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2002 Mixx Entertainment
1997 Hajime Yadate, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Katsuhiko Chiba, Koichi Tokita
1997 Sotsu Agency and Sunrise
2000 Cartoon Network

By Moonlight
by Shadow's Memory

A soft sigh filled the bare chamber for merely a brief second before slowly dissipating, the young owner of that sound turning unconsciously to face his companion as he slept. Pallid moonlight shone in that confined space and violet eyes surveyed the other inhabitant in a dejected manner. Brushing chestnut bangs from those same violet eyes with impatient fingers Duo resumed his routine nightly viewing of the stoic pilot of Wing Gundam, unquestionably the said boy was the same Heero Yuy.

Darkly knitted brows were free of tension whilst sleeping, a factor that Duo mulled over. He often asked himself how a boy who remained a mystery to him, a being akin to an artificial intelligence could appear almost human in nocturnal circumstances. Piercing cobalt eyes were hidden behind shutters in midnight hours, at some point Duo had begun to believe that Heero was the superior being that controlled the daily cycle. His eyes when open would signal daylight and when closed would summon darkness.

Naturally coloured skin, bathed in an ethereal glow by moonlight as Heero always slept with the sheets entwined around his waist. Skin with the tell tale signs of war inscribed upon the surface. Duo smiled bitterly, he understood how much those scars meant to Heero, he had caught glances of the pilot examining them with a pain of remembrance held deep within his cobalt eyes.

With a deep sigh Duo turned to gaze out from the window, a skeletal tree shadowed the garden in a blanket of darkness, effectively hiding the pairs Gundams’ with ease. As Duo turned his attention back to his fixation, his violet eyes widened considerably as the sheet surrounding Heero had slipped even lower revealing the small of Heero’s back as well as one tantalizing curve of a shapely buttock.

‘Christ! Doesn’t he wear anything at night? Um, just look away Maxwell…’ The advice was dismissed as Duo squinted to capture a glance of Heero’s lower body, to lock away the firm contours of the boy’s body for later use. Abruptly a soft moan was uttered from Heero’s direction, Duo’s lips drying as he watched the pilot grasp the sheets in his hands as if to remove them completely from his body. Suddenly, as quickly as it had begun Heero’s hands released their grasp on the sheets and Duo suppressed a growl of frustration.

With a frustrated sigh Duo realised that in that ten-second interval he had clenched at his own sheets so harshly that his knuckles had coloured white. ‘Damn shit! He’s never going to realise that all that flirting I do with him is for real unless I admit it to his face.’ Duo resorted to imagining the circumstance that would occur if the sheet had fallen from around Heero’s body.

Duo imagined the possibilities, with the spandex that Heero wore almost every day one did not have to stretch their imagination to impossible lengths and Duo found that indeed he had memorised the contours of Heero’s body to an impeccable degree.

‘Heero’s lips against mine; he wouldn’t be desperate for a response, patience would be involved. Those cobalt eyes closed in a state of passion, as his body would move effortlessly over mine. Lips would move lower…lower until they hovered over me and then he would taste me and love me and make me his.’

Duo lounged against his pillow, inquisitive fingers tracing the outline of his lips and then to run like silk over his firm jaw line. Fingertips etched the line of his throat before marking a blaze to his creamy chest, raising the appendages lazily to lightly pinch his rosy nipples, rubbing the pad of a thumb against the erect nubs. “Heero…” The softly murmured name echoed in Duo’s ears as he drew in breath sharply as arousal found him.

“Lower…please Heero…” Duo lost in his fantasy as his hand sought the object of passion under the sheets. Hooking fingers beneath the waistband of his boxers Duo raised his slim hips to divest himself of the obstruction of material, eyes closing in lust, breath escaping him in a high gasp as his right hand encircled his rigid erection. Heero’s presence made itself felt as Duo pleasured himself in time to his thoughts of Heero’s actions.

Realising that sudden noises may awake the stoic pilot Duo bit his lower lip as he allowed himself the privilege of several quick strokes, pleasurable sensations pulsed throughout Duo’s body as he resumed a slow almost languid pace, his fear of Heero awakening to see him in this position almost to much for him to bear. With his left, fingers teased nipples, a faint hiss escaping the confines of Duo’s mouth. With self-conscious thought the hand on Duo’s erection quickened, the strokes firmer, more sure of themselves as Duo raced towards the pinnacle.

“What are you doing?” Duo’s passion filled eyes opened in shock as he recognised the nasal tone that was now addressing him. Abruptly the hand upon his shaft stilled, the nimble fingers working on Duo’s nipples rested upon his abdomen. “Why are you doing that?” Duo closed his eyes, cheeks burning as his brain attempted to conjure a coherent thought.

“I... uh, look Heero I can explain everything,” Duo mumbled. ‘Yeah like Hell you can. Man Heero, sorry, I was just wondering if this was what it feels like for Deathscythe’s joystick.’

“Why did you say my name?” Duo’s eyes fluttered open suddenly at the mention of the name aspect, he had not even realised that he had spoken it so loudly. “Did…” Duo looked up startled, Heero appeared unsure, an expression that appeared extremely out of place for the young man. “Did you request aid…?” If the world could have ended Duo was sure that it would have chosen that moment.

Duo blushed, averting his violet gaze from Heero’s as he heard the mattress’s springs creak as Heero arose from his bed. Tentatively the Japanese boy sat down beside him, his breathing somewhat irregular as he came to terms with what he was about to say in his head. “You require my assistance do you not?” Duo raised his head unsurely; Heero’s head was bowed, brown bangs hiding the cobalt eyes effectively.

“I don’t understand, what do you mean?” Cobalt met violet as suddenly Heero leaned over Duo’s raised knees to deliver an off centre kiss to the boy’s lips, Duo froze as Heero withdrew, of all the reactions he had anticipated that had been the most outrageous.

“Was that not what you desired? Perhaps you desire my touch?” As Heero’s reached for the edge of the sheet Duo held bated breath, he could not understand why he felt incapable of moving an inch. Pale moonlight cast Duo’s body in an angel’s shadow as Heero withdrew the sheet from Duo’s slim frame, the other boy gazing enraptured at the sight before him.

Duo, who had lost his former arousal, felt his body reacting now in an embarrassed sense as Heero gazed at his body in a seemingly awed manner. Spellbound, Duo witnessed Heero’s scarred hands skimming from his knees downwards, thumbs marking the way as they caressed also. The tanned hands paused only for a moment, poised above Duo’s awakening erection rising from chestnut curls before wrapping, without conviction, around Duo’s shaft.

Duo released a delighted gasp and Heero’s eyes met his, a shy smile forming on his lips as he began to move his hand firmly yet gently up and down on the swollen flesh. Duo once again hissed, his free hands rising to stroke against taut nipples, gasping as Heero’s lips captured one, the fine point of a tongue a flickering flame against the tight point of flesh.

Teeth nibbled against Duo’s chest, the pilot’s soft moans filling the room as his hips moved of their own accord. Heero paused every so often to idly run the pad of his thumb over the swollen head. “Please Heero…” The breathless moan met Heero’s ears and he stilled, staring at the painfully rigid arousal in his hand.

With a reluctant sigh Heero stilled in his teasing, the pace in the room becoming urgent as Heero’s hand squeezed and pumped almost erratically at the flesh in his hand. Duo released an urgent gasp of ecstasy and Heero surveyed the boy as he flew higher whilst his own body remained firmly in denial. “Heero…don’t stop…” An order not a request as Duo’s thighs trembled, the boy releasing a cry as the utter pleasure found him.

Duo’s shallow breathing reached Heero’s ears, the Japanese boy staring at the evidence of release upon Duo’s chest and his hand. Cobalt eyes closed for a moment remembering the past of severe conditioning that he had faced, his own pleasure had never been important, he did not need that weakness. Seeing Duo in this state had given him that sense of power but also one of deep regret, as he could not express his feelings openly for the boy.

Duo’s eyes fluttered, the boy allowing exhaustion to claim him. Heero looked away from Duo, his heart feeling something like rejection as he became fully aware of the dull ache in his own groin. “Heero…?” The Japanese boy stood, hands clenched by his side, jolting as Duo’s hand found his.

“Stay with me…” The whispered plea met Heero’s ears and he stared as violet eyes met his cobalt. Concealed emotions came forth from fathomless depths and Heero wondered then, wondered why he had never felt the love radiating from those orbs before.

Heero remained silent; he had no experience of this type of situation and therefore was powerless as Duo tentatively embraced him from behind, the young American resting his cheek on a bronze shoulder. “Why…?” Came the low whisper, silence for a mere moment before a reply was offered.

“Just because.” Nothing more was said as pallid moonlight bathed the pair, as they remained together, the first crystalline tear escaping Heero’s defenses as he realised the truth of love in the present and the remembrance of the love in the past. All in all the present was the safest place to be.


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