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the duel: 2X1 fires a shot

Fey's Heart
Part 5
by Stardancer

Duo stretched lazily and watched the human Heero try to clean the baby phess. It was entertaining, that was for sure. Besides the fact that the young human was totally naked. Nice golden skin and all with just his circlet on his head.... He was getting distracted. He smiled an came back to earth to watch the youngster and human. The little creature kept getting tangled in Heero's hair when he tried to put her in the warm water. The baby let out an indignant wail and clamped her toothless jaws on Heero's nose.

Duo chuckled softly and began working on the mat again. This would really come on handy when the winter came. He paused to check the hanging hide nearby and was assured when he didn't see any scrabees burrowing into the fur. Those blasted beetles had a tendency to burn holes through the soft skin and fur. And they were ugly, too, with bright, poisionous blue and red wings. Duo suppressed a shudder. Ick. And those huge horns...

Duo tried to stop thinking about the bugs and was thankfully distracted when the phess baby splashed into the water, it's musical chirping sounding like laughter. She'd dragged Heero into the water as well, her little tail wrapped around his thigh. Duo smiled gently as Heero laughed, tucking the little beast under his chin to clean her underbelly. The phesschild crooned happily, snuggling closer. Duo smiled, a gentle light in his eyes. Heero's silver band twinkled in the sunlight and Duo paused. He really wished he knew who this human was Intended for. Duo shook his head slightly and continued on his mat.


Heero smiled at the delicate phesschild. She really was a sweet baby, even when she fussed. He carefully lifted the baby up to lay her in the water. The baby whined and tried to grab him again. "Shhh, Wing-babe. I'm just going to finish cleaning your back." The phesschild whined again, and Heero chuckled. "Fine, little one. If you wish, I'll stay with you in the water." The babe chirped happily at that, showing at least a fair amount of intellegence.

Heero rubbed the small bump on Wing's head which would eventually grow into a delicate horn. Silver eyes blinked, merry and full of good humor. The babe snuggled close as soon as Heero finished cleaning her back and wings. She let out a small purr and nibbled on Heero's stomach before crooning in hunger. Heero chuckled and pulled the babe out of the water, cradling her close to his bare chest. Wing crooned again and tucked her small head under Heero's chin, sounding hungry again. Heero looked around, but couldn't remember what, if anything, Duo had said the baby ate.

There was a fairly loud squak and Shi pelted out of the tree, followed by a whole flock of other birds. Shi flittered quickly to Heero and ducked behind his ear. The small bird chirped guiltily as the other birds surrounded Heero and fussed irritably before heading back to their tree again. Heero prodded the small bird out from behind his ear and frowned at him. "What'd you do to piss them off?"

Shi looked down in guilt. Heero cocked an eyebrow, but lifted a hand to allow the small sparrow to land on his fingers. He gently nuzzled the small bird's head with his cheek and smiled. "Doesn't matter. Whatever you did, you learned your lesson, right?"

The bird chirped in reply, then flew away as Wing started whining again. Musical laughter rippled through the forest as Duo came into the clearing. He was smiling in amusement. "That was intresting, human. Do you normally pick up strays?"

Heero smiled slightly. "They just seem to gravitate towards me. I don't know why..."

Duo chuckled. "Well, are you ready to track some deer, or are you going to feed your dear little phesschild?"

Heero glanced at the whining babe. "I think feeding would be a good idea." The phesschild nodded enthusiasticly, and Heero looked amazed. Duo snickered.

"Phens are incredibly smart and learn faster than anything you ever saw. She's mimicking you. Next thing ya know, she'll be trying to talk to you. But she doesn't have the right type of vocal chords to do it. Next thing, she'll talk to you using telepathy. Cool, eh?" Heero nodded, still stunned. He cuddled the small creature closer, but she started whining again. Duo smiled. "Sweet, real sweet."

Heero ignored the comment and said, "Food?" Duo blinked his bright violet eyes and nodded.

"Oh, yeah. Well, is she going to be an omnivore? Cause, if she is, ya need to feed her eggs. They really like Chirriper eggs. Ever heard of them?" At Heero's blank look, Duo smirked. "They are fat, slow orange birds with thick silver plumage around the neck. Their eggs look like acorns and usually have them around rosebushes. Not very bright, them."

"Can you show me a nest?" Duo smiled and nodded. Heero put the small phesschild down, letting her scamper to Duo.

Only then did Heero realize that both he and the other boy were naked. The youth had very pale skin and his hair was loose, floating around. His body was finely muscled, and yet delicate-looking. Everything was perfect, down to the small pale toes wriggling in the grass. Heero felt something trigger in his body, a flush of heat centering on and around his groin and turned around, hiding his suddenly erect penis as he dressed. A faint blush raised on his cheeks. He thought he heard a quiet chuckle, but he wasn't totally sure about the sound.


Duo couldn't help but chuckle when the human turned his back to him, faint red staining his cheeks. The young human was obviously very much an innocent creature, and Duo found this strangely charming. As well as sensual. Duo felt a similar triggering response at the pit of his stomach, but pulled up a quick glamor to hide it. He didn't even know which fey the young human belonged to, but he was reacting as if the human was his. He felt a bit of his own blood rising to his cheeks and hid it behind his long hair.

"Follow me," he said in a soft voice. He picked the little Wing up and turned. He started into the darker parts of the forest, trying not to think about this puzzling item.

to be continued

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