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Pairings: 2x1x2 (read and you will know why I put it as the pairing)
Rating: NC17 all the way, from start till the end!!!
Warning: yaoi, PWP, lemon

Author's note: This is a continuation from Lady Tora's fic. Thanks to Stardancer for giving me the idea *grins and runs away from Star's rage*

I wrote this for my beta reader's birthday. For you who haven't read Mirror Image by Lady Tora, maybe you'll find this story is confusing so I suggest to read the first part first *grins*

The Hentai Zone: Mirror Image 2
by Akuma

Heero let himself fall onto the bed, pulling Duo to lay on top of him. "Duo.... dai suki."

"Hmm... Heero.... dai suki..." Duo moaned as Heero sucked on his neck. The Japanese boy worked his way down Duo's body, stripping the braided boy above him while Duo's hands roamed over his naked body.

Having finished stripping his soon to be lover, Heero arched his back and moaned when their erections met. Duo became wilder in his exploration and moved further down to tease the Japanese boy's nipples, twisting and sucking on them.

The Japanese boy moaned louder as his sensitive nipples became toys for Duo. He jerked up and hugged Duo, urging him to move faster. "Duo..."

"Hmm.... patience Heero.... I want to familiarize myself with your body." Duo licked the tips of each nipples, causing Heero to gasp loudly.

"Hey, you have forgotten about me, haven't you?" Heero blinked when he heard the voice. It was Duo's voice but yet it didn't come out from the boy above him. Duo, on the other hand, stopped his exploration and pulled away.

"Sorry, it's not my intention but he surprised me." Duo talked to the person behind him, grinning all the way. Heero couldn't see the person since Duo blocked his view. "He is so lovely and passionate. I don't have to seduce him, in fact he was the one who seduced me."

The person growled, "You supposed to help me to get him not to take him. I knew there is something wrong when my clothes started disappearing"

Duo chuckled and rolled over, sitting next to Heero on the bed. "Calm down, Duo. We can take him together, after all I am you and you are me."

Heero widened his eyes when he saw another naked Duo standing in front of the bed. "Duo?" He slowly sat up, unaware of his naked condition, and looked at the braided boy next to him. "You... Duo?"

The boy next to him grinned and kissed Heero's nose lightly. "Yup, I'm Duo, Hee-chan. And he is Duo too." Duo pointed at the other boy with his chin.

Heero looked at the standing Duo and looked back at the sitting Duo. They were so similar as if one came out from the mirror. MIRROR!! Something clicked inside Heero's mind. Of course, one of these Duos was a mirror image just like his mirror image. He looked at the standing Duo. "You are his mirror image, aren't you?"

Both Duo's seemed surprised. "How did you know?" The sitting Duo asked him.

"I met my mirror image just before you came in." Heero explained.

"Where is he now?" The standing Duo looked around.

"He has done his job and went back inside the mirror." Heero pointed at the mirror near them who only reflected himself since Duo's shadow had come out of the mirror.

"What job?", asked the sitting Duo.

"Uhmm....." Heero stammered. He couldn't tell the Duos that his twin had made love with him, could he? "He taught me to love myself before loving anyone else." Heero bowed his head as he felt the heat rising up to his face, knowing he was blushing.

"Love yourself?" The sitting Duo raised an eyebrow.

Heero nodded, still bowing his head. Therefore he missed a sly grin from the naked boy next to him. Suddenly he was pounced upon and sprawled out on the bed while Duo settled between his spread legs. "Duo.. what..." Heero didn't finish his word as he gasped in surprised. Something was penetrating his entrance, which was still slick from his twin's earlier penetration.

"Hey, what do you think you are doing??" The standing Duo pulled the other one away from the Japanese boy.

"Just confirming my guess." Duo grinned and held up his sticky fingers in front of his double.

The standing Duo frowned and looked at the sprawled boy on the bed. Duo could see some seed seeping out of the Japanese boy's entrance. "Heero.... he, your twin took you?"

Heero blushed and nodded, now aware that there were two pair of eyes enjoying his nakedness. He extended his hand, wanting to reach the blanket and cover his body but the sitting Duo acted faster and pinned Heero's hands above his head.

"Don't bother to do that, Heero. Well Duo, looks like we need to reclaim our boy here then." Duo grinned to his twin.

The other Duo snorted but he climbed onto the bed anyway. "Aren't you suppose to go back inside the mirror once you finished your task?"

"What? Inside the mirror?" Heero looked at Duo, who was pinning him. "You are the mirror image?" Heero was surprised that he had mistaken him as the real Duo but to think again, who could tell the difference between the two of them?

Duo just grinned and looked at the other Duo who settled between Heero's spread legs. "I am you and you are me, so you understand what I'm thinking right now."

The real Duo grinned, "Indeed. We have to show Hee-chan here that we are better than his mirror image."

Duo's twin grinned wider, "That's what I thought."

"Will you bakas stop grinning at each other?" Heero spoke up, making the Duos' look down at him. The Japanese boy knew what Duo wanted from him and he didn't mind it at all. His twin had showed him the happiness and with these Duos, Heero was sure he would get more happiness.

"You asked for it, Hee-chan." The Duos spoke simultaneously and attacked Heero's sprawled body. The mirror image moved to sit above Heero's head and captured his mouth, devouring it while the real Duo attacked his nipples with his mouth and fingers.

Heero moaned and jerked at the double assault. He wanted to hug one of the Duos but Duo's double still pinned him.

"Relax Hee-chan, let us do the job." The mirror image grinned and crawled backward. He placed Heero's hand firmly on the bed, one next to the other one, and started licking and sucking his fingers one by one. The real Duo also crawled back and attended Heero's legs, just like his twin. Heero moaned in pleasure, feeling his body being worshipped. He could feel his lovers work so in the same pattern. When the real Duo sucked on his toe, his twin would suck on his thumb. When Duo moved to another finger, his twin also moved to another finger.

The thorough ministrations made Heero writhe and moan in pleasure. Duo moved his ministrations up to his ankles, his knees, and his thighs, sucking, licking, and nibbling all the way. And his twin also did the same, licking his wrists, sucking on his arms, and nibbling at his shoulders. Heero moaned louder as he felt Duo's double attacking his ears while Duo nibbled on either sides of his neglected arousal.

Heero desperately wanted one of his lovers to pay attention to his arousal and tried to jerk his body to give them a hint but both of his lovers pinned him with their weight, so that he could only lie still and enjoy their ministrations. "Duo..."

"Hush Hee-chan, let us taste you first, okay?" The real Duo spoke up between his sucking and nibbling. Heero moaned helplessly. He could feel both of his lovers leaving many hickeys and bite marks on his body along their exploration and wondered how he supposed to cover them all or tell their other friends about it.

The mirror image attended his neck now while Duo stuck his tongue in Heero's navel. Heero at the time was moaning since that was the only thing he could do. He felt both of his lovers became wilder and bolder in their ministrations. The real Duo attacked his right nipple while his double attacked the left nipple.

Heero gasped loudly as his nipples were devoured by his lovers hungrily and mercilessly. They sucked the nipples greedily like a baby and licked them as if they were lollipops. Heero moaned and gasped uncontrollably as his nipples were being devoured over and over. His lovers were toying with his nipples now, pulling, twisting, and prodding them with their tongues.

"Hmmm, you taste soooo good, Hee-chan." Duo and his twin finally finished their ministrations and pulled away from Heero's nipples, purring in satisfaction. They sat in their early positions, Duo between Heero's spread legs and his twin between Heero's hands. Both of them looked down at the Japanese boy who had been reduced to a mess by their ministrations.

Heero felt his bones were too weak and his entire body became like jelly and he made no attempt to move at all. He just lie there, panting and gasping. Duo's double even didn't pin his hands anymore for he had no energy to move them. All he wanted right now was to be taken and to be satisfied by his lovers. "Duo.... please... hmphh.."

Heero could talk no further as the real Duo had captured his mouth, sticking his tongue in and licking the inside of his mouth. The kiss went on and on as Duo growled possessively and stuck his tongue deeper inside Heero. Heero's tongue came out and fought with Duo's, making a hot battle inside the Japanese boy's mouth.

When Duo pulled away, Heero had been reduced even more into a helpless vegetable. He panted and looked at Duo, noticing Duo's hair had been unraveled. Duo's twin might have unraveled it while the braided boy kissed him. "Duo...."

"He is so lovely, isn't he?" Heero heard Duo's twin chuckling and his hands caressing his cheeks.

"Yes he is." Duo grinned and stroke Heero's erection all of a sudden.

"Duo!" Heero cried out and jerked up in surprise. Duo just grinned wider and swallowed Heero's cock, making Heero yell loudly. But his yell quickly muffled as Duo's twin seized his mouth and devoured it with his own mouth. Heero moaned and writhed into the mirror image's mouth as Duo started sucking and licking his erection. He could feel he was reaching the edge quickly and was about to come when suddenly the mouths on his cock and mouth disappeared at the same time. Heero growled in disappointment, but before he could do anything, he felt his body being rolled onto his stomach.

"Not yet, Hee-chan. We want to come together with you." He could hear Duo's voice as his hips were being pulled up, making him rise up on all fours. Heero growled in frustration but decided to wait forhis lovers for he too wanted to come with them. A pair of hands parted his butt and he felt a blunt tip touched his entrance.

"Open your mouth, Hee-chan." The double's voice made Heero realize that another blunt tip was in front of his face. His eyes widened at the realization that he would soon be taken by his lovers at the both ends. Not that he minded it though, and his cock definitely agreed with him as it twitched in anticipation.

Heero opened his mouth and let the tip enter his mouth, at the same time, he felt Duo's cock penetrate him. Both of his lovers moved in perfect synchronization. When Duo slid an inch further inside Heero, his twin also pushed another inch into Heero's mouth. They penetrated the Japanese boy slowly, letting him adjust to Duo's size and breathe through his nose as his mouth was being occupied for another use.

Heero moaned and writhed as he felt the Duos settle inside him another inch further, both in his ass and his mouth. He couldn't describe how great the pleasure he felt was with these penetrations. This would be the first and the last time he could be taken like this, for the mirror image would return to the mirror eventually. He felt Duo's hands seize his hips and his twin's ones seized the sides of his head. Both of his lovers pushed slowly into him, never stopping, intending to slide into the hilt inside the Japanese boy.

Understanding what his lovers wanted, Heero tried to relax his muscles, accepting their cocks into his body. He could feel Duo's cock fill his passage as his twin's filled his throat and then finally after some time of pushing, Heero was filled to the hilt by his lovers.

The three of them stayed still, savoring the sensation and the joining they made. Both of the braided boys moaned in pleasure and looked down at their speared lover. Heero breathed through his nose slowly. He could feel his lovers' cocks throbbing inside his mouth and passage. As much as he liked being filled at both ends like this, he wanted some friction to reach his release. Trying to urge his lovers to start moving, Heero sucked on the twin's cock while at the same time he clenched his inner muscles.

"Heero, you feel so wonderful." Duo moaned as he felt his cock being clamped down.

"He does." Duo's twin also moaned in pleasure. Both of them could feel the sensation the other felt so it doubled the effects they felt.

Heero heard his lovers growling and gasped as both of them started pulling out of his body. He moaned as his lovers slid slowly, brushing his inner mouth and inner passage.

Duo and his twin groaned louder. When only the tips of their cocks were inside their Japanese lover, they pushed back to bury themselves to the hilt inside the Japanese boy. Heero's gasps were muffled by his lover's cock so he could only writhe in pleasure as his lovers impaled him, burying themselves inside him at the same time. He couldn't move or rock as his lovers' cocks held him in place but he didn't mind at all. He loved feeling his lovers inside him, filling him and making him feel whole.

Duo and his twin repeated their method, pulling out and impaling the Japanese boy at same time. Heero could feel they slam harder into him at each thrust, knowing they were close to the edge. He also couldn't last longer for Duo's thrusts inside his passage had prodded his prostate. As he felt his lovers slamming into him and burying themselves inside him to the hilt, Heero squeezed his inner muscles and sucked the mirror image's cock hard.

That was the final straw for them all as Duo and his double cried their pleasures out. They jerked up and poured their hot passion inside Heero, at the same time they reached for the Japanese boy's neglected cock, pumping it and making Heero come with them.

Heero arched his back, as much as he could in his speared condition, when the hands were on his cock, pumping it. At the same time, he also felt his lovers fill him with their release. This was too much for him. Within a minute, he exploded in pleasure, following his lovers into the highest pleasure.

The three of them tumbled down onto the bed, with Heero still impaled by his lovers. Heero licked Duo's double's cock inside his mouth clean while he felt Duo pull out of him. Before he could utter his protest of the loss, Duo flipped him on his back and slid into him again. Heero moaned and felt Duo make small lazy thrusts inside his passage, emptying himself into him.

Duo's twin pulled out of Heero's mouth and Duo pulled Heero onto his lap, still inside the Japanese boy. Then the twin sat up and embraced Heero from the back. They all panted and moaned in their post orgasmic sessions. Duo and his twin kissed Heero alternately, tasting themselves inside the Japanese boy's moist cavern.

"Itai!!!" Heero and Duo were surprised when Duo's twin cried out suddenly and pulled away from the embrace.

"That's for not including me." A familiar voice made Duo and Heero look at the intruder and saw another person standing, twisting Duo's twin's ear. Duo's jaw dropped when he recognized the person as Heero himself. Heero, on the other hand, smirked from his place on Duo's lap. He was still impaled on Duo's cock and neither of them had any intention of moving to help Duo's twin. However, Heero could feel Duo start to harden again inside him.

He looked at his lover and smirked when he saw Duo looking at his twin with his jaw dropped. He looked at his twin, who smirked back at him while still twisting the ear of Duo's twin. No wonder Duo got hard. His twin was standing in his naked glory, glistening with sweats and saliva. His lips swollen and his nipples were hard and red from the thorough ministration, and Heero could see some seeds trailing down his thighs, just like Heero's condition at the moment. No wonder indeed, since Heero also got hard from watching his twin.

"Ouch, let go of my ear!" Duo's twin whined and sat up on the bed, facing Heero's twin.

Heero's twin snorted and twisted the said ear hard before letting it go.

"Itaiiiii" Duo and his twin shouted and reached for their ears simultaneously.

"That's for letting me bounce up alone inside the mirror while you two enjoyed taking him." Heero's twin snorted and crawled onto the bed, stopping in front of Duo's double.

"Shouldn't you two go back into the mirror?" Heero asked.

"Yeah, after I get what I want." Heero's twin smirked evilly and straddled Duo's twin's lap. Without warning, he impaled himself onto Duo's double's cock, sheathing it to the hilt with his velvety embrace. All of them moaned loudly as Heero could feel the sensation his twin felt and so could Duo.

"Is that what you want?" Heero moaned as he felt Duo was now hard as rock inside him.

"Yesss." Heero's twin hissed in pleasure and put his arms Duo's twin's neck while his legs encircled the double's waist. "Now, let's go back to the mirror."

"What? You want me to carry you like this?" Duo's double widened his eyes.

"Of course, just think of this as a way for you to make it up to me." Heero's twin snorted.

"Oh man... You're hard to satisfy, aren't you?" Duo's twin whined but he moved anyway. The braided boy inched to the edge of the bed with his precious bundle and stood up wobbly.

Heero's twin snorted. "I have waited this long for those bakas to get along", he pointed to Heero and Duo with his chin while tightening his embrace.

Duo's double sighed mockingly. "Well, looks like we will be screwing often from now on."

"You betcha." Heero's double smirked.

Both mirror images looked at the real boys, who watched them back. "See ya later, guys."

"We will meet again?" Duo raised an eyebrow.

"Always!" Both the doubles answered, smiling as Duo's twin entered the mirror, carrying the impaled Japanese boy.

Duo and Heero watched as their reflections in the mirror tumbled down onto the bed and began screwing. Then Heero felt Duo grabbed his hips and looked up at his lover.

"Saaa.... Why don't we for once become their reflections?" Duo grinned

Heero snorted, "Just say you want to hhmmphh." His words were lost into Duo's mouth as Duo kissed him passionately. The bed squawked once more as Duo followed his reflection, screwing the Japanese boy beneath him senselessly.

Meanwhile downstairs, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei looked at each other as they heard thumping sound continue above them.

"Definitely more lube."


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