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the duel: 2X1 takes a shot

Would You...?
by Mina Lightstar

<If I spoke…would you listen…?>

It's still ironic--I don't know what kind of irony, though. I'm not sure I'll ever understand you--you, not so unlike the sunrise; lighting up the room with your simple presence.

How can someone like you…want someone like me? We've both had hard lives… We have both come to know what "alone" is, but…you turned out so much better than me. Where I am quiet, you are bright and cheerful. Where I am cold and frank, you are kind and caring.

And you…when you want something…you steal it. And I… I don't have that skill.

<If I were scared…would you soothe me…?>


The sliding of bed sheets.

Sin against skin.



Fingers laced together.

Tongues locked in battle.

A husky whisper.

"Heero, I want you…"

<If I were angry…would you calm me…?>

I hadn't planned on it. I didn't. We had an agreement. Surrounded by suffering, blood, and killing, I…*we* needed something to comfort each other. Sleeping together saved us--offered us solace from our nightmares.

The nights we shared together--I loved them. After a battle, after I had slain many innocent people, I would come back to whichever school we'd been stationed at…

And you'd be there. Waiting for me. It brought me a relief you can't begin to comprehend.

<If I were cold…would you warm me…?>

I'm good at masking my emotions—I'm excellent at feigning nonchalance. But…I'm scared, too. It is possible to be prepared for death, yet be terrified of it at the same time?

When I returned from my missions, narrowly escaping death while having it brought upon others, my limbs trembling, tense and pumped with adrenaline; my heart beats so fast…my breathing is so uneven… I'd walk int the dark room, and then…you'd enfold me between your arms, holding me close against you.

<If I were starving…would you feed me…?>

Your hands would knead my shoulders.

Your lips would brush my cheek.

Your mouth would whisper in my ear.

"I'll help you forget…"

And your body would guide me to the bed.

<If I were crying…would you comfort me…?>

Soft kisses.

Hands gliding across skin.

A warm embrace.

Nuzzling lips.

Hot breath blown into an ear.

"Take me, Duo…" /Make love to me, Duo…/

"I'll take you, Heero…I'll make you forget…"

/Make love to me, Duo…/

<If I asked for it…would you give it to me…?>

I never planned on it. I never thought you would seek war comfort with me. You're so beautiful, and I'm so…me.

I didn't foresee your seduction. I didn't foresee your caresses. And I didn't plan…

I didn't plan on falling in love with you.

<If I cuddled to you…would you embrace me…?>

Hands threading through hair.

Fingers tracing a jaw.

Palms cupping cheeks.

A tongue gliding across a chest.

"I want you, Heero…"

/I love you, Duo…/

A deep kiss.

The spreading of thighs.

"I'll have you, Heero…"

/Love me, Duo…/

Sweaty and hot.

Hard panting and thrusting.

"Want you."

/Love you…/

"Want you."

/Need you…/

"Want you."

/Love me…/

"Want you."

/Need me…/



Twin shudders.

A collapse to the mattress.

A moment of recuperation.

"I better go, Heero."

/Don't leave me, Duo…/

"See you tomorrow."

/Stay with me…/

The shutting of a door.

<If I reached for you…would you grasp me…?>

I envy you, Duo. When you feel something, you can just say it. I'm not like that. I'm too scared.

I broke the rules of our agreement, Duo. To me, it's not just war comfort, anymore. I don't just want you--I love you. I don't want to have sex with you anymore…

I want to make you with you.

But I'm afraid, so I stay silent. You don't want a lover--a life partner. You just want someone to fuck. I'd rather you use me than lose you forever. But sometimes…sometimes the way you look at me…I think that maybe…just maybe…

<If I feel…would you catch me…?>

Warm embraces.

Groins grinding together.

/Just a war comfort…/

Hot, sucking kisses.

Fingers twisting nipples.

/Is that really all I am, Duo…?/

Thighs being urged apart.

Stroking fingers.

/But I want to be more than that, Duo…/

Bodies coming together.

Slow, gentle thrusting.

/I love you, Duo…/

<If I told you I loved you…would you love me…?>

/…Would you…?/


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