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the duel: 2X1 takes a shot

Precious Capture
by Neko-Chan

Heero struggled against his chains as sweat ran in rivulets down his skin despite the cool damp air. He had been captured by a stupid English lord no less on his first raid. The third child and only son of the Viking Zechs Marquise and his captive Japanese Princess Hitome he had been sheltered all his life. The only reason his parents had finally agreed to let him go on an ocean journey was because his sister Dorothy was making a merchant trip to the south. They had no idea their daughter was one of the most feared Vikings alive. The journey was cursed from the beginning first that storm which took the lives of a third of the crew and sent them off course then that accident which claimed their best navigator. But Dorothy had refused to give in and they had all agreed upon seeing the fine castle that had glimmered a rich onyx even from the distance that it was surely worth a pillage. Dorothy had knocked him over the head and stolen his clothes to prevent his going to battle. She knew if he even got a scratch their parents would tear her hide. But Heero was not to be babied. He had waited his entire life for battle and this was finely his chance. Which explained why he had entered the battlefield late wearing a red velvet gown embroidered in gold thread. He still managed to take down a few men then that, that boy had beaten him! Heero could still remember the fire in those violet eyes as the boy had raked his figure up and down.

With a shiver he reminded himself that once he got out of this stupid dress no one would look at him like that again. Carefully forgetting one of the reasons his parents had agreed to this trip was because of the potential dispute his Fathers two closest neighbors got into over which one he would choose to marry. He wondered how many of the crew remained alive since he had been chained in a separate area when the door to his cell opened.


Duo the Duke of Maxwell didn't often get visitors to his fiefdom as the illegitimate child of Queen Helene he and his brother Trowa were the only Nobles in the area. Usually an illegitimate son was taken care of by sending him to war and although Duo and Trowa had both been trained in the arts of death they had never had the chance to use them you see Queen Helene was too beloved (in other words: she slept with half the rulers out there.) to start a war with. So Duo was stuck watching over his lands while his brother being younger got to travel quite a bit. Rumor was he was the person responsible for the recent death of their mothers long time rival Queen Mary. Now he had a whole shipload of interesting people. Well actually he had five. The rest were either dead or had run away. Not that he cared either way. In fact he just made sure there were enough guards on duty before he went to check his prize. The second that girl had arrived on the battlefield he had noticed her. She was like a perfect lily lying in a bed of muck. Everything from her porcelain skin and exotic features to her superb fighting had drawn him closer. He was actually glad for this violence and bloodshed because it had placed her right in his grasp. A part of his mind had tried to wonder why a girl would have such short hair but he didn't really care. It suited her.

He stepped into the damp room and almost groaned. Her back was too him as she was chained to the wall face forward. Her legs chained spread over a bench. His guards must have been reading his hentai thoughts. He hadn't come down here for that.

"Hello Hee-Chan, I've just come from a talk with your captain Dorothy. She wouldn't say a thing no matter what Wufei threatened. But then I mentioned you and she cracked. She started blubbering offering me anything as long as I didn't touch `Her precious Hee-Chan.' that's a really cute name. You know it was actually the only information I wanted from her? The name of that vision in red."

"My name is Heero and I'm not a girl."

`Damn.' Duo thought as he felt his resolve start to melt. The way his Hee-Chan talked was so hot! He never knew he had a thing for nasal voices until that moment and the naughty thought drifted through his head that Hee-Chan's voice would sound screaming his name in pleasure."I'm Duo the lord of this land and I doubt your telling the truth. Why else would you be wearing a dress?" He had to push the issue just to see where it would go especially since his mind pointed out Heero had been very flat.

"I assure you I'm only wearing this because my clothes were stolen."

"Really? That's highly doubtful." Duo replied with just the right amount of sarcasm. "I guess I'll have to check myself."

Kneeling behind the spread boy Duo felt all his good intentions begin to scatter as his hormones turned on his mental leaf blower. Grabbing the hem of the velvet skirt now caked with mud he made a faint tsking sound then ripped it from the bodice leaving the boy sheathed in a set of silky red drawers. With a playful smirk he whispered, "We can't have these can we?"

And they too were ripped off leaving Heero exposed and Duo felt his breath catch. His prize was perfect. Long lithe legs led up to the perfectly rounded globes of Heero's ass. There was no denying the cock that now swung freely between Heero's legs or the fact that the sight of it was all Duo needed to get instantly, painfully hard.

Leaning down he kissed the exposed skin on the back of Heero's neck tasting its faintly salty flavor that was still undeniably Heero."I guess your right, you're not a girl. But that doesn't matter. What does matter is you are mine." Duo said with a throaty chuckle.Heero whimpered,

"No" and tried to buck but Duo had already let him go kneeling once more with one purpose in mind.

"Since I didn't bring anything with me we'll just have to improvise."He started at the base of Heero's cock ignoring his prisoners cries as he licked the soft flesh then suckled the head slightly feeling it grow hard beneath his touch and his prisoners cries turn to throaty moans as he barely hade a chance to begin to suckle as Heero thrust into his mouth twice nearly choking him then he came screaming Duo's name and Duo eagerly swallowed a little of the warm salty release before he spat the half in his right hand coating the fingers as he started preparing the gorgeous slightly limp boy. The rest he spat into his left hand to stroke himself with.


Heero struggled to remain conscious as pleasure flooded his senses. No one had ever hinted he could feel so… good. He could hear the distant slap of wet flesh being stroked but he forgot to fight in the aftermath of such bliss barely grimacing as he felt a slick thin object wiggle thru his sphincter. Not even the soft pain of a second finger thrusting into his body could reach him he was to aware of the sensitized feel of his skin as his pebble hard nipples were pressed against the cool stone of the wall. In some dark corner of his mind he realized he should be saying something.

"Please…" Heero whispered trying to thrust his hips back as his body told him it needed something. It didn't say what it just needed. Every nerve ending was alive and throbbing with the need for Duo's touch. He wanted more.

As the fingers continued teasing him stroking him with scissoring motions Duo's hot wet mouth captured his cock again and a groan was caught in his throat as his body desperately tried to thrust deeper in that sweet mouth and back to impale him deeper on those too insubstantial fingers.


"Anything for you Hee-Chan." Came the breathless reply and both hands were suddenly gripping his hips tightly almost too tightly as he felt the blunt tip of what his mind told him was Duo's cock pressing against his entrance. His body tensed at the invader and Duo began to murmur soft meaningless words as his hands moved distracting Heero's mind with soft caresses and feather light kisses everywhere. Once He felt the tension drain out of the beautiful boy beneath him he pushed forward in a quick sharp thrust. Heero's mouth opened in a silent scream as he felt the head which was a lot thicker then Duo's fingers press through his sphincter for a moment there was pain then a throbbingly aware feeling that he was holding part of another person in the most intimate recesses of his body.

Duo gasped aloud,

"You feel incredible Hee-Chan. So warm and (pant) Tight."

Each word was punctuated by a deeper thrust until Duo was fully seated within him. Slightly disappointed he asked,"Is that all?" And was rewarded by Duo's rich pleasure laced laughter.

"Oh no Baby."

Duo suddenly pulled back leaving him with that dreadful empty feeling again then just as suddenly filled him brushing against a spot that made Heero scream.

"Like that Hee-baby?" Wishing Heero was tied the other way so he could capture his lips but contenting himself with raining little love bites all over his back and neck.


"Since you asked so nicely." Duo chuckled then preceded to bang Heero into the wall as he tried to get deeper into that incredibly tight warmth. Losing any sense of rhythm as they both thrust in harmony and need his hand circling Heero's erection in merciless strokes as he cried,

"Now Heero Please! Come with me."

Heero's whole body went tense and he was aware of Duo thrusting into him one ore time then releasing wave after wave of warmth deep with in him. Heero actually saw stars this time. Felt them explode in his body and behind his eyes and wave after wave of pleasure drowned his over loaded senses. The last thing he heard was the whispered words,"My Hee-Baby, Mine forever."


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