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Pairings 2x1
Rating : NC-17
Warning : yaoi,lemonish
Note : just a silly fic for my 1x2x1 family ^_^

Hehhehe, it looks like Snow has to take cover in 2x1 fort, ne? Don't worry Snow, just stay longer here and when you're truly converted, you will get a nice 2x1 screensaver *grins* CSC, here what happened while I was held in 1x2 fort *snickers and fires at 1x2 fort*

the duel: 2X1 takes aim

A Day in the 1X2 Fort
by Akuma

In basement where the walls was covered with images of Heero thrusting into Duo, a girl with two horns on her head tied on a chair. She was grumbling and muttering of her 2x1 withdrawal syndrome. "They just can't leave me here without my daily 2x1 injection." The girl tried to break free from the ropes, but failed.

"Damn, I have to find a way to escape...." She frowned and then grinned as an idea came to her and whispered none too loudly. "Duo.... Shini-chan, where are you?........ Come here and help me......"

A silence answered her.




Silence again.

The girl growled. "You better come here or forget your sexy-submissive-crossdressing-fuckable-Hee...."

A door was slammed open and a braided boy rushed in, cutting the girl's rant. "I'm here!"

"Finally." The girl snorted.

"Where's my Hee-chan???"

"Untie me first."

Within seconds, the girl had been freed. She grinned as she flexed her hands. "I'm free at last."

"I want my Hee-chan." The braided boy tugged at the red triangle ended tail the girl had.

"Very impatient are we, but so I am. I need my 2x1 injection right now and I hope you can give me hotter show than the usual one." The girl sat back on the chair where she was once tied and snapped her fingers.

Something appeared between the girl and the braided boy. Someone to be exact. It was a boy with deep ocean blue eyes, messy brown hair, and alabaster skin. He was lying on the floor before the braided boy and wore nothing except for the collar on his neck, which had 'Property of Shinigami' carved on it. A chain was attached to the collar and its other end flew into the braided boy's grip.

"WOW." The braided boy widened his eyes at the sight before him andpromptly drooling. "Hee-channnn......."

The girl smirked and snapped her fingers again. A ring appeared on the base of the naked boy's cock and a butt plug found its way into the boy, followed by the boy's gasp. Another snap and two twin rings appeared hanging on the boy's pink nipples, connected them with a gold chain across the boy's chest.

"Ooohh." The braided boy stepped closer. "Perfect."

The girl beamed. "Go serve your Master, Hee-chan. I'm watching from here."

Heero slowly sat up, moaning as the plug inside him prod him deeper, and then knelt before his braided Master. "Master...please let me serve you."

Duo moaned and tugged the chain connected to Heero's collar, pulling the short haired boy closer to his crotch. "Do it."

Wasting no time, the naked boy unzipped his Master's pants with his teeth and swallowed the now free hard staff. Duo moaned in pleasure and thrust his hip forward, trying to get deeper inside his Slave's moist cavern. Heero's tongue flicked over his engulfed cock, licking and stroking it like a lollipop.

For a few minutes ahead, there was no sound heard, save the slurping and gagging as Duo thrust into his Slave's warm mouth. He tugged the chain in his hand again, causing the naked boy to deepthroat his cock.

"Akuma, I bring the 1x2 injection for you to replace your 2x1 injec....oh MY!!"

The twin horned girl turned to the voice and saw a cat stood still at the door, staring and drooling at the scene before her.

"Hiya, Snow." The girl grinned and quickly tackled the still shocked cat. She tied Snow and placed the cat on the sit she just sat. "Now that you're here, let's start the brainwashing project. Duo, can you do me the honor?"

Moans and groans answered the horned girl.


"What?" The braided boy asked irritated, wanting to keep thrusting into his Slave's luscious mouth.

"I think you would like to do the honor of telling Snow why your Hee-chan is the best uke in the world?"

"Oh yeah." Duo grinned and pulled out of Heero's mouth. "I'll do it." He patted the kneeling boy's head. "Present yourself, Hee-chan."

The shorthaired boy complied without protest. He bowed his head down and put his hands behind his back, knees wide apart.

"Now Snow, watch me explain about my sexy uke Hee-chan." Duo grinned and caressed the collar around Heero's neck. "See the collar here? It states Hee-chan as my property. Mine only." His hand trailed down and tweaked the ring on the left nipple. "And these rings, don't you think how perfect they were for him? They really suit my Hee-chan." Duo gave a tug on the gold chain between the rings and earned a gasp from his Slave, meanwhile Snow hadn't stopped drooling since the first time she entered the basement.

"And this cock ring..." Duo's hand caressed lower and fingered the ring on the base of Heero's cock. "It will prevent him from reaching orgasm without my permission." Duo stroke the naked boy's cock up and down, eliciting moans from his Slave.

"Oh yes, oh yes." Snow drooled over and over, creating a pool of drools on the floor.

"You havent' seen all of it." Duo grinned and withdrew his hand, earning a disappointed whimper from his Slave. "Hush, Hee-chan. We haven't done showing up you yet. C'mon, turn around and present your ass to me."

Groaning, Heero turned around and stood on his all fours, ass raised high in the air.

Duo just patted Heero's head and then slapped the boy's ivory round bottoms. "Now Snow, this is where I like best. These white globes begging to be turned into pink ones."

Snow's eyes widened as she stared at the ass in front of her. "Ohhhh..."

Duo grinned and held up a paddle Akuma had made exist for him. "Let's begin, shall we?"


Heero jerked up and let out a gasp as his left cheek turned pink.

"Isn't it lovely?" Duo purred as he ran his fingers over the pinkish flesh. Let's even the color on the other cheek shall we?"


"AH!" Heero gasped, but he still kept in his position.

Duo smiled and bent down to deliver a kiss to his willing Slave's ass. "See Snow? He is so cute with pinkish cheeks like these, isn't he?" Duo kneaded both cheeks with his hands and earned a moan from his Slave.

Snow at the mean time had lost the ability to speak and could only nod eagerly. The horned girl beside her also had drooled uncontrollably. "Screw him now, Duo."

"In a minute." Duo grinned and then turned to Heero. "Spread your ass for me, Hee-chan."

Heero moaned as he complied Duo's order. Resting on his shoulders and knees, Heero reached behind to grasp his cheeks and pulled them apart to show his hidden entrance, which was plugged at the moment.

One girl and one cat moaned also as they saw the ass. "Perfect...."

"And it's mine." Duo also began to drool, feeling his control start crumbling. He pulled out the butt plug slowly, earning a pleasure moan from the kneeling boy. Duo kept pulling until only the tip inside Heero and rammed the plug back into the Japanese boy, making Heero gasp in pleasure and surprise. "Isn't he lovely??"

The girl and the cat nodded in unison. "Do it again."

Duo didn't need to be asked. He had already rocked the plug in and out of his Slave's pliant body, eliciting another moan from the Japanese boy. After a few minutes of the foreplay, Duo turned to their audience. "Ready for the real fucking, girls?"

"Yes!" The cat meowed.

"Make him beg first, Duo." The horned girl grinned devilishly.

"You heard her, Hee-chan." Duo smack Heero's pink bottom playfully while he pulled the plug out of Heero all the way. "Start begging."

Heero groaned before complying, hands still pulling his cheeks apart for the show. "Please fill me, Master."

"Fill you with what, Slave?" Duo knelt behind his Slave and rested his cock on Heero's entrance, teasing the Japanese boy by not pressing it in.

Heero moaned at the feeling of his Master's cock against his back entrance. "Your cock, Master. I want you to fill me with your big marvelous cock. I want to feel you inside me."

"Ask and you shall get it." Duo grinned and put his hands on Heero's hip, impaling his kneeling slave in one swift motion. Both of the boys groaned in pleasure while the audience had swooned and drooled as their dream came true.

"Hmmm, always tight and warm. That's my Hee-chan." Duo purred as he rocked within the kneeling boy.

"Harder." The horned girl drooled.

"Yes, harder." Snow drooled also.

"Harder, Master." Heero moaned. "Fuck me harder, nail me to the floor."

Duo growled and slammed harder into the Japanese boy. He prodded Heero's prostate, making the slave gasp in pleasure.

"oh, Master." Heero panted as Duo hit his prostate again. "Please, let me come."

"Akuma, release the cock ring." Duo panted as he kept thrusting into his Slave.

"Aww, no fun. You love him too much, Duo. I would prefer to let Hee-chan unsatisfied while you come inside him." The horned girl pouted.

Heero turned his head around almost 180 degrees and glared at the girl. "Release me now or omae o korosu!"

"Eeeppp." Akuma snapped her fingers and the cock ring disappeared.

Duo chuckled, "One more thing about my uke Hee-chan. He only submits to me." The braided boy kissed his slave's back and then proceeded to pound the life out of the Japanese boy. Moans and groans echoed inside the room for some minutes before both boys cried out their lover's names and came.

"Hmmm, that's my Hee-chan." Duo purred as he rested on Heero's back after emptying his passion inside Heero. The Japanese boy just moaned as he was used as a prop, too tired to wiggle out from beneath Duo.

"Yesss..... that's the injection I need." Akuma grinned evilly. "Care to do one more round, Duo?"

"With pleasure!"

Soon moans and groans started again in the basement.

Half an hour later.

Shi-chan saw Snow emerged from the basement. "Snow sister, have you given 1x2 injection to Akuma?"

"Uhh..uhm... yeah." Snow stammered. "We're having wonderful time in the basement with Heero and Duo."

"Good. We'll convert her into 1x2 in no time." Shi-chan beamed.

"Uhm, yeah." Snow then excused herself, leaving the beaming Shi-chan to guard the basement.

Meanwhile inside the basement, the horned girl chackled maniacally. "Snow is almost converted. Good job Duo, Hee-chan."

Duo grinned. "No problem!" He cradled his exhausted Hee-chan in his arms. "Just call us when you need the injection again." With that they disappeared, just in time when Shi-chan poked her head in.

"Are you having good time, Akuma?"

Akuma grinned. "I love it."


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