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Enslaving Heero
by Akuma
Part 31

"Master, permission to speak?"


"Where is the party?"

"Right in front of you."

Heero closed his eyes, hoping that what he saw was merely an illusion. He then opened them again and was disappointed to see the 'big thing' was still there, floating peacefully near the bay.

"The party is going to be held on a ship?" Heero gestured at the big ship with X sign on its flag.

"Why yes, Lord X is rich because of his ships business. This is one of his favorites. It's where he likes to invite us."

Duo stood next to him and wrapped one arm around his slave's waist. "Did you think we were going to some kind of dungeon which was full of whips, paddles, and other toys?"

Heero reddened and refused to answer, resigning himself to his Master's delighted chuckle. What the hell was he supposed to think? All the stories he read and all the information he found told him that a party for BDSM people meant a dungeon full of heavy scenes.

"Come on, Lord X and others are eager to see my Kitten," Duo kissed his slave, removing his hand from Heero's waist then walked forward. Heero walked behind him, head slightly bowed, following the instructions on how a slave should behave at a party he had a chance to read before Duo snared him hook and sinker. His eyes, however, were roaming left and right. Heero knew that he was supposed to cast his eyes down, but he was much too curious to do that. His high-heeled boots made a distinctive sound as they boarded the ship. From the outside, it looked normal to him. Yet, once they stepped inside, Heero was forced to change his opinion.

The ship was magnificent! The inner walls were carved elegantly and several pictures - which Heero bet on his cat-ears were ancient and highly expensive - hung on them. When the door to the hall opened before his Master, Heero almost couldn't keep his head from glancing up. People chatted and laughed happily, but things quickly died down into murmurs as his Master stepped into the room. Heero followed meekly, feeling everyone's eyes on him.

"GoD!" A man shouted and Heero looked up a little, enough to see a man in his late thirties greet his Master in a friendly manner. His hair was black with some silver highlights, but he looked fit and built well enough to be a wrestler. The man was wearing a black shirt - as tight as Heero's spandex, showing off his muscles. He wore leather pants similar to his Master's, but they were deep blue instead of black. The man looked normal, except for the whip hanging on his waistband, an obvious sign that he was a Dom. Heero wondered then, what Duo used to show his position as the Dom.

"Welcome to the party. It has been quite a long time since our last meeting," Lord X smiled at Duo.

"Indeed, it has. I was glad to be invited here, Lord X. Let me introduce you to my new slave," Duo said while snapping his fingers.

Bowing his head back to the proper position, Heero took a step forward.

"Open your coat."

Heero swallowed and willed his hand to open the white coat. Stifling his nervousness, he shook the coat and let it slide down slowly onto the floor, revealing his black leather clad body to everyone. Murmurs and approvals echoed in the room as eyes roamed over him. Heero knew that he was clothed but at the moment, he felt as naked as the day he was born. The air conditioner blew cool air against his bare skin, making his nipples hard.

"My, my, my, you didn't exaggerate it when you said that he was a gorgeous boy. Can I see his face?"

"Of course. Lift your head, Kitten."

At his name being mentioned, several people chuckled. Heero felt his cheeks warm as he lifted his head, taking care not to make eye contact to anyone but his Master.

"Kitten, indeed. He is beautiful, GoD. You wasted no time in claiming him, did you? You're one lucky bastard."

"I am," Duo grinned. "And no, I won't share him with you."

"I knew that you wouldn't," Lord X laughed merrily. "Very well then, please enjoy the party and have a taste of my new cook's snacks. The main course will be served in the dining room within twenty minutes."

"Thank you," Duo nodded graciously at his host. After Lord X moved to greet another guest, Duo walked towards a comfy seat. Heero quickly followed his Master. The conversation started again even though it wasn't as loud as before. It could have been because some of them still had their eyes glued to Heero, or his ass, to be precise. Heero ignored the shudder those eyes caused.

"Go get me some snacks, Kitten," Duo ordered once he sat in the chair.

Heero gulped and nodded, still feeling apprehensive about wandering alone. But an order was an order. He headed to the snack corner, aware of the looks he was getting from other guests but felt thankful that no one tried to interrupt him. His bells, which had been muffled by his jacket before, were now jingling with every step he took. He picked up a bowl from the stack and filled it with various snacks and biscuits. As a soldier, he had been trained to study the situation around him without being obvious, and now Heero used his skill to inspect the hall. There were various people with various styles of clothing, with one dominant color: black. Leather black.

Waiters and waitresses walked around, offering drinks in their very-skimpy-outfit. The females were wearing typical hentai uniform, what with black stockings, bunny ears and a tail. The males wore tight black shirts and spandex, and the same bunny accessories. All of them were slim, beautiful, and in their teens. The difference between Lord X's servants and others' in the night club was that the bunny tails were 'inserted' into them, instead of seamed into their clothes.

Heero also saw some Doms chit-chatting with their subs kneeling or standing next to them. He quickly averted his eyes when they fell on one female sub that had nothing on her chest save nipple rings and a tattoo.

I was not going to blush, I was not going to blush... Heero repeated his mantra as he concentrated on filling the bowl. After the bowl was full, he headed back to Duo, who was sitting in the seat and behaving so masterly. Duo's right leg was lifted to where his ankle rested on his left knee, causing the right leg bent across him horizontally. Heero looked at his Master bemusedly. Duo looked so masterful in his current position. Every part of him radiated Dom material. Duo didn't need to wear a whip, switch, or anything notable to show we was a Dom. Each of his gestures and his behavior indicated that he was the one.

Noting that his Master patted his lap, Heero nervously sat on it and turned his body to the side so that he was seated across his Master's lap. He squirmed a little as his thighs, which weren't covered by his good-for-showing-only-shorts, came in contact with his Master's leathered ones. A hand which wrapped around his waist stilled his movement.

"Good Kitten," Duo murmured with a hint of pride before bestowing a kiss to his slave. Heero's chest swelled up with happiness at the praise and he kissed back, opening his mouth for his Master to ravish. His hands clutched at the bowl while his Master was having a snack on him first.

Heero was a little disappointed when Duo ceased the kiss quicker than usual. The long-haired boy leant back against the seat and took the bowl from his slave's hands. Heero stayed put as his Master put the bowl of snack on his lap and took one from it. Chewing his first biscuit, Duo asked to his slave. "So, what do you think about the party?"

"I think it's no difference from an ordinary party, Master. Except that men wear leather instead of tuxedos and the women go half naked instead of wearing gowns," Heero was blushing when he said the words 'half naked' as the image of the woman he saw a few minutes ago popped up in his mind.

Duo chuckled and caressed the Japanese boy's cheek gently. "This is your first time seeing woman's chest, huh?"

Heero nodded slightly, not wanting his Master's hand to stop its caress. With his other hand, Duo picked up another piece of snack and held it before his slave's mouth. Heero obediently opened it and took the snack in. As he chewed on it, his body relaxed and he sighed happily.

"Damn! Your slave is really lovely!"

The sentence stopped the caress on Heero's cheek. Growling slightly at the lost, he looked up surreptitiously and saw a man in his late twenties standing in front of them. His wavy brown hair almost reached his shoulders. His eyes, which had the same color, were busy roaming over Heero's figure.

"Hello P.L.." He felt his Master's hand wrap around his waist possessively as Duo greeted the other Dom.

"Hello, GoD. No wonder you won't sell him for the price I offered. How does one hundred thousand credits sound to you?" At the mention of selling, Heero's mind quickly solved the puzzle of the man's abbreviated name. P.L = Pedophile Lover!!

Duo snorted at the other Dom. "For the last time, P.L. My Kitten is Not. For. Sale."

"Kitten, indeed," The man looked at Heero mournfully. "Oh well, he is quite old for my tastes anyway."

Heero's eyebrows twitched at the mention of 'old' but he quickly reminded himself that this man was a pedophile. 'Young' for him meant 'very young' for others. Heero peered behind P.L and saw a young boy standing close to the man. He wondered how the man could get his sub legally since his taste ran for underage and law-protected children. He made a note to ask his Master later.

"So, where are our ladies?" Duo asked the man who had taken the seat across him.

P.L gestured at his sub to get him some snacks before replying. "Our ladies are in a critical moment due to their new subs training, so they can't come. They sent gifts to Lord X earlier though, so he didn't fuss so much about missing them."

"Hmm, the gifts must have worn Lord X out then," Duo smiled knowingly.

Heero took a few seconds more to decipher what gifts the ladies gave to Lord X. His face heated as he realized the gifts must have been some sort of subs or slaves. The mention of the ladies made Heero remember about Dorothy. Which one of the ladies was Dorothy? Mrs. Blood or LadyS/M? Heero frowned, trying to remember all the information he had regarding the ladies. Duo said that Dorothy had just lost her sub. Mrs. Blood got a new sub, VirginBoy, not too long ago. Lady S/M already had a sub when he joined the chat room for the first time. Both ladies could be here since they both had a sub the last time he knew. Grudgingly, Heero ended his thought with the same result before he started. He still didn't know which one was Dorothy.

"Speaking of gifts, what did you give him?" P.L asked the long-haired Dom.

"That's a secret," Duo smiled as his hands caressed Heero's thighs absentmindedly. Heero peered at his Master curiously, not knowing about the gift at all. When did his Master have time to get a gift when all he did was use him all the time?

"Oh, come on. I'll tell you mine," The brown haired Dom tried to pout unsuccessfully.

Duo just chuckled. "I gave him a set of balls. Colorful balls."

Heero shuddered at the mention of the balls. Surely his Master didn't mean the same balls as... Heero felt his face heat at the memory of their latest play. He squirmed a little as his cock decided to be turned on at the thought. The bells on his neck jingled softly at his motion.

"What are the balls for?" P.L. frowned at the long-haired Dom.

Duo's hand came to rub on his stomach as he grinned to P.L. "For playing of course. My kitten is quite attached to the balls. Kitten, tell him what you think about the balls."

"They are devious," Heero growled and hid his face between the crook of Duo's neck and shoulder, trying not to think about the balls or he would walk with a hard on for the rest of the party. His mind wandered aimlessly, thinking of anything but them.

P.L. chuckled at his answer. "His voice is quite nice. He sounds like a tiger instead of a kitten to me."

"Tiger for you, kitten for me," Duo ran his hand along Heero's side, making his slave shudder and keen at the pleasure it elicited.

"He melted in your arms within seconds, you have to tell me how to do it!"

Duo snorted and took a couple of snacks from the bowl. "You haven't told me about your gift and yet you want me to give my second secret? No way, P.L."

The brown haired man opened his mouth to answer but he was distracted as his sub arrived and offered him the bowl full of snacks. He took the bowl and patted his lap. "The usual pose, little Teddy."

"Yes, Master," Heero heard the sub answer and peered secretly at him. The boy was a redhead, a little shorter than Heero. A few freckles on his face accentuated how young he was. Heero truly wondered how such young boy could enter this BDSM community without breaking rules and laws. He also wondered whether or not Teddy was the boy's real name. The boy's hair almost reached his shoulder, adding a feminine touch to him. Just like his hair, his clothes were also red, and consisted of a tank top and shorts. Heero blinked as he realized what usual position meant for the boy. The young sub was draped over his Dom's thighs, hands and legs were dangling on either sides of him, a position that Heero had come to think as spanking position.

P.L. put the bowl on his sub's back and took a bite on some. His free hand caressed the boy's ass. "As I was saying, I gave Lord X a chair."

Heero blinked. A chair? What for? The man probably had more chairs than he knew. His Master chuckling at the answer didn't help his confusion. "You mean, The Chair?"

"Yup. The Chair," P.L grinned. "I bet he'll use it tonight."

"I don't doubt it," Duo chuckled again. They talked for a while about some common topics - well common for them anyway. Heero found out it was confusing to listen to their conversation since they talked about some Doms doing some subs in some places. He rested his head on his shoulder and enjoyed the little caress from his Master. The voices around him slowly vanished as he focused on his Master's presence, enjoying and savoring every touch he got from Duo. He was startled when his Master tapped his nose.

Heero blinked and withdrew a little to look at him. "Master?"

"Stop zoning out, Kitten. Its time for the main dish."

Heero looked around and saw P.L and his sub were heading toward the dining room. Feeling the gentle pat on his butt, Heero scrambled to stand up and almost forgot about the bowl. The bells on his neck rang merrily at his motion. He managed to catch the bowl as it fell from his lap and scowled at his chuckling Master when he noticed that it was empty. He put the bowl on the nearest table and waited for his Master to walk. When they entered the dining room, Heero was even more impressed. He barely managed to keep his head down as he scanned the room. There were five long tables in European style. Around them were smaller tables with bowls full of various fruits. There were small fountains in every corner of the room that gushed out wine instead of water. Lord X was sitting at the head of the middle table, looking around proudly at his own paradise. Heero saw the waiters and waitresses wandering around wearing only a white cloth wrapped around their waist to cover their most private parts. Heero decided that Dark Heaven was the suitable name for this room.

The Japanese boy followed his Master to the second table on the left. As he approached, Heero noticed that there were pillows on every side of the chairs and inwardly he knew that one of them would be his seat for tonight. At first he was confused about why there were two pillows between two chairs, then he realized that some Doms might bring two subs. With this arrangement, the two subs could sit on each side or if there was only one sub, the Doms could choose which side they wanted their sub to sit on.

Duo sat on the chair right in front of the plate where his name was written elegantly and clicked his right fingers. Heero sank down on the pillow on the right side of Duo's chair. He felt another sub settling down on the pillow next to him, but paid no attention to the newcomer as he was trying to put his head on Duo's lap. He didn't realize then, that there was a pair of black eyes glaring holes in him.

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