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author: jana@1X2X1.org
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warnings: yaoi
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is today tuesday ?

"Duo, what are you doing ?"

Heero had been standing in the doorway of the kitchen for quite sometime, eyeing his lover as he busily sat at the kitchen table.

The table was filled with clutter, consisting mainly of pens, paper, rulers, tape and markers.

Heero's curiosity had finally gotten the better of him.

"Hey, Heero." Duo smiled "I'm making a chart." Looking up at him.

"A chart ?" Heero asked, still maintaining his position in the doorway. "What kind of a chart ?"

"You'll see when I'm done." Duo replied, too engrossed in the task at hand to look up at Heero, his cobalt-eyed lover nonetheless smiling wide at him.

Duo's activity succeeded in keeping him busy for the balance of the morning.

Whatever he was working on, capturing his attention for more time that Heero thought his hyperactive lover capable of devoting to any one task.

His curiosity was peeked even further as the morning wore on, but Heero kept himself busy, not disturbing him until lunchtime.

Once again leaning against the doorframe and silently observing Duo, Heero spoke.

"So, how's it going, Duo ?"

"Great, I'm done." He smiled, standing.

Picking up the huge piece of oak tag, Duo turned it toward Heero, "TaDa !!" he exclaimed, his eyes and smile wide.

The huge formerly white rectangle was awash with bright colors and a seemingly endless display of finely drawn boxes.

"So, are you going to tell me what its for or am I supposed to guess ?" Heero asked, still eyeing his lover's handiwork.

Duo grabbed the tape and made his way across the kitchen. "Wanna give me a hand, koi ?" he asked, smiling as Heero nodded.

Heero held the chart against the wall while Duo proceeded to tape it in place.

Duo stepped back, pleased as he admired his creation, "There." He replied, moving behind Heero to wrap his arms around his waist, allowing his lover time to digest the information presented.

"Like it ?"

"I'm not sure what it is yet, Duo, but it looks nice." He smiled.

Duo made his way from behind Heero to face the huge chart. "It's a weekly schedule."

"I can see that. What's it for ?"

Duo turned toward Heero, grinning madly. "Sex." He replied, nearly laughing out loud at Heero's response.

One forked eyebrow had found it's way high up onto his forehead to bury itself under his tousled brown hair. The sight of a confused Heero was a rare treat and Duo reveled in it for as long as his lover allowed.

Heero continued to stare at it, still puzzled. "Explain."

"K...." Duo started, smiling as he pointed to the first box. "This one is blue, which means it's my turn to be seme, my choice of positions." Duo winked, turning toward his lover, whose face was now as shocked as Duo could ever recall seeing it.

"Continue." He motioned, his eyes wide.

"Tomorrow is green. You're on top, your choice of positions." Duo smirked, folding his arms at his waist in self-satisfaction.

"And the yellow ?" Heero asked.

"I'm on top....your choice."

"Red ?"

"Your turn on top....my choice of positions." Duo replied.

"I get the idea...each day of the week, a different color."

Duo nodded.

Heero took a minute to let it all sink in. "And you think we need this because...."

Duo laughed nervously, again met by Heero's raised eyebrow.

Duo moved behind him, kissing his neck. "Seems that someone has been getting all the action lately." He whispered, pushing his hips forward, his semi-erect member meeting with Heero's spandex-clad bottom.

Heero laughed softly, continuing to stand still, allowing his lover to rub against him, fully hardening himself.

Reaching for Heero's hand, Duo pulled toward the center of the room, a swipe of his long arm clearing the table of its clutter.

"Duo ?"

"Mmmmmm ?" his mouth otherwise occupied by the soft skin of Heero's neck.

"Is today Tuesday ?"

definitely not owari

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