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Notes : this is the first epilogue of Te Amo.

Te Amo
by Akuma

After Colony 212
Middle of February

"Doctor, there's a letter for you."

"Damn..." Dr. Ryan cursed after he read the letter.

"What is it, Doc?" The nurse beside him asked curiously.

"Mr. Maxwell sent a divorce letter."

"Oh no.... should we tell her?"

The doctor sighed and walked toward the secured door. He peeked inside through the bullet-proof glass.

There in the room, stood a dark haired woman, wearing a ragged hospital robe. Usually she would sit calmly on the chair, but when an attack came, she would become hysterical. She was having an attack at the moment. The woman was leaning against the wall and screaming as if there was something very frightening in front of her.

Dr. Ryan knew well the words the woman was shouting. She has been repeating them every day. 'Stay away!', 'Don't come near me, Philip! You're dead!', 'Get those bloody claws away from me!!!!'. 'Why is everything around me red?'

The doctor watched as the woman suddenly became calm and went to sit on the chair as if waiting for someone to come for her. Her face seemed innocent when she was like this. However the doctor knew how violently the woman could react in this condition. She would attack anyone with dark short hair and blue eyes. He had learned this the hard way, when she tried to choke a nurse with such an appearance.

The woman suddenly jumped from her chair and pasted herself against the wall again, repeating the previous scene. It was never ending. He had to release sleeping gas into the room if he wanted the woman to rest.

Dr. Ryan looked away from the glass and shook his head in disagreement to the nurse. "There's no use in telling her about it. She won't understand."

"Aa... yes..." The nurse looked at the secured door sadly before following the doctor out of the private section of the institution, leaving the woman alone in her nightmare.


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