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the duel: 2X1 fires a shot

Fey's Heart
Part 2
by Stardancer

12 years later....

Heero Yuy, adopted son of Amber and Jared Stone, swore in his mind. He glared at the small notice on his room's door. [ Why the hell now? This isn't fair ] The note said:

If you don't agree with this before you turn thirteen next month, you will be banished from this town. You know about the oni and what they do with children your age if they find you. Afra and Laura have agreed to let you stay with them if you agree.

Your Father
Heero made a face and ripped the note apart, eyes blazing. He knew darn well what would happen if he didn't agree with the arangement, and he was almost willing to risk it to avoid this embarassment. It was an insult, but he couldn't fight it.

Every five years, one thirteen year old child, male or female, was chosen to live with the Faeries. It was supposed to be the most beautiful child in the village, and for a boy that was embarassing to be chosen. Not that Heero cared about that, it was the other part. While the chosen child lived with the Fey, he or she learned powerful majick. But, once the child turned fifteen, he or she was to be bound to a Faerie, majickly, psychicly, mentally, and, worst of all, physically. Heero certainly WAS a virgin, but it didn't matter whether or not. As long as the child was beautiful.

Heero stalked into his room and pulled out a knapsack. Well, if those were his choices, he would leave and risk being caught by the oni.


The violet-eyed fey youth smiled weakly at his mirror. His reflection mimicked him, making a goofy face. The youth was bored, so he decided to go in search of one of his playmates. He wondered where his blonde friend was. The youth in the mirror looked sad for a minute. Now that Quatre had wings, after being bound with his mate, the small blonde seemed to have no time at all to play with Duo. The small fey sighed, his smile fading. He wondered if his mate would ever come. He'd heard that his possible mate was being difficult, refusing to be mated with him. Duo's heart sank, and he flicked away tiny sparkles from his dark eyes.

It would do no good to get weepy over it. Duo put on a bright front and headed out to find his intended.

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