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Fey's Heart
Part 3
by Stardancer

Duo, the young fey all in black, leapt into the trees. He perched comfortably above a robin's nest and watched a young boy sling on a backpack and head out of a house near the edge of the villiage. Duo tilted his head slightly, watching the youth run into the forest, towards the river. Bright cobalt eyes flashed as the youth scanned the area around the trees. Duo grinned faintly, thinking of the tricks he could play on the skittish human. Then, Duo's eyes latched on a slender silvery hoop around the youth's forehead.

Hmm.. this kid was Intended. Duo knew there were a number of Intended children in this particular vlliage, so he didn't really pay much attention. He DID know that he was to recieve the most beautiful human, though. He couldn't clearly see the youth's face, so he had no idea whom this child was for. Duo shook his head and slid from the tree to land silently behind the boy.

The boy didn't notice. He was focusing on getting as far away as possible from his home. Duo used a bit of his magick to transform into a sparrow. The tiny sparrow's indigo eyes winked at the boy, and followed the youngster into the forest.

This should be intresting to watch. Duo the sparrow decided to follow the child through and see what he could see.


Heero scanned the area around the forest, swearing he could feel someone watching him. He glanced into the trees, his pale circlet gleaming in the moonlight. He took out the coin-sized sapphire his friend Trowa'd given him before he vanished, and eyed it. He knew how to work it, for Trowa was the one who'd made it, but not how to focus it. He decided to put it on a necklace for safekeeping, and for easy access, just in case. It wasn't the full moon yet, so he needn't worry just yet. The Oni came only on the full moon.

He leapt lightly through the forest, racing past the last few lumberman cottages. His eyes darted over everything and noticed a small bird flying almost parallel to him. The bird's eyes glinted faintly in the moonlight, and the bird ducked towards Heero.

Heero ducked, thinking the tiny bird was going to hit him, but instead, the little bird landed on his shoulder. This was an amazing feat, as Heero was running full out. Heero heard the bird chirp merrily into his ear, and he felt slightly comforted. He got the feeling this was going to be a long journey.


A few hours later found Heero and the small sparrow, whom he'd nicknamed Shi, in a small cave. It was big enough for Heero to fit and move around in, and the floor was soft dirt with no creatures in it. Nearby, there was a small stream with fresh, clean water. He was content to stay here for a while. Especially when he collected and made a quick mat of moss. It was soft and fluffy, and just a bit wet, and didn't bother him.

He realized just how foolish he'd been now. He had no money, nor did he have any weapons. The only means of protection he had was the sapphire. He had only a few extra sets of clothes, not like he was worried about that, but he really needed some sort of weapon. Heero frowned. Shi chirped, and nibbled on Heero's ear. Heero could virtually hear the little bird's voice, light and high. He knew the bird was saying something, and he could actually imagine what the creaure was saying.

{You could use some of the stones in the stream. They are fairly sharp, and can be made sharper.}

Heero nodded faintly at the bird, and spoke quietly. "I think I'll do that. But, right now, I need some sleep."

The bird chirped and flew outside. Heero followed the small bird with his eyes. The sparrow lit comfortably onto a small nest in a nearby bush. Heero smiled a bit, and laid on the mat.


Duo stretched as he transformed back into his original form. He smiled faintly at the boy in the cave, and set about making a soft blanket for the youth. He found some nice long reeds with fluffy leaves and began weaving them. He was starting to like the young boy, and again wondered who he was Intended to.

The dewy grasses didn't stir as Duo leapt into the forest again, answering a faint cry of distress. His eyes became a solid hue of deep indigo, and he quickly found the distressed phen.

The large, very pregnant phess was letting out soft pained sounds, her back legs both caught in a heavy beartrap. The phess must have tripped the wire when she was running from a hunter. Duo swore softly and pried the trap's massive jaws open. The poor winged creature had gone into shock from terror, even though she recognised the youth as being of the fey. Duo gently pulled the away from the trap, wincing from the weight of the phess. He saw the creature's stomach tremble with a violent contraction, and knew that the phess was going into labor. This wasn't good.


Heero woke suddenly, sensing something. He came out of the cave and looked around. It was still dark, but a keening wail rose from the north. Heero headed in that direction at a jog.

He came across a strange scene in the clearing the noise came from. A pale silver and midnight blue creature was the source of the sound. It's back legs were obviously broken, laying flat in its own white blood. A pale youth was kneeling in front of the beast, stroking its triangular-shaped head under a thin black horn. The youth looked up, and Heero's breath caught in his throat at the sight of deep indigo eyes and long dark hair. Heero also noticed the youth had no clothes on.

"Will you help me? She's giving birth, and I need someone to keep her calm." The youth's voice was soft and musical, a purring alto. Heero blinked.

"How can I help?"

The youth's slight smile answered him. "Just stroke her eye ridge and the base of her horn. She'll be a bit woozy." The dark eyes became shadowed, and Heero was certain the beautiful creature wouldn't live to see its baby's birth.

Heero nodded, and took up the youth's position at the beast's head. The boy carefully lifted up one of the beast's back legs and slid between them. He pressed his hands onto the creature's abdomen and frowned.

"It's turned wrong. There's no way to save it unless...." He trailed off, and the creature turned away from Heero to look square into the indigo-eyed youth. The creature's deep gold eyes seemed to talk to the young man, and he nodded faintly. His voice held sorrow as he said quietly, "She wants her child to live." Diamond tears glittered in his vioet eyes. "She's willing to kill herself to keep her line going on."

Heero was stunned. This beautiful creature would rather die than let her child die... The youth reached over to the creature's face and stroked her muzzle. He then firmly pressed on the fragile horn, then snapped it off. The golden eyes darkened, and the beast's neck slumped down onto Heero's lap. The young man used the horn to slit the stomach of the creature, spreading the gap now there more open. He reached in, and pulled out a pale white... organ. It twitched feebly, and the youth slit the sac open, releasing a small bundle of solid white wet fur. He stroked the small creature's face, removing the afterbirth from its face. Pale silver eyes opened, and a small mouth opened wide. A shrill mewl rose into the sky.

Heero blinked back tears as he was handed the crying bundle of fur. He gently sloughed off the rest of the afterbirth, and swiped the blood off its face. He looked towards the boy, but he was gone.

Shi flitted down and perched on Heero's head. The small sparrow chirped merrily at the small baby, and the baby's amusement tinkled through Heero's head. Heero froze, then smiled. He carefully caried the baby away from its mother's corpse and towards his small cave. He noticed a half-finished blanket by the entrance, and dragged it further inside the cave. He cradled the still-bloodied creature to his chest. The little bird curled up next to Heero's ear.

{Good night, youngling.}

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