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Warnings: NC-17, masturbation, PWP.

In The Woods
by The WildCard

The word cockpit was about to take on a new meaning for a while as I landed Death-Scythe in a clearing in the woods, where it was only visible from above. The big war was over but there were still minor skirmishes, disgruntled scientists teaming up with disgruntled soldiers to form disgruntled groups arming themselves with Mobile Suits, though fortunately the Mobile Doll technology had been lost. At any rate it was a strange time, us five pilots were all living together, most of the time, moving between several of Quatre's smaller houses in order to avoid the press and still taking the odd mission. That's why I was out there to begin with, not because I was on a mission, but because Heero was. I know, I know, I'm not making any sense, don't worry, I'll explain.

The problem was the place we were staying. Heero's mission was probably going to keep him for a couple of days and so, in between houses, we were staying in a two bedroom bungalow, meaning I had to share a room with Wufei for the time being. Not the worst thing in the world, in fact on a world scale it doesn't even compare with disgruntled scientists teaming up with disgruntled soldiers to form disgruntled groups arming themselves with Mobile Suits, but never the less it produced a profound lack of privacy. Especially as Wufei managed to bust the lock on the bathroom door on our first day, meaning that even the bathroom wasn't an option when I wanted to spend some quality time with myself. After all having to sing every time you take a shower, just so that the others know not to walk in, was bad enough - I'm not even going into the problems of singing while using the toilet or, for that matter, into the agony of having to listen to Wufei's tone-death performances - and I wasn't about to give away two choruses of 'Big In Japan' every time I brought myself some relief. So, to dispense with the somewhat euphemistic synonyms, I came to the woods to jack off, hence the new meaning for the word cockpit and, of course, a silent thank you to Howard for the reclining seat.

"Finally some privacy." Okay, so I talk to myself, I'm a sociable person, I need to talk to someone every once in a while and fortunately I also happen to be a good listener. Okay, okay, I hear you, back to the story. Anyway, after thanking Howard silently for the reclining seat and praising my privacy, I started by taking my shoes off. My socks and shirt were next and then my pants, leaving me naked (I'd decided to go commando for the day). With my clothes out of the way it was time for the reclining to start and so, carefully positioning my feet on safe spots on the dashboard, I leaned back.

Why put my feet on the dashboard at all, you ask. Well it's simple, I like to have my feet up while I jack off. I'm not entirely sure why, I just do, though a possible explanation is that it makes it easier for blood to flow to my dick.

So, once I was sure my footing was safe and I wasn't in danger of accidentally hitting switches I didn't want to hit, I focused my mind on more enjoyable thoughts, rapidly causing the blood to utilise its easy flow to my nether regions. The enjoyable thought that stuck out the most was saying good-bye to Heero before he left, back at our previous hide-out. As it happened the scene of our farewell was the bathroom, which actually could be locked, and while we were in the shower water certainly wasn't the only thing that flowed freely and ran down my legs. * wink, wink *

Of course even if Heero had been there bathroom sex would have been impossible at the hide-out we were staying at. Quatre and Trowa tried, taking turns on the obligatory singing to warn others not to come in and it actually worked for a while.

But in the end Quatre lost it:

"It's fun to stay at the Y M C A
It's fun to stay at the Y M C A
They have everything for young men to enjoy
You can hang out with all the boys
It's fun to stay at the Y M C A
It's fun to stay at the Y,
ay yay yay… Oh TROWA!!!"

I swear I've never seen either Quatre or Trowa blush as heavily as they did when they left the bathroom together. Which probably wasn't just because of the way they'd violated the Village People's classic. After that incident they restricted all activities to their room, which I was rather thankful for, because, without Heero there to help me find relief, the, uhm, tension that those semi-voyeuristic moments caused was rather uncomfortable.

That memory was doing my blood flow good as well, especially since using it now seemed like a sort of vindication for not being able to do anything about the hard-on it gave me at the time for want of privacy. As my dick started to approach full hardness I ran my right thumbnail up from between my balls, over the underside, to the head. Especially the last part of that trip, to the tip of the head, is right on the fine line between pleasure and pain, if it's done properly, which makes it incredibly erotic. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not into pain or anything, except maybe the occasional spanking, but that's more authority than real pain. What makes this particular move so erotic is that the tension between pain and pleasure seems to be magically transformed into pure sexual tension, not that I needed to add more of that, but too much is better than too little if you want to have a nice leisurely jack-off.

I started my first couple of real strokes, thinking happy thoughts:

'Heero naked', 'Heero whispering in my ear', 'Heero * beep, beep, beep *'

I shook myself, an incoming vid com call. And at the worst possible time. I sighed and reached for the dashboard. A couple of keys later the call was accepted, with no outgoing video, and I was surprised when Heero filled my screen.


"Hey Koi, being naughty?" I saw something twitch beneath his spandex as he said it.

"How'd you guess?"

"You don't have your cam on, that means either something's wrong with the system or you're being naughty. Knowing you I figured it would be the latter."

I smiled. "Hang on then."

I leaned forward again and reactivated the visual feed.

Heero grinned wider than most people, who only ever saw his perfect soldier persona, would have thought possible. "Fucking your belly-button again?"

I almost sighed, why that had to have been the one thing - and I literally mean the one and only thing - that had been able to defrost Heero's sense of humour I'll never know, but I do know I didn't like it. The description is, in all fairness, pretty accurate. My seven inch erection is just the right length to cover the distance between its base and my belly-button, making the very tip of my head press into my in-y belly-button. Somehow Heero found that incredibly funny when he walked in on me jacking off, at what turned out to be the start of our relationship. But I suppressed my sigh and smiled at him, it had been far too long since we'd done anything together and this offered some 'interesting' opportunities.

"I wouldn't have been if you hadn't made me have to bent over." I challenged. "So, now you have to make it up to me."

Heero quirked an eyebrow questioningly. For a man who easily boasted one of the best poker faces on Earth, or in the colonies for that matter, his face could be incredibly expressive when he let his guard down.

"First of all," I explained, "you're over dressed for this party. And secondly, you're going to have to play nice to get back into my good graces."

Heero's grin widened ever further as he nodded and proceeded to unceremoniously remove his spandex and tank-top.

I licked my lips as Heero settled back in his chair, he too put his feet somewhere on the dashboard and I had to admit the view was spectacular. From the camera's point of view his position gave me a great shot of his upper-legs and anything above them, including a fantastic view of his already stiff dick and his balls hanging below it in their sack.

The urge to just lick them all over was so great that I nearly found myself in danger of licking the screen, but I managed to stop the impulse. After all Heero wasn't done being nice to me yet, though I wasn't sure he knew exactly what I had in store for him.

"Now," I said, to let the cat out of the bag, "you have to tell me a story."

Heero blinked in surprise. "A story?"

"Yes, you have to make it up yourself, something we can 'play' to together."

He nodded as understanding dawned on him and his lips curled into a dead sexy half-smirk half-smile. "I think I have just the idea to get you going." He announced.

Almost simultaneously our right hands went down and started a light stroke, as I nodded and Heero scraped his throat before beginning his story.

"We're in an air-plane." He explained rather than told. "It's a Winner-Airlines' Jumbo-Jet and I'm the pilot."

Even as he started talking a weird three level scale of existence fixed itself in me. I was listening to him, but I could also 'see' everything he was talking about in my mind and, finally, I was just as intensely focused on the sensation of my own strokes as on either of those.

It was all I could do to stop myself from leaving my slow - not much more than erection maintaining - pace for a much faster - 'straight' (yeah right) trip to orgasm - pace. But this was going to be a long story, if I had anything to say about it, and me shooting after just a couple of sentences simply wouldn't do.

"Trowa is the co-pilot," Heero continued, "and you and Quatre are the flight attendants. We've just taken off on a long flight and Trowa has disappeared. Just when I'm about to start looking for him you come in looking for Quatre, who's also gone, and report hearing strange noises in the crew bunk room."

I could really picture it. Winner-Airlines' long distance jumbo's were equipped with a bunk room, where part of the crew could sleep while the others worked. It made sense, given the fact that atmospheric flights still didn't travel very fast and could therefor take a long time to get where they were going. I could just see Quatre and Trowa get in there, lock the door and 'make strange noises', especially after the YMCA incident.

"So," Heero continued, "now that we've figured out what's happened to our colleagues, namely each other, I invite you to sit down, as there are no needs of the passengers that need attending to at the moment. You do so and bring your braid to the front of your shoulder as you sit down, I - naturally - can't resist the temptation, so I caress it and accidentally end up caressing certain parts of your anatomy through it, while stroking its end."

"I can imagine that." I commented, knowing how much Heero loves my braid. "Just like I can imagine slowly opening my shirt, taking my braid from you and running it over my exposed upper body."

I grabbed my braid and demonstrated it. Making Heero go ga-ga with amazing speed. Like I said, he loves the braid. I winked at him while running my braid over my left nipple.

"Well you've got me big boy, whatcha gonna do with me?" It took Heero a few moments to get back in shape to speak, I really shouldn't have teased him like that, but I actually liked the effect. It's nice to know you can drive the man you love up the proverbial wall whenever you want to.

"Okay." He finally started again. "Now that you've unbuttoned your shirt for me I take care of your pants. I'll have to thank Quatre for substituting the buttons only type with the regular zipper, makes it so much easier for me to get at the good bits."

He winked at me suggestively.

I shivered, Heero can make me go ga-ga too by just using the look on his face. And him winking is definitely a sight that always makes my heart beat faster. Heero didn't seem to notice my shiver, however, and continued his assault on my mental imagery. "I like what I see when I get your pants undone, you're going commando, I like that." He didn't know that he'd actually hit the truth, for the day as well as in his story, but I couldn't help smiling at the coincidence. "With the Auto-pilot taking care of the plane I can leave my seat and I kneel between you legs, pulling your pants down all the way and then taking your braid from you and running it over you cock and balls."

I shivered again as I ran it over there myself, tingles shooting up my spine from the mix of tickling and soft caresses it resulted in.

"But," Heero went on, "I'm not going to let you get away that easily, so I tug your pants all the way down and turn you around. Then I bend you over your chair and that does wonders for my view." He winked at me again.

"I can believe it. You always were an animal."

"Only when I'm with you."

I just licked my lips, knowing the part of the story we were getting to. "So now that you've got me helpless and bent over my chair, what are you going do about it?"

Heero simply held up two fingers and licked them, curling his tongue around them to get the spit all over. What it was in his gesture I'll probably never know, but something about it made my ass twitch inside.

"I need you!" I managed to get out, as the twitching and tingling inside started to drive me mad. "I need you right now Heero!"

"I'd love to help you out, but I'm not there right now, remember?"

I nodded, gritting my teeth and wishing I'd at least had the good sense to fall for someone who'd say something constructive at this point.

"I know that Heero." I explained, but he stopped me before I could say anything else.

"I know, but why don't you try putting something else up there?"

"You mean finger myself?"

Heero shook his head. "No, I was thinking of something larger. Do you have a hammer in your tool-box?"

My eyes widened. You think you know a guy and then it turns out he's figured out kinky uses for tools you haven't yet. And I had to admit a hammer would be perfect, the hammer head would prevent it from slipping inside all together, a major worry for me during my early 'vegetable-based' escapades.

"And just how did you figure that one out?" I enquired in the sternest tone of voice I could manage.

Heero shrugged. "You're not the only one that's naughty when he's lonely and horny, Koi."

"Why Heero," I actually managed to sound like something out of an old movie, "there's a whole side of you I never knew about."

Heero just grinned. "Like what you see?"

"Oh yeah." I licked my lips. "I definitely like it. But let me get that hammer."

Heero nodded, and let out a wolf whistle as I turned and bent over my seat to get the hammer out of the tool-box underneath it. I simply wiggled my butt at him, to tease him and continued my search.

"Found it." I announced as I returned to the legs up sitting position with my hammer in hand, thanking my lucky stars for the presence of one with a rather large, smooth, wooden handle. Still not as big as Heero, certainly not where girth was concerned, but enough to do as a substitute.

I didn't have any lube, but I was horny enough and already naturally wet enough around my hole that spit was just fine for the occasion. Just a little of it on the hammer and it slid right in.

On the screen Heero's strokes quickened as I resumed mine with my right hand, while working the hammer in and out with my left. There were no more stories, as none were needed anymore. We were both on the road to orgasm and we'd just passed the final way-station. Just a minute of furious stroking - and hammer-work - later I exploded.

My cum came rushing out so suddenly I was barely aware of it until it hit my stomach, but when I did notice it was awesome.

My mind seemed to leave my body as pure pleasure exploded in it, making my entire body tense as it felt like most of my guts wanted to rush out through my dick, along with the cum. I probably cried out as well, but I don't remember, though I do remember hearing Heero shout somewhere through it all. Then, as a last convulsion ran through my body, my feet jerked and hit the controls, making Death-Scythe shudder along with me.

As soon as I noticed I sat up straight and tried to regain control, but nothing I could do seemed to be working and Death-Scythe seemed on the verge of collapse, when my radar bleeped and Wing Zero materialised, seemingly out of nowhere, behind me.

The next instant Zero's arms were around Death-Scythe, holding us up, and Heero grinned into the com-screen.

"Unlike you, Koi, I can pilot a Gundam with my feet and actually get it to do what I want to." He informed me. "A good thing to, otherwise you might have crashed. So now you'll have to be nice to me sometime soon to thank me for helping you."


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