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Fort: 2x1

Notes: I'd just like to make one thing absolutely clear… *ahem* THIS IS ALL SNOW'S FAULT ^_^ …of course,if you guys like it, than the entire idea was mine and Snow had nothing to do with it ^_~

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the duel: 2X1 fires a shot

Story Time ~ a Duel Outtake
A Family List Ficcie
by Mina Lightstar

"It looks quiet over there," Akuma pronounced, peering through her binoculars at the 1x2 Fortress across the ML. "There seems to be no activity."

"Good," Mina replied, still busy with the task of scraping off explicit 1x2 pictures off of their beautiful framed 2x1 pictures. "They've caused enough trouble today, already."

"Heero on Duo, Heero on Duo, Heero on Duo!"

Mina and Akuma rolled their eyes as the chanting started up again. "Will they ever shut up?" the former sighed.

"They've been doing that all day," Akuma replied. "Ever since Star chained them to the wall." She threw up her hands. "How am I supposed to write any fics with them yodeling 'Heero on Duo' all the time?"

"Heero on Duo, Heero on Duo, Heero on Duo!"

Mina sweatdropped. "Aya… Maybe one of us should go keep them occupied for awhile…?"

Akuma beamed. "Good idea, Mina! Thanks for volunteering!"

Mina chortled. "Ch-chotto! I meant *you* go and--" She stopped short when she noticed Akuma had abandoned her to reside in her turtle shell. "Hey!! Get back here!"

When kicking the shell repeatedly didn't appear to do any good, Mina snarled in annoyance and retreated to her room to get some supplies. On her way back, she smacked the turtle shell with her Winged Gavel once more for good measure before continuing on to the dungeon.

"Heero on Duo, Heero on Duo, Heero on Duo!"

The voices were louder now, and Mina fought the urge to rub her temples. The door to the cell opened with ease. Light flooded the dark room, revealing the forms of Snow and Stormy chained against the wall.

"Hi, Mina!" they chirped, their eyes wide and heavy with dark circles.

Mina fell over. "Oh, for… You've only been here for a couple of days!" She flicked on the light, illuminating the beautiful decorations of the chamber, because the 2x1 warriors had lots of nice decorations, you know. "You must be bored, ne?"

Stormy grinned. "Nope!"

Snow gave Mina a wide smile and gave a 180° shake of her head. "'Course not!"

/Not bored… Slightly insane…but not bored…/ "Well, how about a bedtime story?"

"Yay!!" the two captives cried.

So, Mina undid the shackles and was immediately pounced by two enthusiastic fellow fic authors. She settled on the cushions that littered the floor and let the two prisoners snuggle with her. "Ready for the story?"

"Is it 1x2?" Stormy asked.


"Aw," Snow pouted. "But I wanna read a story with Heero on top of Duo!"

"Well, sorry, Snow," Mina offered not-too-sincerely, "but this is my ficlet and we *are* in my fort, so…" She opened her book and settled against the wall--one arm around each prisoner and the book open in front of them. Snow and Stormy subsided and settled for just cuddling. [1]


Once upon a time there was a grand kingdom--

"What was it called?"

I'm getting to that. Don't interrupt. This grand kingdom was called Oz, and was full of happy people. The king of this kingdom was a finely dressed man named Treize, and he was married to a beautiful queen named Une.

"You're just making this up as you go along, aren't you?"

What makes you say that?

"There's nothing written in this book…"

Hush. Anyway, as I was saying, Treize and Une had a beautiful son named Heero. Heero was almost…well, Stormy and I are Canadian, so…Heero was almost 18, and therefore it was nearly time for him to get married.

A message was sent out far and wide to any suitor who had any great deal of wealth. If they were interested in being wed to Prince Heero, they were to come to the castle.

Many suitors came, but Heero did not like any of them. He found them all to be rude and mean. He wanted someone who would love him and be nice to him.

Heero's parents were at a loss of what to do. They needed Heero to get married--


Just because.

"Well, there must be a reason, right? What's the big emergency?"

Because if he didn't, a plague of locusts would infiltrate the kingdom.


Yes. Heero's parents needed him to get married, but they also wanted him to get married to someone he would love and be happy with.

They fretted for a long time, until a longhaired young man approached them.

"I can win your son's heart," he proclaimed. "Just let me wait for him in his room."

And of course, being the responsible parents they were, Treize and Une let the strange boy they'd never seen before enter the palace and stay in Heero's room.

When Heero got back from…wherever it was he has been…he was tired, and went immediately to his room. When he opened the door, a shocking sight greeted him. A beautiful young man with a long braid was lying stark naked on his bed.

"Who are you?" Heero cried. "What are you doing here?"

The naked and well-hung young man stood and stalked toward young Heero, who backed away until he reached the door. "I'm Duo, and I've come to win you," the naked boy declared, pressing his body against Heero's.

"Win me?" Heero echoed, trembling slightly.

The boy known as Duo leaned forward and claimed Heero's mouth in a hot, hungry kiss. He wasted no time, tearing at Heero's clothing, running his hands over the prince's body, pulling him close, and dragging him to bed.

A considerable time later, Duo rolled off of Heero and grinned down at him. "May I have your hand in marriage?"

Heero blinked, totally confused, and quite sated. "Ahn… Nn… Uh…"

"I'll take that as a 'yes'," Duo chuckled, and immediately descended on the prince again.

Heero and Duo were married, and as soon as the ceremony was over, Duo swept Heero over his shoulder and retreated to Heero's bedroom, and there they stayed for many hours, with only squeaking bedsprings, sultry moaning, and Heero's screams of ecstasy offering any clue of what was going on.


"The end," Mina finished, closing the book. Only silence answered her. She looked at the two prisoners, who had fallen fast asleep against her. "Awww…they're so cute!" Not wanting to move them, she sat with them until she, too, fell asleep.

[1] Aren't we cute? *^__^*


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