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Pairings: 2x1
Rating: Overall....... NC-17
Warning: yaoi, crossdressing, sap, lemon, NCS
Dedicated to Skylark who will soon have her birthday

Notes: No, it's not a sequel to Confusion of the Heart. I started writing this before I wrote Confusion of the Heart, and I still haven't finished it yet.... so..... expect long chapters *sweatdrops*

Cross My Heart
Part 11

Ouchhh, did someone spike the punch he drank at the party? Duo's head was pounding hard. He opened his eyes but quickly shut them again. The light was too bright.

"Duo! You're awake??"

That voice. That wasn't Heero's voice. Duo opened his eyes slowly and saw Anne looking down at him.

"You really woke up! I'll tell the nurse."

Duo watched Anne leave the room. He still felt disoriented and confused. Why was Anne here? Where was Heero? Duo slowly sat up and leaned against the headboard of the bed, looking around him and recognizing the room as the clinic. What had happened to him? How long had he been in this place? He frowned when he tried to remember the last time he was conscious. Let's see.... he went to the party with his beautiful Heero, then they were dancing, and then ......... what? What happened after that? Did he collapse in the middle of party?

Duo's mind was full with so many questions when Anne came back with the nurse. The nurse quickly checked him and stated that he was fine except for the light headache he had now. While the nurse was busy with her job, Anne told him that he had been unconscious for a week. Heero found him the morning after the party and brought him to the clinic. That news startled him and made him wonder how Heero was doing without him. He was about to ask Anne about Heero when the nurse finished the examination and stated he could leave the clinic anytime he wanted.

"You have to thank her, young boy. She was the one who gave you the antidote and took care of you 24 hours a day when you were unconscious." Duo heard the nurse said as she walked out of the clinic.

Surprised at her words, he turned to Anne. "You took care of me all that time?"

Anne smiled and nodded. "I could not let you alone here, Duo."

"Thank you." Duo nodded his thanks. He thought Anne was very kind to him. It looked like the girl was not a bad person after all. As thankful as he was to Anne, he still felt disappointed that it was not Heero who watched over him. The thought of Heero made him realize that Heero hadn't showed up. "Where's Yuy?"

Anne's expression suddenly turned serious. She looked around and then spoke lowly to Duo. "That's what we need to talk about, pilot 02."

"Wha.." Duo was surprised at Anne's sudden change.

"Loren Ipsilum." Anne cut Duo's words.

The braided boy blinked and then looked at Anne in disbelief as the last two words sank into his mind. Those were the passwords which their spy would use to identify him or herself to them. "You..."

"Yes, I'm the spy." Anne whispered. "Listen to me, you have to cooperate with me. Someone put poison in your drink. Luckily, I had the antidote so you're still alive right now. I think the culprit is an OZ spy so we must to be careful from now on."

"Careful?" Duo blinked, trying to allow the word to sink in.

"Yes, I'm afraid that person will try to poison Yuy as well. She is the pilot 01, isn't she? Never thought a female would be a gundam pilot, but it appears she is." Anne took a breath and leaned closer to Duo. "I've told Yuy about this and she guessed that this spy was suspicious about you two because you came in this school together in the middle of semester. The spy might think that you're together as a cover to be able to exchange information without raising suspiciousness from the others."

Heero was probably right, Duo thought bitterly. Although he slowly processed what Anne said to him, the other part of him was wondering why it wasn't Heero who told him about this?

Oblivious to Duo's thought, Anne continued. "Yuy then decided that she and you had to break up to erase the spy's suspicion. She also asked me to take care of you while she went to find a new boyfriend for herself."

"Huh, what? WHAT?" Duo was surprised by Anne's last sentence. "She went to find a new boyfriend????!!"

"Yes, she has got a new one." Anne smirked silently as Duo imitated a goldfish. "And she seems to enjoy being with him, even more than being with you."

"I don't believe this..." Duo shook his head weakly. He couldn't believe Heero could leave him just like this. True that they weren't really a couple, but he knew Heero enjoyed being with him. He could feel it from the way the Japanese boy leaned against him and let him kiss him whenever he wanted.

"You may want to look outside that window if you want the proof." Anne pointed at the window across Duo's bed. "You can see her with her new boyfriend through it."

Still feeling disbelief, Duo approached the window and was totally blown away at the scene he saw. He felt dozen of knives stabbing his heart as the window allowed him to see the garden where Heero and Mario were French kissing. From his position at the window, Duo could see that Heero was sitting on Mario's lap while the big boy had one hand on Heero's rear and the other hand cupping the back of Heero's head, pressing the Japanese boy deeper into his kiss.

"They have been like that since the first day you fell unconscious." Anne's words ripped Duo's heart completely. He felt like falling down in to the pit of misery. All his efforts to gain Heero's heart were useless. The Japanese boy easily dumped him and went to another boy. Although it was for the sake of the mission, Duo still couldn't accept it.

Duo tore his eyes away from the window when he saw Mario nip at Heero's neck while his hands caressed Heero's round bottom. He never thought Heero would let Mario go that far with him. True, that Heero also let him do that, but he wanted to be the only one allowed to do that. The only one to kiss, caress and hug the Japanese boy. But it seemed that Heero only thought him no differently from the other.

"You love her, don't you?" Anne's voice came from behind him. "For you, this is not just a cover, is it?"

"Does it matter now?" Duo spoke bitterly. He faced the wall and tried to will his tears away. Boys didn't cry, damn it. Duo bit his lower lip as his heart ached painfully. He had given all he had to Heero, trying to make the Japanese boy happy, but in the end... A pair of hands around his waist jolted him from his thoughts.

"It matters to me." Anne tightened her hug on Duo and pressed her front to Duo's back. "I don't like seeing you sad. I like your smile."

Duo held Anne's hand and turned around to face the girl. "Anne...I.. " Anne's lips on his stopped the words. Duo widened his eyes at the girl's sudden outburst and was still in shock when Anne withdrew.

"I love you, Duo." Anne whispered while encircling her hands around Duo's neck. "Let me help you forget about Yuy." She kissed him again.

Duo didn't know what to do. He was overloaded with the many sensations Anne gave him. The feeling of her soft body against him, the kisses she gave him, combined with her willingness and kindness to help him made Duo tempted to kiss her back, to feel how it was to be loved by someone's else. How he wished that it was Heero who hugged him right now, who kissed and hugged him like Anne did.

The temptation to kiss Anne and hug the girl became greater as his mind told him that this wasn't a bad offer. Accepting Anne would make it easier for him to communicate with her about their mission and moreover, he had someone who loved him at his side. This was not so bad, wasn't it?

Anne grinned silently as she felt Duo lock her in his embrace and kiss her back.

It was dangerous to play with Gundam pilots and use her position as the spy to full advantages, but she wanted Duo Maxwell from the first time she saw him. And now.....

She had won him.




"Don't touch!" Heero pushed away Mario's hand from getting near his chest.

Mario growled exasperatedly. "Don't act like a lady. You have let me touch other parts of your body so it won't make any difference if I touch your breasts now."

"Do that and I'll kill you." Heero glared, not aware that his glare was not as intense as the first time. He felt so tired and wanted only to cuddle his bear, waiting for Duo to wake up.

"You act too high and mighty for a slut." Mario growled, but he moved his hand nevertheless. He still felt a little afraid that Yuy would really carry out her threat. He still wanted to be alive, after all.

Heero didn't reply. He had heard similar words during the past days, from Mario or from his classmates, and he didn't care. All he wanted was for Duo to wake up and save him from Mario. He believed all these torments would stop once Duo woke up.

He was startled when Mario kissed him again, pouring his frustration and anger in the brutal kiss, but Heero had gotten used to Mario's sudden behavior. He opened his mouth willingly, knowing Mario would force him to open it soon or later, and held out the urge to throw up when he felt Mario's tongue roam over his mouth and palate.

Heero heard a cough and then a male voice spoke up. "Can we have your time for a minute?" Heero widened his eyes and broke away from Mario's kiss as he recognized the voice. It was the voice he had been waiting to speak at him. The voice he had yearned to hear and caress him with its tenderness. He turned his head and saw Duo standing a couple of feet from the bench where he and Mario sat.

"Duo!" Heero felt his heart leap with joy. Duo had awakened! He moved forward, trying to disengage himself from Mario and wanting to throw himself into Duo's arms. How he missed being hugged, kissed and caressed by the braided boy. To his surprise, Mario's arms clamped over his waist and pulled him back toward the big boy. He tried to struggle, but he found he couldn't move. Mario was too strong while he was weakened by lack of sleep and food.

Heero was about to protest and shout at Mario to let him go when another voice spoke up. "It looks like you're very happy with Mario, Yuy." Anne appeared from behind Duo and clung on Duo's arm like a spoiled child. Heero felt fire rising inside him and got an urge to tear Anne to pieces. He might have done it if he wasn't shocked when Duo put one arm around Anne's waist and drew her closer.

"Duo?" Heero asked in confusion. In his shock, he ceased his struggle and gave Mario the chance to tighten his hug.

"What do you want, Maxwell?" Mario asked possessively.

Duo looked at Heero and then at Mario. "I just want to tell Yuy that I'm awake and okay. And since Yuy has got a new boyfriend, I think I also need a new girlfriend." Duo kissed Anne's cheek. "I'll leave you two alone now. Have fun." With that Duo turned away, taking Anne with him and leaving a shocked Heero in Mario's hands.

Just that? Heero stared at Duo's retreating back in disbelief and shock. Was this a dream? A cruel dream where Duo had awakened, took Anne as his girlfriend, and dumped him onto Mario? Heero really found it was hard to believe it was the reality he was facing right now. His head spun and pounded painfully, making it hard for him to think.

His soldier side had fought to be strong, to be always alert and endure what Mario did to him for the past week. The soldier endured and ignored all the accusations, foul words and other things spat at him in the hopes that Duo would wake up soon and everything would be fine once again. But now, Duo's words had shocked him to the core, making his soldier side crumble and leaving his fifteen year old side vulnerable.

"So Maxwell has been so bored with you that he gave you to me." Mario's smug voice added another stab in Heero's heart.

"No... ... " Heero spoke weakly. "....I belong to Duo....."

"Hah, you belong to me now, Yuy. It's impossible he still wanted you after he saw all the marks I made on you. He has dumped you for Anne."

"No!" Heero shook his head. "I belong to no one but Duo!" There had to be a misunderstanding here. He had to speak to Duo. Surely Duo would not leave him like this after what had happened between them a week ago, would he? ...... Would he? ...... Heero struggled, wanting to get free from Mario, but Mario hugged him tightly. "Let me go!"

"No way, you're my girlfriend now, you know." Mario tried to kiss the Japanese boy, but Heero turned his head away.

"I'm not your girlfriend. Duo has woken and I won't have anything to do with you anymore. Now let me go or...." Heero widened his eyes and let out a gasp of pain before he blacked out by the intense pain on his stomach.

"Do you think I will let you go that easily?" Mario withdrew his fist from Heero's stomach and looked around him carefully. Noting no one was around, the big boy hoisted his unconscious girlfriend over his shoulder and slipped out silently from the dorm, disappearing into the forest near the dorm.

He entered the cabin in the middle of the forest where the forest guards liked to rest and dropped his burden on the hard wooden floor. "I have wanted you from the first time I saw you and I will have you now whether you want it or not." He knelt down and kissed his unconscious captive in lust and need. "I can't wait to be inside you, Baby." Mario grinned and was about to tear the girl's uniform when his pager suddenly beeped loudly. Cursing loudly, Mario withdrew and took out the pager. He read the message and cursed again. "Damn!"

Mario looked down at his captive. "Looks like you'll have to wait here till I finish my business." He proceeded to tie his captive's legs and ankles with the ropes he found hanging on the wall and ripped the girl's sleeve, using the torn clothes as a gag for her. After making sure that the girl couldn't move an inch and wouldn't make any noise, Mario stood up and left the cabin.


Something cold fell on his cheek. Heero slowly opened his eyes and winced in pain. His head pounded violently, his stomach hurt, his throat was on fire and he felt so cold. What happened to him? Heero tried to speak and realized that someone had gagged him. He tried to remove the gag and found his hands were bound behind his back. His ankles were bound as well, preventing him from moving.

He looked around him but he didn't recognize the place. It was built from wood, there was a bed in one corner and a table next to it. He, himself, was lying in the middle of the room. From the sound outside, he knew it was raining. Heero felt something wet and cold fall down on his shoulder and then another on his lower body, telling him there were some leaks on the roof above him.

It was so cold.... Heero wanted to curl up, to move to a warmer and drier spot, but he felt so tired and weak. Add to it the ropes that bound him and Heero couldn't go anywhere. The rain became harsher and more droplets fell on him. Heero trembled in the cold and tried hard to think between the poundings in his head. How did he get here? And why was he bound?

//I just want to tell Yuy that I'm awake and okay. And since Yuy has got a new boyfriend, I think I also need a new girlfriend.// Heero closed his eyes as Duo's words echoed, bringing the recent memory to him. Duo had left him.... left him for Anne.... And then Mario.... He remembered struggling and then Mario punched him.

So Mario brought him here.... Heero's shoulders slumped tiredly. He didn't want to know how Mario brought him here. In his current condition, he only wanted one thing. He wanted to be in Duo's arms, where he felt so safe and warm. There was no soldier here anymore, there was only a fifteen year old boy who yearned for a tender touch from the one he loved, a fifteen year old boy whose wish to whisper his beloved's name was denied by the gag in his mouth. Tears silently escaped the Japanese boy's closed eyes as he sank back into unconsciousness.

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