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Also please note : Don't do at home what Duo does to Heero or Heero does to Duo in this fic. I wrote this based on half fiction and half the truth. So if you want to know the whole truth, go find a good BDSM site or gay site.

Enslaving Heero
by Akuma
Part 29

Of all Duo’s reactions that Heero could imagine, laughing was never one of them. His Master laughed hard in the car on their way home. Heero looked at his Master in astonishment from his passenger seat. "Master?"

As the laughter ebbed, Duo turned his head and grinned at his slave. "Did you see Wufei's expression when he heard that he was assigned as a sub? I had wished I had my camera at that time."

An image of Wufei sputtering with eyes wide in disbelief came back to Heero's mind. He couldn't help but grin. "He must have thought that he would be a Master."

Duo snorted as he turned his eyes back on the road. "Although he was married once, he is probably the most innocent amongst us five. It's hard to make an instant master out of an innocent one."

Heero nodded and tried to remain silent, however, his curiosity still won."What will you do about your assignment, Master?"

"What do you mean?"

"Will you pretend to be my sub?"

Duo raised an eyebrow as he glanced to his slave. "What do you think?"

Heero wasn't prepared to receive that kind of response. He looked at his Master for a long time, trying to figure out. With long hair and slim figure, Duo would probably be mistaken as a sub at first glance, just like Grant had commented. However, the confidence and control that Duo radiated were master material. It was true that Duo was a cheerful and outgoing person, but since Heero knew from reading that there were cheerful and outgoing Doms, these two traits couldn't be used for categorizing. Moreover, despite their outgoing and cheerful appearance, these Doms were often strict to their subs, and in his own case, also sadistic. Heero added the last two words sarcastically.

He was so engrossed with his thoughts that he didn't realize they had arrived at their apartment. It was his Master's voice which jerked him out of his thoughts.

"Kitten. You can continue your thoughts in the apartment later," Duo chuckled as he headed towards the elevator. Heero quickly got out of the car and followed his Master. They didn't talk in the elevator since there were two other people there, so it gave Heero more time to mull over his Master's assignment. Once they got into the apartment, he was ready to state his opinion about it. But his Master beat him to action. Within seconds after the door was closed, Heero found himself being shoved against it. He yelped in pain as his sore ass came in contact with the solid door.

"Mas... hmph.."

Duo silenced him with a kiss. Heero relented and opened his mouth to give access to his Master. The tongues quickly came to battle while he felt Duo's body pressed against his. That made his ass push against the door, which caused him to squirm at the biting pain. However, Heero enjoyed the kiss too much to protest for his poor ass.

"Turn around and bare your ass, Kitten," Duo muttered when he broke the kiss.

Knowing it was an order, Heero made no protest and turned around. He then lowered his pants and boxers and bent forward, putting his hands on the door and offering his ass. He heard rustles of clothes before he finally felt his Master behind him.

"I wonder how Grant would react if he was to see the Dom he appointed was about to be fucked by the sub," Duo said nonchalantly as he pried his slave's butt open and pulled out the egg vibrator.

Heero took a sharp intake of breath as the egg left him. He didn't have time to feel empty though because his Master's hard cock quickly replaced it. Heero moaned as the cock slid inside him swiftly. It stopped midway, then pulled out.

Heero whimpered, wanting to feel the full length of the cock.

"The Dom is hungry for my cock, huh," Duo chuckled and thrust forward, burying his cock to the hilt inside his slave. Heero sighed in satisfaction and contracted his inner muscles against the hard cock. Duo chuckled again. "Look at you, so eager to be used. I really wonder how Grant could appoint you as a Dom, Kitten."

"I don't ahh..." Heero suddenly forgot what he wanted to say, as his Master started withdrawing.

"Let's not talk about the blondie. I prefer hearing you moan my name and plead, " Duo pushed forward, burying his cock back into his slave.

Heero gasped as his prostate was being prodded, sending him pleasure. At the same time, his sore ass was pressed against his Master's groin. Pain and pleasure mingled in him, heightening the sensation. He totally forgot about their conversation. The only thing that mattered now was his Master’s hard cock, which was pounding into him. It felt so good to have it filling him, expanding his tight passage.

A hand closed around his abandoned arousal, causing Heero to cry out at the additional pleasure. It squeezed and rubbed him in time with the thrusts on his backside. Every rub made him jerk up and thus tighten his inner muscles against the sliding arousal. Pleasure coursed through his body as Heero felt he was getting closer to ecstasy. His conditioning worked too well as Heero found his mouth opened and pleaded, "Master... I can't.... please..."

"You can come, Kitten," Duo gave the permission at the same time he squeezed his slave's cock.

That instantly brought Heero over the edge. He cried out as pleasure blinded his eyes. His inner muscles tightened even more. He was vaguely aware of his Master slamming his cock deep inside while he came over his Master's hand. There was a roar of completion behind him before Heero felt something warm being shot inside him. His Master had come. It brought him pleasure to know that he had served his Master well. Heero sighed and let himself sink into the white haze of pleasure.

When he was finally aware of his surroundings, he felt his Master's lips on his neck, marking here and there. The soft cock of his Master was still inside him, and Heero felt strangely delighted by that. He purred as Duo put yet another hickey on him. "Master..."

"Finally decided to join the world of living, Kitten?" Duo chuckled against his neck, causing Heero to shudder as he felt his Master's breaths brush against his sensitive skin. He then felt his Master withdraw, pulling the soft cock out of him. Heero growled in protest and pushed back, trying to take the cock back inside.

"I really wonder how a hungry cock slave like you could be appointed as a Dom." Duo's voice was full of amusement. Despite his slave's protest, he withdrew completely and slapped the still red ass. Though he did it playfully, the slap was enough to make his Kitten gasp. "So, what do you think about the assignment?"

Heero turned around and regarded his Master solemnly. "In my opinion, you can be a sub if you want to. But I prefer that we switch our position, Master."

"Don't you want to be a Dom for a while?"

Heero shook his head. "I entertained the idea for a while, but I think the mission will be much better carried out if we are in our suitable position."

"You only think for the mission's advantage?" Duo inquired, watching his seed trail down his slave's naked thighs.

Heero blushed, not aware of how disheveled he was, shirt opened and pants around his ankles. "That... and I like serving you, Master."

That admission earned him a very satisfying kiss. Heero was swaying when Duo finally released his mouth.

"I'm proud of you, Kitten." Duo smiled. "It's true that I can be a sub but I don't enjoy it as much as being a Dom. Of course, there's no way in hell I'll let you be a Dom for this mission. God knows how many men will paw you on first sight." He grabbed Heero around the waist and pulled the slave against him. Heero gasped as Duo's fingers prodded at his cum-leaking-opening. "You're mine. No one touches you without my permission."

Hearing the possessive tone, Heero felt strangely happy. He rested against his Master submissively. "Yours Master. Always yours."

"Yes, mine." Duo growled possessively and dragged his startled slave toward the bedroom. They didn't come out until it was late in the afternoon.


"I wonder how Wufei will copewith his assignment," Duo spoke absentmindedly as he typed on his laptop. They had just finished dinner.

"One thing I'm sure, Master. He is not down on all fours to be a table for your laptop," Heero sulked from where he was standing on his hands and knees, with Duo's laptop perched on his bare back. His cat accessories had been put back in place once Duo finished using him.

"Don't complain, Kitten," Duo playfully rubbed Heero's nearest cat ear.

Heero moaned at the vibration inside him. He already forgot what he wanted to say next, let alone complaining. He became a quiet table for the laptop for half an hour until his curiosity won again.

"Master?" Heero dared himself to ask since his Master didn't order him to be silent.


"I know you won't lie directly, so how are you going to tell Une about us exchanging positions?"

Heero heard his Master chuckle.

"Simple, Kitten. I'm not going to tell her."

"Nani?" Heero's head shot up, causing his position as table to go lopsided.



"I give you permission to talk, not to move, Kitten."

"Sorry, Master." Heero hurried to fix his position."How can you not tell Une about this? This is a Preventer’s mission, Master. She'll be furious when she finds out that we ignored our appointed positions."

"She won't find out if we manage to accomplish this mission completely."

"How about the others then? They'll be surprised when they see us in the contest."

"That's a good thing. They will appear fascinated with us, well, with you especially, so that no one will suspect about any connection betweem us in the contest later."

Heero grudgingly admitted that his Master was right. "You have thought about all these matters, haven't you, Master?"

"Of course." Duo patted his slave's pink bottom."These two weeks will be harder for you. I have to train you more so you'll behave well when we are out for the competition. For a start, you aren't allowed to come "

"Nani?" Heero's head shot up again.


Heero yelped and hurriedly corrected his position. "Sorry, Master."

"You’d better be, or I'll keep you as table for a whole day."

"I'll be good." Heero said quickly and managed to keep his head down. He addressed his next question to the floor. "What are you doing on the laptop actually, Master?"

"Managing the chat room." Duo replied with ease."There are some Doms and subs joining our group tonight."

Heero sulked more. It figured that while he was suffering, his sadistic Master happily chatted with other masters. "How could you be one of the admins there?"

Duo snorted. "I'm the founder, Kitten."

"You?!" Heero was startled. The group where he met Duo was quite famous among BDSM people. "How come?"

"I didn't find any groups that put the safety of both Doms and subs as their first priority. That fact disturbed me, so I built the group. I never thought it would expand to be this big," Duo spoke as he typed.

"You manage it alone?"

"Of course not. There are several chosen people who helped me do it. Ah!"

Heero heard his Master chuckling. "What happened, Master?"

"Pedophile_Lover here offered to buy you for ten thousands credits when I said that you are very cute and boyish." Heero made a face and was about to retort his opinion about the perverted man when his Master exclaimed happily, "Perfect. There'll be a party at Lord X's residence tomorrow. It's good timing for your debut, Kitten."

"Debut?!" Heero repeated the word in surprise. He thankfully managed to keep still though, so his ass was safe for a moment.

"I'm going to officially introduce you as my slave at Lord X's party tomorrow,” Duo tapped on his slave's backside thoughtfully. "It'll be an advantage for our mission as well. I'm sure some of Lord X's guests will enroll in the contest too. So by introducing you, they won't suspect that we are undercover agents when we meet them later in the contest."

"But.." Heero, who had always been calm and focused even when being confronted by hundreds of OZ mobile suits, was now feeling nervous and panicked. He felt like he was surrounded by hundred of Masters. "I'm not ready yet, Master!"

"That's for me to decide. And I decided that you are," Duo delivered a playful slap on his slave's bottom. "Have confidence in yourself, Kitten."


"I think you have talked enough for today." Duo cut in as he delivered another slap on the pink bottom. "No more words from you or this cute butt will suffer for every word you say."

Heero quieted immediately, knowing well what was in store for him if he insisted on keep talking. He still wanted to protect his poor ass from his Master's evil paddle. Although there were so many questions that he wanted to ask, he would have to wait.

He still loved his ass after all.

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