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Miss You
by Lodrelhai

Heero breathed a sigh of relief as he shut the door behind him. The Sanq kingdom might be a safe place for he and Quatre to recover and regroup, but its hazards almost outweighed its benefits. A certain pink-clad, tenacious hazard and her pale blond shadow in particular.

Quatre was a huge help in getting away from Relena. His father's beliefs had left the Arabian well-equiped to distract the girl with questions and debates about Absolute Pacifism, giving Heero the chance to slip away unnoticed. As he'd just done. There was no guarantee his reprieve would be a long one, but Heero intended to make the most of whatever time he had.

First, and usually the quickest, was an email check. Most of the time there was nothing, or maybe a spammail that had slipped around his considerable filters. But every once in a while there'd be a message from Duo, and today was one of those lucky catches; an encrypted letter with an attached file. Heero quickly ran it through a decoder program, eager to hear the latest from his lover.

Duo wrote the same way he talked, in large quantities with much rambling. The email was full of entertaining anecdotes, obviously-embellished tales of his latest battles, and sly humor. The news that he was selling parts from the Tauruses he destroyed as scrap metal both amused and worried Heero. It was efficient, and very like Duo, but what if someone questioned the amount of high-quality scrap coming from his yard?

It was the postscript, however, that really made him sweat. "Make sure you're alone when you open the attachment." Trepedation and curiousity fought a brief battle in Heero's head. The file itself seemed innocuous enough, a jpeg with the title "Miss_You." But knowing his lover, and with a warning like that, the attachment could be *anything*. Curiousity won, however, and after a quick glance to make sure Quatre wasn't back yet, he clicked on the file.

It opened immediately, and Heero jumped, stunned by what he saw.

It was a picture of Duo, and judging by the amount of detail one taken with a very high grade camera. The boy was kneeling on a bed, long hair hanging loose around him, one hand planted behind him to support his arched body. His arched, *naked* body. His other hand fondled his balls, leaving the view of Duo's swollen cock completely unobstructed. The image captured Duo's orgasm perfectly, from the expression of agonizing extacy on his face to the long streams of cum painting his chest and stomach.

Heero's mouth felt suddenly parched, and the thought crashed through his mind how much he wanted to moisten it by licking up the thick liquid splattered over his lover's torso. Or close his lips over that delicious erection and suck him dry while burying his fingers in Duo's tight ass. Oh yes, how he would love to see that expression on Duo's face in person, and hear the way Duo would scream as he pulled his fingers out, only to replace them with his own aching cock. Then he'd fuck his lover within an inch of his life, pounding the American mercilessly. By the time he was done with Duo, the braided pilot wouldn't be able to sit down for a *week*!

"Heero, you really shouldn't take off - oh!"

The moment he heard Quatre's voice, Heero closed the file, but apparently not quite fast enough. The Arabian pilot was blushing furiously, looking anywhere but directly at Heero. "I... um... I was going to... that is..." Suddenly he giggled, shaking his head. "I'm sorry. We were discussing historical prescidents in peaceful protests, and I wanted my biography on Ghandi. I was going to ask if you wanted to join us," and Quatre nodded towards the computer, "but I guess you're otherwise occupied."

The innuendo didn't escape Heero, who started to blush. And then an idea came to him, and he slowly began to smile. "I do have a few things to do." He shut down his computer, grabbed a bottle of hand lotion, and left, ignoring Quatre's choked laughter.

Some time later, Heero surveyed his preparations with satisfaction. He was sitting inside Wing, the cockpit camera set to record rather than broadcast, with the image shown on the screen right below it, so Heero could see the changes he made to zoom and angle without looking away from the camera. Smirking, he settled back in his seat and started recording.

Immediately, the screen showed a close-up of his face. The view was acceptable, so Heero began the speach he'd carefully rehearsed. "That was very naughty of you, koibito. Teasing me with something I haven't had in far too long. You do realize, of course, you're going to pay for that when I see you again." He leaned forward, eyes narrowing dangerously. "And I promise you, Duo, I will make you writhe. And you will beg for more."

As he leaned back, Heero zoomed out the camera just enough to reveal his bare chest, two fingers lightly tracing the heavily-defined contours. "I haven't decided yet if I'll tie you up or not. You do look so very tantalizing like that, bound and helpless. But then I'd have to distract you quickly, before you could get out of the ties." Eyes half-lidded, Heero brushed his nails over his nipples, gradually teasing them to hard, eager nubs. "And I want to take your punishment very, very slowly, Duo. Still, this-" and his fingers clamped tight on one nipple, twisting almost brutally, "usually breaks your concentration." Heero did it again, hissing as the pain-pleasure made his back arch. "Mmm. How long would it take for you to forget your own name, I wonder?"

He spent a few more moments teasing himself that way, moaning softly, watching his image on the screen and picturing Duo's reaction when he saw the video. "I think I could spend a lifetime touching you like this, koi. Would you like that? Or would you prefer something a little more... intimate?"

As he spoke, Heero trailed his hand slowly down his torso, the camera zooming out and tilting slightly to follow the path - and to reveal that Heero was naked, and very hard. He twirled his fingers through the downy hairs at the base of his cock, but didn't so much as brush a nail against the swollen organ. "Ah, but this is your punishment, isn't it? So it's not what you want, but what I want that matters." Now his other hand came into view, stroking the head of his cock with feather-light touches. "What if I want to tease you, koi? I like to hear you beg. Do you think you could hold out for very long before the need drove you mad?"

In his mind, Heero could picture Duo twisting in his bonds, desperate for any sort of relief, just a little more stimulation. His hand squeezed hard at the cock he was teasing, and the Japanese pilot gasped. "Ooh yes... you'll be screaming for me before I'm done, lover. You'll offer me anything I want to give you release." Stroking his cock roughly with one hand, Heero reached to the side and grabbed the bottle of hand lotion. Giving the camera a smouldering look, Heero stopped touching himself in favor of coating three fingers with the lotion, holding his hands up so the camera had a clear view of his actions. A wicked smile bloomed over his face as he drizzled a little more lotion on his cock and set the bottle aside. "And Duo..." Heero spread his legs wide, the lubed fingers tickling down the underside of his cock, "if you ask me just right..." fingers tucked tight together, Heero pressed them lightly to his entrance, "I'll give it to you."

The three fingers plunged deep, and Heero's whole body bucked, a harsh cry tearing itself from his throat. His other hand gripped his cock tightly, mimicking the intense heat and pressure of being buried in his lover's ass. "Oh god... Duo..." Slowly, he began moving his fingers in and out of himself, stroking his cock in the same tantalizing rhythm. "I can't wait to fuck you like this. Slow and deep and hard... over and over again..." Heero's words faded to a groan as his fingers hit his prostate. He moved faster, twisting the three fingers buried inside him, thrusting into the tight tunnel of his hand. His body shook and writhed, animalistic sounds escaping his lips, louder and louder until, with a deafening shout and a massive convulsion, he came.

It seemed like an eternity before Heero could move. He carefully withdrew his fingers from his ass, his other hand still slowly stroking his cock. One finger trailed through the cum on his chest, then teased over his mouth, his tongue flicking out to lick it clean. Finally, Heero gave the camera a wicked, vicious smile. "And Duo... that's only the beginning."

He shut off the recorder.


"Oh god... Heero!"

Hilde jumped, then sent a glare down the hall towards Duo's bedroom. When he'd told her about the pic he'd sent his lover, she'd known there was going to be trouble. Apparently Heero had reciprocated, with a vengeance. She rather hoped that Duo would surrender the battle gracefully, but knowing him, doubted it. With a sigh, Hilde wondered how much hassle it'd be to move her mattress into the garage. Somehow she figured it was going to be far too noisy to sleep in the house for a while.


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