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author: jana@1X2X1.org
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warnings: yaoi, lemon, angst, pwp, use of sex toys, pseudo-sadistic heero, ummm.....i think that just about covers it ^_~
pairings: 1X2X1...or not... more like 1X1+2 who is sexually frustrated as he sits duct taped to a chair watching heero *g*

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thursday's child is full of grace
by jana

"You lost fair and square, now quit squirming." Heero scolded.

"I wouldn't exactly call it fair, Heero." Duo replied, still wriggling in his lover's tight grasp. "You cheated."

Duo heard a familiar sound shortly after Heero had forced him down onto the small wooden chair in their bedroom. "Duct tape?" he asked, Heero's affirmative grunt coming from somewhere behind him. He felt the sticky tape being tightly wound around his wrists, effectively pinning them behind his back. "This would be more fun if you used silk ribbons, ya know." Duo grinned.

"It's not supposed to be fun." Heero replied, standing before him. Glaring at Duo for only a second, Heero dropped to his knees, roughly pulling on Duo's left ankle. Taping it to the leg of the chair, he moved on to the other, securing it tightly as well.

Heero stood to lay the roll of gray tape in the center of his dresser and returned to stand before Duo.

"So? What's the plan, Stan?" Duo smiled up at him.

"The plan is torture." Heero replied. "And I wouldn't be smiling if I were you."

Letting his eyes travel over Heero's body, his eyes widening as they washed over the obvious arousal Heero was sporting, Duo grinned.

"I'm tied to a chair…. in our bedroom…." Duo started, his eyes now focusing on Heero's erection. "… and your body is betraying you, lover." Duo smirked. "What's not to smile about?"

"Haven't you ever heard the expression ' looks can be deceiving'?" Heero asked, stepping back a few feet from his captive koi. Sharply staring at his still smiling lover, Heero brought his hand up to toy with the buttons of his shirt. Slowly slipping each one through the soft white fabric, Heero pulled the tail of his shirt from inside his jeans, unbuttoning it the rest of the way.

"You've touched me more than enough these past few days." Heero told him, eyes locked sternly onto Duo's as he unfastened his jeans. "Now it's my turn." He added. Sliding the fabric down the length of his legs, he stepped out of them, once again looking down at Duo.

Moaning as Heero stood before him in nothing but his unfastened shirt, Duo shifted as much as his bindings permitted, his stiffening member trapped and bent within the confines of his jeans. So, Heero was going to masturbate, he still didn't see the problem. "You know how much I love to watch you touch yourself." He told him seductively.

"Yes…. and you know how much I love to do it." Heero replied, wrapping his hand around his straining erection. "Mmmm…..…" he moaned, "that really does feel good." watching intently as his fist moved up and down his length. Continuing to watch his ministrations, Heero saw the small bead of moisture appear on the tip of his cock and ran the side of his thumb through it. Duo's low groan let him know his lover was enjoying the action nearly as much as he was and he moved his thumb in circles over his swollen head.

Finally looking up at Duo, Heero brought his other hand up to caress his shaft before slipping it in between his legs. Still working the slick precum over the tip of his erection, Heero began to increase the motion of both of his hands, his hips pushing forward into the touch. "Mmmm.…… that's nice. I think it's going to send me over the edge." He moaned.

Duo looked up at Heero, only temporarily taking his eyes from where Heero's hands were actively pleasuring himself. Watching his lover masturbate allowed Duo to focus solely on Heero's features and how incredibly erotic his lover looked as he approached climax.

Gasping as he began thrusting into his hand, Heero opened his eyes to look into Duo's violet orbs. Finding him totally captivated, Heero squeezed his hardened shaft and moaned loudly at the sensation it caused. Letting his head fall back, his cock exploded and Heero sent shot after shot of warm streams from his trembling body.

"Mmm….very nice." Duo commented, still eyeing his lover standing before him in post-orgasmic bliss.

Heero opened his eyes and released himself from his grip to stare at his appreciative audience. "Liked that, did you?" he asked, taking a step toward Duo, smiling as his lover nodded. "I'm glad." Heero whispered, bringing his hand up to Duo's face. "Because there's more where that came from." He continued, pushing his slick fingers into his lover's mouth, enjoying the movement of Duo's tongue as it snaked around them.

Duo moaned as he sucked his lover's thick essence from his hand, the taste of Heero's passion only serving to turn him on even further. Finishing the job, Duo looked up at Heero, his eyes pleading even before he spoke. "Ummm… I know you're not going to touch me, Heero." He started, looking down into his lap. "But could you at least straighten me out here?" It's getting kinda painful." He smiled weakly.

Heero crossed the room, pausing in the bathroom doorway for a moment. "No." he replied flatly, closing the bathroom door.

Duo was beginning to get a vivid picture of his lover's planned revenge, frowning as he found it wasn't one he was likely to enjoy.

Heero took his time as he showered, his body still aching from his lover's treatment, or rather mistreatment of the past few days. Putting the stopper in the drain, Heero decided a warm soak might be more suited to his current needs and allowed the tub to fill with water. Settling down into the warmth, Heero closed his eyes and reclined back onto the cool porcelain, finally safe from Duo's libido and it's ensuing pain.


What little patience Duo Maxwell possessed was wearing thin. Heero had left almost an hour ago and he was struggling in vain against the tape that held him to the chair. "Heero.", he called. "Can you let me go now?"

Waiting only seconds, yet failing to get a response from his missing lover, he called again. "Heero!"


"Dammit. He must have fallen asleep in the bathtub."

"HEERO!!!!" Duo screamed.

The loud cry startled Heero from his light sleep. Standing, he dried himself off and stepped naked out into their bedroom.

"Did you want something, Duo?" He asked from the bathroom door.

Straining his neck to look behind him, Duo caught a glimpse of his lover. "Yeah… Could you please get this damn tape off of me? It's starting to cut into my skin."

Heero walked toward the chair in the center of the room and looked down to where Duo's wrists were bound, the thin flesh of his inner wrists taking on a red-ish hue. "If you would just sit still and stop struggling, it wouldn't hurt." Heero told him, dismissing his plea.

Standing before his dresser, Heero slipped back into his clothes, ignoring his lovers mumbling for the most part. Duo sighed deeply as he watched Heero from across the room, his lover carrying on as if he wasn't present. "So how long are you planning on keeping me here?" He asked.

Heero made his way to the room's exit, and paused, not turning to face Duo. "All day." He replied, closing the door behind him. Once out in the hallway, Heero stood outside the door just long enough to hear Duo let out a litany of curses. Grinning at his koi's colorful language, he made his way downstairs.


Heero sat reading the paper as he casually enjoyed his afternoon meal. He vaguely heard the sound of the chair scraping across the wooden floor above him, grinning as he imagined Duo's attempts to free himself. He continued his lunch, carefully planning out his strategy for the balance of the day. Remaining in the kitchen for as long as necessary to ensure that his lover had become sufficiently enraged, Heero rose and made his way back upstairs and into their bedroom.


Duo's head turned sharply as Heero entered the room, he didn't need to look over at him, he was more than able to imagine the scowl his face held. "I brought you something to eat." He calmly told him, setting the tray down on the dresser. "Hungry?" he asked, turning to face his lover.

"No." Duo snapped back.

"Suit yourself." Heero returned.

Making his way over to Duo, Heero looked down at his koi and brushed his hand lightly over the zipper of Duo's jeans, firmly cupping his groin. "I see you are more comfortable now. Shame…." Heero whispered, rubbing his hand over Duo's crotch. "I was rather enjoying the scenery."

Duo bit his lower lip as Heero knelt between his legs and continued touching him, not stopping until he had fully hardened him within the restrictive fabric of his jeans. "Yes… that's much better." He smiled, standing. "Mmmm….. seems to have had an affect on me as well." Heero smiled looking down at his own prominent bulge, Duo's eyes captivated by the view as well.

"Since you seem to be….. unavailable at the moment…." he hesitated, looking down at Duo. "I guess it's up to me to take care of myself." Making his way to stand beside Duo, Heero rubbed his arousal against Duo's arm. "Pity too, I could go for a nice hard fuck about now." he moaned, pushing his hardened flesh against Duo's bicep.

Duo remained quiet as Heero spoke, but goose bumps raised on his skin raised as Heero unzipped his pants and slowly stepped out of them. Naked and fully erect, Heero once again rubbed his stiffness against Duo's upper arm, his arousal leaving the warm evidence of it's need on Duo's skin. "Nnn….. much better." he whispered, "Now...... where do you keep those toys of yours?" he asked.

Duo's eyes opened wide as Heero moved to stand in front of him. As many times as he had begged Heero, his lover had always refused to let the toys enter into their play, Duo's collection remaining for his private use only. And now here he was, prepared to finally give in…. without the benefit of Duo's expertise or giving Duo the opportunity to fully enjoy the experience… this was something Heero knew his lover longed for.

Heero lifted Duo's chin, "Where are they, Duo?" he asked again, looking directly into Duo's eyes. Heero was able to read his lovers misery with ease; pleased with the time he had taken to fully plan out his strategy.

Staring up at Heero, Duo pouted.

It wasn't the mock pout he generally offered Heero in an attempt to get his way. This was the real thing, and as much as it tugged on Heero's heartstrings, he was not about to let his lover manipulate him… not this time.

"I hope you are not expecting me to have mercy on you." He told him, "Not after the way you've abused me the past few days." Heero smirked as Duo closed his eyes "I'm about to become your worst nightmare."

Duo hadn't thought it possible, but it seemed that Heero was more than capable of exacting his revenge. His lover's cruel streak was proving to be more far more potent than his own.

"Are you going to tell me where you hide them or do I have to go and find them myself?" Heero asked.

Duo let out a deep sigh and slowly raising his head, looked up at Heero. "They're in a box under the bed." He answered, hoping his cooperation would somewhat help the tenuous situation he now found himself in.

Heero sat and bent down to peer under the bed, stretching further forward to reach the cardboard box. Grabbing the edge with his fingertips, Heero brought it closer to him, sitting up to pull it the rest of the way out.

Duo curiously watched as Heero opened the box, attempting to gauge his lover's reactions as he looked inside. "This is quite an assortment you've got here, Duo." he told him, his eyes meeting with Duo's after carefully surveying the contents. "I'm not even sure what one would do with half of this stuff."

Duo grinned. "If you think I have any plans of filling you in, you're sadly mistaken."

Ignoring Duo's comment, Heero continued examining the various implements his lover had collected over the years. "Any favorites?" he asked, holding up a well-worn vibrator. Flicking the switch, the device began buzzing in his hand and he looked over at Duo, "Mind if I borrow it?" he asked, bringing himself to his feet.

"Like you wouldn't if I said no." he replied.

Heero chuckled. "You know me so well, koi."

Duo looked up as Heero made his way over to stand in front of him. "If I knew you *that* well I wouldn't find myself duct taped to a chair, now would I?" he replied bitterly.

Finding the tone and uncertainty in Duo's voice amusing, Heero grinned before offering his confused lover an explanation for his exceptional behavior. "Two days of being on the receiving end of your perpetual libido has driven me behavior I never considered myself capable of."

Duo took a minute to think about what Heero had just said, smiling as he thought about the last 48 hours they spent together. "Can't say I'm sorry, koi.... loved every minute of it."

"And I'm loving every minute of this." Heero returned, switching the vibrator back on.

Amethyst eyes traced every movement as Heero removed a tube of lube from the pocket of his jeans and knelt between his legs. Carefully studying his lovers face, Heero brought the vibrator down to rest on Duo's right knee, his other hand resting on Duo's left upper thigh. Letting the smooth plastic glide over his leg, Heero turned it so that the flat of it rested against the inside track of Duo's thigh, gently guiding it upward.

The fabric of his jeans provided little barrier against the pleasure the vibrations were causing, the expression on Duo's face a testament to his increasing lust.

"That feels good, doesn't it, Duo?" Heero asked, continuing to move the toy up and down his thigh, careful to avoid making contact with Duo's aroused genitals. Duo closed his eyes and nodded, shifting his hips forward seeking contact, his bound arms preventing the necessary movement.

"Do you want me to touch you here with it?" Heero asked, slipping the vibrator into the tight space between his lover's upper thighs. Duo gasped and opened his legs wider as Heero moved the humming phallus over his hardened sac, tracing the outline of his arousal. "Hmm…I'd definitely have to say that was a yes." Heero smiled.

Continuing to stimulate his lover's denim clad arousal, Heero pushed the vibrator further down in between Duo's legs, his lover shuddering as the tip of it approached his opening, the touch too light to bring him any real pleasure. "Nnn….Heero." Duo moaned, his body squirming as he struggled to urge Heero into a harder touch. "More." He whispered. "Please…."

Obliging his lover, Heero applied more pressure against his bottom as he moved the vibrator over the highly sensitive area between his entrance and his balls. "Yes, Duo, more…." He replied, continuing to drive his lover further into a frenzied state. "….but never enough." He added, removing the source of Duo's pleasure, leaving him to groan in frustration.

Heero rose and gazed down at his lover. "I love seeing you like this, Duo." he told him gently. Reaching his hand forward, Heero dropped it into Duo's lap, grazing the wet spot on his jeans that accurately pinpointed the tip of his lover's cock. "Did you know that?" He asked.

Duo peered up at Heero through half-lidded eyes as Heero's finger continued it's tease. Shifting to rub his palm with firm strokes over Duo's length, Heero bent to kiss him, roughly capturing his lover's mouth. The two moaned as their tongues made contact, Duo straining his head upward to deepen the kiss. Heero's hands found their way to the waistband of Duo's pants and unfastened the button, slowly sliding the zipper down over his arousal.

Moaning at the wonderful friction the zipper's movement was causing, Duo lifted his rear up off the chair, hoping his lover would take the hint and relieve him of his clothing, allowing his cramped erection to be freed. Still assaulting his lover's mouth, Heero reached for the fabric of Duo's jeans and boxers, sliding them both down to his mid-thighs.

Duo groaned into Heero's mouth in relief as the pressure was relieved, his lover breaking the kiss. Heero cast his eyes downward to his lover's dripping arousal before looking back up into Duo's eyes. Settling down onto his knees, Heero reached forward, his index finger barely touching Duo's flesh as he removed the drop of clear liquid that flowed from the tip of his lover's erection.

Bringing his hand to his mouth, Heero looked up at Duo as his tongue darted out to taste it. "Delectable" he whispered, reaching forward again to take yet another fingertip full of his lover's oozing precum. Smearing the slickness over his lover's lips, Heero stood to lick the sweetness from them before plunging his tongue deep inside Duo's mouth.

Breaking the kiss way too soon for Duo's liking, Heero reclined back onto his bent calves and retrieving the vibrator from the floor, brought himself to a standing position. "Enough of that." He told his clearly disappointed lover.

Slowly removing his clothes under Duo's watchful eyes, Heero lowered himself to the floor in front of his koi and leaning back onto his bent elbows, spread his legs seductively. "I have plans for this." He whispered toward his stunned lover, snapping the vibrator back into action.

Duo's eyes widened as the vibrator made contact with the bare flesh of Heero's inner thigh, his lover's body quivering slightly at the unfamiliar sensation. "Mmm….. nice." Heero moaned, moving the device still closer to his bottom. He looked up to find his lover captivated by his display. "I can see why you would find this useful." Heero told him, his free hand reaching out to grab the lube.

Covering the tip of his new-found toy with a moderate amount of the clear gel, Heero brought it back down to rest in between his legs, watching Duo's reaction as he nudged it against his opening. Moving it over the area, he teased his sensitive flesh, moaning as he applied more pressure.

Duo was unhappy to say the least as he watched Heero prepare the vibrator. The emotions his expression reflected were evident as he spoke. "I thought you were too sore for any more 'play'?" he asked dryly. Duo continued watching as he awaited his lovers reply, becoming further aroused as Heero gasped at the enjoyment he was providing himself with.

"This is whole lot smaller and I'll be gentle…" Heero started, "….. besides, it's the perfect form of torture, Duo…... wouldn't you agree?" He added looking up at his lover as he slowly pushed the vibrator into his opening, fully submerging it. "Mmm….I can certainly understand your fascination with this particular toy." He told Duo.

Heero groaned as the device hummed and buzzed within him, the low vibration pleasuring the entire length of his channel. Slowly rocking himself against the intrusion, Heero peered up at his lover, eyes focusing on his straining arousal. "You wish it was you, don't you?" Heero asked, rapidly working the vibrator in and out of his entrance.

Duo felt himself harden even further as Heero spoke, his cock twitching as he watched Heero impale himself. He had shown a great deal of patience throughout the day, even surprising himself, but his lover was apparently totally hell-bent on driving him insane, knowing exactly which buttons to push.

"You didn't answer me, Duo." Heero prodded him, "Do you wish it was you fucking me?" he asked again, his breath more heavy now as he continued thrusting against the vibrator.

Duo groaned loudly as his lover writhed in pleasure on the floor before him "Yes dammit...YES….. you know damn well I do, Heero!" he replied screaming, his words obviously pleasing Heero as he now fully concentrated on driving himself over the edge "Nnnn…Duo….I wish it was you too!" He cried, his free hand stroking his cock roughly as he lie back on the floor.

"You son of a bitch" Duo cried out in frustration, watching enviously as the vibrator penetrated his lover, Heero's hips lifting up off the floor to meets its forceful thrusts. "What the hell are you trying to do to me?"

Heero moaned Duo's name loudly as he plunged the vibrator still deeper inside of himself. "Oh God…YES !!!" Heero cried out. Duo watched in fascination as his lover's fist moved rapidly over his shaft and arching his back high up off the floor, brought himself to climax.

Duo had an exceptional view of Heero's bottom and watched intently as his muscles clamped down around the small vibrator within him, his own painfully erect cock beating as he imagined himself buried inside the tightness of his lover's body.

Heero continued to groan as thick jets of his essence coated his hand and chest, continuing to ram the small device into his opening until he had succeeded in emptying himself, letting his exhausted body collapse back down onto the floor.


Waiting several minutes for Heero to regain his composure, Duo spoke. "Are you quite through with this little game of yours?"

Heero propped himself up on one bent elbow and looked up at his lover. "I don't know. Do you want me to be?" he asked, winking up at his none too amused koi.

Duo looked down at his neglected erection, which had been prominent for a good portion of the day before looking back up at his lover. "I can most definitively say yes." He grinned.

Heero looked over at the clock on the night table. "Hmmm...I'll have to think about it. Right now, I'm going to make dinner. Want to join me?" He asked, appreciating one of the few genuine smiles his lover had graced him with today.

"Sure. Going to untie me?" he asked playfully, the glint in his lover's cobalt eyes sending a clear signal that what he was requesting was in no way related to his koi's actual intention.

"In a manner of speaking... yes." Heero smiled.

Bringing himself to his feet, Heero made his way toward the bathroom. "I'm going to go rinse off. Stay put." He chuckled.

"Ha Ha Ha, Heero. Very funny." Duo remarked, closing his eyes as Heero entered the bathroom and shut the door behind him.


Duo was just dozing off when Heero re-entered the room. He could hear him fumbling around in his dresser drawer for a moment, his footsteps letting Duo know he was making his way toward him.

"Don't move." Heero cautioned from behind him. Holding both of Duo's hands in his one hand, Heero brought the other one up, his small steel blade cutting through the several layers of tape with ease. Running his fingers lightly over Duo's bruised wrists for a moment, Heero released his hands, his lover immediately bringing them to rest on his lap.

"Look at my friggen wrists." he complained, looking up at Heero as he rubbed them.

"They're red. I told you not to struggle." Heero told him, crouching down to free his lover's ankles from the chair's wooden legs.

Once freed, Duo stood to stretch. "My ass is numb." he laughed, pulling his pants and boxers up. He watched Heero as he fastened them, his lover eyeing him carefully from across the room. "Now, about that dinner." Duo smiled.

"Not so fast." Heero responded.

Taking Duo by the hand, Heero brought him into the bathroom. "Sit." he ordered, pushing down lightly on his shoulders, Duo easing himself down on the toilet seat cover. "What?" he asked looking up.

Heero was busy going through the medicine cabinet. "I want to wrap your wrists." he replied, closing the mirrored door.

"Mind if I use the facilities while we're in here?" Duo asked, already standing poised and prone before the toilet.

Heero turned to look at his lover, the index finger of Duo's free hand motioning rapidly in a circle. "Ut uh....turn around."

"Suddenly turning shy, are we?" he asked, smiling as he turned his back toward Duo.

"Shy has nothing to do with it." Duo returned, flushing the toilet. "The last thing I want is you getting aroused again." he smirked, moving across the room to wash his hands.

"I can certainly understand you finding that a problem." Heero replied, "Sit."

Returning to his previous seated position, Duo looked down as Heero's fingers gently coated his tender wrists with Bacitracin ointment before he began wrapping them with gauze. "Better?" he asked, smiling as Duo nodded. Duo continued watching as Heero wrapped layer after layer of the white cotton around his wrists.

"Geez, Heero, that's enough. You don't need to turn me into a mummy." he smiled.

Ignoring Duo's comment Heero continued bandaging his lover. Finally satisfied, he once again took him by the hand and brought him back into their bedroom. Standing in the center of the room, Heero released Duo's hand and reaching into his pants pocket, pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

Catching his lover's wrist as he started to back away from him, Heero pulled him toward him. "A little cooperation, please." he told him, gently snapping the first steel ring closed around Duo's padded wrist.

Duo brought his other arm in front of him, offering it to his lover. "You know that I can get out of these." he told him, smiling as Heero brought his arm behind his back, placing the other band around his wrist.

"Yes, I know that." Heero smirked, squeezing it tightly around his wrist as he snapped it shut.

"Ouch!" Duo cried.

Taking hold of Duo's upper arm, he brought his lover to stand before the mirror. "That it why I'm using this." he whispered, placing a thick leather collar around Duo's neck. "I can't have you running off on me, now can I?" he asked, fastening the buckle loosely as he stood behind him.

Slipping his finger into the O ring, Heero pulled Duo across the room, attaching a leash to the small metal circle before he released it. "Perfect." Heero smiled, looking over Duo's shoulder at their reflection.

Looking into the mirror, Heero ran his hands over Duo's chest, one hand trailing downward to slip inside the waistband of his jeans. Duo moaned lowly as Heero's hand wrapped around his manhood, stroking him slowly. "Are you going to behave?" Heero whispered into his ear. Duo nodded, his head falling back against Heero's shoulder as his lover continued touching him, "Good." Heero replied, releasing Duo's cock after fully hardening it.

Taking the leather loop of the leash in hand, Heero exited the room, his silent lover following closely behind.

Once in the kitchen, Heero sat at the table, motioning for his lover to take the seat beside him. Duo was beginning to show signs of wear, both physically and mentally and Heero was feeling more than a small amount of guilt regarding his normally cheerful lover's current state.

"You must be starved. You didn't eat lunch." Heero told his partner, brushing several stray hairs from his face. "Anything special you want me to make you for dinner?"

"Nope, as long as it's fast." Duo replied, offering Heero a weak smile.

Heero stood "How about something easy...... pancakes?"

Duo nodded emphatically. "With raspberry syrup?" he asked hopefully.

Heero smiled at the childlike innocence in his lover's request for a moment, his memory quickly taking him back several months to the last time the two had a lazy Sunday morning brunch consisting of this very meal.

Duo noticed the expression on Heero's face change, then he too recalled that afternoon. "Umm.... perhaps we should cancel that last request." he grinned.

"No. I think it would be perfect." Heero smiled. His movement across the room forced his lover to rise and join him, Duo watching as Heero prepared their dinner.

"Why so quiet?" Heero asked as he mixed the thick batter.

"Tired." He replied. "Amongst other things..."

Suddenly snapping out of both his state of exhaustion and sexually deprived stupor, Duo grinned and moved closer to where Heero stood, barely allowing their bodies to touch. Surely Heero had been aware that Duo's newly gained freedom would result in such a scenario. His cobalt-eyed lover knew him far too well to expect this opportunity to go un-seized, despite his promise to behave.

Heero felt his lover standing behind him. Duo became more bold in his touch as he came to the realization that Heero had no intention of stopping him… at least not yet.

Pushing his hips forward, Duo lightly kissed his lover's neck and began rubbing his rising arousal against his Heero's bottom. "Is this what you wanted?" He whispered, somewhat heady from the temporary control he now held. "Maybe." Heero responded softly. He closed his eyes, allowing Duo to continue stimulating himself, his own cock hardening as his lover's movements behind him became more urgent.

Heero knew it wouldn't take much at this point to get his lover off. He wasn't ready to allow Duo to come just yet and certainly not in this fashion, "That's enough", Heero told him, tugging on the chain he held, Duo immediately stepping back with a huge sigh.

"Can you be trusted to set the table?" Heero asked, smiling as Duo stuck his tongue out at him.

Heero raised one eyebrow as he questioned his lover. "Is that a yes... or something else?"

"It was a yes. Haven't you had enough of 'something else' today?" Duo responded, smiling as Heero tossed the end of the leash in his direction.

Heero turned toward the stove, pouring the batter onto the grill. "I think your libido is contagious." he replied, "We're in big trouble, aren't we?" he asked, turning toward his lover. Heero let out a small chuckle as Duo's laughter filled the kitchen. His initial reaction to Heero's statement having been released, Duo shook his head. "God help us." he replied, seating himself at the table having completed setting it for dinner.

Heero made his way across the kitchen, pausing for a moment to check Duo's chart that hung on the wall beside the refrigerator. He nodded as he read it, instantly working out a plan for the balance of the evening. Satisfied smile in place, Heero set the plate of pancakes down on the table, seating himself next to Duo.

"Come on, Heero, I'm starved. Take these handcuffs off."

Heero buttered the large stack of pancakes before cutting them into small pieces. "The handcuffs stay."

Ignoring his lover's response that came in the form of a faint whimper, Heero poured a puddle of raspberry syrup on the edge of the plate. Heero looked up to find his lover watching him closely. "Ready?" Heero asked. Duo nodded, his mouth opening as Heero brought the fork to his lips.

Taking turns feeding himself and Duo, Heero watched his lovers demeanor change, knowing he would be further pleased by what he had planned for them next. "I thought we would take a rest after dinner. We could both use one."

Duo looked over at the clock. "It's almost 9:00, Heero. Couldn't we just go to bed for the night?" he asked. "It's been a long day.... long and frustrating." he added, his amethyst eyes pleading with his lover.

Heero shook his head "Not yet." he started. "I still have plans." Heero bent to retrieve the end of the lease and stood. "Let's go." he told Duo, reaching for the bottle of raspberry syrup. "We'll see if I can figure out a way to take care of that frustration of yours."

Fortunately, Duo was far more exhausted than Heero and Heero's plan to handcuff his lover to the metal headboard of their bed wasn't necessary. Choosing instead to bind his lover's wrist to his own , Heero set the alarm and crawled into bed, Duo collapsing face up beside him.

It was only a matter of minutes before Duo's soft snores alerted Heero to the fact that his lover was sound asleep. Turning toward him, Heero smiled as he looked over at Duo. "Four years of being together and I still love watching you sleep.", he whispered. Closing his eyes, Heero kept the picture of his lover's peaceful form in the forefront of his thoughts, reminding himself that it was a million little things like this that continued to fortify their love for one another.


The alarm rang at 10:30 and Duo moaned before rolling over onto his side. Wrapping one arm around Duo's chest, Heero curled up next to his lover. "Sleep time is over." Heero called softly. Duo let out a low mumble and Heero moved closer, propping himself up on one elbow. "Time to get up, koi." Heero whispered.

Duo turned his head to look at Heero. "Seems like some of us are up already." he smiled, shifting his bottom against his lover's arousal. Heero moaned at the contact and sent his hand downward, pleased to find his lover equally stimulated.

Biting his lip as Heero began stroking him, Duo ground his hips forward into Heero's hand as he began moving behind him. "Nnnn.... Heero...no more teasing....please..."

"No more teasing." Heero whispered, unfastening Duo's jeans. Reaching inside to takes Duo's erection in hand, Heero found his movements limited by the handcuffs and reached over to retrieve the key. "I think we can get rid of these now."

Duo nodded and remained still while Heero removed the cuffs. "Now where were we." Heero grinned, his hand slowly trailing down Duo's chest.

Taking his lover's hand in his, Duo swiflty guided the two downward, wrapping Heero's hand around his cock. "Mmmmm......right there, lover." he moaned, gasping as Heero began stroking him roughly. Almost immediately, Duo's breath became more rapid and Heero knew his lover would be unable to hold out given how he had kept him aroused and unfulfilled for most of the day.

Heero let his grip relax and Duo thrust his hips up against the palm of his lover's hand. "Heero...Nnnnn....don't stop." he moaned, "I'm almost there, please.....I need to...." Duo's plea held a desperation that Heero had never heard in his lover's voice. He was not ashamed to admit that he liked it and he fully intended on satisfying his desire for more of it.

Heero's hand stilled and Duo's groan of displeasure filled the room, "What is it now, Heero?! Why the hell did you stop?"

Kneeling, Heero tugged at the waistband of Duo's jeans, sliding them down and off, leaving his lover naked from the waist down. Pushing his shirt up to expose his chest, Heero spread Duo's legs and moved to sit between them. Grasping each of his knees from behind, Heero lifted and bent his lover's long legs, resting the soles of his feet back down onto the bed. "Beautiful." Heero moaned, both of his hands kneading the flesh of Duo's inner thighs. "Now make yourself come for me." he whispered.

The shock of Heero's command registered for only a second on Duo's face. "Please, Heero....I'll do anything.....I need you to touch me." he begged. Every pore of his body was screaming for release, preferably at his hands of his lover. Duo watched as Heero sat unmoved by his pleas and unable to deny his rabid need any longer, took his cock into his hand and began to roughly stroke himself.

Knowing it would only be a matter of minutes before Duo brought himself of orgasm, Heero reached into his pocket, the hum of the vibrator fully capturing his lover's attention. Quickly covering it with lube, Heero poised it at Duo's entrance, the tip barely making contact with his skin. "Do it, Heero..now...." Duo panted, writhing on the bed before him. "I want it inside me."

"Not yet" Heero warned, teasing his lover with increased pressure, drawing circles around his puckered entrance.

The muscles in Duo's thighs began to twitch and with the flick of his wrist, Heero drove the entire length of the vibrator into his lovers channel as his orgasm began. "Oh Fuck !!!!!!!!" Duo cried out, violently shuddering as the first thick stream erupted from his cock. "More!" he moaned, his hand roughly working his thick shaft. Sweaty and panting, Duo continued bucking his hips against Heero's hand and the vibrator his lover was impaling him with. "More DAMMIT !." he screamed, Heero answering with more forcible thrusts as Duo thrashed beneath the double assault, his trembling body as he finally released his long pent up seed.

Heero watched as numerous tremors passed throughout his lover's body, his muscles clamping tightly onto the toy Heero still held within him. "Enjoy that, koi?" Heero asked, Duo merely nodding, his eyes still closed in bliss. "Me too....." Heero moaned, "but I want more." Sliding his fingers through the thick warmth that covered his lover's chest, Heero pulled the vibrator from his lover's channel and tossed it aside, immediately replacing it with two slick fingers. "You want more, lover?" Heero growled.

Duo's back arched high off the bed as Heero's fingers unexpectedly entered him, immediately seeking out and stimulating his prostate. Duo gasped and Heero looked up at his eyes, already dark amethyst filling further with lust as Heero suddenly twisted his wrist, sharply rotating his fingers within him. "Do you, Duo?"

Duo remained silent, the sound of his heavy breathing filling the otherwise quiet room. "You're going to have to tell me what you want, Duo." Heero whispered, his fingers ever so slowly moving in and out of his lover. Duo let out a small hiss each time his lovers digits entered him, Heero unmercilessly burying them to the hilt. "I want you to touch me….harder." Duo moaned. Heero complied by adding a third finger to join the other two, driving them deep into Duo's channel. "Uhh….yes…..just like that!!!

Heero smirked as Duo wriggled against his questing fingers, crying out as Heero continued his hard thrusts. "Mmmm…. anything else I can do for you, lover?" Heero asked, raising his voice so that it could be heard over Duo's screams.

"If you want me, you're going to have to ask." Heero warned, looking up at his lover. Duo closed his eyes in response, his head falling back as he broke their gaze. "Nnn….yes…I want you.." Duo groaned as he drove himself down "I need you, Heero....please!"

"Had enough teasing, koi?" Heero asked.

"God...Yes...fuck me now....please!!" Duo replied, Heero skillful fingers threatening to send him over the edge.

Visibly trembling as Duo spoke, Heero swiftly removed his fingers and covering his arousal with lube, moved out from in between his lover's legs. Removing Duo's shirt, Heero bent down to capture his lover's lips in a brief kiss. "On your hands and knees, Duo." he whispered, Duo shivering at his words, knowing Heero was finally ready to take him.

Quickly obliging, Duo crawled up onto all fours in the center of the bed and raised his hips high in invitation, almost immediately feeling the glorious heat of Heero's hard body behind him. Taking a minute to appreciate the view, Heero ran his hands over his lover's bottom, his knuckles turning white as he hungrily kneaded the firm flesh of Duo's bottom.

"Mmmm.... you've got a great ass, koi...." Heero moaned, nudging the tip of his erection against his lover's opening "….great to bury my cock in!" he finished gasping, ramming every inch of himself into Duo.

Duo lurched forward on the bed, his hands gripping at the headboard as he felt Heero's powerful thrust into him. "Ohhh….yes…" Duo hissed, pushing back against Heero, "Now fuck me, Heero!"

Duo's voice was nearly hoarse as he screamed out, the raw need in his plea automatically spurring Heero into action. With his both hands holding Duo's hips in place, Heero began to move…..much too slowly for his lover. "Dammit, Heero….MOVE !!!!"

"I am moving." Heero moaned, pulling himself from within Duo before easing himself back in, a pace he knew his lover held no tolerance for.

"But not fast enough!" Duo cried out, pushing his hips back, Heero still holding them still.

"Mmmmm... faster is good." Heero replied, his lover apparently enjoying the increased pace. "How about harder, Duo?" Heero asked, grinding his hips into Duo. "You want it harder too?" Duo cried out, panting as Heero's body began slamming against his.

Placing one hand in the center of Duo's back, Heero applied pressure, forcing the upper half of Duo's body into the mattress. "And don't forget deeper." Heero gasped, his cock sliding still further into his lover.

"Ughh..... deeper is gonna do it for me!" Duo cried out, his hand reaching between his legs. Already finding Heero's hand wrapped around his length, Duo grabbed the headboard tightly with both hands and braced himself for his lover's thrusts. "Let's go, Heero!!"

One powerful thrust after another sent Heero plunging deep inside of Duo, his lover pushing his hips back to intensify the impact of his cock. Wrapping his hand around Heero's, Duo urged his lover to stroke him faster. "Don't stop now!" Duo cried out. Throwing his head back, he began his second violent climax, his thick essence coating Heero's hand and the wall behind their bed.

Thrusting into the impossibly tight muscles of Duo's body in mid-climax, Heero screamed out his lovers name and began filling him with shots of his hot passion. While Heero had already come several times today, there was nothing that could compare to the incredible sensation of climaxing deep inside of his beautiful lover.

Exhausted and stated, Heero settled back down onto the bed, his bottom coming to resting on his feet as Duo collapsed foward with a moan. Duo lay panting for several minutes, eventually rolling over to lie face up. "Finally midnight."he told his lover, his voice almost startling Heero as he reached forward, pulling Heero down to lie beside him.

"Love you." Heero whispered as he draped his arm around Duo.

Duo snuggled closer to Heero, pulling the covers up over the two of them. "Mmmm.....we'll see about that in the morning."

Heero's eyes opened wide at his lover's words. "You may be seme.." Heero yawned, "...but it's my choice of positions...and I've more than enough duct tape left over......Good night, Duo."

Duo eeped.

Heero smirked.

"Full of grace, huh?"

"Not likely......"


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