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Author's note : This is a continuation from Lady Tora's fic. Thanks to Stardancer for giving me the idea , AGAIN. *grins and runs away*

The Hentai Zone: Mirror Image 3
by Akuma

Heero was sitting on the bed, typing on his laptop. He was not in his best mood and was pouting all day long. It had been a month since he last seen Duo. The braided pilot had been assigned to a lonmission which and left Heero alone, waiting in the safe house for his next mission. He missed Duo. It was so boring without that braided baka with him. If the American pilot were with him now, he would jump Heero and they could screw till both of them were death tired. Heero growled in frustration as he felt himself harden at the thought.

The Japanese pilot slammed his laptop shut and jumped out of the bed, walking toward the cupboard. He rummaged the cupboard, trying to find something, which could ease his boredom. But nothing inside the cupboard was of any interest. Growling, Heero closed the cupboard loudly and was confronted by his own face, which was reflected by the mirror on the cupboard.

To his surprise, his reflection on the mirror sighed heavily. "Oh come on, cut that temper out. I'm tired of mimicking your pouting and growling all the time."

Heero glared back to his reflection. "Easy for you to say. I'm bored and I have nothing to do except type on the laptop."

"Don't you think I'm also bored here? My Duo also left me, you know!" The double glared back.

"Hn, give me something to occupy myslef then." Heero snorted and felt a sudden goose bump as his image grinned evilly. "What are you thinking?" He stepped back.

"Something that will occupy us for some moments." The imaged walked out of the mirror and pushed Heero back to the bed. He quickly pulled off Heero's clothes, which in turn made his own clothes disappear.

"How about a little exercise?" Heero's double pushed Heero down onto the bed, leaving the Japanese boy's feet dangling on the side of the bed. He then straddled Heero's stomach, making Heero gasp in pleasure as he worked on his cock, pumping it into full hardness. Soft lips descended on Heero's lips and soon they got hooked in playing tonsil hockey with their tongues. It was only the need for air that made them cease the play.

"So who's gonna fuck whom?" The mirror image panted.

"No penetration." Heero grunted. "I have been tight after one month without penetration so I want to save the tightness for Duo."

"Like I don't want to do that too." The twin smirked. "I'm you, remember? Since we have the same thought here, I think we can use this position." The image turned around and offered his cock to Heero while he licked Heero's cock.

Understanding what his twin wanted, Heero opened his mouth and sucked on the cock, at the same time as his twin sucked his cock. Both moaned in pleasure at the feeling as the moist cave enveloped them. Soon they both were rocking up and down, licking and sucking their partner's cock. Being the mirror of him, Heero could feel what his twin felt so it was kinda like having double pleasure when screwing with his twin.

They sucked harder and bobbed their heads up and down faster, wanting to reach the edge, when suddenly the door was opened. "Heero! I'm ba...... Holy God!"

Surprised, Heero stopped his action and so did his twin. Both of them looked at the door and spoke simultaneously. "Duo!"

Duo's jaw dropped at the sight before him. Heero, two of them, were naked and giving blowjobs to one another. They were extremely beautiful and breathtaking, making Duo hard within seconds.

Heero's twin noticed the obvious bulge on Duo's lower part and smirked. "Want to join? We are saving ourselves for you, you know."

That sentence caused Duo to hardened more. Closing his jaw, Duo dropped his bag and walked toward the naked boys who hadn't broken their position. "Saving for me, hmm? Now which one is the real Heero?"

"Try guessing." The mirror snickered.

Duo raised an eyebrow. "My Heero never snickered happily like that." He looked down at the real Heero who was lying on the bed. "Hee-chan, you should be as happy as your twin."

Heero snorted. "I'll be happy if I can continue this *exercise*."

"Impatient are we?" His twin grinned and gave a lick to Heero's cock, which made both of them moan in pleasure.

Seeing his lovers moaning in pleasure was enough to drive all rational thought from Duo. He quickly pulled off his clothes and walked around to the side of the bed where Heero's legs dangling. "You can continue sucking each other while I have your ass, Hee-chan." Duo grinned and grabbed Heero's thighs, pushing them up until the tip of Heero's toes almost touched his own ear. "Thank God, you are flexible, Hee-chan. Now hold your legs, will ya?"

Heero complied and grabbed his calves, holding them in place. "So we are going to have a threesome this time?"

"Foursome!" Another voice grunted. All of them looked at the voice's direction and saw Duo's twin walked out of the mirror. "Don't ever think I want to be left out in this *exercise*."

Heero's twin snickered. "Of course we don't, koi."

Duo's twin just grunted and hopped onto the bed, kneeling before Heero's twin's ass. "Where's the lube?"

"Hey, no foreplay?" Heero spoke out.

"With you almost on the edge? Nah, I don't think so." Duo grinned and took out the lube from the nightstand. He coated his cock and his fingers before tossing the lube to his double. "Moreover, you already did the foreplay with your twin, Hee-chan."

"Exactly." Duo's twin grinned the same grin as Duo's and exchanged a look with him. After nodding to each other, they pushed one finger to their respective partners, preparing them.

Both Heero and his twin moaned at the penetration and unconsciously tightened their passage. "Whoa, Heero." Duo exclaimed, followed by his double, "you are so tight, relax a little."

"It has been a month, you know." Both Heeros growled simultaneously but they relaxed anyway. Seeing them relax, Duo and his twin pushed the second finger inside their lovers and made scissor motion inside the warm passage of their lovers, stretching them. Soon a third finger was inserted between moans of pleasure the Japanese boys elicited.

Duo and his twin dove down and captured the Japanese boys' mouths, swallowing their gasps as pleasure as their fingers found the boys' prostates. Heero and his double pulled away from the kiss and growled. "Enough teasing!"

"As you wish, Hee-chan." Duo's twin spoke up and pulled away his fingers, followed by Duo. Both of them quickly positioned their cock before their partner's entrances and rammed in with one quick thrust.

Both Heeros jerked up and whimpered at the initial pain but then they soon moaned as Duo and his twin buried themselves to the hilt inside them. Duo panted at the double pleasure he experienced and almost couldn't hold himself back from thrusting into the Japanese boy merciless.

"Get yourself ready, Hee-chan." Duo's twin growled and seized Heero's twin hips while Duo put his hands on Heero's thighs.

Heero's twin complied and swallowed Heero's cock while thrusting his own cock into Heero's mouth. After Heero felt himself was swallowed to the hilt and he swallowed his twin's cock to the root too, he squeezed Duo's cock with his inner muscle, signaling they were ready.

Duo groaned in pleasure and pushed forward while his twin pulled away. Then Duo's twin slammed back into Heero's twin causing him to swallow more of Heero's cock. Heero felt Duo pull away when Duo's twin slammed his twin, making him moaned as he experienced the double sensation. One was the sensation of Duo pulling out of him and the other one was the sensation his twin felt when Duo's double slammed into him.

Soon all of them fell into synchronized motion, like a seesaw motion with one pushing and the other pulling then vice versa. Heero quickly reached his edge as he was being swallowed by his twin, got fucked by Duo, and sucked his twin's cock. A couple more thrust from Duo and Heero jerked up and shot his release into his twin while at the same time his twin shouted his own load to Heero's mouth.

Duo groaned louder as he felt Heero's passage clamping down on his cock. He pulled out all the way, waiting his twin to do the same and then slammed back into Heero's silken passage, filling the Japanese boy with his hot passion. His twin also slammed back and emptied his seed inside Heero's twin.

Panting, Duo's double sat on the bed and seized Heero's twin's waist, bringing the impaled boy with him and breaking the six-nine position the boy was engaged with the real Heero. Noticing now no one was blocking his koi from him, Duo plopped down on Heero. "Whoaa...... that was a quick and great fuck." Duo moaned as he made lazy thrust inside Heero.

"I agree." His twin grinned and hugged his limb Japanese partner, laughing out loud. "And looks like we wore them out."

Duo looked at Heero and noticed the Japanese boy was out cold. "Whoa, we manage to knock out the Perfect Soldier?"

"What can I say? They got thoroughly fucked this time, not to mention they were sucked and sucking. They had triple sensations compared to us."

Duo whistled and then licked the seed that escaped Heero's mouth. "Now Hee-chan, I don't think you will complain for a while."

"Oh he'll complain alright for he'll have difficulty in sitting down for a few days." Duo's twin grinned.

Duo grimaced. "Yeah, I think I was too rough this time."

"Hey, he loves it." Duo's twin snorted and lifted the slumbering boy on his lap, freeing his cock from the silken passage. "Time to go home, I think." He grinned and carried the still unconscious boy back into the mirror.

Duo watched as his and Heero's twin entered the mirror and then returned to the Japanese boy beneath him. Slowly, he pulled out of Heero's warm body and watched as his seed seeped out from Heero's passage. "Opps, I think a bath is the top priority now." Duo grinned and carried the unconscious boy to the bathroom.


Quatre sighed in his room as he heard the water in bathroom was turned on. Duo and Heero must be sated now. He looked outside the window. "I wished Trowa was here. I'm bored...."

"How about playing with me?" Quatre whirled around and saw his image walk out of the mirror.


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