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Rating: R
Pairing: 2x1
Warnings: Citrusy yummy effects and the sheer love of 2x1 mixed with poetry.
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Notes: I was in the hospital for a few days and someone dropped off some books for me to pass the time in between sleeping- and this one just jumped out at me that I couldn't wait to get back home to write. If it is bad- blame it on all the painkillers they doped me on. *sweatdrops*

" poem "

the duel: 2X1 fires a shot

Wild Nights
by Lady Tora


Entering the humble abode, Duo kicked off his tight shoes and loosened the deep green tie. Slipping the large jacket onto the coat rack and double checking the door for being locked, the longhaired man saw a bunch of pine needles tied together in a silk red ribbon.

He sighed as he ruffled up the thick umber bangs and began to pad up the soft mauve carpeted steps alone in the dark.

"Wild Nights- Wild Nights!" He opened the door and dropped the tie on a chair and began to unbutton the gray shirt. "Were I with thee

Wild Nights should be our luxury!" He sat down on the bed while pulling off the heavy woolen socks and stuffing them someplace where they would be forgotten for wash day.

Snaking out of the black slacks he tossed them over into a corner when the inhabitant of the bed yawned and wiggled from under the covers.

"Futile- the Winds-" Heero sat up and rubbed the bit of sleep from his eyes only to be pressed down into the bed by soft warm hands melding into his shoulders and caressing his neck.

"To a heart in port-" Duo bent down and grasped an earlobe between his teeth and kneading it gently till he felt the recipient moan softly against his cheek.

"Done with the Compass-" The Japanese man let his fingers run wild in the golden crested mane of his lover. Gentle soft strokes turned eager and needy when the tender nipping mouth traveled down his neck and up to his lips.

Mere centimeters away from those rich lips, Duo let his tongue dart out and sere that open mouth, causing a songful moan rise up to the air. "Done with the Chant!"

In the seeping moonlight, he could see the hungry eyes looking back up from the soft blue pillows and through the soft forest of deep walnut hair.

Travailing down more through the rich fields and planes of his dear heart's body; from the mountains and dipping valleys crossing the thick blanket of mossy riverbanks and the sandy shores to his reward for such a journey.

"Rowing in Eden- Ah, the Sea!" Dipping his head down and letting his red tongue trace the cresting outline of Heero's arousal. Emerging himself in the sweet musky smell as he drank from the fount that richly gave the waters of youth. The rich flows gathered up and enriched his senses. Duo could see the past, present and future gathering up, as he tasted the mead of the gods. Drinking and savoring and hungering for more.

A soft panting scream filled the air as Heero climaxed, sweat coating his body in a rich sheen. His head flopped over as his energy fluctuated and returned anew as he looked deep into the soften depths of his lover. Haven of amethyst twisting with powdery cobalt, a gem so lovely and beautiful that no stone could posses its power and luster.

Reaching over and taking a small bottle from the bedside table, he opened the small cap to reveal an aroma of wild heavy scents imbedded in the slick liquid.

"Might I but moor- Tonight-" Slowly pouring the clear river of liquid in his hands and smoothing it softly in his palms, then gently rubbing it on his love-pained arousal. He centered himself on the outside of the silken caverns to where the sweet treasure of pleasure laid buried. Duo groaned slightly as he touched the closed archway gently with his engorged cock until slowly finding a passageway and slipping in causing Heero to rise off the bed in a crescendo moan.

Legs wrapped around his waist, Duo grinned down and kissed his lover on the nose as he rolled his hips and softly whispered in the man's ear, "In Thee!"

Ne! The closest thing to a lemon a I have written in awhile. *sighs* Oh, if anyone doesn't understand that pine needle thing- I think the story goes if a person 'pines' for their love, they will give them pine needles as a little inspiration.


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