and kissed again as Duo fumbled for the taps and turned on the water. The water warmed and they stepped under the spray, still locked at the lip. Hands began to roam over the slickness of heated skin, moans were given and taken as mouths continued to plunder.

Heero managed to pull away long enough to sink to his knees and came eye to eye with Duo's impressive cock. Heero hadn't had the chance to explore Duo's body thoroughly yet and he was desperate to see just how vocal he could make his partner. He eyed the length greedily, Duo was also uncut and the head was weeping in anticipation. Heero's tongue darted out and swiped across the sensitive head before lapping softly at the slit. Duo's hips thrust forwards as a groan escaped his mouth.

Duo's hands reached down and tangled themselves in Heero's hair, holding him perfectly in position. He tried to keep his hips from thrusting wildly but it was hard when that sweet mouth hovered over his burning need.

Heero licked again, working his tongue from tip to base, along the underside and back again. He tried to remember what had felt good to him and return the pleasure ten fold to Duo. Judging by the moans, he was on the right track. He wrapped his lips around the head and began to suck lightly.

"Ohhh Heero.... That's it baby. Suck it for me." Duo groaned as Heero's mouth drew him in.

Heero took as much of Duo into his mouth as he could. He reached his hands up and steadied himself with one on Duo's hip and the other cupping Duo's balls. He weighed him in his hand, feeling the heaviness under the silky skin and then caressed them gently, all the time moving his mouth along the slickened shaft.

Duo knew he wasn't going to last long. For a man with little experience Heero was sure talented with his mouth and a fast learner. Duo rocked steadily as he felt his orgasm building. Heero's fingers sneaking between his slightly spread legs to trace along the cleft of his ass and torment him further. He whimpered as his tight entrance was fingered lightly, the extra stimulation triggering his release. He pulled his cock back slightly to warn Heero of his impending climax and then, with a strangled cry, he gave in and shot his seed into Heero's waiting mouth.

Heero backed off a little and relaxed his mouth as much as he could in readiness for Duo's cum. The warm salty fluid hit the back of his throat and he instinctively swallowed. The taste was a little unpleasant to start with but then Heero found he liked the slightly bitter, salty flavor and suckled gently in an attempt to draw more of that fluid from Duo's body.

Duo continued to rock gently as his orgasm washed through him, tingles of pleasure raced through his veins as he rode the euphoria to the end. With a satisfied sigh he pulled himself from Heero's mouth and drew Heero up to embrace him. Their lips met in desire and Heero's parted to allow Duo to taste himself.

As the kiss deepened so Duo's fingers traced between their bodied to wrap around Heero and stroke. Heero moaned and thrust into the hand that pleasured him so expertly. The kiss was broken and Heero found himself being turned around, his back pressing against Duo's chest as Duo once more took his hardened length into his hand and pumped. Duo's other hand worked over his chest to locate a nipple and gently pinch and twist.

Heero became a slave to Duo's knowing hands as they tormented and teased his body expertly, fingers running over his chest, pausing to tweak a nipple before descending down to cup his testicles and roll them around, all the time the other hand never faltered in its stroking of his length. From time to time Duo's thumb swiped over the tip, adding even more to the pleasure load.

Heero began to push his hips in earnest, his climax building as he was stroked, teased and pleasured. He threw his head back onto Duo's shoulder, eyes squeezed shut as the fire began to claim his soul, burning through his nerves to settle in his groin where it built to an inferno. "Ohhh Duo..... I can't... I can't...." he panted as he thrust helplessly into that commanding hand.

"Let it go Heero... Let your seed come forth... Coat my hand with your essence... Come for me baby."

With a keening cry Heero let go and flew. His hips jerked and his breath caught as the liquid fire erupted from his cock in molten rivers, running over Duo's hand and spraying the tiles, Duo's hand continuing to stroke him as he came, milking every last drop from his exhausted body.

As the last ripples left him so Heero slumped, the intensity having drained his reserves. Duo held him close and kissed the back of his neck. "Beautiful, just beautiful." he whispered.

~ * ~

Duo looked over the book in the foyer. Zechs had given him permission to see what the client had requested for the twosome scheduled for Friday. His eyes lit up as he saw the request. Two males, teasing and tormenting each other. Toys optional but welcomed. All the way. Time: 1 hour.

His mind began to work as he thought of the many delicious ways in which he and Heero could fill this request. With the idea planted he went back to work intending to let Heero know that evening what had been requested and to see if he would be comfortable with what Duo had in mind to fulfill those requests.

~ * ~

Heero trudged home after yet another fruitless interview. He was tired and angry. This last one had really gotten under his skin. The interview had started out quite well, the guy seemed happy with Heero's age and lack of experience. He gave Heero the impression that the company would be willing to take him on and train him.... but at a price.

At first Heero hadn't realized that the guy was coming on to him, just what the payment for training would be, but he soon got the message when the guy came up behind him and groped him.

Needless to say the interview had gone downhill from there.... rapidly. Heero had been shocked at first. The fact that another person would so openly fondle his groin while purring into his ear just what advances he could expect to gain within the company for the return of certain *favors* stunned him into immobility. But not for long.

Heero had left moments later knowing there was no way he could ever work for a company that employed such perverse individuals. He doubted the guy would be doing much in the way of interviewing for a while either. When Heero had left he was nursing a black eye, swelling jaw and it would be some time before he could use his *equipment* again.

Heero smirked. At least he had gained some satisfaction from teaching that guy a lesson. No one fucked with Heero Yuy unless he wanted you to.

Turning the corner Heero saw the familiar apartment block ahead and smiled. Duo would be home soon and then he would know exactly what he was required to do for the session on Friday. At least if he was earning money this way he would be doing it because he wanted to, not as some cheap favor for some sleazy guy. He had been impressed with Zechs and the way he ran his business. Heero had to give the man the credit he deserved. He was meticulous in his records and contracts. Protecting both his workers and himself as well as maintaining a high standard for his clients. Heero knew he would go through with Friday's appointment, he owed it to Duo and to Zechs for giving him a chance. Besides when he really thought about it he found himself being turned on by the idea of someone watching him being pleasured and returning said pleasure.

He stepped into the elevator and rode to his and Duo's floor. Stepping out he covered the distance to the door in a few strides. Moments later he was in the apartment and listening to the shower running. Duo was already home.

The water turned off and Heero went through to the kitchen to fetch himself a glass of water. He heard the bathroom door open and the sounds of Duo going through to the bedroom. Finishing his drink he followed the sounds. Duo was toweling his hair, a pair of minuscule shorts adorning his hips. Heero smiled as he walked up behind Duo and wrapped his arms around the man's waist, inhaling the scent of his shampoo and soap.

"Hey there lover." Duo responded as he turned in Heero's arms to face the man he adored. The towel dropped to the floor.

Heero reached for those soft lips and kissed them thoroughly. "How was your day?" he asked as they broke for air.

"Pretty good. And yours?" Duo released Heero and picked up the towel. Heero took the towel from Duo and began to dry the chestnut strands.

"Hn. No luck with the interview. The guy was a sleaze." Heero replied as he coaxed Duo to sit on the bed and then fetched Duo's hairbrush.

"Really? What happened?" Duo's curiosity was piqued. He sat back as Heero settled behind him.

Heero began to work his fingers through the waterfall, untangling the strands before picking up the brush and starting at the ends, he began to tame the mass. "Hn. He said that my lack of experience didn't matter, that they would train me."


"He wanted something in return for the training."

Duo stilled as he felt cold all over. "What?" he whispered, afraid of the answer he was going to get.

"He didn't come right out and say. He groped me instead."

Duo froze. The mere thought of someone else touching *his* Heero made his blood boil.

Heero could feel the anger rolling off Duo and quickly spoke. "He didn't get very far. I decked him."

Duo's shoulders began to shake. Alarmed, Heero dropped the brush and pulled himself around to face Duo. He tilted Duo's chin up so as to see his face and eyes and stopped in shock. Duo was laughing?

"I'm sorry Heero, I can't help it." he snickered. "You decked him?"

"Hai, I did."

"Ohhh Heero." Duo continued to giggle as he pulled his lover close for a kiss.

Heero smiled as they pulled apart and returned to his task of brushing the chestnut mane. Once done he swiftly braided it and tied it off with a band. Duo was simply purring with the attention. He loved having his hair brushed but only rarely allowed anyone to touch it. To Heero it was the ultimate sign of trust and he valued that deeply.

Hair done Duo headed out to the kitchen to cook dinner while Heero took his own shower. Later that evening Duo broached the subject of the twosome, explaining to Heero what the client had requested and what he planned to do. "We have an hour time wise to complete the whole show in. Do you think you can manage what I said?"

Heero thought about Duo's words, the teasing and touching he could handle but what of the toys? Duo had mentioned them briefly, insisting they only use the basics. He had to admit he was curious to know what pleasures the toys could provide. There was only one thing for it now... He had committed to it and so he would have to see it through.

They watched a little television, curled comfortably against each other before going to bed. Heero enjoyed sharing the intimacy of sleeping with Duo. To have another warm body snuggled against your own, arms draped about your form and your chest used as a pillow comforted him in more ways that one. It soothed his soul and reminded him that he was indeed cared about, and Duo liked to snuggle, there was no doubt about it. Heero was for the first time in a long time content with his lot. With warm happy thoughts in his head Heero drifted off to sleep.

~ * ~

The rest of the week passed relatively quickly. Heero had all but given up looking for a job, it didn't seem to matter anymore. After Friday he would know for sure whether or not he was comfortable with the line of work he had been offered and so decided to delay all other decisions concerning his life and employment until after then.

Friday morning dawned clear and bright, Heero awoke first as usual and lay with his arms entwined around Duo who was sprawled across his legs, abdomen and chest. The steady rise and fall of Duo's chest indicated his lover was still in a deep sleep and so Heero lay quietly, savoring the warmth of Duo's body against his own. He reached a finger to sweep the errant bangs away from Duo's face and smiled in amusement when Duo's nose wriggled as a stray hair tickled the end.

He studied the planes of his lovers face, it never ceased to amaze him just how beautiful the other man was. The curve of his jaw with the hint of stubble, full pouty lips that were so kissable, high cheekbones and slightly upturned nose giving him a delicate almost feminine look. The lashes that were long, sweeping over the cheeks in half moons, hiding the violet depths behind from his view, to the crown of chestnut hair with its streaks of gold and red. Duo was something to be admired and loved in Heero's book and Heero hoped that Duo would continue to want his love for a long time to come.

Unconsciously Heero's fingers began to caress the soft skin of Duo's back as he cradled him against his chest, sighing with contentment as his lover snuggled closer. He pressed a kiss to the top of Duo's head as he continued to trace lazy patterns with the pads of his fingers.

Duo began to stir. The light tender touches awakening him to the mornings warm glow. He sighed and began to purr softly as the ministrations to his skin continued. There was nothing sexual in the touch, just a tender loving warmth that spoke of uninhibited love and caring. Duo smiled to himself and kept his eyes closed wanting to just lay and enjoy the peaceful moment.

Heero picked up of the soft purring and glanced down. He could see Duo's eyes still closed but he knew he was awake. "Morning beautiful." he whispered as he reached down to place a kiss on Duo's cheek.

Duo yawned as his eyes opened. He looked up to meet Heero's soft cobalt and smiled. "Morning to you too Hee-chan."

Heero raised an eyebrow at the endearment. "Hee-chan?"

Duo snickered softly. "Yup. You're my Hee-chan."

Heero shook his head. "Okay, I'll allow that one but nothing else."

"Awww..." Duo pouted. "So I can't call you schnookums, Hee-bear or stud muffin?"

Heero blanched.

Duo laughed. "Just teasing you baby."

"You had better be." Heero growled playfully and then hugged Duo close.

Duo wriggled his way over Heero's body until he was lying prone on top of the Japanese man. He lowered his lips and pressed a kiss to Heero's forehead. "Remember Heero." A kiss to the tip of Heero's nose. "You don't have to...." A kiss to Heero's right cheek. "....do anything...." A kiss to the left cheek. "...you're not comfortable with." Duo paused and looked at Heero before claiming his lips in a sensuous kiss.

Heero responded, pulling Duo as close as he could and plundering his sweet mouth for all he was worth. Tongues met and danced as sensitive spots were teased and stroked. Parting a short while later they gazed at each other. "I think we should get up and have some breakfast." Duo spoke, his voice husky.

"I agree." Heero returned as he nuzzled Duo's neck. As much as he wanted to take this little morning excitement a little further he knew it was best that they didn't. Later... later during the show they would be able to throw all barriers out the proverbial window and enjoy each others bodies to the maximum, and the wait would only make it that much better.

Duo slid from Heero's body and padded to the closet where he found his jeans and shirt. He slipped them on before going into the bathroom to relieve himself and perform his morning washing rituals.

With Duo occupying the bathroom Heero got himself dressed and proceeded to make the bed. By the time he was done Duo had finished and so Heero went into the bathroom and went through his own morning routine. When he stepped out his nostrils were greeted with the scent of coffee. He wandered into the kitchen where Duo was heating up some pastries he had brought home the previous day. Heero poured the coffee while Duo put the pastries onto the plates and then the table. They sat together enjoying the morning. With the dishes done it was time for Duo to leave. Heero accompanied him to the door.

"I'll see you at about one thirty this afternoon." Duo said as he wrapped his arms around Heero's shoulders.

"Hai. I'll be there." Heero responded as he placed his own arms around Duo's waist.

"That should give us enough time to get set up and ready." Duo was ready now, the evidence was poking Heero in the thigh.

Heero couldn't hold the moan. "Ohh gods Duo.... What is it you do to me..."

Duo chuckled and reached for a kiss. "See you later Hee-chan." He gave a saucy wink as he turned and went to the elevator, putting extra sway into his hips just for Heero's benefit.

Heero groaned. One thirty seemed a long way off.

~ * ~

Duo arrived at work and placed his keys in his locker. He went through the hall way to Zechs' office and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Zechs looked up as Duo entered and he smiled. "All set for this afternoon?"

"Yes. Heero will be here at one thirty." Duo looked at the carpet for a moment before continuing. "I just wanted to say thanks for giving Heero a chance Zechs. I know he won't let you down."

"It's no problem Duo. If he can perform then he's welcome to join the staff permanently if he wishes."

"I'll let him know Zechs." Duo turned and left the office, going back to the staff room to await his call to tell him he had a client.

~ * ~

Heero looked at the clock as he stepped out of the shower 12.45. Good, he still had plenty of time. He went to the closet to fetch the outfit Duo had picked out for him to wear and packed it into a small bag. He would change into it at the building. He pulled on a comfortable pair of well worn jeans and a T-shirt, adding sneakers to his feet he was pretty much ready to go.

There was a slight tremble to his hand as he picked up the bag and keys and made his way out of the apartment and to where Duo worked.

Heero entered through the back door as he had been instructed and walked down the hall way to the staff room. He nodded to a couple of other employees that were in there before he found Duo's locker and deposited the bag inside along with his keys. He turned around and went to the small coffee machine to make himself a strong cup and hopefully settle his nerves a little. Moments later a flushed looking Duo came in.

"Hee-chan!" Duo called as he spied his lover. Instantly he was across the room and enveloping Heero in his strong arms. Heero's mouth was quickly devoured in a heated kiss. "You're early." Duo said as they parted.



"Hai. A little." Heero swallowed hard.

"It's okay Heero, that's to be expected. Don't worry, I'll be with you all the way baby. I promise to help you through this but if you want to pull out, now is the time."

"Iie. I said I would do it and I will Duo. I just need a little reassurance is all." It took Heero a lot to say those words and Duo could read the price in the lines of his face and swirl of his eyes.

"Drink your coffee Heero it will help a little, then we can go get changed and wait in the room for a bit, sort of familiarize you again."

"Okay." Heero sat in one of the chairs while Duo went to the locker and fetched both their clothes out.

Moments later Duo joined Heero with a mug in his own hand. They finished their coffee in silence, Duo running through the event to come in his head while Heero was trying to drown the butterflies in his stomach. Finally Duo stood up. "Time to get ready Heero." He extended his hand and Heero gratefully took it, allowing himself to be raised from the table and led to the change rooms.

The room was deserted so the men could change in peace, a fact Heero was grateful for. Not that he was shy of his body but he was fussy about who saw him naked.

"No underwear Heero." Duo informed him as Heero stripped down to his briefs.

Heero's head jerked up as the words registered. "O..O...Okay."

Duo smiled as he watched Heero remove his briefs. Heero was still soft. Good. He knew the nervousness would play a big part in preventing Heero from getting hard and so he intended to settle his partner a little before the show began, that's why he wanted to be in the room at least ten minutes before the show was due to start.

Duo slipped the tight leather pants on, pulling them over his hips and then reaching for the lacing. The pants were open down the outside of his legs, a thin pattern of laces criss-crossing their way from calf to hip. The pants were mostly solid in the crotch, just a V shape cut out which laced up, showing off the thin line of hair as it disappeared below. He reached for his shirt, deep red and clingy, the material molded itself to his torso and defined the muscle beneath. His hair stayed secured in the braid for now. Finished with his dressing he turned to Heero and felt his breath leave his lungs.

Heero had managed to work himself into the tight leather pants, the caress of the leather cool against his heated skin. He wore a sleeveless black muscle shirt that showed off his upper torso to perfection, the soft peaks of his nipples just visible beneath the fabric. Like Duo his feet were bare. He turned his head as he felt Duo's heavy gaze upon him. "Am I okay?" he asked quietly.

Duo stalked across the room and pulled Heero towards him. "Okay? I'd say you're more than okay Heero, I'd say you're fucking gorgeous and it's taking all my self control not to jump you right here." Duo kissed him savagely. "Just remember while you may show your body to others, no one, but no one other than me is allowed to touch."

Heero moaned and felt the tightness in his groin as Duo kissed him. His lips parted to allow Duo's tongue to invade his mouth and caress the soft spots within.

Kissing Heero thoroughly Duo knew he would be able to make his lover relax a bit. When he finished the kiss he looked deep into Heero's eyes and read the need and desire for him swirling in the depths. "Let's go lover of mine." Duo whispered.

Heero felt his stomach lurch at those words but he obediently followed Duo down the passageway to the room he had visited the other day. Duo opened the door and they went inside. Duo made sure to activate the light outside to let everyone know that the room was in use before closing the door. He walked over to the bed and sat Heero on it. "I'm just going to get the stuff we need Heero." he said quietly as he walked to the small cabinet and opened the drawers. Moments later he returned, items in hand.

Heero watched, wide eyed as Duo set the tube of lube, dildo and cock rings on the bed. A sweat broke out on his skin.

Duo noticed the look of concern on Heero's face. "Don't worry love, I promise nothing but pleasure with these." Duo picked up the lube. "You already know what this is for."

Heero nodded.

Duo smiled and picked up the cock rings. "These are only to make sure we don't come too soon. Plus it will turn the voyeur on knowing we are restrained."

Heero smiled at that.

Lastly Duo picked up the dildo. "I want you to use this on me Heero." He turned his violet gaze to meet Heero's slightly shocked face. "I want you to take me during this session and not the other way around."

"But I thought..."

"I know what we discussed Heero but you're still very naive when it comes to being taken and I want to keep that lovemaking private for a while yet. I want you to make love to me, to lose your *other* virginity. Will you do that for me?"

Heero felt the tears welling and quickly brushed them away. "Hai, I will, but I need you to guide me through it all."

"I will Heero, I will. I'll get you to prep me some and then use the dildo on me, that will make sure I'm stretched enough to take your cock without you having to worry about hurting me. I'll also keep an eye on the meter and set the pace. Now take a good look at the catch on the cock ring 'cause when it comes time to find your climax you're not gonna have a great deal of control or patience to release the catch."

Heero took the round object and studied it intently, noting how the catch worked. Satisfied he would be able to open it when he needed to he placed it back on the bed.

"All set Heero?" Duo asked as he moved the objects to the top of the cabinet.


"We have a few minutes before the show is due to start so come here and let me kiss you."

Heero stood up and went to Duo's waiting arms eagerly. He loved Duo's kisses. They ranged from sweet pecks to downright sensual and Heero couldn't get enough.

Duo began a slow seduction with his mouth, coaxing Heero to relax and forget about where he was. He saw the red light of the meter flicker on. The voyeur was there and had slotted in his chips.

~ * ~

Zechs looked up as the door opened and two men stepped inside. "Can I help you?"

The taller of the two stepped up to the desk. "I hope you can. I made a booking for a show... I believe you call it a twosome?"

Zechs smiled. "Ahh yes that is correct. An hour is what you asked for?"


"That will be one hundred and fifty dollars thank you."

The tall man reached for his wallet and withdrew the notes. He handed them to Zechs who counted them out and then locked them in the small cash tin. Zechs then reached for some chips and passed them over. The man took them and went to turn.

"Down the hallway to room 12. I hope you enjoy." Zechs pushed the button that would open the door and watched the two men go through. The tall man's companion was a good deal shorter than his partner but certainly well built Zechs noted. The door closed and Zechs was left to his thoughts.

The man proceeded down the hall to the door marked 12. He stopped and opened it, allowing his partner to enter first. He took stock of the room. Two chairs placed in the center facing a large window that was currently dark. A table sat between the chairs with a box of tissues on it along with a jug of water and two glasses. A small meter to the side caught his attention and he took the chips and placed them on the table. "Let's get comfortable first shall we?" he asked his partner.

They removed their coats and loosened ties before settling comfortably into the chairs. Long elegant fingers wrapped around golden counterparts while the other hand dropped the chips into the meter. "Happy anniversary my love."

The window began to slide open.

~ * ~

Duo caught the flash of light indicating that the window was about to open and plundered Heero's mouth with his tongue. He saw the window begin to slide back. "Show time." he murmured against Heero's lips before kissing him again and leaving him with no way to reply.

Drawing Heero closer to him Duo took note of the time on the meter and then slipped into his role of seductor. His hands roamed freely over the fabric clinging to Heero's back as his mouth moved over Heero's lips.

Heero was vaguely aware that Duo has said something but at the moment he couldn't care less. Duo's kisses were driving him wild and he felt the stirrings in his groin as the kisses deepened and Duo's hands began to wander over his back. He felt Duo turning him slightly and allowed the movement, his own hands began to caress Duo's skin through the silkiness of the tight shirt.

Duo maneuvered them so as to give the voyeurs a better view. He continued to kiss Heero senseless, at the same time he pressed his hardening groin against Heero's.


As the window slid back to reveal the occupants of the room a sharp intake of breath came from the smaller of the watchers. The two men standing there were simply gorgeous, locked at the lip in a seemingly sensual kiss. The small one felt his own desire begin to build.

The taller of the two also watched, he had requested the best the company had but hadn't expected to see the two beautiful creatures that were on display, evidently lost in their own world of passion. He smiled to himself as he heard the sharp breath of his partner. This was going to be better than he could have dreamed. He turned his attention back to the window.


Duo released Heero's mouth and Heero's head fell forward to rest upon his shoulder. Swiftly he tugged at Heero's shirt and pulled it from within his pants. He slid his fingers inside and ran his palms over the expanse of skin.

Heero moaned and began to suckle at Duo's neck.

Running his fingers lightly up and down Heero's ribs and back Duo began to work the shirt upwards, revealing the golden skin.

Heero shivered with the touch and began to feather kisses along the column of Duo's throat, Duo's head tilting to allow him better access.

Duo pushed Heero away slightly and tugged at the hem of the shirt. Heero raised his arms and allowed Duo to remove it, it ended up somewhere on the floor but neither Heero or Duo cared. Duo then returned to his exploration of the flesh before him. His fingers traced lightly over Heero's lips, down his chin and to his throat where they paused as Duo reached for another kiss.

Heero kissed back just as eagerly. Duo's fingers on his burning skin adding to his excitement.

Duo released Heero's lips and turned them around so that they were facing the window, Heero's back against Duo's chest and his head tossed back against Duo's shoulder. Duo brought his hands around Heero's waist and ran them lightly up his abdomen to his chest where he located the hardening nipples. Peering over Heero's shoulder at the window he gave a lustful stare as he swiped his tongue up the shell of an ear and pinched the tiny nubs.

Heero gasped and then moaned, his cock hardening and becoming visible through his tight pants.


The taller man tore his gaze from the scene to stare at his partner who was becoming turned on if the short breaths were any indication. He glanced at his partners groin and noticed the bulge beginning to appear. He gave a wry smile as he dropped his free hand to his own pants and palmed the hardness that was stirring there.

The smaller man felt his body responding to the visual feast before him. The Asian man with his head thrown back as his partner ran hands over that delicious skin, teasing and tormenting with light touches and pinches sending his own desire even higher. His hand tightened around his partners.


Heero was completely lost in the pleasure Duo was gifting him. He forgot about the window and the fact that they were being watched and poured himself into just feeling and returning the pleasure. As Duo's fingers teased and pinched his nipples so he groaned and thrust his hip's back against the hardness he could feel rubbing against his ass.

Duo worked Heero's chest a little longer, placing kisses and nips along his throat at the same time. Gradually he worked one hand lower until he reached the waistband of those tight leather pants. With another lusty stare at the window he ran his index finger along the underside of Heero's cock, tracing the shaft through the pants and causing Heero to moan louder.

Heero's hips bucked against the touch, seeking more friction but unable to gain it. With a frustrated sigh he turned around and kissed Duo deep, at the same time giving the voyeurs a nice view of his tight leather encased rear.

Wanting to return some of the pleasure, Heero tugged at Duo's shirt and Duo obligingly removed it. With creamy skin exposed Heero quickly dipped his head and took one of Duo's stiff nipples into his mouth and sucked.

Duo moaned and threw his head back, pushing his chest forwards for more of that sensation which Heero was only too happy to give.


The smaller man wriggled in his seat as his erection became painful, trapped inside his pants he wanted nothing more that to release it and fondle himself.

The taller one watched as his own shaft ached for more friction. He was aware of his partners uncomfortable state and so releasing their contact he dropped his now free hand into his partners lap and began to squeeze and massage, causing his love to add his own moans to those of the lovely pair on the other side of the window.


Taking a look at the meter Duo knew it was time to pick up the pace a little. Gently he prised Heero from his chest and kissed him. His hands wandered down to the button and zipper of Heero's pants. Breaking the kiss he once more turned Heero so as the voyeurs would have a full on view of what he was about to do.

Heero stared at the window. His brain dimly registered that the show had started and he was on display. Instead of making him nervous he found he was enjoying the thought of being exposed and watched.

Duos fingers slipped the button of Heero's pants through the tiny hole. He toyed with the zipper for a moment as he gazed at the window as if asking a silent question.


The smaller man watched with rapt attention as the long haired youth played with the zipper of his partners pants. "Ohh please..." he murmured as he leaned forwards for a better view.

The tall one chuckled to himself and undid his own pants, sliding a hand inside to caress his own length.


With a leering smile Duo teased the zipper down, mindful of the fact that Heero wasn't wearing any underwear. The fabric parted and the soft dark curls thickened as they traveled down. Duo slipped his hand inside and pulled Heero's cock free. He gave the shaft a couple of pumps before removing his hand so as the voyeurs could have an unhindered view of Heero's glorious manhood.

Heero 's eyes slid shut as Duo's hand reached inside to grasp him and bring him out on display. The pumps to his burning shaft causing his hips to rock and a moan of desire to leave his lips.

Duo reached for Heero's cock again. He gently pulled the foreskin back to expose the wet tip, showing his lovers desire to the ones who watched.


The shorter man moaned as he took in the sight of the man being displayed before him. The lovely golden skin and line of hair leading to that nicely proportioned cock. He watched as the other man teased the foreskin back and showed him the swollen head that was wet with need.

The other man also watched... and moaned as the Japanese beauty was revealed to his eyes. His own hand pulled himself free from the confines of his pants as his other hand worked over his partners pants to undo the zipper.


Duo worked Heero's pants down over his hips while Heero rocked into his hand, moaning with want. With the leather finally around his ankles Heero stepped out of them and pressed back against Duo.

Duo stroked the hardened length as he kissed and nipped at Heero's neck. His own cock was painfully hard and he knew he had to get out of his own pants and soon. A glance at the meter confirmed this. He whispered softly into Heero's ear. "Turn around my love and touch me, run your hands over my cock and undo the lacing.

Heero complied, uttering a whimper as Duo's hand left him but the whimper didn't last long as he palmed Duo through the front of his pants, eliciting mewls of pleasure from his lover. He found the tie and undid it, fingers slipping into the lacing and unraveling it.

Duo made sure they were positioned so as the voyeur's had a full frontal view once the lacing's were free. "Now reach inside and bring me out Heero, show the clients what you have to play with." Duo's voice was husky and thick with need.

Heero did as requested, dipping his fingers inside to brush over the tip of Duo's cock that was just peeking through the ends of the lacing. Slipping his hand further in he brought Duo's cock and balls out for inspection, fingers caressing the length as he did so.

Duo moaned as he was fondled. Idly he wondered if the clients were touching each other like this.


The two who were watching had both freed themselves from their respective pants and were stroking languidly, the pair displaying themselves turning both of them on like never before.

The taller one shifted slightly and pulled his pants down over his hips, freeing himself further for more pleasurable ministrations.

The smaller one was too engrossed on the scene being played out before him to take much notice of his partner at this point in time.


Duo managed to wriggle his hips, causing the pants to slide downwards. He turned to face Heero and then bent over to remove his pants completely, giving the clients a full on view of his gorgeous ass.

Heero stroked himself while Duo removed his pants, one hand cupping his balls as he did so. As Duo straightened once more so he captured his lovers lips in a shattering kiss. Bodies pressed against each other, rubbing and grinding as they sought friction.

Breaking the kiss Duo pulled back and snapped the tie to his hair. The chestnut mass began to unravel and Heero found his fingers wandering through it and assisting it's freedom. Both naked and hard they eyed each other before Heero sank to his knees and took the base of Duo's cock firmly in his grasp and darted his tongue out for a taste.

Duo's hips snapped as Heero's tongue licked over the head and then down his shaft. He buried his hands in Heero's hair as he gently coaxed Heero to open his mouth and take his shaft inside. Heero was happy to comply.


The smaller one moaned loudly as he watched that delicious length disappear into that sweet mouth. His own hips bucking into the hand that held his shaft. Vaguely he became aware that his lover was pulling him from his seat. With eyes still riveted to the sight of the dark haired youth on his knees giving head to the long haired youth, he allowed his partner to guide him from his seat to sit upon his lap.

As the taller man helped his love to straddle his lap, still facing the window, he pulled at his pants and managed to tug them down and off and then proceeded to remove his partners pants. Now both nude from the waist down he sighed as his partners ass brushed against his cock.


Heero nursed at Duo's groin, sliding the length in and out, swiping his tongue over the head and applying light suction as he worshipped the hard penis that belonged to his lover.

Duo was content to rock gently in and out of Heero's mouth for a bit but then he wanted more. It was time to step up the action a bit more. He gently eased Heero's mouth from his organ and smiled as Heero looked at him, wanting to know why his treat had been taken away.

Leaving Heero kneeling on the floor playing with himself Duo went to the cabinet and took the cock rings from the top. He returned to Heero and passed him one of the shining rings. Heero took the cock ring and stared at it for a moment.

Duo coaxed Heero to his feet and standing in full view he reached for Heero's cock and slipped the ring over the flared head and along the hard shaft to nestle at the base. He checked the clasp before releasing Heero and motioning for Heero to do the same to him.

Heero grasped Duo's length and pushed the ring over the tip and along the shaft. He also checked the clasp before kissing Duo thoroughly. With the cock rings now firmly in place Heero knew they wouldn't be coming for a while and the thought sent a shiver of anticipation through him.


The small one wriggled in his partners lap as he watched the exchange of rings. Knowing that neither youth would be allowed to come anytime soon he found himself harden even more.

The taller one grasped his partners shaft and stroked, the scenes unfolding beginning to affect his own libido further.


Duo guided Heero to the bed and pushed him to sit. He then knelt between his partners legs and spread them wider before reaching for Heero's shaft. He lapped at the tip, savoring the taste of the precum that was leaking before plunging the entire length into his mouth and sucking hard.

Heero leaned back, taking the weight if his body on his arms as Duo sucked him. He groaned and writhed under the assault, feeling his pleasure rising higher and higher but unable to release himself due to the restriction of the ring. His hips jerked helplessly as Duo lavished the attention to his aching shaft.

Duo released Heero from his talented mouth and pushed him back on the bed. Heero lay sprawled as Duo arranged his limbs, positioning him so as the clients would have a good view of what he was about to do next. With Heero on his back, legs spread and bent at the knee, exposing his hidden entrance, so Duo climbed on the top of him, knees placed on either side of Heero's head. With another lustful stare at the window Duo lowered his dripping cock to Heero's mouth, Heero sucking him in deep.

Duo moaned. Keeping his eyes fixed firmly on the window he began to lower his own head towards Heero's sac. His tongue came forth and began to lick at the now taut sac, heavy with Heero's need. He made sure the client would see a his tongue licked and bathed the silky sac before moving lower to the patch of skin behind Heero's balls.

Heero groaned and bucked as he feasted upon Duo's length. The torment was driving him wild. He wanted to come and come badly but he knew he would have to wait. Now he understood why Duo had wanted to use the cock rings. When Duo's tongue went further he screamed in ecstasy.

Duo dipped his tongue over the patch of skin and then went lower to Heero's entrance. He stroked the tight ring softly, hearing Heero cry out with the stimulus. He very rarely had the chance to rim someone and Duo loved it. Judging by Heero's response he did too. He bathed the tiny hole with his tongue before stabbing inside and exploring the sweetness of Heero's body.


The smaller man bucked his hips and then pressed hard against his lover's lap as he watched the violet eyed man torture his partner with his tongue. He had been rimmed himself on several occasions and knew the pleasure the dark one must be feeling. His own body craved it's release, wanting to experience euphoria but his partners hand wasn't allowing that just yet. He whined in protest.

The tall one chuckled at his partners want and need. His own erection was throbbing painfully as it pushed against the cleft of his lovers ass seeking to enter but not able to from the way they were currently sitting. Still stroking his lover he reached for his pants by his chair and pulled a small tube from the pocket. He managed to flip the cap and coat his fingers. He dropped the tube to the table and worked his hand underneath and into his lap. He began to run along the cleft and finding that tight ring worked a finger inside. His lovers cries told him the intrusion was welcome.


Duo continued to rim Heero, delighting in the whimpers and cries he was causing to fall from Heero's mouth. He knew Heero would forget they were being watched once the hormones kicked in and he had been counting on it to let Heero thoroughly enjoy himself. With one last flick of his tongue he pulled it from Heero's passage and placed a series of kisses along the cleft, over the tight sac and along the twitching shaft.

Heero was reduced to the baser animal instincts. His body on overload from the experience. No one had ever rimmed him before and it was mind blowing. Oh he had heard about it and read about it but to experience it? His heart melted as he fully understood how much Duo must care for him to want to share something so intimate with him.

Duo glanced at the meter again. 20 minutes left. Time to move on. He lifted himself from Heero's body and grabbed the tube and the dildo from the cabinet. He made sure to let the client see what he held before he moved to lie alongside Heero. They shared a kiss and lust darkened cobalt greeted misty amethyst. "I want you to prep me Heero. I'll guide you through it and then when I'm ready I want you to coat the dildo in lube and fuck me with it."

Heero nodded in response and then moved so Duo could arrange himself. Once Duo was comfortable on his hands and knees he thrust his rump at Heero. "Now Heero... bury your fingers in me and prep me." he moaned.

Heero coated his fingers and then traced one in small circles around that puckered hole before working it inside.


The small man felt the intrusion of a slicked digit into his own passage just before the youth on the other side was similarly breached. He moaned as his eyes stayed riveted to window, his hips pushing back on the finger that penetrated him. A second finger was added and then a third as his taller partner prepped him to receive his cock.


Heero moaned in synch with Duo, his finger pressing inside that warm velvet passage. Heero had never felt anything so tight, so hot, and he ached to bury his shaft inside. He worked his finger around, loosening the muscle and stroking the inner depths of Duo's body with love and tenderness.

"Add a second finger Heero." Duo whispered. His head hung down, hair wild about him as he panted his pleasure. Heero's fingers probing his ass driving him nearly insane with desire.

Heero slipped a second finger inside and continued to work the muscle. He could feel it loosening under his ministrations and knew it wouldn't be much longer before he could bury himself inside. His fingers reached deeper and flexed, brushing against a spongy lump causing Duo to arch and cry out.

"Ohhh yesssss!"


The small one cried out at the same time as his own lover found his prostate and pressed against it. He slammed his hip's back demanding more as he watched the long haired youth do the same.

The tall one was only too happy to add another finger to his partners willing body. He stroked and stretched as the pair they watched did the same.


"Fuck me with the toy Heero... C'mon, I need it baby."

Heero withdrew his fingers and lifted up the toy. He coated it in the clear gel, allowing the client to see his actions. Duo shifted slightly and spread his legs wider, offering his ass for the taking.

Heero took the toy and kneeling at the side of Duo's hip he placed the tip at his lovers entrance. With a sultry smile he began to push the dildo inside Duo's body, his own eyes held prisoner as he watched the tip disappear inside.

Duo began to push back, controlling the speed of the intrusion as he was slowly impaled. His body trembled and his cock leaked steadily from the pleasure. Duo moaned.

Heero continued the pressure, fascinated as Duo's passage swallowed the toy. Once it was inserted to the hilt Heero let it sit for a moment before pulling it out as far as the tip. He marveled at the pink inner walls as they clung desperately to the dildo, trying to suck it back inside. Heero swallowed hard and began to pump the toy in and out of Duo's hot channel as his other hand went between his own legs to stroke himself.


The tall one withdrew his fingers from the tight heat, causing his lover to moan with the loss. Snatching up the tube again he quickly coated his own aching shaft and then lifted his petite partner, positioning his entrance above the tip of his erection. Gently he allowed gravity to take its course, impaling his love on his need.

The small one cried out as he was invaded but loving every moment of the delicious slide of his partners thickness into his body. Once adjusted he began to ride the cock he was speared with, slowly building the pleasure.


Heero continued to fuck Duo with the toy for a while, enjoying the vision of his partner in the throes of pleasure. Another glance at the meter told him they had just 10 minutes left. He leaned forth and whispered that fact into Duo's ear.

"Let's move on then Heero." Duo raised himself up a little. "Take the toy out and fuck me."

Heero swallowed hard as his cock released another dribble of precum, the thought of having his arousal buried deep inside Duo causing his brain to nearly stop functioning. He pulled the toy out and quickly coated his shaft with the lube.

Duo moaned the loss of fullness as Heero removed the toy, but he was soon voicing his pleasure again as he felt Heero position himself behind him and brush his cock head against the loose hole.

"Ahhhh.... do it baby. Fuck me and fuck me good."

Heero guided his tip to the gateway of Duo's body. Biting his lower lip he pushed forth. The muscle protested at first despite the prep, Heero was after all bigger than the toy, but then it yielded and allowed Heero to enter Eden.


The tall one placed his hands on his lovers hips and assisted him in the rise and fall of his body as he rode the large cock buried inside. The sensation was glorious, his lovers tight heat enveloping him, caressing him as it drove him ever closer to the pinnacle. He reached a hand around and grasped the wet shaft, pumping again in time to his thrusts as the action continued to play out before them.


Heero trembled as he became fully seated in Duo's hot tight body. He had know it would be good, but not this good! He moaned as he felt Duo's inner muscles spasm around him. He began to move.

Duo squirmed and moaned as his channel was invaded, the slow entry and accompanying friction driving him wild. When Heero was fully inserted he panted, trying to adjust to Heero's girth. He clenched and released his inner walls around Heero's shaft, enjoying the feeling of being filled, then Heero began to move. Duo whimpered with the feeling.

Heero retreated until only the tip remained inside and then plunged forth again. The silky walls caressed his shaft, the heat burning him alive, the tightness nearly making him scream with pleasure. It was heaven, it was hell, it was perfect.

Duo began to meet Heero's thrusts with backward pushes of his own. He craved more of Heero inside him. As much as he enjoyed being the seme and plundering another's body with his cock he loved being the uke. Nothing could compare to having a thick shaft pumping inside, stroking his channel and brushing his prostate, sending wave after wave of pure pleasure through his nervous system, setting him on fire and burning him with desire. He began to moan as he thrust back and forth, filling and emptying himself with Heero's cock.

Heero grasped Duo's hips and began to thrust with abandon, all sense of the here and now forgotten as he strove to reach his end. The vein on his cock stood out as his seed pushed against the ring that held him in check. His skin took on a golden glow as the sheen of sweat coated him. His bangs clung to his forehead and his eyes glazed with lust.


The voyeurs were moaning and panting in time with the entertainers. The small one riding his partner with wild abandon, the slick shaft penetrating him and pushing him closer to the edge while the tall one ground his hips in a primal dance as his lovers body clenched around him, drawing him nearer to completion. The sounds from the pair opposite fueling their excitement further as they watched the Asian screwing the other youth for all he was worth.


Heero was grunting as he rammed himself deeper into Duo's welcoming warmth. He felt Duo shift slightly, changing the angle and causing Heero to brush against his prostate.

Duo screamed as his prostate was struck, the burst of light behind his eyes sending shocks through his already overloaded system. He forced an eye open to look at the meter. Five minutes left. He dropped his head and panted as his body demanded it's release. Somehow he managed to drag his upper torso from his crouched position and shove back onto Heero.

Heero realized what Duo wanted and so he wrapped his arms around Duo's chest and lifted him to his lap. Heero rocked back to sit on his heels, Duo in his lap, back pressed to his chest. He traced his fingertips along Duo's stomach and trailed through the chestnut curls to grasp Duo's cock and pump the shaft as his hips continued to snap forth.

Duo tossed his head back and gave a lusty stare to the window. He spread his legs as wide as he could giving the client the perfect view of Heero's cock thrusting into him as Heero's hand pumped his shaft.

Another quick glance at the meter.

"Heero... release the catch to the cock ring."


The moans and panting from the voyeurs were nearly enough to rival those of the entertainers as the couple watched the Asians cock sliding in and out of that tight passage. The small one knew he wasn't going to last much longer and so threw himself into the pleasure he was getting from the cock inside him and the vision in his eyes.


Heero vaguely heard Duo speak and fumbled for the catch on the ring at the base of Duo's penis. He managed to locate it and snapped it open. The sigh from Duo was music to his ears. Without preamble he quickly shoved his hand between their bodies and fumbled for the catch on his own cock ring. Finally he found it and undid it.

Duo slammed down harder onto the shaft that owned him, driving his hips up and down as Heero's hand pumped his length. "Ohhhh.... yesssss.... Fuck me baby..." he screamed.

Heero's grip tightened as his hand flew over the shaft slick with semen. He felt Duo's body begin to shudder and tense, the heated channel clenching around him and making it nearly impossible for him to thrust.

With a keening cry Duo came, his seed erupted from the slit and poured over Heero's hand, some splashing against Duo's abdomen as he flew into the abyss.

Heero bit down on Duo's shoulder as his own climax found him. Jet after jet of thick milky fluid spilled from his penis to be swallowed by Duo's passage.

They continued to move together as the last of the trembles ran through them, overly sensitive organs rippling with the pure satisfaction of release.


The voyeurs watched as the two gorgeous creatures found their end, the spurt of fluid from the long haired ones cock sparking the reaction in the small man. With a cry as loud as the others he released his seed over himself and his lovers hand.

The tall one struggled to hold his own orgasm and failed, the tightness of his lovers channel sucking his climax from him and devouring it eagerly. They shuddered together and finally slumped, sated into the chair.


Duo sat panting against Heero's chest as he slowly returned from his high. Noting there was only one minute left on the meter he eased himself from the shaft that still impaled him and pulled Heero into a warm embrace. They kissed passionately before Duo dragged his fingers through the congealing mess on his stomach and pressed his fingers to Heero's mouth.

Heero's mouth opened and he began to lick Duo's climax from Duo's fingers. He raised his own sticky hand to Duo's mouth and watched through sated eyes as Duo's tongue flicked out to lap at his essence.

Duo drew the digits deep into his mouth and sucked. He turned his satisfied gaze to the window and smirked.

The window began to close.


The pair in the voyeurs room noted the lusty challenge in those violet eyes as the window began to close. With a sight they sat, still joined for a moment and then the smaller one climbed off his lovers lap and reached for the tissues. They cleaned themselves off before finding their pants and getting dressed.

The tall one reached for a kiss. "Did you enjoy your present?" he asked softly.

The shorter one wrapped his arms around his partners neck. "Ohh yes. I loved it. Remind me to thank you again later."

With a smile they exited the room.

~ * ~

With the window now closed Duo drew Heero close to him and began to kiss his love. "Heero you were great." he whispered.

"I did okay?"

"More than okay baby. You were perfect."

Heero snuggled against Duo and rested for a few minutes, the knowledge of what had just taken place going through his head. Had he been nervous? Yes he had but Duo had soon put his fears to rest. Had he enjoyed it? Most definitely. Would he do it again? As long as it was with Duo then Heero would be happy to repeat the performance.

"Let's go get showered and cleaned up Heero." Duo scrambled from the bed and went to the cabinet. He removed two towels and wrapped one around his hips before handing the other one to Heero.

Hand in hand they left the room and went to the showers. Soon after they reappeared dressed in comfortable jeans and T-shirts.

"Enjoy yourself?" Duo asked as he returned from fetching their clothes from the room.

"Hai. I did." Heero responded shyly.

Duo smiled. "You don't have to feel there is something wrong with you for enjoying what we did Heero. It's a job and not many people can say they love their job like we do." he winked.

Heero felt any apprehension or doubts fade away with those words and that wink. He had enjoyed every minute of it.

~ * ~

Zechs looked up as the couple exited the hallway. "Did you enjoy the show gentlemen?"

"Very much so." the taller of the two replied. "They are a very talented pair of young men. Not to mention as sexy as hell and they sure know what they're doing."

"I'm happy you enjoyed the service. We aim to please." Zechs replied. He could see the rumpled state of their clothing and the flush of excitement on the skin. "We hope to see you back again sometime."

"Oh you will. You can count on it. I will be letting all our friends know as well. Those two are incredible." The tall one took his partner by the hand. "Thank you." he said, and leading his lover to the front door they exited.

Zechs sat back and smiled to himself. Seems like Duo had been right then. Heero may have been inexperienced but Duo knew enough to carry them both through. Zechs had a feeling it wouldn't take long for Heero to be *trained* and if that reaction was anything to go by then they could soon be finding themselves flooded with requests to view the pair together. Zechs stood up and went through to the back.

Zechs found Heero and Duo preparing to leave. "I just wanted to let you guys know that the clients were very impressed with your performance and will definitely be coming back again."

"Told you we would perform Zechs." Duo teased.

"Hai. I said I wouldn't let you down." Heero smirked.

"Heero, if you're interested the position is permanent." Zechs offered. "Just twosomes and only with Duo." he added as he saw the sudden frown appear.

Heero looked at Duo and then back to Zechs. "Hai. I'll give it a go."

"Great!" Duo could barely control his excitement. He bounded over to Heero and enveloped him in a bear hug.

"I'll have the contract drawn up tomorrow for you to read and sign Heero. Thank you and welcome aboard." Zechs extended his hand and Heero shook it. "Now you two go home and get some rest, you've earned it."

~ * ~

That night when all was quiet they lay in bed together. Duo had drifted off into a contented sleep while Heero lay gazing at the ceiling. His mind processed the past few weeks and all that had happened to him. While couldn't turn back the clock, in one way he was glad of that. Although he missed his parents and his former life he found he could think about it without so much pain anymore.

He stared at the beauty he cradled in his arms.... Duo...

He had never believed for one moment that the fey creature he had watched that day would become his lover, his partner, and his best friend. With a contented sigh he snuggled closer to Duo and smiled as Duo purred softly in his sleep.

Life may certainly have turned out vastly different to what he had ever thought or hoped for, but for once he was happy. Truly happy and content.

Heero wouldn't change it for anything.


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