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the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

Waving a Banner
A Family List Ficcie
by Kitsune

A short, scratch that, *very* short, cloaked figure lowered the spyglass in its hand and slipped it into chibi-space. Both forts ahead had sustained damage, recent damage from the looks of it, towers belching smoke and walls crumbling under their own impacted weight.

Taking a moment to study the brightly-colored banners waving from the tallest intact towers of both fortifications, shadowed golden eyes widened at the sight of the slightly less tattered banner to the north. With a grin and a chuckle, the tiny figure made for the northern encampment.

Within the hour, the small figure, a few furry silver tails now poking out from underneath the white cloak, approached the massive gates. The hood fell back when the tiny person had to crane her neck to look up at the manned guard towers. Two pointed silver ears quirked from the silver spidersilk hair clouding around the chibi kitsune.

A helmeted head peered over the ramparts, calling down. "Ho there! What business have you here at the 1x2 fort?"

With a little wiggle of her nose, the chibi multi-tailed fox popped out of view and back in again, right beside the guard, a little cloud of sparkly silver smoke marking her passage. Wide, golden eyes blinked and glinted happily.

"I am here to see Jana." The little voice matched the chubby chibi cheeks and a-little-too-innocent-to-be-real smile. A little pennant apeared in her hand, boldly proclaiming '1x2 forever!' in large bright letters, which she waved happily. "My name is Kitsune and I'm here to help."

*jana grins like a baka and glomps kitsune... dragging her inside the fort* welcome, my dear!! hey guys? LOOK WHO WE GOT!!!!!!!


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