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Pairing: none/2+1+2
Categories: lemon, masturbation, slightly kinky
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: language, lemon, masturbation, toys ~__^
Spoilers: none


by Lily

Duo whistled as he padded around the room, tidying things up. He knew that when Heero got home he was going to want the room they shared to be as neat as possible, and Duo was quite happy to oblige. As he stretched the comforter over the bed, however, he didn't see the videotape that went sliding onto the floor and bounced harmlessly onto the carpet, mostly concealed by the dust ruffle. Duo clapped his hands in satisfation. Now that everything was exactly as Heero'd left it, Duo could go out for some ice cream and a movie, as Trowa and Quatre had offered. He flicked the t.v. off, made sure the VCR's clock wasn't blinking, and closed the light. The door shut softly on his way out and he hummed merrily to himself as he trotted down the hallway to find Trowa and Quatre. The three ex-pilots left their temporary home--a cottage by the sea--and got into Trowa's sea-blue sedan and drove away.

Heero unlocked the back door, suspicious of the silence within. It was never that quiet--unless--unless no one was home? A smile snuck onto his face and settled into his eyes. He had been waiting for months to get the room to himself because he wanted to try what he'd heard Duo mumble about in his sleep once--that apparently very pleasurable practice of masturbation. He crept up the staircase and threw open the door to the room he shared with Duo. The light was off and he could sense immediately that the room was empty. He felt his heart quicken in his chest, and figured he'd better hurry. When he'd turned the light on, he found a post-it note taped to his desk that informed him the rest of the ex-pilots had gone to the movies and then for ice cream afterwards. His heart thumped a little harder and he breathed a little faster. His palms were damp. All of his soldier's impulses were on alert but he told them to shut up and collapsed backwards onto his bed. The bluejeans he was wearing tightened over his crotch wth his change in position, and he ran one finger over himself very, very lightly. His cock stirred under the stiff fabric. He repeated the motion, and hardened a little bit further. It felt good, he realized at once. It was warm, and tingling slightly. He sat up. He wanted everything to be perfect, he decided, before he even began. He may never get a chance like this again. He prowled around the room, riffling through Duo's drawers, and tossed his dark hair out of his eyes so that he could read the little bottle he'd unearthed. Astroglide. Hmm, he thought, then stood it up on his bed as best he could--the little bottle kept trying to fall over. Something glinted under the overhead fixture and caught his eye. He lifted the dust ruffle on Duo's bed and picked up a video tape with a cryptic label: it read simply "Boys." Heero shrugged. He'd pop it into the VCR and see what it was before he got started.

With a candle burning on the dresser and the mysterious video in the player, Heero leaned back against his pillow and returned to exploring himself through his jeans. It was an elusive pleasure, he couldn't quite pin it down beneath his clothes and he wasn't quite ready to remove them yet. The Astroglide he placed on the windowsill by his bed, the light had been turned off again, and he closed his eyes. Then opened them again. He'd almost forgotten! Like a cat he was on his feet, rummaging around under his bed. Moments later he found what he'd been searching for: one silver vibrator with flared base and one large dildo with simulated testicles, still neatly packaged in the boxes they'd come in. He smiled with satisfaction and climbed back onto his bed. He ripped the boxes open, arranged the toys next to him on the bed, then clicked the t.v. on with the remote control and told the VCR to play. When the picture sprang onto the screen Heero almost wet himself right then. The first clip was of a young Asian teenager, with long oil-slick colored hair and golden-hued skin. The boy was rubbing himself against the leg of his bed, groaning softly as an unseen person stroked the curve of his ass with a feather. Heero felt himself harden almost completely. His jeans were too constricting, he decided, reaching down and snagging the tab of the zipper. As he pulled the zipper down, his fingers brushed against his aching erection. He shivered. The Asian on the screen tossed his head back and howled, white liquid splashing all over the bedspread, long dark hair kissing the dimple just above his ass. Heero involuntarily made a noise in the back of his throat. But when he saw the next clip he went almost over the edge. He was instantly as hard as he could be--instinctively he knew this--and he roughly pulled his jeans away from his cock. The stimulation from the scratchy fiber was too much. He jerked them down over his hips and kicked them off of his feet and onto the floor. He tore his work shirt off, buttons scattering on the carpet, and wriggled out of it as fast as he could. As he repositioned his hands, the figure on the screen adjusted the light up; Heero moaned low. He couldn't stand it. The young man on the video had endlessly long chestnut hair with golden highlights, a lithe, slender body and alabaster skin. His head was tilted backwards and he was moving slowly, sinuously to Prince's "Little Red Corvette," eyes closed and one hand drifting over his stomach. Heero knew that if the teen opened his eyes they would be strikingly hyacinth-colored with a velvet texture. Duo's long lashes were swept down over his high cheekbone and his body moved perfectly in time with the sexy, delicious music. As Heero watched, Duo's left thumb began making little circles over the head of his cock. Duo arched his back and moaned, apparently enjoying the sensation; Heero quickly mimicked him with his right thumb. The feeling almost drove him crazy. Duo licked the length of one long finger and then caressed his cock with it, gyrating his hips more fervently, although Heero couldn't tell if it was because of the music or the movement of his hands. Heero again repeated Duo's gesture--the wet finger was cold against his hot length and he shuddered, eyes closing. Then he realized he could only hear Duo's guttural groans and he forced them open, examining closely as Duo stretched and twisted, his movements agonizingly slow; it was like watching him dance inside a room filled with molasses. His long hair swirled around his bare body and his cock was so hard it was pressed against his abdomen. Duo wrapped his entire fist around it and then--

The screen went black. Heero ground his teeth in frustration, his own hand wrapped around himself, with no clear idea of what to do next. But he was resourceful, he decided. He could figure it out. A couple experimental strokes and he discovered there was a little too much friction. He applied some of the Astroglide to his palm and began to pump again, beginning slowly. He almost fell of the bed at the new sensation. He pumped faster, creating a suction with his lubed fingers, and found himself hurtling closer and closer--with extreme effort of will he ceased his movements with his hands. He wasn't ready to come yet, not by a long shot. He lost track of the bottle of lube, then squirmed and nearly lept ten feet off the bed when it brushed against the super-sensitive skin of his entrance. He marveled at it, then tentatively dipped a finger down below his balls. They tingled with the passing pressure, but the ring of muscle surrounding his entrance held more appeal at the moment. One lubed finger just barely caressing it and he could feel his cock throbbing further already. That settled it, then, he told himself. He was just going to have to go inside and find out what all the fuss was over. He spread more lube over his finger then wiggled it inside. And gasped. His other hand found his neglected, still slippery cock and began stroking it again; his middle finger pushed further into his ass and he jerked his pelvis up, head arched back into the pillow. After twisting his finger in circles and learning the contours of the inside of his ass, Heero decided it was time for something larger. Precum had beaded and slid down the length of his pulsing cock and he groaned, it was hot, and it had come to rest on his belly. He paused, panting heavily, and then fumbled around until he found his dildo. Slathering lube onto the toy, he positioned it at his entrance, then plunged it inside. His back arced off the bed and in doing so the end of the toy rammed against his prostate. Heero let out a scream of pleasure and watched the world dim around him. His eyes snapped closed and he began thrusting the dildo in and out as fast as he could, occasionally hitting against his g-spot. Every time he hit that sweet spot stars sparkled within the realm of his vision and he shouted again. He slowed down his pace, he still wasn't quite ready to release.

He pulled the dildo out and let it slip through his tired fingers onto the floor. The candle sputtered and burned out, but Heero didn't care. He caught his breath then lubed up the silver vibrator. He rolled his right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, then rammed the vibrator deep into his ass, as hard and as fast as he could. He screamed himself hoarse, shocked that it could feel so good, and astonishing himself with how loud he was becoming. His fingers left his nipple and returned to caressing his cock as he jerked the vibrator in and out; within two minutes he had turned it on and managed to angle it just the right way so that it lurched up against his prostate and began to vibrate there. With one final animal scream Heero was lost. His cock throbbed and he came all over his abdomen and chest and the vibrator slid through his orgasm-relaxed fingers. He lay there, exhausted, stars still twinkling behind his eyelids, body limp against the dampened spread. One finger idly dipped into the white liquid on his belly and found its way into his mouth. He decided he liked the slightly bitter flavor and set about cleaning it off of himself, and inserting all of it into his mouth. He opened his eyes into darkness, yawned, and fell asleep.

When Duo re-entered their room after the movie, the first thing he noticed was the sharp scent of semen and the elusive lingering smell of a cinnamon candle. He sniffed appreciatively and grinned. Apparently Heero had finally decided to try out the fine art of masturbation. He clicked on the lamp beside his bed and felt himself harden. Heero was asleep, sprawled on his bed, dark hair still slightly damp and thrown over his brow. His chest was bare and traces of Heero's come glinted under the dim light. There was a dildo lying on the carpet, a silver vibrator lodged under Heero's thigh, and a mostly-empty bottle of Astroglide tipped over on the windowsill. Duo's grin widened, especially when he realized the t.v. was still on--he checked the VCR and stifled a laugh. Crossing the room Duo dropped a kiss onto Heero's still sweat-dampened forehead, removed his clothes and slipped onto Heero's bed. He cleaned up the residue on Heero's belly with his tongue, shoved the toys back onto the floor, and fell asleep with one arm thrown over Heero's muscular chest.


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