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One Good Stroke Deserves Another
by Presser

"Keys, keys, c'mon, where're the keys?" Duo hissed at the door to his apartment, fumbling in his pocket while jockeying plastic bags of groceries and the bouquet of flowers he had brought home for Heero. With a whispered "a-ha!" Duo found the key ring in his jeans and pulled. The keys came out, but the ring snagged on the side of his pocket. Duo swayed back, losing his balance, then leaned forward, trying to keep groceries and flowers aloft. "Whew! That was close!" he said under his breath, grateful for small favors from heaven. Steady on his feet now, he pulled at his keys again, forgetting that they were still tangled in the edge of his pants pocket. Groceries to the left, bouquet to the right, Duo fell back on his bum. "Shit!" he whispered hoarsely.

Standing slowly, rubbing his butt, Duo picked up the package of linguini and sauce that had rolled from his shopping bag, then turned to gather the flowers. "Shit!" he hissed again, angry at the condition of the bouquet. Groceries went back on the floor as he snipped the thread caught in his key ring. He opened the door, flipped on the light, and walked to the dinette table he and Heero shared.

"What's this?" Duo frowned, putting the flowers down and picking up a folded note on the table.

"Sorry, Duo, but I've been called out on patrol at the last minute. I'll leave straight from work, so don't expect me home till tomorrow night. Maybe we can curl up on the couch together then."

The note was signed "Heero," with that lascivious bit of art he liked to make out of his signature, elongating the loop of the "r" and expanding the "o" just so, making his name look rather like a freeform cock.

"Shit," Duo said again, running delicate fingers through messy auburn bangs. "And I've been looking forward all week to making love to Heero tonight."

As he walked back to the door to gather the groceries in the hall outside, Duo rehearsed his plans to cook Italian for his lover and then to pamper him senseless on their warm and cozy couch.

"Dammit, I really needed this tonight." Duo had started a new job on Monday, so now he and Heero worked different shifts. With this new schedule, the weekend was the only time they'd have to sleep together; Heero had promised he'd make it worth Duo's wait.

"Why'd I have to go and take /this/ job?" Duo muttered, feeling the full weight of his disappointment. He knew, of course, that they really had no choice if they were to make ends meet.

He pushed the door to with his foot and carried the groceries to the kitchen -- one end of the living area, really -- plopping them on the counter. He headed for the bedroom where he changed out of his work clothes and into oversized nylon boxers (deep lavender to match his eyes) and his favorite tee shirt (over-washed till it was almost threadbare; his most comfortable garment).

Returning to the kitchen, Duo put away the groceries, then opened the fridge to rummage for a budget microwave dinner in the freezer section. "Everything you need and want in one dish!" was emblazoned on the front of the package containing meatloaf and mashed potatoes with butter sauce. "Hmph!" Duo sniffed at the package. "Everything I need and want /is/ in one dish, and he's not coming back until tomorrow night!"

Duo ripped open the package and popped the frozen dinner in the micro, then opened a beer. After a big gulp he sauntered to the couch and dropped down onto the overstuffed pillows he and Heero had picked out together when Duo had moved in. "Damn," the boy muttered, "I really wanted to make love to Heero tonight!" Duo took another swig of beer.

Just thinking about Heero made Duo's cock stir. His hand absently went to his crotch, fingers lightly drumming against nylon, just enough to brush the fabric against his balls. The pleasant sensation ceased when the microwave dinged; Duo finished his beer and returned to the kitchen, pulling another cold one from the fridge, immediately cracking it open and taking another big pull on the foamy liquid. Duo popped open the micro, deftly sliding the plastic tray containing his overheated dinner onto a paper plate to avoid burning himself, then snatched his beer and headed back to the couch.

Duo put the dinner and beer on the low table in front of the couch (littered with magazines and potato chip bags), then sat cross-legged right in the middle, taking little comfort in the softness of the pillows surrounding him. He leaned back and stretched, arms high above head, then reached for his beer. Another swallow, followed by another. "Might as well finish this one off before I start eating," Duo said.

Duo leaned over to put his empty on the table, freezing in mid-motion when he looked down to see a tiny dot of precum that had soaked through his lavender shorts. "Damn, Heero! You have no idea how much I needed you tonight."

A finger went out of its own accord to touch the wet, slowly outlining the slit of Duo's dick. The boy's penis responded with a gentle throbbing. Duo leaned back, sliding his hips forward as he laid his head against the back of the couch. His finger continued to trace the head of his penis. Duo closed his eyes.

"Mmmm," Duo moaned slowly, softly. "Guess I'll just have to pleasure myself till Heero's here to help me."

A second finger joined the first, both slowly teasing the tip of Duo's dick, now fully hard. Muscles deep in his groin flexed spontaneously, and a generous serving of precum appeared seconds later, joining in the sensuous swim of Duo's fingers. Left hand trailed to thigh, gently feathering the auburn down that trailed away under lavender shorts. Slowly Duo eased his left hand into his shorts, where treasure lay waiting. He found the short hairs on his testicles and began slowly pulling at them, hairs sliding between fingers, over and over again. Duo's right hand left his cock and crawled up to stroke his tight, muscular belly through the worn tee, then plunged into the shorts where it made its way to his other hand, joining it in stroking testicular hair.

Duo moaned. "Gonna make this last as long as I can," the boy murmured, all thoughts of dinner now gone. Both hands teased the hair on the boy's balls until Duo thought he'd explode. Duo reluctantly pulled his hands from his boxers, then shoved the shorts to his knees as he twisted to lay down on the couch. Lavender nylon gathered at the waistband caught the head of Duo's cock, making the boy spasm in pleasure. "Ohhhh!" Duo whispered. He sank into the embrace of soft pillows.

Duo began teasing his hips, drawing slow, languorous circles that spiraled into pubic hair. His cock pulsed in sympathy with each brush of the brown curls that nestled at the base of the shaft. Precum beaded at the tip. If Duo's eyes had been open, they would have seen the silky droplet grow voluptuously fat before it descended spider-like to his firm abs.

Duo's right hand played in the soft ringlets of hair while his left hand touched the base of his dick. Sensitized nerves jerked at the contact. Duo extended two fingers that slid halfway up the ample length, then slowly, quietly trailed down one side. Duo's hand enveloped his pulsing cock, then gently squeezed, eliciting another throaty moan. The right hand, grown tired of playing in the chestnut groves of hair, moved up his cock to the head. Muscles deep inside of Duo flexed, then flexed again. Duo moved his left hand to the base of his penis and squeezed harder this time, slowly forcing the natural lube up to the head, where his right hand's fingers waited expectantly to catch the precious fluid. Duo shuddered as he milked himself.

"Oooh, that's good!" the boy said as he coaxed the last bit of precum over his fingers. Duo's dick softly thudded against his belly, already wet with his fluid as his left hand joined his right, each set of fingers caressing the other with the silky liquid. Satisfied, Duo moved his left hand to the space between his legs while his right hand gentled the head of his penis with warm, slick fingers.

Duo began exploring the loose skin beneath his balls, working his way to his anus, where he eased one finger inside.

More moans. Duo slowly rocked his hips, fantasizing that it was Heero who was fingering him. He slid his right hand over his penis, glossing the shaft with precum as it lay on his wet belly.

Duo added a second finger, gently stretching his opening as his other hand began to move not faster, but with more force. Fingers danced along the length, teasing, twisting taut flesh, kneading the head as the two fingers of his other hand slowly plunged in and out of his anus.

Duo's back arched.

Mewling noises issued from the back of his throat.

Unable no longer to ignore climax's insistent call, Duo began to work himself in earnest. He withdrew his fingers from his channel, but only to reposition them. He plunged his middle finger plunged into his opening, finger-fucking himself intensely. Duo curled his index finger back, then extended it to titillate his balls as his middle finger slid sensuously in and out of his ass. With his other hand, Duo began to stroke the full length of his cock.

He shuddered with delight.

Most boys would hasten to complete the job, but not Duo. He knew only too well what ecstasy lay on the razor's edge between pain and pleasure, desire and release. He fucked himself slowly, just the way Heero always did it. In and out, feeling every centimeter of finger; up and down, electrifying every nerve in his cock. He refused to speed up. As he neared the pinnacle of climax, he slowed down, savoring every stroke, marking the difference in the height of pleasure with every sweep down and out, in and up. Finally almost insensate, Duo withdrew his fingers once more, then sent two fingers diving as far into his channel as possible. The middle finger reached his prostate, and proceeded to gently nudge it.

Duo stroked himself ever slower, each touch to the head of the cock almost unbearable.


Duo's hips undulated up and down.


Fingers graced the surface of his prostate, sparking fireworks behind closed eyes.


Pulses of energy glowed hot within the head of his cock.


Testicles rose in sympathy, preparing for ejaculation.


"One good stroke deserves another," Duo whispered hoarsely.

As the final stroke ascended to the head of his dick, Duo nudged against his prostate one last time. Intense rivers of delight flowed with each hard pulse of his penis, spilling fresh cream against his abs. Duo's right hand went to the base of his cock, where it gently squeezed, prolonging the ecstasy as long as possible.

Duo trembled.

"Ahhh... that was good, real good."

Duo ran his fingers through the cum on his belly, then put his fingers in his mouth, sucking slowly. "It's just not the same with Heero gone." He reached for the napkin beside his now-cold dinner and cleaned himself up.

"You just wait, Heero Yuy," Duo said with a grin on his face. "I think I'll jerk you off just as slowly tomorrow evening. No way you're going without punishment for leaving me all alone on a Friday night. After all," he said, the grin becoming a smirk, "one good stroke /does/ deserve another."


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