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Pairing: 2x1
Rating: NC-17
Warning: yaoi, lemon, PWP

Note: First, I want to wish everyone a Happy 'Duo'ling. *grin* (This is a lot of fun!) And secondly, here's a little fire in the 1x2 direction! ^_______^

the duel: 2X1 takes a shot

Tree House
by Dia-Chan

It was an unusual night for two gundam pilots. The mad scientists had assigned a mission to both Heero and Duo: Destroy one of the Oz bases and assassinate their leader, Hiroshi (OC). This particular leader was very slick; he kept his headquarters away from the base, which was producing a new type of Mobile Suit. Duo was needed to kill Hiroshi and Heero was needed to destroy the base. So the two found themselves sitting in an abandoned tree house.

They both had come to the conclusion that they couldn't destroy the base and then kill their leader, and they couldn't do it the other way around. So they came to a decision that they would do it simultaneously. Hiroshi's headquarters weren't too far from the Oz facilities, so they found refuge in this old tree house. The tree house gave them a perfect view of the base and the front doors of the Headquarters. Five hours ago, Heero had successfully planted bombs all around the hangers, and he was now holding a detonation device in his hand.

Duo was sitting near one of the windows, a sniper rifle rested against the window pane, waiting patiently to be fired. The braided pilot was growing bored as each hour ticked away. It had been 5 1/2 hours since they seated themselves in this old tree house, and poor Duo was going insane by the quietness. He glanced over at Heero, and was rewarded by a death glare.

"Duo," Heero growled. The Perfect Soldier would be damned if this braided baka screwed up the mission. "Keep an eye out."

Frowning, Duo turned back to the window and pulled out a pair of binoculars. He stared at the boring sight of an unmoving door, until he heard rustling in the background. "What are you doing?" It took all of his will power not to turn around.

"None of your business." Heero smirked when he saw the American pilot trying to resist the urge to turn around.

Duo's frown grew deeper. He could hear the sound of the duffel bag opening and the rustling of cloth rubbing together. His eyes grew wide as he heard the familiar sound of a zipper being undone, and a small ache began growing in his pants. Heero was getting undressed. "Heero? Why are you undressing?"

The Wing pilot stripped out of his pants and pulled on his spandex. "It's hot."

Concentrating on the boring door, Duo fought the image of a naked Heero bathing in the moonlight. He failed miserably. He could just see Heero's perfect body. Perfectly toned muscles, perfectly smooth skin, perfectly chiseled features... The bulge in his pants grew bigger as he bit back a moan. Since Duo had first met Heero, he had been having lustful fantasies about the stoic pilot. Every night, Duo buried his cock in the tight heat of dream Heero. And dream Heero would moan his name in ecstasy every time he was filled. His eye-lids drooped slightly, vision fogging as thoughts of fucking Heero swarmed his mind. He knew the erection pressing against his pants was obvious, but he didn't care. All he wanted was to toss the binoculars out the window, and pin Heero against the wall so he could fuck him senseless.

Half his mind was on the door, the other half was in fantasy land. A place where all your dreams came true. Without realizing it, one of his hands dropped from the binoculars and began massaging his straining erection through the cloth. A soft moan escaped his lips as he imagined Heero's hand rubbing against his arousal, teasing his cock, and causing sweet moisture to gather at the tip.

Sitting against the opposite wall from Duo, Heero's eyes widened as he saw the Deathscythe pilot rub his cock and moan softly. His own cock began to awake in answer; throbbing with need as he watched Duo's lips part in short pants. Before he knew it, he had made his away across the room and had replaced Duo's hand with his own. He had wanted to touch Duo for so long, he simply couldn't restrain himself. Every night he was haunted with dreams of a sweaty Duo, pounding him into the bed and stroking his cock. He watched Duo's face as violet eyes widened in surprised, but never leaving the Headquarters front doors.

"Heero..." Duo couldn't believe Heero was stroking his cock. He wanted to look, so badly, but they still had a mission to do. "What.... what are you doing?" He gasped as the pressure increased and soft lips pressed against his neck; sucking and licking the tender skin.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Heero's voice was hoarse as he squeezed the length and suckled his neck.

Duo moaned when he felt fingers digging into his waistband, diving under the boxers, and wrapping around his hot arousal. "But why?"

"Because I want you to pound me into the wall." Heero smirked when violet eyes grew even wider. Duo never expected something so vulgar to come out of his lips. The braided pilot quickly recovered, guiding his free hand into Heero's shorts.

"You want me to what?" Duo's voice was husky. He squeezed the length in his hand, causing the stoic pilot to gasp with pleasure. "You want me to pound you into the wall?" Duo moved his hand up and down the length, rubbing his thumb over the head. His eyes never left the headquarters, even though his breathing grew deeper and heavier. He wished he could see Heero's face, and for the hundredth time, Duo cursed this Hiroshi for taking a lifetime to leave the Headquarters.

The hand around Heero's cock drove tingles of sensation throughout his body. He settled on his knees, sitting directly in front of Duo and throwing his head back. As the pressure increased, Heero moaned over and over again; thrusting his hips and driving his cock harder into Duo's hand. He looked down at Duo's bulging pants, and came to a quick decision; Heero pushed Duo's hand away. He stood quickly, grabbing a small cooler which held their refreshments, and had Duo stand briefly to sit on it. Before Duo had a chance to sit down, Heero yanked down Duo's pants and they pooled around his ankles.

Duo didn't have a chance to be surprised, because suddenly a warm velvety cavern engulfed his length. "FUCK!" Duo gasped as Heero's mouth took him in. He resisted the urge to thrust wildly into the hot cavern, knowing that Heero was adjusting to his size. It took all of his power to keep his eyes focused on the doorway, completely surprised that Heero was acting this way during a mission.

Smiling around Duo's length, Heero slowly bobbed his head up and down. He swirled his tongue over the head, dipping his tongue into the slit and tasting the sweet moisture there. It was a bitter taste, but one that Heero could never again live without. He slowly teased his lover; keeping his lips locked around the tip as he drove his tongue in swift circles around and around. Above him, he could hear Duo's ragged breathing. The braided pilots hand was buried in his hair, pulling slightly and causing a light pain there. It was a pleasurable pain though, one that made Heero's cock even harder.

Lines of fire ran along Duo's veins, Heero was driving him up the wall with that slithery tongue. He felt his balls tighten with every swirl and he longed for Heero to take him in completely. "Fucking suck it, Heero." Duo hissed the words out through clenched teeth. His lover chuckled around his length, causing vibrations and pleasure to course through his body. As soon as Heero engulfed him again, Duo's eyes caught movement from the headquarters. "Shit!" He pulled Heero off of him; gathering his senses as he reached for the sniper rifle with trembling fingers. He could hear Heero rushing for the detonation device and settling next to him. The two boys were instantly serious, although still panting and extremely hard. Duo quickly aimed the sniper at his target, holding his breath as he got a clear shot. His finger pulled at the trigger, sending a single bullet spiraling through the air, and connecting with it's target. Hiroshi fell to the ground with a large gunshot wound to the back of his head. Heero detonated the bombs and the silence was filled with loud explosions; the sky lit up in a bright fireball of light, the base and the leader both destroyed. Mission accomplished.

Duo turned to Heero, finally able to look at his lover. The Wing pilot was still hard, arousal straining against the stretchy elastic, and Duo grinned like the Cheshire cat. He lifted Heero from the floor and pressed him up against the wall. His free arousal grinded against Heero, causing both boys to moan in pleasure. "Do you still want me to pound you into the wall?" Duo growled. He didn't wait for an answer, he crushed his lips against Heero's, diving his tongue into the warm crevice that had once held his hard cock. As their tongues mingled and slid together, Duo's hands crawled into Heero's tank top. Squeezing the tender nipples, Duo rolled them around his fingers, causing Heero to gasp at the sensation.

Heero wanted to feel Duo's body as well as see it. He pulled off Duo's shirt, letting his eyes roam across the perfectly toned body. His new lover was slender, but cut, and a lot stronger than Heero anticipated. As soon as Duo's shirt was removed, Duo had pinned his hands above his head, kissing the boy fiercely once again.

As the two kissed, Duo soon grew tired of rubbing against Heero's spandex clad erection. He quickly removed Heero's clothing; tossing them across the tree house, and grinding against his lover once again. "I want to fuck you." Duo nibbled on Heero's earlobe, causing warm breath to blow against his ear. That little sensation brought fire to his groin; causing a dull ache to grow around his arousal. "Do you want me to shove my cock inside of you?" Duo grasped Heero's arousal, pumping slowly, and driving Heero mad with pleasure. "Or do you want me to suck you're cock?" Duo waited patiently as he stroked Heero's erection, rubbing his thumb over the head, and gathering the moisture there. "Well?"

Unable to form any words, Heero simply guided Duo's head down to his straining erection. Smirking, Duo swiped his tongue across the head and blew on it. "You want me to suck you're cock?" When Duo looked up at Heero, his beautiful face claimed nothing but innocence. Which was really hard to do when a hard arousal was standing straight up in your face. Heero nodded. His vocal chords refused to work, causing him to simply lean against the wall with his mouth dropped open.

"Hmm, I can't hear you lover." Duo knew he was being a pain, but he couldn't help it. He wanted to hear the words from Heero's lips. He licked the head again, only, he did it a little slower.

Heero's mind had gone blank with need. All he could think of was, Duo's mouth was so close to his erection, yet the boy was continuing to torture him. He tried finding his voice, breathing out a distorted, "Yes, onegai." The stoic boy could feel Duo's grin around his arousal, and suddenly, soft lips circled the head, and a hot tongue swirled around the slit. Heero moaned at the small touch. A small touch that had his body yearning for more. The wicked tongue trailed down his length, swirling around the flesh in teasing circles. Heero could feel his balls grow tighter and tighter, growing painfully hard as Duo continued to tease him. "Please Duo...." Heero's voice sounded strangled; filled with need and desire.

Taking pity on his trembling lover, Duo slowly took in Heero's length. He bobbed his head up and down, taking Heero deeper into his mouth with every bob. He could hear Heero's moans of pleasure as he sucked harder and harder with each decent.

The sensations swirling around Heero had his mind falling into oblivion. His whole world was a sea of bliss; a place that had his body singing in joy. He began to gently thrust into Duo's mouth, moaning at the increased sensation of Duo sucking harder.

Duo felt his own cock twitching with need, and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. With a final, hard, suck, Duo pulled his lips away and forced Heero to turn around. His baby soft ass was now in front of him; his puckered entrance still hidden between the soft white globes. His hands came up to the creamy cheeks, parting them enough so that his tongue could slither inside. His tongue made contact with the hot entrance to paradise, and Duo dipped his tongue into the tight hole.

The feeling of Duo's tongue against his hole had Heero's body shuddering with feeling. He never knew something like this could feel so good. It seemed impossible, but Heero felt his cock grow harder as the hot tongue slipped past the ring and dove into the burning channel. He wanted to rock back onto the tongue, but knew that there was a possibility that he would hurt his lover. Instead, he braced his arms against the wall, and began to lean back just slightly.

With his tongue swirling inside of Heero's entrance, Duo reached down to stroke his own cock; trying to relieve some pressure as he prepared his lover. His tongue rolled around and around, feeling Heero's body tremble against the erotic ministration. He pulled his tongue back, kissing the entrance and running his tongue along it, before he slipped a finger into the hole. He knew his tongue wouldn't be enough, so he gently stretched Heero, preparing him for something much bigger. When he got three fingers into his lover, he stretched his entrance, and prodded around, searching for that secret button.

When Heero was adjusting to the probing fingers, he felt a spasm shoot through him as those digits brushed against something deep inside of him. He cried out in pleasure as Duo continued to push against it, causing bright light to flash before his eyes as he was carried off into oblivion.

Judging that Heero was ready, Duo stood up and spit on his fingers quickly. He rubbed the saliva against his throbbing cock, and pushed up against Heero's entrance. Heero was trembling against the wall; still bracing himself with his hands as Duo slowly entered him. To Duo, it felt like he was floating through the air, and flying up to heaven. Hot tightness surrounded his length, squeezing his arousal harder and harder as he drove deeper and deeper. He bit his lower lip as he controlled himself from thrusting into the hot entrance in one thrust.

Heero, on the other hand, was amazed at the sensation of being filled. Duo's cock caressed him in all the right places; stretching his hole and causing pleasurable shivers to run down his spine. He moaned and pushed back as Duo fell deeper into him. He wanted to be pounded, hard and fast, into the wall. Just like he had said. When Duo stopped, Heero knew that he was completely impaled on Duo's cock. He pushed back, letting Duo know that he didn't want to wait to adjust, he wanted to be fucked.

"I'm going to fuck you now," Duo announced. He pulled Heero up against him, tilting his head back and kissing Heero passionately. Their tongues circled as the two battled; both fucking the others mouth; a little demonstration of what they were about to do. When they broke the kiss, panting, both their eyes were hazy and filled with lust and want. Pushing Heero forward, Duo motioned for Heero to bend over.

Heero complied, bracing himself once again as Duo began to pull out of him. He whimpered at the slow process, begging Duo to do it faster. But Duo was in a devilish mood, he moved slowly, in and out of Heero's tight heat; driving Heero wild with need. After a few minutes, even Duo couldn't continue the slow pace. He pulled out almost completely, only the tip of his arousal inside his love, and slammed back into him. They both moaned in pleasure, and Duo continued to pull out and drive back in; harder and faster with every thrust.

Duo slammed into Heero, gripping his hips as he literally pounded the Wing pilot into the wall. Heero was rocking back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust. The two boys moaned and groaned with pleasure, the intense act bringing them closer and closer to completion. Reaching below him, Duo wrapped his hand around Heero's cock, stroking him in time with his thrusts.

The double assault had Heero's body trembling with pleasure. His eyes slid shut as he bit back the urge to scream. The wonderful sensation of Duo pounding into him got better and better. Bolts of pleasurable electricity shot all around him; leaving him in a mindless haze of absolute bliss. The hand around his cock was urging his body to come; stroking roughly, up and down, up and down. The feeling of Duo's cock brushing against his prostate had his body screaming for more. Heero was completely mindless to the pleasure Duo was giving him. He slammed back against Duo, screaming his name as he drew closer and closer to the edge. "Harder Duo!" The pounding inside of him grew harder and faster, and finally, Heero threw his head back and came violently. "DUO!!!" His cock erupted in a hot stream of liquid passion, flooding over Duo's hand and spraying the rotted wood wall.

Duo had complied to Heero's demand. He slammed into Heero harder and faster, feeling his release approaching like freight train. He could feel Heero's climax drawing closer as well, he squeezed the length in his hand, and felt his lovers passion shoot forth, coating his hand in warm liquid. The muscles around his cock clamped all around him, and Duo gasped at the intense tightness. He continued to pull in and out, pounding into Heero mindlessly, until he felt the tightening in his groin, shooting up through his cock, and exploding into Heero's tight heat. "HEERO!" His hot seed flooded into Heero, filling him and marking him, claiming the Japanese pilot as his.

Two cocks pulsed and twitched as their seeds left their trembling bodies. If it hadn't been for Duo's arms wrapping around his waist, Heero would have collapsed to the floor. Refusing to leave Heero's body, Duo sat back, leaning against the wall. Heero sat on his lap, tilting his head back to rest on Duo's shoulder. The two were panting and sweating, but both felt complete and sated. Tightening his arms around Heero's waist, Duo turned his head to kiss Heero softly on the cheek. "I love you Heero." Duo whispered the words softly, causing Heero to once again grow weak. A small smile curved at Heero's delicate lips, and he too whispered a few words. "Aishiteru Duo."


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