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Rating: PG-13
Warning: mpreg, sap, a little bit angst ^^;
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Notes: It's sequel to Te Amo, contains snippets of Maxwell-Yuy family moments. This may be a never ending fic since I plan (read: am bribed) to write their days till they get grandchildren probably.

[...] = Solo's writing

Ever After
Part 5 - Snippet of Solo's Diary
by Akuma

[After Colony 212
1st of April

I know Mill is going to laugh at me for keeping a diary, but who cares anyway. I want to savor the memories I'm having and maybe when I am old, I'll look back at this diary and smile at the memories.

This year April's Fool was full of delight. I managed to get Mill back for his white day lie. The poor guy is probably still trying to convince his parents to let him stay in the dorm before his "second sister" is born. Wonder how long it'll take him to figure out my lie. ]


[Oh, here he comes. Time for a second revenge.]

"Gillian, you hear that bellow. Your brother sure is anxious to take us to the amusement park

"Yay!! We're coming, bro!"


After Colony 212
2nd of May

[Mom was having his first attack of pain this morning: right when he was cooking breakfast for me and Dad. The pain came so suddenly that Mom jerked violently. It caused the boiling oil in the pan he held to splash onto his hand. Mom hissed and dropped the pan, splashing a little oil on his legs as well. Dad was beside himself. With lightning speed, he lifted Mom and carried him to the bedroom, shouting for Dr.J to come down.

I turned the stove off before following Dad. Dr.J arrived at the same time as I and started checking Mom. He said this was expected and there was nothing we could do but wait till the pain disappeared. Mom didn't cry out but it pained me more to see Mom whimper painfully, holding his stomach. Dad sat next to Mom and held his hand. He looked like a guilty murderer, no doubt that Dad felt like a moron for letting Mom face the pain alone when bearing me. I stood by the bed, not caring whether I was late for school. I felt helpless watching Mom suffer and knowing from his diary that it would take an hour for the pain to go away.

The pain disappeared fifteen minutes later, much to our surprise. Dr. J checked Mom again and concluded that Mom's second pregnancy was much easier than the first one, probably because Mom's body hadn't completely returned to normal after having me. Again I was reminded that it had been only five months for Mom since his last pregnancy. Only five months ago, he still had me in his stomach and writhed in pain for an hour twice or thrice every day. Now he is being subjected to the same pain again.

Dad's usually cheerful violet eyes were full of torment at witnessing Mom's suffering. He kept holding Mom's hand and stroking Mom's hair gently, even after the pain left. Dr J and I left the room to give them some time together. I went back to the kitchen and tried to make something edible for breakfast. Looking back at the black eggs and stony potatoes, I think I inherited Dad's cooking skills rather than Mom's. Both Dad and I didn't step out of the house today.

Dad and Mom walked out of the room an hour later. Mom wanted to cook, but Dad stubbornly kept him out of the kitchen. He said he and I would cook from now on. Despite Dad's clumsy cooking, Mom was happy when Dad cooked him omelets though. It seemed he craved the same thing for this second pregnancy. Have to remember to ask Dad about the recipe.

The second pain attack happened six hours after the first. Again Dr. J said Mom had it easy this time. I had wished for many siblings, but I'm happy to have just one. From Dad's determined eyes, there will be no more siblings. I don't mind. I can't imagine how painful it was for Mom to carry me if this torture was called easy. Dad and I vowed at that time to make Mom happy always.

After the pain was totally gone, I brought Mom's birthday present that Dad and I had gotten yesterday into the bedroom where Mom was laying. We had planned to give it to him after breakfast but then that happened. Mom's tired blue eyes widened when I entered with a puppy in my arms. It was a great idea of Dad's to get Mom a pet. He was totally taken with the puppy, which is now called Wing, and vice versa. Wing is a mutt, but I can see he will grow as big as a Saint Bernard will.

We waited till Mom fell asleep with the puppy also asleep in his arms then silently shuffled out of the room. Outside, we shared the cooking responsibilities. Since Dad had cooked today, the next day would be my turn. Dr J muttered something about not having to eat human food anymore. I guess I gotta learn to cook better or we will end up with take out food every day. Not good for Mom and my little sister.

Note to self: remember to remind Dad about condoms after my sister is born.]

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