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Pairings: 1x1, 2x2, 2x1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, Language, Lemon, Masturbation, and Sap

Making the Connection
by TK Maxwell

Duo sat on the couch, waiting anxiously. It had been over a half hour since the audio chat; Heero should be there any minute. Duo didn't know exactly what they would do when the other boy got there, but he was hoping to continue their explorations from earlier. He knew they would have to discuss a few things first, but after that... well, he fully intended to show Heero how glad he was to have the former Wing pilot with him. The longhaired boy had gone into action the moment he'd received Heero's email. He'd thrown on a tee shirt and sweats; deciding it would be best if he was clothed when Heero did arrive, despite the other boy's email suggesting otherwise. Besides, it would mean Heero would have to undress him, and that could be rather enjoyable within itself. He'd even re-braided his hair just so Heero could unbraid it again. A warm bubble bath was waiting in the bathroom, relaxing and enticing. Clean tee-shirt sheets were on the bed, soft and inviting. A mix of Anime J-rock/pop music was playing in the background, familiar and energizing. Duo didn't know what Heero expected to happen, but he fully intended to exceed those expectations if at all possible.

"I'm looking forward to it," he smirked to himself. His smirk turned into a slight frown as he looked at the clock again. "If my new lover will just get his ass over here!"

He was a little impatient to experience 'expert level'...

Duo knew that Heero was probably just as impatient as he was... and nervous about seeing him after what had happened online. He could just picture Heero arguing with himself on the ride over, the former soldier's practical side debating with his hormones and emotions. The braided boy couldn't help the warmth that spread through his heart from imagining the way the other boy felt at that moment. If it weren't so heartbreakingly endearing, Duo would find it rather amusing to see Heero in this situation. As it was, he realized what a huge step this was for other boy and was determined to make it as painless as possible. It was a major step for him as well, and although he was excited, he was a little afraid too. What he had told Heero was true; he'd given up that mask he used to wear to hide behind. There would be no Braided Baka answering the door tonight, even if the Perfect Soldier did manage to show up somehow on Duo's doorstep.

Duo jumped a little when the buzzer sounded. It had to be Heero. Taking a deep breath, he walked over and opened it wide. Standing there, looking extremely unsure of himself, was the boy Duo had spent the last couple of nights masturbating with online... and Heero had never looked better. He was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a blue tee shirt, his hair was rumpled, and he was carrying his computer case and a hastily packed duffel bag, having checked out of the hotel as Duo had suggested. Duo smiled as he felt his fear completely disappear.



"You wanna come in?"

"Do you really want me to?"

Duo rolled his eyes then pulled the dark-haired boy inside. "Get in here." He shut the door and turned around to see Heero already standing across the room by the couch, giving him a sheepish look. "Why wouldn't I want you to come in? I asked you to come here, didn't I? Quit being a baka."

Heero felt like an idiot. All the way over to Duo's, he had been on an emotional roller-coaster, wanting to turn around and go back to the hotel one minute, wanting to get to Duo's as soon as possible the next. He had been so certain of them not a half hour ago, but now... well, why would Duo really want him? Online was one thing, but in person? Living with him? It was just too much to hope for. Even though Heero had reminded himself countless times that he'd had doubts about the audio chat too, his logic just didn't seem to calm his nerves. He was afraid, and he didn't like it one bit. What if Duo decided he didn't really want him? What would he do then? Standing there in the middle of the other boy's living room, Heero felt more defenseless than he ever had during both wars, in spite of Duo's reassuring words.

Duo could see the uncertainty in those deep blue eyes, and it confirmed what he had imagining earlier. It was surprising sometimes how well he seemed to know the other boy when it came to some situations. He hadn't always been able to read Heero so well. Heero had always masked his emotions during the first war, and it was only after Duo had seen through that mask he had learned to understand the dark-haired boy. It had been those brief glimpses behind Heero's defenses that had made Duo want to get to know the other pilot as a friend. After the second war, feelings had become easier for Heero to reveal, more natural for the former Wing pilot to acknowledge. Duo had been relieved to find that his friendship was accepted, even reciprocated. He hadn't realized that Heero had wanted even more than that. Now, having those desires so openly expressed, Duo knew that Heero was trying to trust him with what lay inside that fragile soul of his. It was a humbling gift... and something that Duo hoped he could give in return.

"I know this isn't easy for you," Duo began, letting his own emotions be reflected in violet. "Hell, it's not all that easy for me either. I've never actually been in a lasting relationship, Heero. I mean, I was always too afraid of being hurt." He paused for a moment, trying to gauge the other boy's reaction. When Heero nodded in understanding, Duo continued, "I don't think it could ever be just sex between us. I care about you too much for it to be just physical. I trust you as someone I can share my feelings with, and that within itself makes this relationship more intimate for me." He sighed, trying to say what was in his heart. "I guess I just want you to know that as long as you're honest with me about your feelings, I'll be honest with you. I can't promise you that we won't hurt each other sometimes, but I will promise to respect your feelings and try to work things out as long as you're willing to stay with me."

Heero was pleased that Duo was offering him more than just sexual experiences. Not having any previous sexual encounters except for their online interaction made Heero feel a little inadequate. Duo wanting more than just a physical relationship gave him hope that this might work. As long as Duo was willing to be open about everything, there wasn't any reason why they couldn't at least try.

"I promise to respect your feelings too, Duo. If something goes wrong, I'll do my best to work it out with you. I'll stay as long as you want me to," he vowed as he closed the distance between them, looking for any sign of reluctance on Duo's part. "No running. No hiding. No masks."

Duo nodded, realizing that Heero was still a little hesitant. "I want you to share my bed every night, Heero, but seeing your face every morning when I wake up will be what makes me happy." He let one hand slide into Heero's hair at the nape of his neck as the other boy came closer.

Heero closed his eyes, relishing the gentle touch. "I want you to be the only one who touches me like this," he said softly, placing his hand on Duo's arm as he opened his eyes again. "I want to be the only one to touch you like this too. I want you to... show me... how to be your lover." That was what he wanted more than anything.

Duo caressed Heero's cheek with his thumb. "I will, Heero. I'll show you everything I know, but I want you to trust me enough to let me into the places inside of you that you've always been afraid to share with anyone," he admitted with a small smile. He knew he was asking for something Heero might not be willing to give just yet. "It will take time, I know, but if you will let me into your heart, I'll let you into mine." He felt his stomach twist a little with fear... fear of acceptance, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown... but pushed it aside. He wanted this - nothing else mattered.

Heero looked into hopeful violet with equally hopeful blue. "You will?"

"Yes..." Duo whispered as he leaned forward and let his lips brush against Heero's, eliciting a gasp of surprise from the other boy. Encouraged, Duo deepened the kiss, his mouth sweeping over Heero's as he moved the hand from where it had rested on the dark-haired boy's shoulder to Heero's back. He could feel Heero's arousal hard against his own, and couldn't keep from rocking his hips to create friction. He licked Heero's bottom lip, asking for permission to enter, and felt his heart skip a beat when Heero opened up to him, meeting him halfway with his own tongue, as they began tasting each other for the first time. Duo never wanted it to end.

Heero was lost in sensation. The feel of Duo's body against him, the warmth of Duo's mouth on his, the sound of Duo's voice as he made noises of pleasure; it all combined to overwhelm any remaining doubts the Japanese boy had conjured up on his way over to Duo's place. Their eager erections were rubbing tantalizingly within jeans and sweats as they thrust their bodies against each other's. Heero's hands were moving over Duo's back as he pressed closer to him, and Duo was burying his hands in Heero's short hair. Their tongues were retreating and advancing as they made love with their mouths. Heero had never felt anything so good before. He almost cried out at the loss when Duo pulled away, breathing heavily.

"Do you think we have a chance?" the braided boy asked softly.

Heero gave him a little smile. "Hai, Duo. I think we can make this work."

"Good. Now, as much as I'm enjoying this, I think we should get in the tub before we lose the bubbles..."

Heero's passion glazed eyes regarded him with confusion. "Tub?"


Duo led Heero to the bathroom, grinning at the way Heero looked at that moment - aroused and adorably hazy. "I ran us a bubble bath," Duo explained, "I thought it would be good to relax in the tub before going to bed."

Heero took in the frothy suds with an almost child-like anticipation. "This is going to feel really good."

Duo grinned. "Glad it meets with your approval. I was hoping you'd like it." He eyed Heero wickedly and winked. "Now, I think someone mentioned something about being naked..."

Heero smiled shyly. "Yes, I guess I do need to take off my clothes before getting in, ne?"

Duo laughed. "I will if you will!"

Heero blushed slightly then blushed even more when he realized he was blushing. When Duo grinned at him, he sighed heavily. "I guess I'll just have to get used to us being together like this. I mean... I can't keep my hands off of you when you touch and kiss me like you did in the living room, but at the same time I feel... I feel like..." Heero looked down at the floor, suddenly unsure of himself again. "Like you can't possibly really want me because I don't know what the hell I'm doing..."

Duo felt his heart melt. He reached out and lifted Heero's chin. "Heero, this isn't about knowing what to do. It's about being with each other. It doesn't matter to me how inexperienced you are. I just want to make you feel good, and no matter what you do, you'll make me feel good."

Heero nodded, embarrassed at his insecurity. "I just want to make you feel so good you'll never want me to leave."

Duo stepped closer to the other boy, his arms going around Heero. "Knowing how you feel about me is enough to make me want you to stay, Heero. I told you, this isn't just about sex. I truly care about you. Physical pleasure can never take the place of that."

"But what if I can't be what you want me to be?" It was the question that had always haunted Heero. He'd always been afraid of 'never being enough' or 'never being acceptable'. He wanted to believe that Duo would care about him no matter what, but it was something he'd never had before.

"You're already what I want you to be, Heero Yuy," Duo replied, his voice strong with conviction. "You've always been what I wanted, but I was always too afraid to even consider you wanting me."

Heero sighed; Duo still didn't get what he was trying to say. "I know that you care for me, and I care for you too. It's just... Duo... what if I can't please you in bed? What if I completely turn you off? What if you take one look at me naked and don't find me arousing?"

Duo blinked. "Heero, I used to masturbate in the shower to mental images of you during the first war. Believe me, there's no way in hell I won't be aroused by you. Did you forget about the living room just now? How can you think I don't want you physically when I almost came in my sweats out there?"

Heero couldn't help but smirk at that; he'd been close too. "I'm sorry, Duo. I'm just..."

"Not used to being physically responsive to someone, and you're afraid of getting hurt. I know, koi, but you have to trust me. That's part of..." Duo caught himself before saying 'loving someone'. That was true but not exactly relevant to their situation at the moment. Even though he'd used the Japanese term for 'lover', it wasn't like that didn't have physical connotations. Duo sought something more appropriate to express his meaning. "Part of being intimate with someone," he finally said, satisfied with the phrase. He didn't want to move too fast with the emotional side of their new relationship.

Heero took a deep breath. He knew he could trust Duo; the other boy had proven that already. "You're right," he agreed, "and I won't get any more comfortable with it unless I just do it." With determination, he reached up and pulled his shirt off, cheeks reddening once again as Duo's eyes raked over his body approvingly. He could feel the heat of the other boy's violet gaze, and it was comforting and unnerving at the same time. Would he ever get used to feeling so many different things at once?

Duo had never seen Heero like this; it was arousing as hell. He watched in open admiration as Heero pulled off his shirt, revealing the toned chest and stomach underneath. With a grin, he tugged off his own tee shirt. His violet eyes settled on Heero, telling him without words that it was 'his turn'.

Heero flicked open the fly of his jeans, his eyes meeting Duo's as he unzipped them. He felt awkward at first, but then a surge of pleasure went through him at knowing that Duo was watching him. Suddenly, it didn't matter anymore that he'd never done anything with anyone; the only thing that mattered was pleasing Duo, and the other boy had already said he liked Heero's body. Heero's fingers slipped inside the waistband to begin pushing the jeans down over his hips, the front catching on his arousal. He paused, watching as Duo licked his lips unconsciously. It made Heero's pulse quicken as he placed his hand inside to cup his erection so he could maneuver the denim down to his thighs. When he heard Duo's quick intake of breath at seeing his hand on himself, Heero got even harder... and bolder.

"Do you like this?" the dark-haired boy asked, his hand sliding around his shaft, pumping it as his other hand reached below to caress his sac. "Is this what you want, Duo? Tell me. Tell me what you want." Heero had never felt so wanton before, but the look of pure desire in his American lover's eyes made him feel incredible as he pleasured himself for the other boy.

Duo felt his arousal pulse, almost painfully hard within his sweats, as Heero stroked himself. "Please, Heero. Please don't stop. I wanna see you touch yourself. I wanna see you come for me," Duo groaned, unable to keep from touching his own burning length, as his hand delved into his sweats, stroking roughly. Heero continued stroking himself, his thumb sliding over his slit, gathering the liquid seeping there, and Duo pulled down his sweats in one motion, baring his arousal as he grabbed it and jerked off in time with Heero. His other hand mirrored his dark-haired lover's, reaching down to massage his own balls. He was close, and he knew Heero was about to explode from the way he was thrusting his hips, pushing his erection into his own hand. Duo sped up, wanting to go over the edge with the Japanese boy.

Heero couldn't believe the pleasure he was feeling. He'd never imagined that doing this in front of Duo could be so good, but actually watching Duo touch himself was even better. He felt the heat building, the sweet pressure hardening him further, as his hand flew over his shaft effortlessly from the lubrication of his passion. He saw Duo increase his pace, and the look in those violet eyes finally did him in. With a yell of satisfaction, Heero thrust harder, tightening his grip as his seed began pouring out of him, coating his hand and groin.

"Duo! Duo!" Heero forced his eyes to remain open as he came, wanting to see Duo responding to him.

Duo watched Heero find completion, a look of utter pleasure on his handsome face. He let the sensation of his hand stroking his member, the feeling of his fingers on his satiny sac, the thought of Heero standing there with him like this, all converge as he rubbed his thumb over his tip one more time to trigger his release. His voice echoed in the bathroom as he climaxed, his hands coaxing his essence from his body as he reached his peak.

"Oh Heero! Yes, baby!" Duo kept his eyes focused on Heero, letting the other boy see just how much he had turned him on with his erotic display. It was so intense, Duo had to lean against the wall.

They stood panting, sticky and sated, just looking at each other for a moment. It was clear that the online sex had only been the beginning... and both of them wanted more. Wordlessly, they finished removing their pants, Heero kicking off his socks and shoes as well. Duo got into the tub then motioned for Heero to join him. Heero sighed as he sunk into the warm water, leaning back against Duo.


"One of the best investments I made to this place was getting a thermostat-adjustable tub," Duo explained almost an hour later, reveling in the way Heero felt against him. "It keeps the water at the temperature you set it on."

"Mmm," Heero agreed as he stretched out, "seems like it's bigger than your average tub too."

Duo chuckled. "You've got that right. We need plenty of room for your bubble-bath fetish, baby."

They lay there, surrounded in bubbles, content. Duo was getting sleepy... until Heero shifted, rubbing against him in a way that stirred his body again. He moaned, letting his arms slide around Heero, pulling his lover back against him for more of that feeling.

Heero felt himself getting hard again. Just the sound of Duo's voice made him pulse with need once more, as he let the longhaired boy position him closer. He could feel Duo's returning erection pressing against him, and when that hardness slid between his buttocks, he groaned and laid his head back onto Duo's shoulder. This was the first time anyone had touched him this way, the first time he had let anyone be so intimate with him... and it was better than he had ever imagined.

Duo had Heero practically on his lap, thrusting his hips against him as his arousal slipped between those silken globes. It felt so incredibly good, the suds giving just enough slipperiness to heighten the pleasure. Duo reached around Heero's hip, grasping the other boy's re-awakened shaft and began stroking in time with his thrusts, enjoying the continual moans he was eliciting from Heero. To know that no one else had touched Heero like this only served to arouse Duo more, and he kissed Heero's shoulder and neck passionately as his hand pleasured the other boy.

All Heero could think about was how good Duo felt against him, how good that hardness felt pressing into his cleft, how good that hand felt on his length. He lay back against Duo's chest, completely willing to let Duo do whatever he wanted as long as it felt like this. He felt the thrusts increase, the pumping speed up, the kisses to his bare skin intensify, and he knew they both weren't going to last much longer. That familiar ache and heat coursed through him, building like a firestorm, and the tensing of his muscles signaled his climax approaching. With a loud shout, Heero thrust into Duo's hand, abandoning himself to the feelings Duo alone had released in him once more.

"Aaa! Aaa! Duo!" Heero's passion spurted out into the water, clouding it for a moment before it dissipated. Heero felt Duo stiffen, biting down on his shoulder as his length pulsed against Heero. The Japanese boy felt the warmth of Duo's ejaculate as it surged out. Heero flexed his buttocks, grasping Duo, milking him for all he was worth.

Duo felt Heero come, the other boy's throaty cries going straight to his straining erection. He thrust harder, the tip of his erection touching against Heero's tight opening. Duo felt the muscle spasm, tantalizing his slit, and it was too much. The feeling sent him into orgasm as well. When he felt Heero's cheeks tightening around him right as he began coming, Duo threw back his head and yelled out his increased pleasure from it.

"Heero! Oh, fuck, yeah! Heero!" Duo continued to release as Heero gripped him. It was absolutely unbelievable, how just that alone could feel so good. When he was finally spent, he collapsed back against the tub, Heero lying on top of him.

"Now THAT is what I call a bubble bath," Heero muttered absently.

Duo snickered. "Tell me about it. I think we need to get some more Mr. Bubble."

Heero raised himself up and shifted around to see violet shining at him. He smiled, allowing the other boy's sense of humor to nudge his own. "Might even need to invest in some stock to recoup our spending on the stuff," he quipped before leaning forward, kissing Duo lightly. The kiss soon turned passionate as Duo responded to it with abandon.

Duo moaned at Heero's aggressiveness. Now this was something he could really get used to. They kissed for a few moments before Heero pulled away, apparently losing some of his forwardness as the adrenaline rush began to ebb. Duo didn't give Heero a chance to doubt himself though. He quickly ushered the other boy out of the tub then out of the bathroom. Once in the bedroom, they toweled each other dry, enjoying the simple pleasure of touching each other. With a warm smile, Duo reached out and grasped Heero's hand again, leading him to the bed. Pulling down the covers, they both got in naked, snuggling against each other immediately, Heero's head coming to rest on Duo's chest almost as if it was something that had happened countless times before.


Duo sighed. They had been lying in bed for a couple of hours, talking about when Heero had to leave, how long it would take him to get things settled on L1 so he could move to L2, and if he needed to find a job right away. Heero was staying for another week. He'd told Duo that he could be back for good within two weeks after that. He could live off of his savings for quite some time, so he didn't even have to work, at least not unless he wanted to, and Heero had told Duo that he'd rather just stay home for now and get used to living there. Duo was more than willing to agree to that. It would be nice to come home to a hot meal every night... and the sight of his lover waiting for him. Duo smiled at that thought, pulling Heero closer. He couldn't get over how good Heero felt in his arms.

"This feels so right."

Heero tightened his grip around Duo's waist. "Yes, it does." He'd been thinking about all he had to do to change his permanent home. He was so glad that Duo had seemed excited about him moving in. It made it easier to accept the idea that Duo wanted him. Heero sighed. It seemed too good to be true.

"I'm so glad you networked my laptop with the office," Duo said with a grin. "I never would have become so computer oriented if you hadn't, and we might never have found out that we wanted each other."

Heero chuckled, his fingers lightly caressing Duo's side. "I'm glad too. I never thought it would help me this way, but I'm sure as hell not complaining. This has got to be the best experience of my life, Duo. I can't believe I'm getting to have it with you."

Duo buried his face in Heero's mop of brown hair. "I just wish you'd said something sooner."

Heero snuggled closer. "I was just too afraid, Duo." He let his finger trace down Duo's chest, making swirling motions. "Besides, I didn't understand what I was feeling because I'd never really wanted anyone before. When I realized I wanted you, I thought about all those times during the war that you'd teased me, and I kept looking for those same signs whenever we were together, but I just wasn't sure. Finally, I just decided to take a chance."

Duo smiled. "And it was about damn time too!"

Heero pulled away slightly to look up at the other boy. "How long have you felt this way about me?"

Violet locked with blue. "Since the first time I touched you," Duo whispered before he even knew what he was saying. It shocked him to realize the truth of it. Well, maybe he hadn't been all that honest with himself. Maybe he'd wanted Heero all this time but couldn't admit it? That was certainly a possibility.

Heero's breath caught at those words. Duo had wanted him for that long? "I never knew."

"You weren't supposed to," Duo said, looking away before Heero could see the fear in his eyes. "I didn't even know until now."

Heero turned Duo's face back towards him. "So I'm not the only one who's afraid of losing this before we even know what we have?"

Duo saw understanding in those beautiful blue eyes and couldn't keep from answering, "No. I'm... scared... too."

Heero smiled. "Then I guess you have to learn to trust me just like I'm learning to trust you," he replied.

Duo felt his own smile tug at his lips. "Yeah, I guess so. Any suggestions on how we build that trust?"

Heero rolled over on top of Duo, his face only inches away from his violet-eyed lover's. "I have a few ideas. Willing to see how they work?"

Duo grinned, completely delighted by Heero's teasing. "You bet, koi-mine."

Heero smiled at the endearment, pleased that Duo was using the Japanese term so easily. "Then how about you do what we did earlier tonight... only this time, for real?"

Duo felt himself getting hard again just thinking about it - Heero wanted him to take him. "You sure?"

Heero nodded. Just the thought of it made him ache. "I'm sure, Duo. I want you inside me."

Duo moaned, the need in Heero's voice going straight to his rapidly growing erection. "I want to be inside you too," he replied huskily. "I want to lose myself in you, Heero."

Heero groaned as he moved to straddle Duo, their arousals touching, hard velvet rubbing together. "Oh, yes. I want that, tenshi-koi."

Duo blinked, surprised by Heero's choice of words. "Angel lover?" His eyes clouded for a moment. "Well, just remember I used to be the Angel of Death," he said, his voice soft and a little hesitant. Even though he'd dealt with his past, sometimes memories would still haunt him. He was learning to let them go though... one moment at a time.

"Shi-tenshi-koi?" Heero asked, his combination of words not entirely proper, but close enough to get the idea across. He saw the battle going on inside the other boy through those violet eyes, understanding how Duo was feeling. There were times when he still battled with the soldier inside himself. "Well, I'm not afraid of being Death's lover, Duo. Seems like I've been yours my whole life without even knowing it."

Duo had to smile at that. "I think you're right. Besides, being your 'angel lover' is something I think I'm really going to like." He let go of the negative feelings and grabbed hold of Heero's hips, pulling him closer, his erection sliding between Heero's cheeks again, which made everything else fade away. "Ooh... and I really like the feel of that!"

"Nnn... So do I," Heero agreed, leaning down to claim Duo's lips in a searing kiss, the feel of Duo's body making him forget about his own fears. He broke away, looking at the boy beneath him. Duo's eyes were shining with desire and need, and Heero felt his own passion increase. "Well, do I have to beg you again like I did online for you to use those fingers of yours?"

"No. No begging," Duo chuckled as he reached over and jerked open his nightstand. "At least, not tonight," he amended as he reached inside to pull out a bottle of scented oil. He flipped the top open, pouring the sweet-smelling liquid onto his fingers. Setting the container back on the table, he looked up at his lover as his hand moved behind Heero, slipping between those soft cheeks. Heero gasped as one circled his entrance, his eyes closing in pleasure. Duo knew he'd never forget how the other boy looked at that moment.

"Mattaki-koi," Duo breathed, believing it completely.

Heero opened his eyes, focusing on the braided boy. "Perfect lover? I doubt that, Duo," he panted out.

"I don't," Duo replied as he inserted just the tip of his finger inside Heero's entrance.

"Oh, yes!" Heero moaned.

Duo grinned. "See, I knew you'd see things my way."

Heero thrust down onto the invading digit, groaning at the sensation and his lover's humor. "Cute... very cute... Oh yes!"

"That's me, Duo 'cute' Maxwell," Duo replied, flexing his finger inside Heero's warm passage, causing the other boy to cry out in pleasure. "I run, I hide, I never lie... and I'm too cute for the general public."

Heero would have laughed if another finger hadn't penetrated him at that moment. "Ahhh! Yes..."

"You know, you're very agreeable in this state. I must remember this for future reference."

"Shut up, Duo, and fuck me."

Duo laughed, shocked at Heero's words, but pleased nonetheless. "Getting impatient are we?" he asked, laughing again when Heero growled at him.

"Stop teasing me and take me!" Heero grated out as he thrust down on the two fingers still penetrating him, stretching his passage. As good as it felt he wanted it to be Duo inside of him.

"Well, how can I argue with such a nice demand?" Duo quipped, feeling his own arousal throb with need as he watched Heero ride his fingers. The pleasure on the other boy's face was just too much for Duo to resist. He pulled his fingers free, grabbed those slim hips, and positioned Heero above him, the other boy's quivering entrance against the tip of Duo's shaft.

"Look at me, Heero," Duo breathed out huskily.

Heero looked down at his lover, amazed at the sight as he let his eyes roam over the other boy. Duo's hair was still in its braid, but wisps of it had come free to frame his face. Violet eyes were bright with need. The toned body beneath him was pulsing with desire. Heero's eyes met Duo's again, and he smiled softly.

"You are so beautiful. What did I ever do to deserve a chance like this with you?"

Duo caressed his hip tenderly. "You lived your life according to your emotions for once. See? It was good advice, and not just for Trowa either."

"Aa. It was worth it too," Heero replied... and then thrust down.

Duo cried out as the silken heat of Heero's body surrounded him in one swift movement. "Heero! You... you shouldn't... have done that! Are you... okay?" It was all he could do to keep control of himself.

Heero had his eyes tightly closed, the pain beginning to ease. "Yes. I just... didn't want to wait."

Duo rubbed Heero's lower back, trying to offer some comfort. "I know... but Heero... we should have taken it slowly." He gasped out his words, forcing himself to remain still until Heero adjusted to him. "I didn't... stretch you completely. Are you sure... you're all right?" Duo couldn't help the groan that escaped him as Heero shifted in reply.

Heero moved his hips a little, hissing at the slight pain. The hiss soon turned into a moan as Duo's erection touched something inside him. "Oh yes... I'm fine now. Move, Duo."

Duo didn't have to be told twice. He lifted Heero slightly, watching for signs of discomfort; seeing nothing but need in those deep blue eyes, he thrust upward as he lowered Heero back down, feeling the tightness engulf him as he plunged inside again. "Oh yeah!"

Heero let Duo take control, those sure hands gripping his hips, as he began to ride his lover at an even pace. He couldn't believe how good it felt to have Duo inside him. The hardness of Duo's shaft rubbing his inner walls was something he hadn't thought would be so pleasurable. Of course, the place that the head of Duo's erection kept pressing against felt even better. It was like a pure jolt of ecstasy going through him each time Duo thrust into him, and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer at this rate. The emotions coursing through him were even more powerful. What they were doing was something he'd feared he'd never be able to do - make a connection - make love.

Duo couldn't help but groan at the way Heero's passage caressed him. It was such an intimate joining, and he lost himself in the beauty of the moment. Heero's body responded to him so easily, and Duo wanted to weep at how good it felt to trust someone the way he did Heero at that moment; Duo had never had that before. It was like they were being bonded together - body, heart, and soul - and Duo never wanted it to end. He knew even after this experience, they would remain somehow connected with each other. They were being hardwired into each other's lives, and Duo welcomed it, knowing that there wasn't any one else he'd rather be like this with. That thought made his passion flare, and he felt himself nearing the edge of his endurance. He reached out and began stroking Heero, noticing how wet the other boy was... for him... just for him.

"Duo!" Heero cried out as Duo's hand began pumping him. It was just too much, too intense. "Oh... my... Duo!" He threw his head back, yelling as his orgasm hit him with such force, he was trembling all over as his seed began pulsing out of him, stream after stream spilling over Duo's hand as the other boy continued to stroke him. "Duo! My Duo! My Duo!"

Duo felt Heero's body tighten around him even more. The muscles clasped him in a loving embrace, sending him spiraling into his own completion. "Heero! Oh, baby! Yeah! Yeah! Oh, Heero!" He released his essence, thrusting himself as deeply as he could inside the other boy's body, claiming him as he filled him with his passion in what seemed like a never-ending stream. When it finally subsided, he waited for his erection to completely go down and slipped it out cautiously so as to not hurt Heero any more than necessary.

Heero collapsed beside Duo, wincing at the soreness in a certain area that reminded him of his anxiousness earlier. "Next time, I think I want you to stretch me all the way."

Duo turned on his side, smirking at his lover. "That's what you get for being impatient."

Heero glared at him. "You teased me too much. I had no choice but to get impatient."

"Did not."

"Did so."



They both suddenly broke out into laughter, Duo throwing himself at the other boy, burying his face against Heero's chest. They lay there for a moment, both enjoying just listening to each other breathing. Finally, Duo shifted... and realized what a mess they were lying in.

"Um, I think we need to clean up before we go to bed. This is rather... sticky."

Heero chuckled. "Yes. A lot stickier than usual for me."

Duo grinned. "Me too. I guess that's the price we have to pay to enjoy each other, huh?"

"Not too much of a cost, ne?" Heero asked, tilting his head slightly.

"No," Duo agreed, kissing him lightly before sliding to the edge of the bed, "not too much of one at all."

As the braided boy made his way to the bathroom to get them some wet washcloths, Heero thought about how much his life had changed this week. He was now Duo's lover, not only in name, but also in practice. He couldn't help but smile as he recalled their evening. Three times! He blushed slightly. And that didn't even include the online action. If that was any indication of what was in store for him, he might have to start taking some... supplements. He chuckled at that, managing to regain his composure before Duo returned.

After they cleaned themselves, Heero settled back down in the bed. Just before Duo reached to turn out the light, Heero laid his hand on his shoulder. Duo looked over at the other boy curiously. "What?"

Heero gave him a sheepish look. "Can I take you hair down?"

Duo's smile lit up his entire face. "Sure, koi." He moved back towards Heero, presenting his braid to the other boy happily.

Heero removed the hair tie and began unraveling the silky mass that had captured his attention the moment he'd met Duo. As the braid came undone, Heero ran his hands through the chestnut locks, relishing the softness and beauty of it. It was the perfect way to end what they had shared that night. Heero didn't know where this new relationship would lead them, but he was certain of one thing; he would face his doubts, his fears, and his reservations without flinching if it meant he would be with Duo. That was all that mattered to him now.

Duo felt his heart swell as he watched Heero play with his hair. For some reason, this seemed more intimate than anything they'd done all night... and he liked it. He liked feeling like he belonged to someone, and that someone being Heero only seemed to make it better. Not only would he have his 'mattaki-koi' to share his bed, he would have his best friend to share his life. As Heero pulled him down for a goodnight kiss, Duo knew he would be able to open his heart completely to the Japanese boy; he had promised he would, and Heero deserved no less.

The two boys snuggled down in the bed together, Duo lying on Heero's chest this time, his waterfall of chestnut hair surrounding them. As they closed their eyes to let sleep claim them, there was only one thing on their minds...

The morning was going to be a lot brighter because they would wake up in each other arms.


Heero groaned as the alarm went off. He was glad that he'd remembered to set the clock when he'd gotten up to go to the bathroom shortly after he and Duo had gone to bed last night, or he would have ended up sleeping in and being late for the final day of his current project. He moved, wincing as his nether-regions announced that, yes indeed, he had let Duo take him last night. He couldn't help but smile anyway... especially when he looked down at the boy snuggled against him. Reaching over, he turned off the infuriating clock without taking his eyes off of his bedmate.

Duo Maxwell was still asleep. Heero snorted, shaking his head at the other boy as he reached down and caressed Duo's face softly. A small sigh came from those tempting lips, as Duo nuzzled the hand touching him. Heero felt himself responding to those noises once again, his morning erection firming even more. He leaned down and brushed his lips across Duo's, reveling in the way his American lover welcomed the kiss, even in sleep. Heero let the feeling of contentment envelope him as he slipped his tongue inside, plundering the other boy's mouth when there wasn't any resistance. When he pulled away, violet eyes fluttered then opened, and a sexy smile curved Duo's lips.

"Morning, koi. I see you're 'up' for another round."

Heero smirked, grinding his arousal against Duo's thigh. "You could say that." Glancing at the clock, and thanking his common sense for having him set it an hour earlier than needed, he turned his attention back to the boy beneath him. "How about you?"

Duo rolled over, pulling Heero on top of him. "Oh yeah. Definitely." He certainly liked being awakened this way in the morning. He could feel himself beginning to stir, Heero's passion becoming his own.

"Will you let me... take you?" Heero asked, his voice a little unsure.

Duo could see the fear of rejection in those beautiful blue eyes. How could Heero think he would refuse him? "Of course. I want to feel you inside me, Heero. I want us to belong to each other."

Heero sighed in relief then smiled. "Me too. I want... everything... with you, Duo."

Duo closed his eyes in contentment. Yes, he could definitely get used to this. "Then show me."

Heero reached for the bottle of oil that was still on the nightstand. He poured some into his palm, spreading it on his fingers. Sliding down Duo's body, he teased the hardened nubs of the boy's nipples, drawing moans from Duo's lips as he licked the longhaired boy's chest. Lowering himself further, he lapped at the other boy's erection, sucking the head into his mouth as his hand went between his lover's legs, Duo's knees falling open to allow Heero to reach underneath him. Heero shifted slightly, his fingers brushing over Duo's shaft and balls, slipping lower to delve between the firm roundness of Duo's cheeks, seeking the place he would be entering soon. His fingertip massaged the opening, rubbing the oil there slowly, eliciting more sounds of pleasure from his longhaired lover. Heero thrust the digit in gently, not wanting to hurt the other boy. The loud moan told him to proceed, and he continued swirling his tongue around Duo's tip as he began sliding that finger in and out of the willing body beneath him.

Duo groaned as Heero began preparing him. Never before had anyone been so gentle with him. It made him feel so... cherished. He knew that Heero cared for him, but this tenderness only proved it. How could he not give Heero his heart? He knew it was too soon to even use the word 'love', but he also admitted to himself that he was beginning to fall... and Heero would catch him when he finally did. He focused on the feelings the other boy was giving him, and as Heero added another finger, Duo cried out even more, those digits touching that spot inside him.

"Heero! Please... I need... hurry..."

Heero shook his head. "No. We're going to take our time. I'm not going to risk hurting you, Duo. I want you to feel no pain, at least this first time with me. Later... we can maybe explore some of the... rougher aspects... but right now, I want you to just relax... that will make it easier."

Duo laughed, the confident tone in Heero's voice a stark counterpoint to his hesitation last night. "When did you become such an expert?" he teased.

Heero smirked. "We are at expert level, ne?"

"Oh yeah," Duo groaned as Heero inserted the final finger to stretch him.

Heero worked the three digits in and out of his lover, making sure Duo's body was ready for him. The muscles contracted around his fingers teasingly, and he met mischievous violet eyes. "Nani?"

"I'm ready, Heero. Please... take me."

Heero pulled away long enough to smear oil on his erection. With great care, he positioned himself at Duo's entrance, bringing those long legs up to wrap around his waist. "Ready to interface, junkyard_prince?"

Duo grinned. "All system are go, hardware_slave."

Heero pushed himself forward, his tip pressing into the opening slowly. He felt the muscle give way suddenly, and he was inside. The feeling was incredible! Warmth surrounded him, and it took all of his strength to keep from coming from that alone.

"Oh, Duo... this is... Duo..."

"Yeah... that about... sums it up..." Duo panted in reply. The feeling of Heero entering him was so unbelievable. Last night, he had felt like he'd found his home as he'd buried himself inside the other boy. Now, he knew for sure. Lifting his hips slightly, he clenched his muscles to let Heero know he was ready for more.

Heero groaned, the passage around his throbbing shaft massaging him perfectly. "Don't... do that... or I'm not... going to... last long."

Duo laughed. "Move, damn it... before this is all over for both of us. I'm getting ready to come myself."

Heero snickered at the both of them. Apparently, this position was allowing a little too much pleasure. He reached under Duo, bringing the other boy with him as he reclined backwards until he was on his knees, Duo straddling him. Duo grabbed his shoulders quickly, steadying himself.

"Okay... I'm all yours..." Heero said, the new position taking some of the edge off. He felt Duo's hair surround him, silky strand caressing him intimately.

"Hold on, baby. Get ready to be ridden by your tenshi-koi!" Duo breathed out as he used Heero's shoulders for leverage to pull himself up off of his dark-haired lover's shaft, only to drop back down.

"Ahh! Duo!"


Duo began a steady rhythm, knowing it wouldn't take long at all to bring both of them off. He looked at the passion on Heero's face and increased their pace, rocking his hips, rising up and plunging down, their bodies moving in complete synch. He felt Heero's hands holding his hips, his body thrusting up to meet Duo's, giving as well as taking as they shared themselves with each other again. When Heero reached down to take hold of his erection, Duo was on the down stroke, Heero's shaft hitting his prostate at the same time. Duo screamed at the dual stimulation, tensing as he came violently, his emotions adding to the intensity of it. Tears flowed down his face as he surrendered everything to the boy buried inside him.

"Oh, Heero! Oh, baby!"

Heero watched as Duo climaxed, the other boy's seed painting Heero's abdomen and hand. That beautiful face was contorted in pleasure, and between that sight and the feeling of Duo clenching around him, Heero went over the edge into oblivion himself. Thrusting up one more time, he felt his own passion fill his lover's body, the body that he'd wanted for so long, the body that was drawing out every bit of his essence with each shudder still going through it. He let the feeling of completeness overwhelm him.

"Duo! Ahhh! Yes! Yes!"

They remained there, both shaking from their orgasms. Heero was rubbing Duo's back as the other boy clung to him, weeping from the emotional overload of their union. The Japanese boy murmured words of comfort to his lover, telling him to just let it go, that everything was going to be all right. It was almost unbelievable how easily the dark-haired boy had changed from being so shy to so supportive, seemingly over night. When Duo finally calmed, he pulled away, giving Heero a sheepish look.

"Sorry about that. It was just so..."

Heero gently wiped Duo's face. "Never apologize for what you feel, Duo. You don't have to hide your emotions from me, remember? I care about you as a person, not just as my lover. You mean so much to me. Sharing your feelings with me only makes me care for you more."

Duo sniffed, a smile shining through his tears. "I've never felt this way before. It... it just..."

Heero pulled him close again, closing his eyes to keep his emotions from taking over. "I know."

They held each other for a while, their breathing and heartbeats finally slowing. Duo released his hold, moving back so he could look at his lover. Violet eyes regarded blue ones sleepily.

"You need to get ready for work. I promised not to make you late."

Heero laughed. "Actually, you promised to let me get enough sleep so I could go to work," he corrected as he leaned forward, giving Duo a soft kiss. "I'll be home as soon as I can."

Duo felt his heart skip a beat. "Home?" He hadn't thought Heero would think of his apartment as home so soon. It was a reassuring thing for the longhaired boy, and he couldn't keep from smiling.

Heero smiled back, guessing what Duo was thinking. His confidence was growing the more time they spent together. "Wherever you are, that will always be home to me, my tenshi-koi."

Duo ran his fingers through Heero's hair, the softness of the strands matching the expression in the deep blue eyes gazing at him. He couldn't believe the feelings that were coursing through him from that look and those words. Was he falling in love with Heero already? Had he felt more for Heero than he'd even admitted to himself? Duo decided not to worry about it and just enjoy the feeling. They had both agreed to take it slowly and just let it happen. He was happy, and that was all that mattered... well, that and Heero being happy too, and he was just the guy to make sure his lover remained that way.

"Then come home to me when you're done so we can 'reconnect' with each other," he said playfully, winking at his lover, who in turn blushed. It made Duo laugh. No matter how passionate the other boy could get, he still could be embarrassed so easily... and Duo loved it.

Heero moved away, trying to ignore his own reddening face as his waning erection slipped out of Duo's body. He decided he would just have to learn to endure Duo's teasing. Looking at his violet-eyed lover, chestnut flowing around both of them, he smirked as he recalled their computer jargon from the online interaction. "I look forward to 'interfacing' again soon," he replied, amusement glittering in his blue eyes. The joy that lit up the violet eyes of his lover made the effort more than worth it.

Duo grinned. "I'll see if I can't get us some 'technical assistance' for tonight. Maybe some new 'installation' instructions?"

"You do that," Heero chuckled as he got out of bed, pushing Duo back with enough force to send him tumbling to the mattress.

"Hey!" Duo yelled out in mock indignation as his lover headed for the shower. "No rough-housing unless sex follows! Those are house rules!"

The laughter that met his ears caused him sigh in contentment. He lay back on the bed, thinking about how much life was going to change now that he had someone sharing it with him. He knew there would be bad times as well as good, but he didn't doubt that he and Heero could handle it. They had faced death and managed to survive... love couldn't be any harder, could it? As he looked down at the drying passion on his skin, he decided that as long as Heero was with him, it didn't matter. Love was just new software.

They had made a connection that would keep them upgrading each other for a long, long time.


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