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Pairings: 1x2x1
Rating: NC 17
Warnings: Sap, angst, Lemon, Lime, voyeurism, exhibitionism, PWP, AU, OOC

Authors Notes: This is the much requested sequel to "Peeping Tom" Originally I hadn't planned on writing one but I have had so many people reply to the fic or e mail me asking for one that I guess I had better write one or risk suffering the threats to my health. I hope it lives up to expectations. Enjoy....

On the Other Side of the Window
by ShenLong (aka Deb's Dragon)
Part 2

"Morning sleepy head."

Heero's eyes flickered open as his brain began to clear and he registered the voice.

"Did you sleep okay?"

Heero managed to force the sleepiness from his mind as he looked around him, all that had happened to him came flooding back. He smiled at Duo who stood over him with a cup of coffee in his hand... and drew in a shaky breath. Duo had obviously just had his shower. The lean torso still glistened with droplets of water and the towel wrapped around his hips hid the loveliness Heero knew to be between his legs. He accepted the coffee and smiled. "Hai. I slept fine."

"Good." Duo turned and made his way across the lounge room to his bedroom. "Showers free if you want to use it, I'm gonna get dressed and then I'll make us some breakfast."

"Arigato." Heero sat propped in the 'bed' as he watched the towel covered rear disappear into the bedroom. He sipped at the warm liquid as he mused over his problem, listening to the sounds of Duo as he fished around in his drawers for clothes. Moments later he had reappeared wearing a skimpy pair of shorts and nothing else. His long chestnut hair was swept back into a braid and Heero took a moment to appreciate the view.

"You gonna get up or stay there all day?" Duo teased as he went into the kitchen to get the breakfast started.

"I'm moving." Heero replied and then paused. He realized he had a problem. His cheeks colored a little as he tried to work out the best way to get out of the bed, find his clothes and make it to the bathroom without Duo noticing the rather prominent bulge in his pajamas.

Duo snickered softly to himself as he fetched eggs from the 'fridge and began to crack them into a bowl. He had an idea of Heero's predicament, suffering from morning wood was a common problem and he suffered with it himself pretty much every sunrise. He tried to keep his back turned as much as possible to save Heero any further embarrassment but then he noticed the window reflected clearly the movements in the lounge room. With an evil smirk he focussed on the window and watched as Heero managed to get out of the bed and find his clothes.

Heero stole a glance at the kitchen and saw that Duo's back was turned, he took the moment and hopped out of the bed to locate his bag and get his clothes from within. He turned and headed for the bathroom, closing the door softly behind him.

Duo smiled as he watched the little display reflected in the window. He could see the bulge in the front of Heero's pajamas and he licked his lips. Looked like Heero was nicely proportioned in that department. He watched the nice rear as Heero went into the bathroom. The sound of water running and Duo turned back to the eggs.

Heero turned on the taps and waited for the water to warm up. Adjusting the spray's temperature he stepped into the stall and began to clean himself. His cock still remained stubbornly hard and he knew it wasn't going to go away by itself. The thought of Duo out there in those obscenely short shorts served only to make him harder and so he soaped up his hand and slipped it around his hardened shaft. He began to pump himself, visions of Duo clad in his towel playing through his mind as he drew closer to the edge. He tightened his grasp and sped up the strokes, he needed to bring himself off quickly. He didn't need Duo banging on the door and telling him to hurry up.

He bit his lip to hold his moans as his eyes slid shut and his hand stroked faster. He brought his other hand up to cup and roll his balls, nearly crying out at the sensation. Within seconds it was all over. His essence shot from the end of his cock to land on the tiles. Heero's hand slowed as his now extremely sensitive organ began to soften. He released himself and began to wash the remainder of his semen from the tiles before rinsing the soap from his skin and shutting the water off.

Stepping out moments later he was pleased to see Duo had left a towel for him. He snatched the fluffy item up and began to dry himself off. Dried and clean, erection taken care off, Heero felt much more capable of facing Duo and the day ahead. He pulled a pair of shorts on and a tight t-shirt over his head. Running a comb through the chocolate bangs he tried to tame the mess. No luck. It fell back into its usual messy state as soon as the comb was removed. A knock to the door stopped any further attempts.

"Heero? Are you nearly done?"

"Hai. I'll be out in a moment."

"Good. Breakfast is ready."

Heero listened to the sounds of retreating footsteps and quickly tidied up the bathroom. He snatched up his pajamas and exited the room. The smell of scrambled eggs and toast greeted his nostrils as he made his way back into the lounge room. With a guilty look he noticed that Duo had re set the bed back up into a sofa and folded the blanket which now lay with the pillow at the end of the sofa. He quickly put his things away in his bag and went to the small table where Duo was placing two plates.

"I could have tidied up the bed Duo."

"No problem Heero, now eat up before it gets cold." Duo lifted his fork and began to dig in.

Heero smiled and followed the lead.

They ate in silence for a while, the only sounds were those of the traffic from the street below, then Duo broke the silence. "What would you like to do today Heero?"

Heero looked up and finished chewing his mouthful of egg. "I thought I had best start looking for some work and maybe a place to stay."

Duo stopped eating and lay his free hand over the top of Heero's. His thumb brushed lightly over the golden skin. "You can stay here as long as you want Heero."

Heero looked up. "Arigato Duo, but that isn't fair to you."

Duo sighed. "Look Heero. How about I do you a deal here? You find yourself a job first, in the meantime you can stay here and just pay towards the food bill and utilities. Once you have a job and enough money behind you then see about finding your own place to stay."

Heero studied the heart shaped face before him. What Duo said made sense he had to admit, but could he impose on Duo? If he was contributing to the food and utilities he wouldn't really be imposing now would he? The next question that came to mind was would he be able to live with Duo? The man was so drop dead gorgeous he wasn't sure if he could control his hormones and the feelings the other man evoked in him. He sighed and raised his gaze to meet Duo's. He could read the sincerity written in every line of that sweet face and Heero's defenses crumbled.



"But you will let me contribute to the bills and share the chores."

"No problem Heero. I got today and tomorrow off so I'll show you around a bit. I'll explain where the various things are around here so you won't feel so lost."

Heero smiled as Duo continued to babble on about how nice it would be to have someone to share his apartment with and the things they could do together. For the first time in the past few hours Heero felt his heart lighten.

~ * ~

"So anything else I haven't explained Heero?" Duo asked as they returned from the laundry that resided in the basement of the apartment building.

"I think that's all Duo." Heero paused while Duo retrieved the key to the apartment and let them both in.

"I'll clear some space in my closet for you to put your clothes, no sense in living out of your bag now is there?" Duo winked as he sashayed into his bedroom.

Heero sighed. He had been so close to Duo all morning, smelling the scent of his shampoo and unique body odor that was simply Duo. They had brushed against each other on a few occasions and Heero had had to wonder why Duo hadn't made any attempt to touch him, hold him or kiss him. He frowned. Maybe Duo didn't want him like that, maybe he was just being polite. Thinking back over last night though when Duo had admitted he was gay and then the kisses they had shared, Heero was sure that Duo was interested in him. So why then was he playing it so cool?

Duo fiddled around in the closet, shifting items and making room for Heero's things. It had taken all his self control to keep his libido in check during the morning. With Heero so close to him his body was reacting strongly and he wanted nothing more than to sweep the man into his arms and kiss him senseless. But Heero was in an emotional turmoil, even if he didn't realize it himself and Duo wasn't about to take advantage of that insecurity. If Heero returned his feelings then it had to be because he wanted to and not simply for insecurity or lust.

Heero entered the sanctuary of Duo's room and smiled. The large queen size bed took up most of the room. A small dresser stood to one side and the walk in closet opposed the dresser. A pair of matching bedside tables stood on either side by the headboard. The comforter was a deep shade of red with matching red pillowslips on the throw pillows.

"Put your stuff in here Heero." Duo mumbled from within the closet.

Heero walked forwards and found the lithe figure stretching upwards to place a box on a high shelf. Stretched out like that the shorts had dropped low on Duo's hips and Heero could see the top of the cleft of that gorgeous ass. As Duo turned around so he was treated to the sight of soft chestnut down that thickened as it disappeared under the waist band of the shorts. Instantly he felt his body reacting and had to distract himself with other thoughts in an attempt to quell the fire that began to burn in his groin.

Duo smirked as he noticed Heero's eyes on him. While it didn't hurt to flirt and tease a little Duo was careful not to take it too far. He shifted and rubbed against Heero as he exited the closet to give Heero the room he needed to put his things away.

Heero took a deep breath and placed his clothing in the space provided by Duo. By the time he had finished he had managed to control his body and went back out to the lounge where Duo was sitting on the sofa, legs curled under himself watching an old movie on the television. "All done." he said as he sat next to Duo.

Duo glanced up. "Great." he grinned.

"Thank you again Duo. I mean for everything, not just the giving me somewhere to stay but being a friend as well." Heero lowered his eyes.

"That's okay Heero. You don't have to thank me, it's my pleasure." Duo responded and scooted up the sofa a little. Their shoulders rested against each other as Duo's interest returned to the screen. Heero felt warm with the touch of Duo's body against his own and he relaxed into the contact.

Movie over, Duo turned to face Heero again. "Wanna go for a walk?" he asked, his lips tugging into a smile.

"Hai. I'd like that." Heero responded and reached out for Duo's wrist as the slender man made to stand.

Duo felt his wrist caught and turned back to Heero, a questioning look on his face.

Heero took a deep breath and moved his face closer to Duo's. "I really am grateful to you for taking me in Duo." he whispered as his lips moved closer. He had been aching all morning to kiss Duo and was surprised at his boldness. It was evident that Duo wasn't going to make the first move, so with his heart hammering in his chest Heero decided to take the initiative.

Lips met again in a tender kiss, brushing lightly against each other as tongues quested forth to be admitted and explore. Breaking the kiss Duo watched Heero's face carefully. "That was nice Heero but you don't have to do this if you don't want to. That's not why I offered you a place to stay. I mean I think you're gorgeous, sexy and one hell of a man but I won't push you into anything, and don't feel you have to do anything because I took you in. I don't work that way."

"Hai. I know. I did it because I wanted to." Heero peeked up through his messy bangs to see if Duo understood what he was trying to say.

The light in Duo's eyes told him the rest and he reached for another kiss before standing up. "Let's go for that walk now."

~ * ~

The days began to pass and Heero had been living with Duo for a week and a half. He had searched for a job day after day but was so far unlucky in his pursuit. He returned to the apartment disillusioned and weary. He tossed his keys onto the small coffee table and went to the kitchen to start dinner. Duo would be home in an hour and it was Heero's turn to cook.

He fetched the ingredients he needed and began to make dinner. His mind wandered over the day's interviews, it was always the same response. He was either too young or didn't have the experience they required. To say he was frustrated was an understatement. His money was beginning to run low, his father having cut off his credit cards and so he was left with only the meager savings he had acquired over the past few years. He needed to get a job and get one soon, he couldn't expect Duo to support him.

The more he thought about it the more Heero's mind wandered back to Duo's original proposal. He was still uncertain about his feelings in that area but he had to admit Duo didn't seem any worse for it. If anything the long haired man was at least getting some. Their relationship hadn't proceeded beyond gentle hugs and occasional kisses, mainly because Heero was still unsure and Duo didn't want to push.

Heero knew if he wanted to take things to the next step that Duo would be willing enough, so why then was he hesitating so much? With a sigh he turned back to the stove and drained the rice. Until Heero had a job he felt he would only be giving Duo the impression that he was allowing the relationship to progress to the next level by way of payment, and that was something he didn't want Duo to think. He wanted more... oh yes. He was finding each day he was dating Mr Palmer and his five friends more than he should have been and it was beginning to tell on him.

In some ways he envied Duo and the release he obtained daily at his job While Heero was curious to know what full on making love was like he was cautious about finding out. Part of him was hesitant, he laughed as he thought about that. He was limited in his knowledge and experiences, having masturbated frequently he knew what felt good to him. He had only had three partners in his short life and his experiences in those relationships had amounted to a couple of blow jobs and the occasional hand job.

Having watched Duo 'in action' and witnessed the total look of rapture on his face when he had been making love to himself with the toy Heero knew there was much more pleasure to be had. He sighed as he turned the vegetables down. He forced his mind to stop running in circles. Idly he wondered if Duo would be willing to sit down and talk with him, tell him what it was like to make love, to be made love to. He was also curious to learn a little more about Duo's job, the topic hadn't been raised since Heero's admission to being the voyeur and Heero wanted to know what it was like for Duo, what the company expected and the whole 'peep show' thing in general. The sound of the front door opening jolted his mind back to the present and he cleared his head.

"Hey Heero, I'm home." Duo's cheery voice rang out. "Mmmm something smells good." Duo stuck his head over Heero's shoulder to see what was cooking on the stove.

Heero felt his heartbeat rise a little at Duo's closeness. "It's nearly cooked. How was your day?"

Heero kept his gaze on the vegetables he was stirring.

"Ohh not too bad." Duo declined to comment any further. "How was yours? Any luck with a job?" Duo went back to the lounge room and pulled off his boots.

"Iie. The same old story. Either too young or no experience."

"Never mind Heero, I'm sure something will come up soon." Duo did his best to keep his voice cheery. He knew how hard Heero was trying and he felt sorry for the man. Duo went through to his room and popped his boots under the dresser. He went into the closet and fetched a change of clothes. Slipping into the shorts and t-shirt he felt more comfortable. He returned to the kitchen just as Heero was placing their dinner on the two plates. Duo reached for the plates as Heero popped the pan in the sink and carried them through to the small table.

As they ate dinner so they discussed the normal things like weather, who's turn it was to do the laundry, when the electricity bill had to be paid and what to put on their next shopping list. With the subject of food and bills Heero was again uncomfortably aware of his lowering finances. While he still had a bit in his account it wasn't going to last more than another four weeks at the most.

Dinner over with Duo filled the sink and began to wash the plates, Heero put the coffee machine on and then dried the clean dishes. Coffee's in hand they went through to the lounge and sat on the couch to watch some television. They found a movie and Duo lost himself to the play of the figures on the screen. Heero watched with half his attention, the other still running the problem of his finances through his head. With a sigh he decided to take the plunge and ask Duo about work at the peep show.

"Duo?" he began hesitantly.

Duo turned his violet eyes from the screen to look at Heero. He could sense something in the tone of voice Heero was using and knew this was something important. "Yes Heero?"

"I... Ummm..." Heero swallowed hard and focussed his gaze on his hands that twisted nervously in his lap. "About your job. What's it like? What exactly do you do? I mean I know what you do but what is it you do? Oh shit this isn't coming out right at all."

Duo smiled and placed his hand on Heero's thigh. "It's okay Heero, I know what you mean."

Heero peeked up through his bangs and saw the genuine smile and returned it with a shy one of his own. Duo wasn't mocking him.

"Let's see... What's the best way to explain this?" Duo thought for a moment. "To answer the first question, what's it like? Well, it can be fun or it can be a chore, depends on what you make it."

"But how?"

"You get told what the job is...."


Duo chuckled. "Zechs the boss, he lets you know what the job is. It might be just a teasing strip show, or it could be the customer wants to watch you jerk off. They may want to see you spread and finger yourself, or jerk off as you finger yourself. Then there is the all the way which you have seen already....."

Heero blushed

Duo continued despite Heero's blush, he thought the tinge of red on Heero's cheeks was quite cute. "..then there are requests for toy play.."

"Toy play?"

Duo chuckled. "Oh yeah, toy play can be a lot of fun. When you do an all the way you use a dildo to penetrate. Toy play is similar. There are a range of toys, it usually means using a vibrator or dildo and running it all over your body, arousing yourself as well as the customer. Most times you also wear a cock ring so as you can't come regardless of how turned on you are."

Heero unconsciously crossed his legs. "But wouldn't that hurt after a while? I mean surely all that teasing can't be good for you?"

Duo laughed and slid a little closer until his side was pressing against Heero. "Most customers that request toy play like to see you tease and torment yourself until your cock is dripping and your begging for your release. They get off on the begging part, gives them a sense of control. Eventually you are granted your release and ohh boy does it feel good." Duo's eyes glazed a little as he lost himself in the memories of several toy play scenes he had done.

"But what if they don't let you ummm... come?"

"You do get the odd sadistic bastard that likes to see you writhing and begging and then after they have shot their load still refuse to let you come but once that window closes the show is over so you can easily snap the clip to the ring and get yourself off."


"It isn't all that hard to do Heero." Duo pressed himself a little closer and caressed Heero's thigh lightly. His eyes flickered to Heero's crotch and he smiled to himself as he noticed the bulge beginning to appear. Seemed like Heero was getting a little turned on by this talk.

"But how do you do it? I mean how do you... you know... what do you think about to get yourself... ummm.."

"Hard and excited?" Duo offered with a laugh.

"Uh. Yeah" Heero's blush deepened a little.

"Well I don't know what the others think about but I like to think of my perfect partner. I visualize it's his hands that are caressing my body, his fingers touching me intimately." Duo's eyes clouded.

"And what's your perfect partner look like?" Heero whispered. He already had an idea from Duo's sort of confession when they first met but for some unfathomable reason he needed to hear Duo say it again.

"My perfect partner? He's strong, compact with golden bronze skin. He has a unique scent about him and moves with effortless grace. He's kind and gentle, happy to give and receive pleasure. He's thoughtful of my likes, needs and desires. He's nicely endowed and knows how to use it. He also has the most expressive, stunning blue eyes, kissable lips, and a wild thatch of hair." Duo pressed even closer and brought his lips to within millimeters of Heero's. His amethyst eyes locked with Prussian. "You're my idea of the perfect partner." he breathed huskily and then brushed his lips tenderly against Heero's.

Heero moaned as his eyes slid shut. Duo's lips moving across his own exciting him further. As Duo's lips began their retreat so Heero's mouth followed, he didn't want to give up on that kiss just yet.

Duo felt a tingle pass through him and he shivered. His cock ached inside his shorts as his hand brushed lightly over the juncture of Heero's thighs. "Would you like a little help with that?" he whispered as Heero nibbled along his bottom lip driving his own desire to maddening heights.

Heero was lost to his body's needs. His hips arched lightly into the teasing brush, seeking more friction for his burning length. "Ohhh Duo..." he moaned as he reached for another kiss.

Duo returned the kiss with a fiery one of his own. His tongue plunged inside and explored the cavern of Heero's mouth, touching each spot, finding what made Heero moan and swallowing those moans. His hand continued to brush back and forth over the constricting denim, coaxing Heero to full hardness.

"Ohh gods..."

Duo eased his fingers to the zipper of Heero's jeans and began to tug it down. He slipped his fingers inside and cupped the swollen length. Heero's hips bucked against his hand as the kiss deepened further.

Duo located the flap of the boxers and reached for his prize, pulling the swollen shaft out to greet the air he slid his thumb over the tip, spreading the wetness and easing the passage of his hand.

Heero's head fell back and his eyes slid shut as Duo massaged the shaft from tip to base, his hips pushed forth demanding more attention to his aching desire.

Duo slid from the couch to kneel on the floor, not releasing Heero from his grasp as he did so. He nudged Heero's legs apart and slipped in-between them. He looked at the hardness he held and licked his lips. Heero was nicely proportioned, the fluid leaking from the tip to dribble down the crown which was blushing with need. He teased the foreskin back to expose the head completely and then with a lustful wink to Heero he lowered his mouth and flicked his tongue over the tiny slit.

Heero watched through half lidded eyes as Duo's mouth drew closer to his cock. "Surely Duo wasn't going to? Ohhh gods... he was." Heero's mind shut down as he felt the electric touch of Duo's tongue against his heated skin and he cried out as his hands came forth to tangle in Duo's hair.

Duo smiled to himself, the taste and scent of Heero intoxicated him, he was drunk on it and loving every moment. His tongue swirled around the flared head before flicking across the juncture of foreskin to cock and then licking the length of the shaft. He bathed the stiff organ with his tongue before wrapping his lips lightly around the head and sucking.

Heero's hips thrust upwards as the teasing suddenly changed and he was sucked like never before. Duo had a talented mouth on him and Heero was determined to experience all of those talents.

Duo shifted his hands to Heero's hips and held him still. Said hips bucked in frustration. Duo chuckled and then drew all of Heero into his mouth, swallowing the length until his nose was pressed firmly against the nest of dark hair. He paused for a moment to regulate his breathing and allow his throat to relax against the hardness and then he began to work in earnest. His head bobbed up and down, alternating between sucking and licking the delicious cock, drawing moans and sighs from Heero with each touch of mouth and tongue.

Heero felt like he had died and gone to heaven. The sensations that burned along his skin fueling his need even more. Hands tangled in chestnut locks as he tried desperately to pump his hips. He had been on the receiving end of blow jobs before but never had he felt anything this good. "Ohh Duo... so goood... more please... don't stop..."

Duo began to hum, the vibrations of his vocal chords striking the hardness he suckled on and sending more pleasure to Heero's already lust crazed brain.

Heero was reduced to a whimpering puddle. Duo's tongue and mouth bringing him ever closer to the edge but not allowing him to fall over into paradise.

Duo released one of Heero's hips and dipped his hand into his own shorts. He was so hard his balls ached. His hand began to massage his own length in time with his sucks to Heero's cock, the moans and pleading coming from Heero arousing him further and he knew he wouldn't be able to contain himself for much longer. Releasing his cock for a moment he quickly undid the button and yanked the zipper down. He sighed around his mouthful as his cock sprang free.

Heero continued to try to thrust his penis deeper into Duo's mouth. With only one hand holding his hips still he had a little more leverage.

Duo wrapped his fingers around his shaft and pumped, fingers grazed lightly over his sac from time to time, intensifying the pleasure. He sucked harder on Heero's shaft and brushed his teeth lightly over the head eliciting a moan of pure desire from Heero.

"Ohh Duo... too much. I.. I'm gonna..."

Duo sped up his ministrations, determined to take Heero over the other side. He felt Heero's body begin to tense and he backed off a little to allow for the release he craved to taste.

Heero's hips gave another pump and he felt the fire explode. His seed poured from the tip to flood Duo's mouth and he screamed with the intensity of the climax.

Duo swallowed as the salty slightly bitter fluid filled his mouth. It tasted like honey to Duo and he savored every drop. With Heero's spasming in his mouth his fingers squeezed tighter around his shaft and with a final jerk he found his own release. His mind drifted as he enjoyed the ripples of pleasure passing through his system. Slowly his hand stilled and he released his now softening cock, his mouth was still attached to Heero's shaft and he reluctantly let it slide from within. He rested his head against Heero's thigh as he closed his eyes and trembled with the last of the aftershocks. His tongue darted out to lick at the softened length of Heero's penis causing Heero to moan with the sensitivity.

Sated, and more than happy, Heero slowly returned to earth. He looked down at where Duo's head lay against his thigh, the tongue sending jolts through him as Duo lapped lazily at his soft organ and he smiled. He ran his fingers through Duo's hair. "Arigato." he said quietly.

Duo looked up and smiled. "My pleasure Heero. You taste wonderful." Duo pulled himself up from the floor and reached for the box of tissues on the small table. Grabbing a wad he began to clean himself up, blushing slightly as he did so.

Heero watched as the realization dawned on him of what they had just done. Try as he might though he had no regrets. Duo's touches had sparked the fire within him and he was powerless to control it. Feeling the cool air around his nether regions he turned red as he glanced down to see his cock flaccid and exposed. Sheepishly he tucked himself away as he caught Duo's movements with the tissues out the corner of his eye.

Duo tossed the tissues into the waste basket and zipped himself up. He turned to look at Heero who was watching him. "I enjoyed that Heero." he said quietly as he sat back down on the couch.

"Hai. So did I." Heero returned. The silence fell uncomfortably between them. Heero wasn't sure what to say, There was much more he wanted to know about Duo's job but he couldn't find the words after that little experience. It was as if something had changed between them and Heero found himself floundering in the new wave of emotion.

Duo pondered Heero's silence and picked up on the uneasy vibes coming from his flat mate. Giving a mental sigh he shook his head. Somehow he had to get it through to Heero that he wanted to do these things, he wanted to map out and explore Heero's body and encourage the Japanese man to do the same but there was something stopping Heero and Duo wanted to break down that barrier and free the young man to enjoy all the pleasures life had to offer. Feeling that Heero wasn't about to speak anytime soon Duo thought he had better start some form of communication going.

"Why all the questions on my job Heero? I mean it's not that I mind you asking, I'm happy to talk about it if you want to, but I just want you to know that what happened then, between us, was something special and I really enjoyed it."

Heero stared at the American and swallowed. "Duo. I don't want you to think I'm doing any of this as payment for you letting me stay here..." Heero faltered, he couldn't find the words he needed. He needn't have worried though, Duo knew exactly what was going through his mind.

Duo reached forth and wrapped his arms around Heero, pulling him into a warm embrace. "Don't ever say anything like that Heero. I know you wouldn't whore yourself to me as payment for anything. What just happened between us happened because we wanted it to. I like you Heero, I like you a lot and if you would give me the chance I would love to get to know you better."

Heero relaxed a little and returned the embrace. "I was asking about your job because I can't seem to find any form of employment Duo. Every time it's the same story and to be honest my savings are running dangerously low. I can't afford to pay my share of the expenses if I don't get a job in the next week...." Heero trailed off.

"That's okay Heero." Duo replied as he rubbed Heero's back soothingly.

"No it isn't Duo. I can't, and I don't expect you to support me. I won't let you do that." Heero returned fiercely.

Duo smiled. "Okay my feisty one, so what do you intend to do?"

"That's just it Duo. I don't know." Heero bit his bottom lip. "Is that.. that offer of working with you as a twosome still open?" he whispered as he cringed inside.

Duo's face softened and he pulled Heero up to look at him. "I'm sure it can be arranged Heero if you really want to that is."

Heero lowered his eyes. "I don't think I could do it on my own like you do." he whispered again.

"Not everyone can Heero but twosomes usually means the voyeur wants to watch two men making love." Duo raised an eyebrow as if in question. "Could you do that?"

"I... I think so. But only if it's you Duo."

Duo pulled him close again. "I wouldn't let you do anything like that with someone else Heero." He stroked Heero's hair. "Would you like me to ask Zechs for you?"

"H.. Hai."


"Hai Duo?"

"There's something else here isn't there? I mean you're hiding something. Look if you don't want to tell me then that's okay..."

Heero swallowed hard. "I'm a virgin."

The statement was made so quietly that Duo nearly missed it, and then when it did register Duo found he had lost his voice. His mind desperately tried to scramble some form of coherent thought as it processed that piece of information. Finally Duo found his speech. "You are?" It wasn't the best of responses but it was all that Duo could manage for the moment. He mentally slapped himself as he realized how that must have sounded to Heero.

"Heero stiffened. "Hai. I am. I guess I just never found the right person..."

"Ohh Heero. I didn't mean it come out that way. I mean I think it's sweet you are still a virgin, that you have been saving yourself for the right time and person.. Oh." The ramifications of the statement suddenly hit Duo's brain. "Oh shit."

Hero looked up and smiled. "Oh shit indeed. I couldn't work as a single entertainer Duo, I'm just not comfortable with that but if I am to join you in a twosome well..."



"So you're a virgin as in you haven't made love before?"

"I guess you realize Duo, that gay guys loose their virginity twice." Heero cocked his head and blushed at his own forwardness.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Then I am a virgin in both respects."


Heero stayed with his head resting upon Duo's chest while Duo thought about Heero's words. Technically he was a virgin in two ways, never having made love to another, either male or female, and never having been made love to.

Finally Duo managed to locate some words. "Heero, don't let it worry you okay? I'll speak with Zechs tomorrow and see what he thinks. If he's prepared to give you a go I'll lay down the ground rules first. All twosome's have to be pre booked so I'll see what's coming up and then we can worry about it from there but let me tell you, you don't have to do this Heero. I can support the two of us for a while, you can still look for other employment."

Heero's heart melted with Duo's concern. "I know and I appreciate that Duo but I will not become a burden to you, it isn't fair. I tell you what. I'll keep looking for another job while you talk to Zechs. If I get something then great, if I don't and the opportunity comes up, then I'll give it some really serious thought."

"Okay Heero. But please, if you're not comfortable with this then don't do it because you feel you owe me. Do it because you want to."

Heero raised his head and searched Duo's eyes. He could read the genuine concern there and it warmed him. "I must admit there is a small part of me that would like to see what it is like, what it is about the job that keeps you doing it Duo."

Duo smiled and reached for a kiss which Heero returned with enthusiasm. "It's just a job Heero but I have a streak of exhibitionism in me I admit. The thought of someone watching me as I pleasure myself turns me on incredibly, I guess that's why I keep doing it."

"Hn." Heero needed to think. He stretched his weary body and yawned. "I think I will have a shower and go to bed." he murmured.

"Okay Heero. I'm going to catch a few z's myself." Duo stood and pulled Heero with him. He wrapped his arms around Heero's waist and leaned in for another kiss. "Thank you for letting me pleasure you."

"Arigato to you Duo. It was... it was intense. I really enjoyed it. I've never had someone suck me like that before."

Duo chuckled and swatted Heero's rear. "Ohh Heero. There are so many pleasures I would like to share with you but only when you're ready and if you want to. Let's take things one step at a time."

"Hai." Heero placed a kiss to Duo's nose before breaking the embrace and going to the bathroom.

Duo watched him go, emotions swirling through his violet eyes. "I think I love you Heero." he whispered to himself before going to his bedroom and preparing for bed.

Heero heard the soft spoken words as he shut the bathroom door. "Duo loves me?" A broad grin found its way to his face as he turned on the water. "I think I may be in love with you too Duo." he murmured before stripping off and stepping under the warm spray.

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