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the duel: 2X1 fires a shot

Fey's Heart
Part 1
by Stardancer

The small Fey child watched the mortals leave the baby boy by the river as a sacrifice. The young fey frowned slightly, looking adorible. {Why are the mortals so....stupid?} The fey asked himself.

The blanket-swathed baby began to cry, as if sensing it's imenent death. The fey climbed out of the tree he was hiding in and blinked at the babe. {He's so small. Just barely two months old, from the looks of it} The fey looked around, searching for a place to take the child. He couldn't find a safe enough place, unless he left the child with more of his kind. There was no way the young fey could take the baby to his lands. The other Faeries would kill him on sight, most likely. The fey glanced at the sky.

The moon was coming up, and soon the supposed 'gods' would come for this babe. The little fey didn't want that; he knew what the creatures did to the babes they took. God did he know.

The children would be raised well enough, but by the time they were about 12, just beginning to hit puberty, the king of these creatures would take them as slaves, or keys. The Fey was intellegent, and was a kindhearted one. He didn't want the beautiful baby to end up like so many others.

The small fey looked around once more. He could sense the oni aproaching the river, could feel it in his bones. The faery made up his mind, picked up the small baby, and headed towards the village on the other side of the river. The oni shouldn't be able to get at the child there.

The fey child leapt into the air and pulled his light cloak close as he raced over the water towards distant lights. No one would notice another baby in the village, as the people of Ruthland were knnown to have half a dozen children at the least.


A small knock alerted Amber Sandstorm to a visitor. It was fairly ordinary, and she was certain the visitor was her best friend Sara. She opened the door with a wide smile, but didn't see anyone. She looked down, and her hazel eyes met with stunning indigo orbs.

The pale skin and rich long hair marked the youngster as a faery, but Amber barely noticed that. Her eyes were drawn to the tiny blanket-covered creature in the child's arms.

"Lo! What's this, little lad?" she asked in a rather heavy accent. The child carrying the baby blinked, but slowly spoke in a melodic, soft young voice.

"This babe was to be killed, Sister Sandstorm. Will you take him? We fey cannot care for young mortals better than a mortal woman. I ask of only a few things. Please don't let him be taken away. Don't let him on the other side of the river, for the oni will surely kill him. And never, ever desert him."

The young woman nodded faintly, still focused on the baby. The Child smiled and handed the baby over. The babe started wailing as soon as the fey child let him go, and Amber started to panic. She started to ask the child a question, but when she looked up,

The child was gone.

Amber shook her head slightly, and turned back into the house. "Oh, Eric-brother!" she called, "We have a new member of the family!"

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