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the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

by Chibi Shi-Chan


Yes you read that sentence right. It's the battle of the century as the sly and cool Gambit faces off against the sexy yet deadly Morrigan. But wait...since when was Gambit Japanese...and why is Morrigan so flat-chested, with a chestnut colored braid?!?!? Find out the answers to these questions as our two favorite Gundam pilots go head to head...in a video game war?!?!

Well, with all that established....


It was your average looking day. You know, birds singing...blah, blah, blah. Anyway, it LOOKED like an average day, but this day held meaning. Like the convention, but not just any convention, but the CONVENTION *smiles* O.K. Back to serious matters, like the hot Japanese boy who was adding the final touches to his costume. This year, he was going as Gambit, his favorite X-Man and his favorite character on his favorite video game...Marvel vs. Capcom 2. He grabbed his fake staff and his long, brown trench coat and smirked. He was ready for action. He only hoped that there was some competition this year. Well, according to the arrangement of the stars and that you have to have the final answer in Chemistry follow the number of significant digits and that Pythagorean Theorem is an easy way to find the sides of a right triangle...today was that day.

On the other side of town, a happy American boy pulled on his knee-high boots to complete his costume for the big convention. You see, he was dressing as his favorite character too...which happened to be a female bat with a very skimpy outfit. But he didn't care as he added the bat wing clips to his hair. He was there to have fun, and hopefully find a worthy opponent. He twirled around in the mirror and smiled; he was now ready.

The convention was held at one of the cities most famous hotels. There were several people there, all playing the games and buying loads of stuff. Several Ryu's and Cammy's and Chun-Li's roamed around, just happy to be there. There was only one thing "Gambit" was looking for...the video games. As if on que, he heard cheering coming from an area. Peaking his head in, he smiled. He had found what he was looking for.

The American sighed as he felt roaming eyes on his body. He was glad people seemed to be liking his costume, but he didn't want THAT much attention. He smiled as he saw a familiar blond, who had two blue bun-shaped hair pieces clipped in his head and a blue chinese dress.

"Hiya!" He said. The blond smiled and rushed over to him.

"You look great Duo, I should've known you'd go all out." Said the blond.

"Thanks Quatre, you look nice yourself...but why are you here? I thought you didn't play video games." Said Duo.

"Oh I don't, but you know Trowa does so I..." He began to blush.

"Ah I see. Let me guess...he's Ryu and you're Chun-Li."

"Yep. So Duo, find any competition yet?" Asked Quatre.

"No, but I'm getting lots of attention. It's like a dating service." Said Duo. Quatre smiled at his friend. The two continued their friendly conversation until "Ryu" entered the group.

"Hey Tro, what's up?" Asked Duo. Ryu looked pretty weird with wild bangs in his face. Trowa sighed.

"I got beat." He said.

"What, already!" Asked Quatre. The blond covered his mouth up; he didn't mean to upset his boyfriend. Trowa saw this and smiled, rubbing the top of the boy's head.

"Yeah, by that Chinese kid over there." Said Trowa, pointing at the machine. Sure enough, there was a Chinese boy dressed as Strider Hiryu standing by the machine, waiting for a challenge. Duo smiled.

"O.K. Tro, I'll go and defend your honor." Said Duo, walking over there. His two friends shrugged and followed.

"Who will challenge me?" Asked the Chinese boy. No one stepped up, all afraid that they would get totally embarrassed. The Japanese Gambit smiled at this. It was time to show off his skills.

Duo broke through the crowd and stepped up to the Chinese boy.

"I'll play ya." He said with a smile. The Chinese boy stared at him...and laughed. Duo glared; why was he laughing?

"Oh boy, a woman wishes to challenge me." Said the boy. Duo growled...did he call him a WOMAN! There were several laughs coming from the crowd.

"Come on, we want to see a real match." Said one.

"Yes "Morrigan," go back to your cave or something." Laughed another. Duo was shaking in fury. How dare them label him like this...because he looked like a girl. Did they really think girls couldn't play? He should've brought Hilde with him; she was the one who taught him how to play. He saw Trowa and Quatre in the crowd and gave an evil smirk.

"Well come on tough boy, show me what ya got." He said in a female voice.

"Oh no, he wouldn't." Said Trowa.

"Hm, serves these goons right if they think they got beat by a girl." Said Quatre. Trowa smiled at his frowning lover.

"You look so cute when you pout." Said Trowa.

"I'm NOT pouting." Said Quatre. This made Trowa smile even more as he wrapped his arms around his "Chun-Li."

"I hope Duo doesn't beat them TOO badly."

"You actually think that chick has a chance?" Said a voice. Quatre growled at the boy.

"Of COURSE! She's really good." Said Quatre. The boy smiled.

"Calm down sweetie, I believe ya." The boy was being very sarcastic. This made Quatre even more upset. Trowa began to nibble on his ear, trying to make the boy calm down. He heard Quatre sigh and melt in his arms.

"Don't say anything, just let them find out the hard way."

"You really wish to play me?"

"Well what other reason would I be up here for?" Asked Duo. The Chinese boy gave an evil smirk.

"I don't know, a strip show perhaps?" There were several howls after that comment. Duo was turning red now, but not from embarrassment.

"Yeah baby, I like that idea."

"Yeah, why don't you show us what ya got?"

"Mmm, I'd love to see what the little bat has to offer." Duo glared at everyone. He took his place next to the machine.

"Let's fight." He said.

"Alright babe, whatever you say." The match was about to start when...

"I'll take this guy." Said a voice. Duo spun around and was about to protest, when he saw cobalt blue eyes staring back at him.

The boy gasped when he looked into the violet pools. He smirked at the girl in front of him.

"I'll handle it." He said.

"Finally, real competition." Said the other boy. Duo moved away from the machine, completely entranced by the other boy's presence. He stood next to Quatre and Trowa.

"Why'd you give up?" Asked Quatre.

"I didn't give up, I want to watch this match. Whoever wins this one I will play them."

"Oh I see." Said Quatre. Duo sighed.

"Just stand there and look cute Q." Duo said with a laugh. Quatre blinked at him in an adorable sort of confusion.

"He wants you to be part of his cheering section." Said Trowa.

"OH! O.K. Duo." Duo let out a short laugh. Quatre was really too cute sometimes.

"I hope the Japanese boy wins, I'd love to play him."

"I'd like to introduce myself, I am Chang Wufei." There were audible gasp from the audience.

"Why are they so surprised?" Asked Quatre.

"He's a well known video game player in this town. I've never played him before but I've seen him and he's pretty good. Not as good as me." Said Duo.

The other boy smirked.

"And I am Heero Yuy." Now the crowd was really surprised.

"That's...Heero Yuy?" Asked Trowa.

"Who is he?"

"Shh! Don't SAY that too loud." Said Duo. Quatre blushed.

"He is one of the best video gamers out there. People talk about him everywhere...he's even on the cover of GamePro. He is very good indeed. I've always wanted to battle him." Said Duo.

"O.K. He sounds pretty important." Said Quatre.

"He is. Wow...he's even cuter in person."

Wufei gasped at the boy. Heero Yuy? He would play against him? He smiled.

"O.K. Mr. Yuy, let's do it." The crowd was in a hush as the two chose their three characters. The match wasn't even close. Heero was really good. He beat Wufei...with the same person. The crowd cheered as Heero took a bow.

"Anyone wanna play me?"

Duo smiled, now it was time for him to show his skills. He saw all of histechniques and knew exactly what to do. A crowd had formed around the boy; the usual video game admires. It was his turn now, and to think, against Heero Yuy!

Heero smirked at the fans. The ones who never played but always watched. Hewas the best at what he did, and no one could stop him.

"You're great Mr. Yuy." Said one boy.

"I know." Conceited guy isn't he?

"Yeah, you're the best."

"I wish I could play that well." Heero kept his confident smirk on, but inside he was disappointed. He hoped that this year he would get a challenge, and it looked as if he wouldn't.

"You all think he's good because you haven't seen me play yet." All turned to see the sexy "Morrigan" step up. Heero took in every aspect of the girl. Long, chestnut braid and violet eyes, with slim hips, long legs, and a gorgeous ass. Duo was doing the same to Heero, taking in the deep blue eyes and wild hair, and the nice, hard body sculptured through the tight costume.

"Oh really. You think you can provide me with some competition?" Asked Heero.

"Oh...I KNOW I can provide you with some." Said Duo.

"Alright, since you seem to want to be defeated so badly, I'll send you home crying if you wish."

"Fine with me. You know you have a pretty good record Mr. Yuy. Let's see if it holds up." The girl smiled and walked up to the machine. Heero found himself looking at her ass again, which was weird because, Heero liked boys.

Duo smiled again as the two stood next to each other.

"Well everyone knows me so why don't you introduce yourself."

"Oh, I am...uh...Duette Maxwelle (1)." The two shook hands and took their post. It was time to battle.

Heero, of course, picked Gambit first. For his other two, he picked Cable and Wolverine. This was the same team he beat Wufei with. Duo smiled as he picked Morrigan, then Sakura and Megaman (2). The match started.

The crowd was entranced at the match. It was actually close. Several combos and specials were tossed out. Heero found that the girl did provide him some competition...maybe too much. He had to push his skills to the limit, making Duo do the same. The two were growling and punching and kicking and blasting each other. Calling on their partners for help. Duo gasped as he realized they both had one person left, which happened to be their costumed forms.

"Come on Morrigan, don't fail me now."

"Alright Gambit, let's take it all the way."

"Wow, she is good." Said Wufei.

"Told ya!" Said Quatre. The guy glared at the blond.

"There's no way she can beat Yuy though." Said Wufei.

"Yes she can. GO!!! KICK HIS BUTT!!!"

Duo smiled to himself as he heard his cheering section. There were 10 more seconds left and the two had little energy left and Heero had enough for one super move. Duo threw an energy blast which Heero easily blocked.

"Say good-bye sweetie." Heero executed his Royal Flush. Duo smirked...and pulled out the big guns...Morrigan's special move. Heero gasped.

"How...you didn't have enough for a super."

"So you think, but that last fireball gave me just enough. Why do you think I threw it?" The moves were done at the same time, so the screen froze. All watched, wanting to see if Heero's move struck or Duo's. All the sudden....Morrigan's beam struck Gambit. All gasped as Gambit let out a painful scream.


All watched in shock as Morrigan struck her victory pose. Duo had won. The great Heero Yuy was beat...by a girl.

Duo gasped along with them. He had just beat Heero Yuy. He just defeated the fucking Game Master. There was only one thing to do...

"ALRIGHT!" Duo began bouncing up and down, happy as can be.

"YES!" In the crowd, Quatre began bouncing too. It was quite a sight, seeing the lovely "Chun-Li" and the sexy "Morrigan" jumping in the air. Quatre ran up to Duo and gave him a tight hug. Duo returned it and gave everyone a thumb's up. The crowd soon began to cheer for him.

Heero was shocked. How did he get beat by a girl. HIM! That wasn't possible. He was Heero Yuy for crying out loud. He never lost, NEVER! He knew he wanted competition, but he didn't think he'd lose...AND TO A GIRL!

"Good match Mr. Yuy." Heero turned to see the said girl smiling at him, the blond next to her. He glared; the blond probably played twice as good. It was always the cute ones, which Heero seemed to be learning the hard way.

Suddenly, there was a hand outstretched at him. He sighed and shook the girl's hand. He couldn't look like a soar loser in front of all these people.

"You are really good. I haven't had a match that close since I played my girl Hilde."

"I see. Well, it was a good match. I...must go." Heero then turned and left.

"Wait Heero I....oh..." Quatre saw the distressed look on his friend's face.

"What's wrong Duo?"

"Huh, oh nothing. I was hoping we could...I don't know...get together sometime." Said Duo.

"Ah, I'm sure you two will find each other."


"Yeah. Now you and Trowa may be video games experts, but I am an expert in love." Said Quatre. Duo smiled as the two went through the crowd to get to Trowa. The rest of the convention was uneventful...

but that night....

"Man I'm beat guys. I think I'll get my room key and hit the sack." Said Duo.

"That sounds like a plan. Quatre already got ours so we'll see you in the morning." Said Trowa.

"You two are sharing a room? O.K., don't have too much fun kids." Laughed Duo. The two blushed at that and walked upstairs. Duo approached the desk.


"Oh, you're coming from the convention too?"

"Yes, my name is Duo Maxwell. I left my room key here." Said Duo. The lady looked through the keys and picked a set out that had Duo's name on them.

"Ah I see, here you are." She said. Duo took his key and thanked the lady.

Before he ran upstairs, a huge rumbling sound emitted through the hotel (3) Duo looked outside to see that it was pouring rain. You couldn't even see clearly anymore.

"Damn, what a storm." The hotel doors flew open and a soaked Japanese boy entered. Duo stared at the boy and gasped. "Heero?"

It was just his luck. First he got beat by a girl, then his ride left him so he had to take the subway, only to realize his wallet was in his ride's car. So, he sat and waited for the bus because they were free because of the convention, but then it started to rain. And the bus didn't stop at his house, but rather it stopped about 5 miles away from it. So he stumbled back into the hotel to see if the rain would calm down...when he heard his name being called. And there stood the girl that started all of his problems.

Duo had to keep his hormones in check. The boy looked absolutely gorgeous soaked like that. He approached the wet boy and smiled.

"Bad weather isn't it?" He asked. Heero glared at him.

"Right, stupid question. So are you waiting for a ride?"

"No, my ride left me here. I was waiting on the convention bus." Said Heero.

"Oh I see. Well, you want to wait in my room?" Asked Duo.

"Uh...sure I guess." Duo smiled as the two walked upstairs. Heero found himself staring again. He didn't know if he'd last in the girl's bedroom.

Duo opened the door and immediately went to the bathroom to get the boy a towel. Heero pulled off the trench coat and sat on the king size bed. The coat was what really got soaked not him. Duo emerged victorious from the bathroom, but dropped the towel when he saw the tight black body suit instead of the brown trench coat.

"Uh..." He picked up the towel, "Here ya go." Said Duo. Heero saw this and smirked, taking the towel to dry his hair. Duo went to the closet to get some dry clothes. Finding some he liked, he tossed them at Heero.

"Here, you can put these on. You're bigger than me but they should fit." He then turned to look for something he could slip on.

Heero stared at the clothes in confusion. Did she really expect him to put her clothes on? He picked up the shirt and stared at it. It was big, but sheesh, since when did guys where girl's clothes? And the boxers...wait...boxers?!?! Well, girls did wear boxers at times so he heard (4) They looked like they would fit, which was very strange. He looked up and gasped. The girl was getting undressed in front of him.

"What the HELL are you doing!" Duo had just changed out of his boots.. He was reaching for the rest of the outfit when he heard Heero's scream.

"Getting undressed."

"But...but...I'm still in the room."

"So, it shouldn't be anything you haven't seen before." Duo reached for the zipper, but found he couldn't reach it. Heero still sat in shock, how could she say that?

"Uh, could you zip this down for me?" Heero gulped. Duo couldn't help but blush at the thought of the Japanese boy undressing him.

"S...sure I could." He stood and went behind the girl, zipping down the garment. The outfit dropped to the floor, leaving her in the pink stocking with the purple bats. Heero stared at her bare back...just his luck, she didn't wear a bra. But...her back seemed pretty...muscular?!?!

"Thanks a lot. That costume was killing me." Now that Heero thought about it, her voice sounded different. It sounded...huskier and a little deeper. The girl turned around and Heero gasped. Duo stared at the boy in confusion, and then smiled.

"You...you really thought I was a girl?" Heero did the only thing he could...he fainted.

His vision came back slowly, but when it did it was swimming in worried violet eyes.

"Hey, are you O.K.? I'm sorry I startled ya." Said the girl...er...boy. That was obvious to him now. He noticed that Duo had on a T-shirt that was slipping off of his shoulders and a pair of boxers. His hair was worn down; the chestnut waves framing his slender yet enticing form.

"You...you really are a boy." Whispered Heero.

"Yeah, I'm sorry to try and trick you when we were playing, but those guys were getting on my nerves with those comments. Girls came play just as well as guys. My friend Hilde beats me all the time." Said Duo.

"So you mean you dressed like a girl to prove your point?"

"No no no...I dressed like Morrigan because she is my favorite character. I acted like a girl because everyone assumed I was a girl...and it was great to see the looks on their faces when they learned that girls COULD play." Said Duo, now sitting next to Heero who was still lying in his bed.

"I see. So I really didn't get beat by a girl."

"Well, no, but a guy who gets trained by a girl." Heero smiled at the boy. Everything made sense now. The flat chest "Morrigan" had and the sort of husky yet feminine tone. And his attraction to the sexy bat. Duo felt the other boy's eyes roaming over his body and blushed.

"I...I always wanted to face you, but I still can't believe I beat you." Said Duo.

"Hn, I was distracted."

"Distracted by what?" Heero sat up and cupped the boy's cheek in his hand.

"By you." Duo felt his body heat up at the mere touch of Heero. Heero's lips drew closer to his, so close that he could feel his warm breath on his trembling lips.

"Are you 100% sure that you are a boy?" Heero asked again, his lips moving to the sensitive earlobe and nipping at it. Duo shuddered.

"Because I only like boys." Heero whispered, moving his lips to Duo's neck and gently kissing it. Duo moaned under the tender ministrations.

"I am positive that I am a boy." Moaned Duo.

"Hn...I'm still not so sure. I think I should check and see if you are a boy."

Duo's eyes popped open when he felt lips on his. He found himself being drawn into the demanding kiss. He slid his eyes shut and purred when he felt Heero flip him over so he was under him. Duo opened his mouth for the questing tongue and melted from the heat of the kiss. Their tongues battled each other with much more intensity then when they fought in the game, but this time, Duo felt himself losing the battle. It was especially hard to keep up when Heero's hands went under his oversized T-shirt and began to play with his nipples. Duo broke the kiss with a startled gasp when the fingers pinched the sensitive pebbles.

"It feels like you are a boy." Heero teased as he rolled the nipples with his thumb.

"Nnn." Duo threw his head back when he felt the touch get rougher and the kisses go lower. He nearly lost his mind when he felt Heero gently bite one of the hard nipples through his T-shirt.

"Gods Heero..."

"Hm...there is still one more thing I want to do to make sure you are a boy."

Duo gasped as Heero kissed the erection in his boxers. Heero gave an evil smirk as he let his hand creep inside the boxers, stroking the evident arousal. Duo gasped and arched up to the touch.

"You are DEFINITELY a boy." Heero said with a smile. He then discarded the boxers and the T-shirt, revealing the glowing creature that was Duo Maxwell.

"I'm glad you figured it out. So, what are you going to do about it?" Asked Duo, sitting up to undress his soon to be lover. His eyes marvelled at the body in front of him, for it could only be compared to a work of art.

"You are a very breathtaking boy." Said Duo. Heero smiled as he kissed the rose colored lips.

"The said can be said about you."

"Although your gaming skills aren't as good as mine." Said Duo. Heero smirked at the boy, pinning him down to the mattress.

"You think so?"

"I know so."

"Well I bet I could master this game." Said Heero, his hand gripping the dripping erection. Duo threw his head back and let out a moan when the hand began to stroke his sensitive arousal. Heero loved the way the boy looked, his braid slowly becoming undone and sweat glistening from his body. Heero used his other hand to find something else to do. Duo jumped when he felt something slip inside of him.

"Ah...shit Heero..."

"Hm...don't tell me you're not going to put up a fight." Taunted Heero, his finger going deeper.


"You're going to let me win the match so soon?"

"N...no!" Duo tried to sit up, but Heero used the hand that was stroking him to pin his arms above his head.

"So you still have some fight in you? I'll have to fix that." He let another finger slip inside, the two stretching the boy open. Duo squeezed his eyes shut and groaned at the treatment. But he couldn't help but continue the game.

"It this your best move mon ami (5)?" Heero smirked at the boy and scooped his head down, taking his erection in his mouth with one quick motion.

"Mmm...yesss Heerooo." Heero began to suck hard and fast, determined to make the boy squirm and shout and completely lose his mind. It didn't take long, especially after he added one more finger to his stretching. Duo was officially going insane. He couldn't use his hands, and he was being attacked with both fingers and mouth. Then Heero hit something that totally spun his world around.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Heero stopped to look up at the boy, who moaned in protest, but then moaned in pleasure when Heero hit that spot again.

"Like that huh?"

"Yes...oh yes Heero please...."

"Please what?" He hit the spot again, a little harder.

"Gods Heero....fuck me!"

"Is that what you want? Gosh you didn't put up that much of a fight at all." Said Heero, poking him again. Duo saw stars as Heero continued to torture him.

"Heero, quit playing games."

"But this is fun." Said Heero, sliding his neglected erection agaisnt Duo's inner thigh. Duo moaned even louder now; being able to feel how much the boy actually wanted this.

"Please Heero...please..mmph..." Heero cut his pleas off with a hard kiss. This distracted Duo enough for Heero to take his fingers out and replace them with something bigger. Duo's body immediately tensed at the intrusion. He screamed into Heero's mouth; Heero releasing his hands to use his own to gently touch Duo's body to calm him down.

"Hold on to me." Heero whispered. Duo nodded and wrapped his arms around Heero's sweaty back, his fingers digging into the flesh as Heero went deeper and deeper inside.

"Shit...ah shit. Shit...shit...SHIT!" Duo sobbed as Heero pushed into him. Heero didn't know the boy would be that tight, and it felt wonderful against his hard member.

"You're not a virgin are you?" Asked Heero.

"No, I've done this before. But that was a while ago...and this person wasn't as...uh...big as you." Said Duo with a blush. Heero nodded and broke through more of Duo, making the boy gasp in surprise.

"Shh, it's O.K. Just hold on." By now, Heero had scratch marks on his back.

All of the sudden, Heero stopped. Duo looked into his eyes and the boy smiled at him. He was all the way inside now. He waited until Duo's body began to slowly thrust back into him, telling him he was ready. Heero pulled almost all the way out, then he slammed back in. Duo howled in pleasure at the feeling Heero gave him.

"Feeling better?" Asked Heero, thrusting in him again. Duo nodded as Heero thrust into him again and again until he hit the spot deep within him. Duo let out an extremely loud cry of Heero's name.

"YES!!! HARDER, FASTER, just like that Heero." Moaned Duo. Heero complied as he continued to hit Duo's pleasure point. Duo began to thrust back into him, craving more of the wonderful feeling Heero was giving him. Heero continued to thrust wildly into him, his moans mingling with Duo's. No more words were said as the two continued thier intense love making. Duo never let go of the boy as Heero pounded into him, hitting that spot which drove Duo higher and higher. And just when he thought it couldn't get any better....Heero roughly grabbed Duo's arousal. Duo lost his voice and the air was knocked out of him when Heero gave one rough squeeze. Duo's eyes rolled back when he reached his orgasm, his muscles squeezing every inch of Heero. The Japanese boy threw his head back and cried his lover's name as he spilt himself into the tight heat. Heero then collasped onto his sated lover, the two too exhausted to get up. So they just laid there, Heero still inside Duo, and drifted to sleep.

The sun poked it's head into Duo's room and the long haired boy groaned. He felt soar, but in a very, very good way. He tried to move, but found that he couldn't. He looked up to see Heero still on top of him, his cock still inside of him. Duo moaned when the boy stirred in his sleep, making his cock gently thrust into Duo. Heero slowly woke up when he heard the moan. He looked down to see the long haired boy under him. He then noticed that the boy's cock was hardening, and felt his harden too when Duo's inner walls clamped down on him.

"Morning." He said, kissing Duio's foredead. Duo smiled at him and kissed his lips.

"Morning." The two stared at each other for a while, until Heero gently thrust into him again. Duo gasped when he felt Heero harden inside of him.

"Damn man, we just woke up. Aren't you tired of me?" Heero smirked and gave Duo a long kiss. While he did this, he took Duo's now hard member in his hand. Duo moaned into his mouth as Heero thrust into him again, harder than last time.

"I'll never get tired of you."

"So this is gonna be more that a one night stand thing?" Asked Duo.

"Of course. Besides, I need a rematch with you." Said Heero, stroking faster. Duo threw his head back; giving Heero access to his neck.

"Well then, let's see how many rounds we can play until one of us is knocked-out." Said Duo. Heero smiled down at Duo and laid back so Duo could be riding him. Duo smiled at this position and began to rock on Heero's powerful thighs. Heero moaned at this as he felt his erection being engulfed in the tight heat.

"Yes, we will see indeed."

Well, let's just say that it was a draw because we know that they BOTH couldn't lose in that deal. And in the sense of all video game endings....this game is over. But, all you have to do is either press the "start" button or insert fiftty more cents to play again (6).



(1) Yes she has been used in one of my fics before. Let's just say she is MY version of female Duo and call it a day. Plus, I'm not original at all *blush*

(2) I love this team, although, instead of Morrigan I pick T. Bonne. But, I couldn't help but picture Duo as Morrigan, plus, Snow-Bat would probabl draw this pic for me *smiles and huggles Snow-Bat* But Morrigan is who I use if I don't pick T. Bonne.

(3) No folks, it was NOT Duo's stomach *gets thwapped by Duo*

(4) I LOVE boxers and I'm a girl. They are sooo comfortable. My mommy loves boxers too, and tried to steal my DBZ ones *sigh* and she doesn't even LIKE anime *glares at Mom* but I got them back from her *smiles triumphantly*

(5) Oh...I love it when Gambit says this (which is why I had Duo say it to Heero, to sort of mock his character) Plus, I did take 3 years of French in high school ^_^*

(6) This is your choice in ALL video games after you beat them. Thought I'd add that in *smiles*

That's it for this fic kiddies. Hope you all enjoyed it. *watches more of the 2x1 fort fall* My work is now done for the day *smiles*


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