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Rating: NC-17
Pairing: 2X1 Warnings: Yaoi, PWP, Lemon

the duel: 2X1 fires a shot

Come, Baby, Come
by Neko-Chan

Bounce, Come on Bounce
Bounce, Come on Bounce
Someone's always in control, you know what I'm saying

Duo walked to the window in the living room for the fortieth time that afternoon. The other pilots knew better then to ask him why. He would have just growled an answer. If Heero was home he could have told them but that's doubtful.

You see this month was Uke Heero month. Making love with Heero was always mind blowing but Duo particularly loved burying his cock in Heero. He was always so warm and unbelievably tight it took all his will power not to come immediately.

But the last two times it had been Uke Heero month he or Duo had been sent away on missions. This was the last straw, after all the scientists had him on a solo mission for the past two months. Duo hadn't gotten any satisfaction in so long he was hornier then a Yaoi fan girl! Then he had gotten the message from Heero, in code of course. Heero was due back today.

Quatre cautiously approached the surly pilot.

"Um Duo?"


"If you're waiting for Heero he came in through the back door an hour ago."


With that muttered exclamation Duo hurried past the blonde to their bedroom.

I slam the door - Boom!
When I come into the bedroom Wham! Bam!
'Cause I'm the king of the castle
Na na na turn me on turn me loose

Duo stepped in the room in time to see Heero step out of the shower. He looked like a god. All glistening and wet as he toweled off his hair muscles tautly stretched beneath perfect golden skin the thin slashes of white that spoke of previous battles won just made him more beautiful. They reminded Duo that Heero was all too human and needed to be cherished as such.

Heero only sighed at the first skimming touch understanding Duo's need to affirm for himself that he was fine after every mission. He was just slightly surprised it took him that long to begin aware from the moment he stepped in the door of his lover's attentive gaze.

come on, come on try to hit it, it's a hassle
come get some of this 'cause we got the innuendo
play me like Nintendo, never ever let go (no!)
keep it so loud you hit 'em the crescendo

Duo started with soft butterfly kisses all up and down Heero's spine knowing how sensitive the skin on his back was. Lapping at the stray diamond like drops of water that Heero's towel had missed smiling into the velvety warm skin as his lips sought to reclaim every inch of his lover. Familiarizing himself with the dips and curves he had learned long ago.

Nibbling the sensitive flesh at the juncture of Heero's neck Duo moaned in response as his lover moved his fingers lightly over his chest trailing fire in their path to pinch his nipples knowing how sensitive Duo was their and smirking in appreciation as his lover sucked even harder in reply to the sharp lance of pleasure/pain which lanced his body.

Finally satisfied with his inspection Duo finally paid attention to Heero's entreating sighs and lifted him easily carrying him to the bed to lay him against fluffy pillows. Then kneeling he got down to buissness ^_~ Intent on hearing Heero scream his name before the night was up. Sucking on the head of Heero's cock eagerly Duo almost groaned in happiness as he tasted what he had so long been denied and his own cock twitched in response. Bobbing his head up and down on Heero's swollen length it just took Duo moments to drain him of his salty seed. The mewling sounds that his koi made as he came went straight to Duo's groin.

Do Ray Mi Fa So La Ti Do

Not giving Heero a chance to recover from the waves of pleasure that still trembled thru his body Duo pulled the brand new tube of KY out of his pocket and coated his hand eagerly beginning to prepare his lover as his other hand fumbled with his pants and he leaned forward capturing Heero's lips in a kiss, thrusting his tongue against the warm roof of Heero's mouth tasting him and showing him with his tongue how desperately he needed to bury himself in Heero's warm heat only pulling back briefly to breath before he began again.

Feeling Heero begin to thrust forward to meet him Duo withdrew his three fingers and pulled one of Heero's legs straight over his shoulders to open him as widely as possible then pressed forward gasping from effort to hold back as he finally worked the slick head of his erection thru the tight ring of flesh at Heero's entrance.

Heero grabbed Duo's braid with one fist bringing his lovers lips close as he blinked away the tears that had sprung into his eyes as a reaction to the initial pain. Duo had always felt almost too big and it had been two months since they had last made love he was almost as tight as their first time. Cautiously he tried to fight against the instinct to tense against the intruder and relaxed as he began to adjust to the feeling of accepting someone so intimately. As Duo began to work his hips in tight circles causing small thrusts of intense friction against that special spot Heero began to sob begging Duo for completion to stop tormenting him.

"Ohh Hee-Chan." Duo moaned as his lover squeezed his inner muscles and tried to draw him deeper. His control finally gone Duo began to thrust into Heero desperately the sound of meeting flesh filled the room as mutual desire pushed them both beyond thinking to the pure need of instinct. Duo gasped quietly cumming as his whole body tensed then shuddered overwhelmed with pleasure as he filled Heero with pulse after pulse of seed trigger his lover's own release."DUUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Come baby come baby baby come come
Come baby come baby baby come come
when you gotta give me lovin' then you gotta give me some
(you gotta give me lovin' and you gotta give me some)

Hearing the muffled screams downstairs Quatre shook his head. `Duo sure is loud'. He thought with a rueful grin. He would have fallen out of his chair if he knew how vocal Heero got in bed.

Well, I can hear the beep beep beep
the laptop goes beep
Hello, Hello, but we're still gettin busy
pum pump pump - hua!
now you're gettin' busy

Still coming down from that sweet place that he had reached Heero realized that he could hear the beep of his computer telling him that he got email in. With an ease born of practice he slipped Duo out of him smiling at the way the blissful expression on his beloveds face turned to pure chagrin. Carefully not to mess up the chair he opted to bend over the back of it to check his mail.

Duo opened his eyes ready to complain about that damn computer when he lost all ability to think for a moment. Heero was bent over the computer desk his sweet ass pointed straight in Duo's direction show giving him the perfect view to see the firm globes and stretched pink rosette from which his creamy white seed was leaking. He was instantly, painfully hard. Moving with the stealth of a jungle cat Duo slipped behind his lover. Heero's hands stilled on the keys his mouth opened in an O of surprise as he felt his horny Shinigami thrust into him in one movement his previous release easing the way.

"Duo! Waii t ahh," Heero's sentence ended in a whimper as he braced himself against the desk the rough fabric of the chair rubbing against his erection with each thrust. The dual sensations driving all thought of computers, email and missions out of his head.

I can slow it down so you can pump it (pump it)
Better move it fast so you can thump it (thump it)
Four balls and two bats, a pitcher don't need no hat
Slidin' into home base, trying to hit a home run, (hua!)
Swing batta' batta' batta' batta' batta' swing!

Heero was barely beginning to feel the beginning of his third orgasm sweep thru him when he felt the warmth of Duo cumming deep inside him again. Legs too weak to support his weight he leaned back against His lover as he felt the pulses subside but the thrusting didn't.


"Mmmm yes?"

"Your still hard?"

"Mmmm your so hot Hee-Chan."

On that note Duo squatted on the floor bringing Heero down with him and impaling himself deeper, finally sending Heero over the edge as he was stretched deeper then before. Sobbing Duo's name over and over again in a litany

Bounce! Move it all around, Move it all around Bounce!
Pump it up and down Bounce! Bounce!
Move it all around, Move it all around Bounce!

Smiling in satisfaction at his lover's helpless moans and thrashings Duo let himself go aware of the fact that he was pushing a little seed out with each thrust. Stopping for a moment to rearrange them selves so he could stare into Heero's eyes as he came Duo bit the sensitive flesh of Heero's neck as he came his body eagerly embracing release.

Tell me do you like it? Yeah, Yeah
Do you want a little more? Yeah, Yeah
Now tell me do you love it? Yeah, Yeah

"Duo… Ai Shiteru" Heero moaned weakly still trying to recover. Duo smiled and kissed his kawaii little nose.

"I love you too Hee-Chan."

"Um Duo?"

"Yes Hee-Chan?"

"Your still hard."

Come on! Do do you love me? Ha! I can feel it
Hua baby baby, come on, ha baby baby, let it go
Hua baby baby, come on, ha baby baby, give it to me
Ha baby come on, ha baby, give it to me
Ha! Straight up, now tell me


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