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Pairings: 1x2x1
Rating: NC 17
Warnings: Sap, angst, Lemon, Lime, voyeurism, exhibitionism, PWP, AU, OOC

Authors Notes: This is the much requested sequel to "Peeping Tom" Originally I hadn't planned on writing one but I have had so many people reply to the fic or e mail me asking for one that I guess I had better write one or risk suffering the threats to my health. I hope it lives up to expectations. Enjoy....

On the Other Side of the Window
by ShenLong (aka Deb's Dragon)
Part 3

Heero continued in his quest to find employment only to be disappointed yet again. He was really beginning to get frustrated with his lack of skills. It was either that or his father must have spread the word about him leaving. While that was highly unlikely Heero couldn't help but think it was the sort of thing his father would do.

Duo approached Zechs the next morning at work.

Zechs was making himself a cup of coffee when he noticed Duo hovering in the staff room. Stirring the liquid he waited for the long haired man to speak. When nothing was forthcoming he decided he had better ask. "Is there something you wish to talk to me about Duo?"

Duo fidgeted, unsure about how to start this conversation. "Umm... yeah, kind of."

"Then out with it. I don't have all day." Zechs smiled. He was quite fond of Duo. The man was a good entertainer and he had several clients return time after time simply to watch the youth tease and torment them, not that he would ever let Duo know. It was all a part of the confidentiality clause in their contracts. Zechs was very astute when it came to things like that. He ran a clean business, he didn't want or need the police to come in and close him down. Operating strictly by the book he very rarely encountered any sort of trouble.

Duo bit his lip and then took the plunge. "I was wondering if there might be an opening for a twosome?"

Zechs cocked an eyebrow. "I didn't think you were interested in twosomes Duo?"

"I'm not. I mean, I wasn't."

"Why don't you tell me the whole story?"

Duo sighed. "Okay. Remember a couple of weeks ago now there was this Asian guy come in and ask for an all the way?"

Zechs frowned. "Duo I shouldn't have to remind you about the privacy laws here."

"I know Zechs but it's not what you're thinking. I kind of ran into the guy, literally. Oh I didn't know at the time that he was the one that had been in here, but he knew me. Anyway it turns out he had been kicked out of home and was wandering the streets. I won't go into the details but I ended up taking him in with me. We're sharing an apartment at the moment."

"And?" Zechs remembered the guy all right. He was gorgeous!

"Well he's having problems finding a job. He told me he had been here and watched me and is curious about the job. I answered his questions as honestly as I could." Duo began to fiddle with his braid.

"Get to the point Duo please."

"Yeah. Right. Well he's getting short on cash and I was sort of hoping that you might be able to give him a go here. He's shy and inexperienced and doesn't want to work alone. I had hoped that maybe if there was a twosome coming up on the books that maybe you would give him a try, with me." Duo gave Zechs his best puppy dog look.

Zechs took a mouthful of his coffee and thought. "Inexperienced you say?"


"Then how is he going to perform? Is he going to be able to cope with the idea that someone is watching him? Will he be able to give what the client has requested?" While Zechs wasn't asking the questions to be cruel, he had to know, after all the client was his bread and butter.

"I think he will be okay. As long as he's with me it should be fine."

"Okay Duo, tell you what. Bring him in tomorrow and let him have a look around the place from the entertainers side of things. Show him the room we use for the twosomes and explain to him *exactly* what it is he will be expected to do. I'll have a chat with him myself and then if I'm satisfied I'll give him a go. Now It's time to get back to work."

"Thanks Zechs." Duo graced his boss with one of his brilliant smiles. "I'll tell him tonight."

"You do that Duo, now back to work, I'm paying you to entertain clients, not me." Zechs left the staff room with a chuckle and went back out into the foyer area leaving Duo behind to think about what he had said.

~ * ~

Heero stepped up the last flight and pushed open the door. The basket of laundry not heavy but awkward in his hands. He stopped outside the apartment door and searched for his keys. He had just pulled them from the pocket of his jeans when the door opened on him and caused him to stumble inside.

"Sorry Heero." Duo's face peered at him from the other side of the laundry basket. "Didn't mean to startle you."

"Hn. That's okay." Heero recovered his balance and walked inside. He placed the basket of neatly folded laundry on the bed in Duo's room before starting to lift the garments out and place them in the appropriate drawers and shelves. Duo watched from the door. "How was work?" Heero asked as he tried to make conversation, avoiding the inevitable topic he knew would be arising soon enough.


"What would you like for dinner?"

Duo knew Heero was hedging, that the question he really wanted to ask was lying on the tip of that sweet tongue. "Surprise me Heero. I really don't mind."

Heero continued to put away the clean laundry, avoiding the question he wanted to ask. With the clothes all disposed of he took the basket through to the bathroom and popped it back under the sink. "I'll start dinner."

Duo watched Heero's methodical approach to the tasks he was performing, he seemed almost robotic. Duo hoped he wouldn't be like that if he did share the entertaining with him. "I'll get showered then." Duo was determined to let Heero bring up the topic of the peep show.

Heero turned his attentions back to the dinner he had started while Duo took his shower. He knew he had to ask. Oh well, it could wait until after dinner when they were sitting by the television.

A short while later the pair were sitting comfortably on the couch. Duo was lying down with his head resting on Heero's lap, Heero was idly running his fingers through Duo's bangs as they tried to focus on the program. Finally Heero could stand it no more. "Duo?"


"Did you speak to Zechs today?"


"And what did he say?"

Duo pulled himself up and sat so he was facing Heero. He looked into the Japanese man's eyes. "I asked him about the possibility of doing a twosome. I explained that you were inexperienced and not comfortable about working by yourself. He was a little hesitant but he wants you to come in with me tomorrow so that I can show you around and let you see the room that is used for the twosomes. That way you can see first hand what it is like on the other side of the window. He also wants me to explain to you what exactly it is you will be required to do and he wants to talk to you as well."

Heero processed the information for a few minutes before replying. "Okay. I'm still not having any luck with alternate employment so I'll come in with you tomorrow and meet Zechs and go through everything with you."

"Sounds like a plan to me." Duo replied. "But you know you still don't have to do this if you don't want to Heero."

"Hai. I know."

With that the subject was dropped and they enjoyed the rest of the evening in peace, sharing kisses and warm embraces.

~ * ~

The next morning Heero found himself nervously approaching the building he had visited only once before, this time though he went in through the back entrance with Duo and not the front door. He followed Duo to the staff room where Duo put his jacket and keys in a small locker.

"Let's go find Zechs shall we?" and Duo left the room and went down the hallway, Heero followed. Duo stopped outside a door and knocked.

"Come in."

He twisted the knob and entered the small office. "Zechs, I'd like you to meet Heero." Duo indicated for Heero to step forwards, Heero complied and offered his hand.

Zechs stood up from behind his desk and shook the hand. It was warm and yet strong. "A pleasure to meet you Heero." Zechs' eyes raked over the body of the youth. He was still just as gorgeous as he remembered from the first time he had the pleasure of meeting the man. If this guy was willing to perform in a double act with Duo then Zechs wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to employ him, provided he could do the job of course. If he could, then Zechs knew he stood to make a lot of money from this. Duo was one of the best and good looking to boot. Combine him with this exotic creature and they would be hammering the door down just to see the two in action. Deciding he had better get back to the idea of business he cleared his throat and motioned for them both to sit.

Heero sat and folded his hands in his lap. Duo slouched casually in the other chair and waited.

"Duo tells me you are interested in employment here. To be more precise, you're willing to work as a double with Duo. Am I correct?"

Heero looked up and met the sapphire gaze. "Hai."

"Duo also informs me that you have never done anything like this before."

"Hai, that's correct."

"Then tell me Heero, do you think you can handle fucking someone or having someone fuck you while another person is watching? I apologize for my bluntness but it isn't as glamorous as you may first think and I can't have my entertainers just getting up and leaving half way through a show because they can't handle the thought of being watched while doing something so intimate."

"I may be inexperienced but I would not let you down. I would like to have a good look around though and find out exactly what is involved and expected before committing myself."

"Good. That's what I like to hear. You sound like a sensible person to me. Duo, will you please show Heero around and explain all he needs to know then come back to my office and we will discuss this further."

"No problem. Coming Heero?" Duo stood and turned his violet eyes towards his flat mate.

"Hai. Thank you Zechs." Heero bowed slightly and then left the office with Duo to explore the building.

"See I told you it would be okay."

"Hn." Heero was having slight doubts as to his abilities to *perform* as Zechs more or less put it. He followed Duo along a passage way, numbered doors ran down the one side and here and there a light was on over the top of the door. Heero looked up curiously.

"The light means the room is occupied, a show is taking place in other words."

"Oh." Heero blushed a little.

Duo stopped outside a door that looked the same as all the others. It had the number 12 in the center and the light was off. Duo reached for the handle and turned to Heero. "This is the room we use for the twosomes." Duo opened the door and Heero followed him inside.

Heero looked around the room. There wasn't much in the way of furniture, just a large bed and a small cabinet. Heero walked deeper into the room and took it all in. There was a window taking up pretty much the entire side of the wall, opposite the window was the bed and beside the bed the cabinet. Heero also noticed a small meter on the wall.

Duo watched as Heero took in everything around him and then began to explain. "The meter over there indicates how much time is left. The voyeur puts his chips into the slot on the other side, this meter registers when that's done. Once you're ready to start you push this small button here and that activates the meter. Thirty seconds after activating the meter the window will slide open. You can't see or hear the person on the other side but they can see and hear you. I'll show you afterwards the positioning of the furniture in the voyeur room." Duo looked to see how Heero was reacting so far and smiled. Heero was taking it all in with a serious expression.

Heero listened carefully as Duo explained the mechanics of the room. So far so good.

"Once the window has opened you are pretty much on display until it closes again. You check the meter even though you already know how long you have as Zechs will tell you before you enter the room, and then it's all systems go. The bed is positioned like this so as to give the client the best possible view of the action. In the cabinet you will find lube, handcuffs, toys and other stuff like that." Duo smiled at Heero. "Any questions?"

"Iie. I think I have the general idea. So what happens next?"

"Come over here and I'll explain." Duo reached for Heero's hand and pulled him to the bed. They sat for a moment and then Duo began. "The pre booked ones usually specify what they want to see, mostly it's just two people getting really friendly, you know, teasing and arousing each other and then making love. The amount of time specified let's us know how fast we proceed. Most times it's around half an hour."

"Okay." Heero looked around the room again, specifically at the window itself. "We can't see through there at all?"



"Come on, I'll show you the voyeurs side of the window." Duo stood and took Heero's hand, leading him out of the room and along the passage way. They turned a couple of corners and Duo opened another door. The room was similar to the one Heero had been in before only this one had a couple of chairs in it. The meter was on the wall and the small table contained a box of tissues. The window was black, giving no view into the other room. Duo went to the meter and unlocked a small panel to the side. He punched in a code and the window began to slide open revealing the room they had just come from.

"See." Duo said.

Heero nodded. He could clearly see the position of the bed and how the voyeur would be able to get a full on view of the action.

"Well if you haven't got any questions then I suggest we go back to Zechs and see what he has to say. Do you think you could do it Heero?" Duo reached forwards and wrapped his arms around Heero's waist. He brushed his lips lightly over Heero's and sighed softly.

"Heero enjoyed the moment before returning the kiss, a little harder. His hands found their way to the nape of Duo's neck and he caressed the skin with his thumbs. "Hai, I think I can do it."

"It's really just a case of shutting out the fact of the window Heero. If you can forget that the window is there then it all becomes much easier to do."

"Hai. And you're sure that you can't see who's on the other side? I mean the window stays black throughout?"

"On our side it does. You can only see yourself reflected in it."

Heero pondered that thought for a moment before returning his lips to Duo's.

"Mmmmm.... I like your kisses Heero but I'm afraid I have to get to work. I'll drop you off at Zechs' office and you can discuss things further with him." Duo said as he reluctantly broke the embrace.

The pair left the room and Heero found himself back with Zechs, Duo having departed as he had a client waiting. Heero sat and discussed the room and the general requirements of the job. He specified that he only wanted to be with Duo, no one else and as for single performances? Well he would wait and see how he went. Half an hour later Heero was back outside and on his way home. He had a lot to think about.

~ * ~

Duo returned home to find dinner cooked and Heero listening to some soft music. He sidled up to the chair where Heero was sitting and placed a kiss to those unruly chocolate locks. "So, how did it go with Zechs after I left?"

Heero reached for Duo and pulled him to his lap. Cradling him gently he kissed the pouting soft lips, feeling them part to allow his tongue to slip inside and explore. When they broke for air he looked into Duo's swirling amethyst. "It went okay. We set the ground rules and sorted out payment and stuff."

"Ahhh." Duo was having a hard time staying in control as Heero's breath ghosted over his skin.

"I believe there is a booking at the end of the week." Heero murmured.

"Is that when Zechs wants you to start?"


"Okay. I'll find out all the details tomorrow then and we can plan out from there if it will make you more comfortable." Duo said as he rested his head against Heero's shoulder.

"Let's eat." came Heero's response.

Duo chuckled and hopped up, allowing Heero to rise. They went to the kitchen and fetched their meal.

~ * ~

Duo returned home from work the next evening with all the details of the up coming twosome. During dinner he explained to Heero just what it was the client wanted and so therefore what they would be required to do.

With the actual thought of what he was going to be doing beginning to sink in Heero felt a flush of panic. He wasn't all that sure this was such a good idea anymore. To tell the truth he was scared, still being a virgin he was unsure of what to expect and that troubled him.

Duo was aware that something wasn't sitting quite right with Heero but he didn't want to pry. He figured that Heero would tell him in his own good time.

Heero emerged from the bathroom to find Duo curled up on the sofa watching a movie dressed only in his silk boxers. He felt himself beginning to react to the sight and tried to control his hormones. He strolled over and sat as comfortably as he could with his friend so close and obviously oblivious to the effect his near naked body was having on Heero.

Duo could feel Heero's heat and noticed him fidgeting a little. "Heero? Are you okay?" he asked quietly. "Is there something you want to talk about?"

Heero sighed. "Hai. Duo...." Heero fidgeted a bit more. "I really don't quite know how to say this..."

Duo pressed himself a little closer and placed his hand on Heero's shoulder. "It's okay Heero. If you don't want to go through with the job I can tell Zechs you have changed your mind."

"Iie. No it isn't that. Well it is in a manner of speaking. Oh shit. I'm making a complete balls up of this." Heero shook his head and then looked at Duo. "I... I don't want to lose my virginity with someone watching." There he had said it. Now it was up to Duo to figure it out.

Duo sat and thought about Heero's words and then as the light dawned he smiled. "Are you trying to tell me you want to lose your virginity before you entertain?"

Heero nodded, his voice escaping him as his cheeks flushed bright red. "Duo? Would you?"

"My sweet Heero. I can't tell you how happy I would be to take your virginity from you, but only if you are truly sure." Duo's breath caught as he waited for Heero's response.

Heero peeked up and saw the tenderness in Duo's eyes. Duo wouldn't hurt him, Duo would show him how wonderful this could be. "I'm sure Duo. I.. I trust you. Would you please take me to bed and make love to me? Show me what loving is all about?"

Duo drew Heero close to him and pressed his lips firmly against Heero's. He kissed him long and deep, both of them panting at the end of such an intense kiss. "Come with me." Duo said softly as he pulled Heero to his feet and began to lead him to the bedroom.

Heero followed, a little unsteady on his legs as his body responded to the kiss Duo had graced him. He found himself in Duo's bedroom being pushed firmly to the mattress, Duo sliding alongside of him. They kissed again and Heero felt the warmth travel to his groin.

"Just lie there Heero and let me show you what loving someone can mean."

Heero surrendered himself body and soul to Duo's touch and taste. He shivered as Duo's fingers caressed his collarbone while his mouth began a series of teasing licks, sucks and kisses to his neck.

Duo worked his fingers over Heero's collarbone and drifted lower until he found a nipple. He traced his fingertip lightly in circles before brushing over the soft peak. Grasping it gently between his thumb and forefinger he began to twist and pinch lightly.

Heero groaned and writhed as Duo worked on his sensitive nipple. He had no idea that he could be this sensitive to such a small touch. It did wonders for his feeling of pleasure and he didn't want it to stop.

Duo began to kiss lower, working his mouth over the smooth planes of Heero's chest to pause above the now hardened pink pebble. His tongue darted out and licked lazily over the nub, he smiled as Heero jerked underneath him.

"Ohhh... Duo.... feels so good..." Heero huffed out.

Duo continued to lave the nipple, nipping and soothing with tongue and teeth before suckling once again. He switched his attentions to the other nipple and at the same time ran his fingers over Heero's stomach and hip to rest upon a golden thigh.

Heero was wearing his short pajama bottoms and when Duo's fingers began to caress the skin of his thigh he moaned and writhed with the new sensations.

Duo continued to bathe Heero's nipple as his fingers worked their way along the inside of the soft thigh, swirling in teasing circles, enough pressure to excite without tickling. He released Heero's chest and began to kiss his way languidly over trembling abs towards the hem of Heero's pants while his fingers continued their gentle motions on the thigh, moving slowly higher with each brush of fingertip against heated skin.

Heero's hands found their way to Duo's braid and quickly snapped the band. He worked the strands free and gently slipped them through his fingers as he savored the feel of the silky strands. They brushed against his flesh sending even more pleasurable feelings skittering across nerves and lodging in his groin. The feeling of Duo's fingers as they massaged his thighs added to his pleasure and he let his legs drift apart.

Duo smiled to himself as he watched Heero's legs part for him. He was so beautiful, untouched and fresh and Duo wanted him to enjoy every touch and taste that he could bestow. He returned to his worship of the body before him, slipping his fingers up the inside of Heero's pajamas and locating the crease of hip and thigh.

Heero moaned as the teasing continued. His cock was rock hard and aching, his balls tight with their need and he longed for Duo to touch him there, to relieve some of the pressure that was building. He thrust his hips as he felt Duo's fingers run lightly along the crease of his leg, seeking to draw those torturing appendages closer to where he craved the touch the most.

Duo paused for a moment and lifted his head. Heero lay with his eyes closed, his chest rising and falling rapidly, his body covered in a light sheen of sweat. He was simply gorgeous. Eyes flickered open and a questioning gaze held his own.

"Why did you stop?"

Duo grinned and brought his hands to the waistband of Heero's pajamas. "May I?" he asked as he tugged lightly.

"Of course." came the husky reply.

Duo wasted no time. He pulled the cotton material off as Heero lifted his hips to aid the progress. Duo tossed them aside and looked down at the Japanese beauty. "Lovely." he managed to say, his voice thick with lust. Heero was certainly a fine specimen of the human male form, but naked and aroused he was simply breathtaking. Duo's eyes were gazing appreciatively over the network of bone and muscle that made up Heero's physique, from the broad shoulders, over muscled chest to narrow waist and hips, pausing at the juncture of his legs. Heero was fully aroused, his cock standing proudly to attention, weeping a little in desire, balls heavy with need. He was everything Duo had ever dreamed of and he was all his for the taking. A lump rose in Duo's throat as he contemplated his coming actions.

Heero watched through his own half lidded eyes as Duo's sight appraised his form. He felt the flush rising in his skin as his body was scrutinized. He smiled when he saw Duo lick his lips, evidently he met with Duo's approval. He reached his own hands forwards and tugged at Duo's boxers, sliding them over Duo's slender hips. Duo's hand reached out and assisted in their removal.

Both completely naked they stared lustfully before Duo broke the spell, reaching forwards to steal a kiss as he pressed his flesh against Heero's and ground his hips, causing them both to moan with desire as their lengths met for the first time. Heero ran his hands over Duo's flank and towards his rump. He caressed the cheeks as he continued to grind his hips, attempting to gain more friction.

Finally Duo raised his head for air and nibbled lightly along Heero's bottom lip. "I need to prepare you Heero." he whispered, his voice thick with lust.

Heero spread his legs in invitation. "I trust you Duo." he said simply.

Duo swept in for another kiss as his hand went to the bedside cabinet and yanked open the drawer. Nimble fingers soon found the tube he sought and he quickly brought it back to the bed and flipped the cap. Pulling away from the kiss he brought the tube up so Heero could see what he was doing and squeezed some of the clear gel onto his fingers. Dropping the tube to the bed he moved down a little and began to rub the pads of his fingers over the small patch of skin behind Heero's balls, eliciting more moans of pleasure from Heero.

Heero bucked his hips at the touch, it felt so good he wanted more. He trembled a little as he felt Duo's fingers slip down further into the crevice of his ass and circle around his virgin entrance. Part of him was doubtful about what he was about to embark on and yet he really wanted it. He tried to get himself to relax and accept the pleasure. He reached forth and slipped his own hand between Duo's legs to grasp at the silky hard length that had been neglected for too long and simply begged for attention.

Duo gasped as Heero's fingers wrapped around his cock, the touch being welcomed eagerly. His hips began to thrust into the warm tunnel as he slowly slid a finger into Heero's virgin opening. Heero was so tight and hot. Duo added his own moans to those of Heero's.

Heero felt the intrusion into his most intimate area and relaxed to accommodate it. The digit worked around in him and while there was some mild discomfort, it wasn't unpleasant. His own hand began to stroke Duo's length, Heero enjoying the small thrusts of Duo against his palm. He had longed to touch the long haired man in such a manner since first seeing that gloriously naked body a couple of weeks ago. He had dreamt of how Duo would feel in his hand and if anything it was much better in reality that in the dream. Duo's shaft felt hot and heavy, the vein pulsing with desire, the tip leaking the proof. His hand reached under a little more and caressed the silky sac beneath causing Duo to moan louder.

"Oh yeah baby, touch me, stroke me I want to feel your hands all over me." Duo hissed as Heero's hands went on their little expedition. His own finger continued to stroke Heero's inner walls and stretch the tight entrance. Soon he had two fingers inside and buried to the knuckle. Heero was so unbelievably tight that Duo knew he would have to prepare him thoroughly, but even so, Heero was bound to experience some mild pain from their joining.

Heero was enjoying the sensations of Duo's fingers inside him, stroking him, pleasuring him. Suddenly he arched his back as fireworks exploded. "Ohh Duo!" he cried out. "What the fuck was that?"

Duo snickered softly. "That, my sweet Heero was your prostate. Sometimes called your pleasure center or sweet spot. Did it feel good?"

"Ohh shit yes! I want you to do that again."

Duo laughed, only too happy to oblige. He crooked his fingers again and searched for the spongy bump. Bingo. Heero arched again and then slammed back down onto his hand.

"Ohhh gods Duo.... I want you now. Please..."

"Not yet my Heero. I want to stretch you a little more otherwise it will be painful for you." Duo smiled. His own cock was aching madly and Heero's hand tightening around it each time he hit that special spot didn't help his control much either. "Soon baby, soon...."

Heero continued to writhe on the bed. He pulled his legs up and bent them at the knees, spreading them wider in an effort to coax Duo to hurry up. Finally Duo considered him stretched enough and carefully withdrew his fingers from that delicious heat.

Heero moaned at the loss. His body wanted more of those sensations. He felt a hand over his and opened his eyes.

"Heero, you have to let go of my cock, keep that up and I'm gonna cum right now and I want to be buried deep inside you when I find my release."

Heero reluctantly let go of Duo's shaft and watched as Duo coated his length in lube.

Once satisfied he was slicked enough Duo positioned himself between Heero's legs, spreading them a little more as he guided himself towards that untouched haven. He paused and rubbed the head of his penis around the opening, smiling as he watched it quiver in anticipation. "You ready for me Heero?"

"Hai Duo. Please take me, make me yours. I want to know what love is."

Duo felt his eyes well and quickly forced the tears away. He began to press forwards. The tip of his erection slowly breached Heero's body and Duo moaned as the warmth enveloped him. He pushed steadily forth until he was about half way in. He paused and looked down at Heero.

Heero looked back and smiled. "Feels different but nice in a fulfilling sort of way." he whispered. While it was certainly uncomfortable there wasn't any undue pain. Duo had prepared him well.

Duo began to pull back a little before pushing forth once more. "So tight Heero." he moaned as his cock pushed deeper into untouched territory. "Ohh sooo good." Duo sank to the hilt and paused to give Heero time to adjust to his girth.

Heero had no idea that being filled like this could feel so good. His body adapted quickly and he gave an upward thrust of his hips to indicate his readiness.

Duo's eyes were closed and he trembled a little as he fought to regain control of his rebellious body. He wanted this to last and so he did his best to think of anything other than the tight heat of Heero's channel and the bronzed flesh that lay below. He felt Heero's hips push up, drawing him deeper inside and he gasped.

"Duo... please..." Heero's voice pleaded.

"I'm not hurting you am I Heero?" Duo asked with concern. He wasn't sure if the plea was for him to withdraw or to start moving.

"No you're not hurting me but I need you to move." Heero replied, his voice a little hoarse.

Duo grinned. "You got it baby." He began his slow retreat and paused when only the head of his cock remained inside, then swiftly he plunged back in and struck Heero's prostate with deadly accuracy.

Heero screamed and arched upwards as the pleasure flooded his body. Desperately he tried to push up against Duo, eager for him to hit that spot again and again. His cock leaked pre cum in a steady flow and throbbed for some attention.

Duo took hold of Heero's hips and began a rhythm. His gentle advance and retreat began to build in pressure, speed and urgency as his cock was stroked and massaged by the intense heat and tightness of Heero's slick passage. Duo knew it wouldn't take long for his climax to hit him and while he craved it desperately, he was also loathe to reach it. He leaned forwards and took Heero's lips in a soul shattering kiss.

Heero responded to the kiss as he wrapped his legs around Duo's waist, trying to get the American as deep as possible. His cock rubbed between their stomachs and his head spun with the overload.

Duo released Heero's lips and reached for Heero's angry red cock. His hand wrapped securely around the length and he began to pump in time with his thrusts. He moaned as his climax began to build, he wanted Heero to come first.

Heero cried out and dug his fingers into Duo's shoulders as his cock was stroked, his hips thrust frantically as he sought more of the heated thick shaft inside him and friction to his burning length.

Duo's hips snapped as he buried himself deeper, his hand squeezed and sped up as he found Heero's prostate and brushed against it mercilessly.

Heero was reduced to whimpering as he was assaulted inside and out. The fire began to burn with an intensity he hadn't known possible and he cried out as it began to consume him. "Ohhh Duo... Tooo good.... I'm gonna cum...."

"That's it Heero, come for me." Duo managed to gasp out as he felt his own balls tightening.

"Nnnngggg..... Ohhh gods...." Heero screamed as the fire exploded within. Hot seed raced from his balls to erupt from the tiny slit and coat his stomach and Duo's hand. His passage clamped down and he was lost in a sea of emotional turmoil, not wanting to find the surface, quite happy to drown.

With the heat of Heero's cum spilling over his hand and the tight channel clenching around him Duo knew he was lost. He gave another two thrusts and felt his own fluid escape his body to coat Heero's insides. His thrusts slowed as he rode the waves of his orgasm, enjoying the pulse of his cock against the velvet passage that held him prisoner. With a sigh he slumped forwards onto Heero's chest.

Heero was flying. He had never felt anything so good in his entire life. The fact that it was Duo that had taken his virginity, made love to him so tenderly only made the experience even more memorable. He became aware of Duo's weight upon his chest and he lowered his hands to Duo's back where he began to rub slowly. "Arigato Duo. That was.... mind blowing. Is it always this good?"

Duo managed to get his muscles working again and raised himself to his elbows. He gazed tenderly at the man beneath him. "Only with someone you love Heero. Only with someone you love." he reached for a kiss.

Heero granted the kiss, plundering Duo's mouth with his tongue in an attempt to let his lover know how much he enjoyed his first time, and that he also returned Duo's love. "Ai shiteru Duo." he whispered softly as the kiss broke. The smile he received was truly one of pure happiness.

Duo began to slide his softened cock from Heero's body, trying to be as gentle as he could but still Heero winced a little. "Gomen Heero. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Duo, just a little sore but that is to be expected ne?" Heero snuggled up close and wrapped his arms around Duo.

Duo returned the embrace and kissed the top of Heero's head. "I think we should get some sleep now Heero." he said quietly as he tried to snag the blankets with his toes.

"I guess I should go and make up the couch."

Duo stiffened and then pulled Heero close to him. "No way Yuy. You're sleeping with me from now on. Unless of course that is you don't want to."

Heero snuggled closer. "I thought you'd never ask." he chuckled.

"Ohh Heero." Duo shook his head and then kissed his lovers forehead. " Better clean you up a little first and then sleep." Duo slid from the bed and padded to the bathroom. He returned moments later with a wash cloth. Gently he wiped the evidence of their lovemaking from Heero's body and his own before returning the cloth to the bathroom. He switched off the light and climbed back into the bed, pulling the blankets with him.

Heero sighed contentedly as he snuggled closer to his partner and within moments was fast asleep.

Duo lay for a while, his mind going back over their lovemaking. He had never enjoyed making love so much as he had with Heero. He ran each part back through his mind, reliving the ecstasy shown on Heero's face as he touched him. Then Duo had a thought. The booking for the end of the week where Heero would be making an appearance for the first time. Idly his mind wandered as he ran the idea through his head. With a smile on his lips he drifted off to join Heero in the land of dreams.

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