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Pairings: 2x1
Rating : NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon

Note: sequel to Behind The Mask. Don't ask me where the idea comes *sweatdrops*

This time I will free Mina for sure!! *grins and aims the center of 1x2 fort*

the duel: 2X1 takes a shot

Behind the Second Mask
by Akuma

"What do you want to know?"

Great, Duo Maxwell, you have dug yourself a grave. I didn't plan to say those words. I didn't realize it when the words flew out of my mouth and gave him a light to find a way into my buried secrets. I wanted to take the words back, to undo them, to cancel them, but he had already heard them and quickly asks me a question.

"Where did you learn to dance?"

I let out the breath I unconsciously held after the words escaped my mouth. Thankfully, that isn't the question I fear he will ask. If he asks about why I wanted him as my reward, why I wanted a boy like him instead of a sexy girl, I know I'll be defeated and my mask will be broken.

I don't want to admit I love him.

Still.... even though he asked a question I didn't dread answering, I don't like answering it. I don't like answering any questions that will remind me of my past. I want to say 'it's none of your business', but it was me who gave him permission to ask the question. And moreover... he has paid for it, hasn't he? He paid it with his virginity and I have no reason to deny him the answer.

Damn him.

I'm a sportive man so I told him what he wants to know. I tell him how Sister Helen taught me to dance and how I practiced hard just to make her happy. I tell him how I often stepped on my friends' feet and lost count of my mistakes, unaware I just poured my past to him. I keep mumbling about my dancing experience while my hand idly stroked his chest until we both fell asleep, with my cock still buried inside his tight body.

When morning came, I find myself hard inside his warm body. I nuzzle the back of his neck, twirl his nipples and make a couple of thrusts into him, awakening him from his slumber.

He is tense at first, feeling confused but as his mind clears from his sleep, the realization sinks in and he relaxes against me. "Do you want me again?" His voice is still hoarse from sleep, but I hear every word he says. Want him again? Of course, what person in his right mind will deny such delicious release in the morning? I answer him by thrusting sharply into him, pleased to hear him gasp in surprise... and pain. He must be sore after my first not too gentle penetration. This morning, I fu...take him slowly, thrusting into him while he lies on his side.

I bask in his scent in the aftermath after the morning activity, feeling so good to just lie there and hug him. What do the romantic people like to say at the time like this? Oh yeah, they wish time would stop. But I know my time won't stop for he asks me another question.

"Who's Sister Helen?"

Damn, how dare he ask that question. I tighten my hug around him, wanting to inflict pain on him and to my shock, he purrs in delight. This is not the reaction I expect from him! He, Heero Yuy the Perfect Soldier, purring?! Does he feel so safe with me to let go of his guard? Or is it because he trusts me as he said last night?

I'm still in shock and he is silent. Why? Why doesn't he ask more of his fucking questions? I shift and feel myself brush his inner tissue. I'm still inside him, not wanting to leave the warm cocoon anytime soon. It feels so good to be in here. Oh yeah, that's the answer of my question. I have fuc...damn, why can't I say that word? I have fucked many men and women and never feel hesitated to use that four-letter-word. But with him... I can't bring myself to say it.

Whatever, I don't want to analyze myself. Better throw that thought far away and analyze him, instead. So he assumes I will trade one answer with one chance to fuc...damn... take him. He will realize soon that his assumption is wrong. This is the last time I put my cock inside him and the last time he will get answer from me.

I answer him like I answered his first question last night and then we lapse into silence. I feel somewhat lighter after telling him about my past. Hmmm, I must admit I like hugging him like this. He feels so good, like a home..... I must have dozed off for a while because I was startled when he speaks up.

"Duo.... We have class in half an hour."

Class. Damn, I now remember the reason I hate mornings. I want to skip class, to just lie here with him, but we are undercover right now and it's best not to make the other students question us. Reluctantly, I pull out from his warm body, somewhat feeling down because I can't fu..take him again after this.

He stands up and enters the shower, giving me a good view of his ass with my release leaking and trailing down his alabaster thighs. I find myself hardened again at the sight and try hard to hold my lust.

I don't want him to know more about my past.

I may not take him again.

That resolution only lasts a few seconds. For the next thing I know, I'm in the bathroom, pinning him under the shower and thrusting into him. When we finish showering, he asks about Father Maxwell and I answer him straight away.

I have tasted the forbidden fruit and I can't stop taking it again and again. I realize it now.

I will trade my dark painful past with the forbidden fruit named Heero Yuy.

He is fidgeting in the class and I know he feels sore, because of me. I'm positive I'm grinning because he is glaring at me. I'm back wearing my joker mask while he wears his Perfect Soldier mask. Only when we are alone can we take off of those masks. However my mask doesn't prevent me from feeling the lust. The way he's fidgeting makes me horny. I can't wait till we reach our room to be alone again.

I take him inside one of the stalls in boy's rest room during passing time. He protests first but soon gives up and lets me slide into him. Of course, I must pay him after that. He asks about Maxwell's orphanage and I answer him. It's a suitable price to pay to have his delicious body.

I take him twice more that day and have to pay then, by telling him about the massacre he asks me about.

Sex with him becomes a daily need for me. The more he knows about my past, the lighter I feel and the hornier I become. I don't know how my libido and my past are connected but it's there. When we leave the school a week later, I reach the record of coming seven times in his ass in one day and he has got almost all my past in his hand. Almost.

I was wrong to think he had gotten over his curiosity about my past.

After I took him inside Deathscythe's cockpit before going back to the safe house, he asks about where I learn to use poison needles. Damn I have forgotten about that. I tell him my first lover taught me.

The next time I take him inside our safe house, he asks about that first lover.

It's hard to tell about Peter, my first lover. I thought he loved me and I told him all about my past without hesitation. But then he betrayed me and crossed side to OZ, using my past to take advantage of me.

I killed him with my own hand.

Heero is silent while I tell him about Peter. He is always silent when I answer his question and waits no matter how long it takes me to let it out. When I finish my story, I find his finger wiping the tears on my cheeks. I don't realize I have been crying. Damn, boys don't cry! I shove his hand away and wipe my tears angrily.

I attack him and take him again. I'm angry and I'm hurt. I need something to release the long suppressed anger. Damn Peter, why did he betray me? Why did he cross to side with OZ? All for money? Does a lover mean nothing to him? Damn him.

I pound into Heero. I know I'm rough this time, but I can't stop it. I thrust and thrust and thrust. Suddenly I come so hard that I black out without answering Heero's question.

When I come back, the day has turned into night. I blink several times, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness in the room. Memories of the day quickly return into my mind. I quickly locate Heero and find out I have been sleeping over him, still buried inside him. I slowly pull out and hear him writhing in his sleep. He must be really sore this time.

I turn on the light and am shocked to see how many bite marks I have left upon him. Feeling guilty, I lift his slender body and carry him to the bathroom. I sink into the tub with warm water and seat him on my lap, facing me and watch him slowly come back to land of living.

He blinks to clear his sleep fogged mind and looks at me in confusion with his beautiful blue orbs. I ignore his look, take the sponge and start cleaning him. He winces when I scrub the sponge over one of the bite marks. I quickly lean forward and kiss the mark gently.

"Sorry." I whisper as I pull away from the mark and kiss the next mark, whispering my sorries again and again. I kiss every visible bite mark and he sighs in contentment, understanding what I want to tell him through the kisses. Does he ever feel hatred like I feel? I don't think so. Mad yes, angry often, but hatred never.

"Why don't you hate me for breaking your trust?" I whisper near his ear, kissing the bite mark I'd made on his neck.

"You didn't break my trust." He whispers back.

I pull back and look at him. "I hurt you."

"Rough yes, but never hurting. You never hurt me."


He cuts my words. "If you intended to hurt me, my face would be black and blue right now."

Well, that's true. His face is still as beautiful as ever, free of scratches. The only thing I did was give him too many bite marks.

He speaks again, drawing my attention from his bite marks. "You're angry at Peter."

I hate discussing my past but I nod nevertheless. I keep my head bowed until he takes put his hands on each of my cheeks and pulls my face up to look at him.

"I'm not Peter." His breath brushes my nose as he leans closer.

Since when does he know me so well?

He knows why I hate telling anyone my past.

He knows why I don't want anybody to know me too well.

And strangely the fact that he knows all about my past doesn't annoy me. I feel like he has the right to know and I'm contented with that.

"I won't betray you." He whispers again. His words are like a salve to my wounds that kept opening after Peter's betrayal. Funny that his four words heal my wounds completely. I feel overwhelmed and lean forward, kissing him on his lips.

I'd kissed him for the first time since I made the deal with him.

I can feel him tense in surprise but he quickly melts in my kiss. His lips were so soft, I wish I kissed him from the start but I know my reason for not kissing him. I even dodged and pulled away when he tried to kiss me during our previous couplings. But not anymore, not ever.

I pull away and quickly wash both of us. After working the towel over him, I carry him back to the bedroom and lay him on his untouched bed. I slide next to him and he quickly turns and snuggles into me like he's been doing for the past days. I hug him and caress his back and hair. We lay there in silence for some moments until he once again breaks it.

"Why have you never kissed me on the mouth before?"

I chuckle. He still hasn't forgotten that I haven't paid him yet. I laugh out loud and freely for the first time since Peter's betrayal. It seems my plug has been pulled and the laughter flows freely from my mouth. I can't stop laughing. He looks at me in confusion and worries but he does nothing to stop me. Finally my laughter subsides and I get a stomachache as the result but it's fine with me.

I look at him, smiling so freely and so genuinely that he looks at me in astonishment. He looks so cute that I can't help but kissing him again. It's night but I feel the room as bright as daylight, all because he is with me. And at that time, I know I don't dread answering any more questions he chooses to ask me.

I'm not afraid to admit my feelings for him anymore.

"I only kiss the person I love." I give my answer and watch as the emotions playing on and changing his usually stoic face. Surprise, shock, realization, understanding and then acceptance. He now is like a blind person who has just been given sight. He looks at me and smiles his first genuine smile.

"I love you too, Duo."

I smile back, not too surprised at his admission. I have guessed about it since the time he agreed to my deal. "Is that the reason why you want to know about me?"

He looks thoughtful as if he just got an answer he has been looking for so long. He then nods and smiles that melting smile again.

I kiss him.

He kisses me back.

We make love that night.

This time he doesn't ask me any more questions.

For he knows everything about me.

This time...

I ask him the questions.


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